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"The Secret FALCON FILES" - Volume 1

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest Official Forum' started by tjp, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. tjp

    tjp Active Member

    After a long research, we will present the first volume of our latest fan club newsletter series in June 2012. It is entitled "The Secret FALCON FILES" and will present many of the original storylines the writers planned for the series. Having analyzed many production documents, including the original bibles for the pilot and the first three seasons, these are probably the most spectacular pieces of information we have ever published.

    We are about to analyze the remaining seasons as well, but for now, enjoy a look at the producers' original ideas for the early years. Newsletter editions are available in English and German. More information is available on the "Falcon Crest" website: http://www.falconcrest.org/english/master.php?path=news/current
  2. Jock Og

    Jock Og Well-Known Member

    Good stuff TJP! Very interesting, indeed.

    Maggie and Chase are in the living room of the Gioberti castle mansion and are drinking champagne, (a scene from season 3, 1983 – ’84):

    Chase: “It certainly is quiet around here tonight.”

    Maggie: “Yep!” She looks at the literature on the table and says, “Too quiet for paper work.”

    Chase: “Oh! That’s my grandfather’s last will and testament.”

    Maggie: “You’re kidding! Good! Good, I’m glad you’ve found a little light reading. I’m impressed!”

    Chase: “You teaser!”

    Some scenes later:

    Chase: “Let’s take this (while looking at the champagne) upstairs, before it gets warm! I’m not going to allow Angela to spoil a perfect evening of solitude.”

    Maggie: “Why go……..upstairs?”
  3. willie oleson

    willie oleson Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever considered to publish an original Falcon Crest biography, similar to Judith Moose's Dynasty book?
    I'm sure those alternative FC scripts would be a nice addition.

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