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The Voice live shows: Song choices.

Discussion in 'Reality Television' started by Ome, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    The full songlist for Saturday's live show is below:

    Team Will
    Joelle Moses - I'm Going Down (Mary J Blige)
    Sophie Griffin - Titanium (David Guetta feat Sia)
    Jaz Ellington - At Last (Etta James)
    Frances Wood - Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan)
    Tyler James - Higher Love (James Vincent McMorrow)

    Team Tom
    Sam Buttery - A Little Respect (Erasure)
    Matt and Sueleen - Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac)
    Leanne Mitchell - Who Knew (Pink)
    Adam Isaac - All My Life (Foo Fighters)
    Ruth Brown - Get Here (Oleta Adams)

    Two acts - one from each team - will be voted off the reality show on Sunday's results show.

    Jessie J and Danny O'Donoghue's acts will perform in week two.
  2. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I thought Joelle, Jaz and Tyler were brilliant, but Ruth stole the show for me with her version of Oleta Adam's 'Get Here'.

    Weak spots were Sam, Leanne and Adam.

    I have no idea what Sam did to 'A Little Respect' it was like something from a pantomime.
  3. adora

    adora Member

    Absolutly love Ruth amazing; I think Adam was great too my second favourite but he probably isn't to everyone's taste; I like Leanne she has a great voice but she needs to get her confidence quicker;not sold at all on matt and sulene would have loved to have heard lindsay instead and Sam I think I'm missing it but I just can't figure out why he is in the final 20 based on this performance. Wasn't blown away by any of Will's acts; Jaz is a great singer but I just would find his concert kind of boring reminds me of leona lewis; she is a great singer but I would't pay to see her either but people have different musical tastes.Frances, Tyler, Joelle & sophie; I don't know their very good but their not different. I think the great thing about this show is there is something for every one and people will have differing views of how to view each act.
    1. Ruth
    2. Adam
    3. Leanne
    4. Jaz
    5. Joelle
    8. Sophie
    9. Matt & Sulene
    Favourite Judge; Daddy Tom; they will be falling over themselves next year to pick him as their mentor and apparently he spends an hour a day with them; imagine that having Tom Jones as a voice coach for an hour a day; even if you don't win you have an amazing story; he's really good too and he made some really great song choices.
    Second Judge: Danny; after a shameful weel last week; he has redeemed himself; he was the only one honest enough to say what he thought.
    third judge: Will; i feel it is clear he made bad choices last week(sophie) in particular but hind sight is wonderful
    fourth: Jessie; a great voice best singer at the start; however didn't say anything interesting I remember.:wiggle:
  4. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    Joelle at the top of the show, Jaz and Ruth are the frontrunners from last night's show.

    Weak spots were Sam and Leanne in Tom's team and Frances and Sophie in Will.i.am's team.

    I think they will be the bottom four.

  5. adora

    adora Member

    This is a first for me I got three of the bottom four right has never happened before. A bit suprised Joelle was there; I knew she wasn't lighting any fires for me but i thought she was better than francis; her problem might be that unlike ruth who sings with emotion; her face and tone tell a story; joelle is just a lovely singer but you need a little bit of an artists soul in their song and it just isn't there yet with joelle; she'll have to find it to compete with ruth and i hope she does; it will make things more interesting as a competition.
  6. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    Shocked to see Joelle voted into the bottom two on Will.i.am's team. :eek: She was one of the very best on Saturday's show IMO.

    In the event, I think both Will.i.am and Tom had a fairly easy decision to make and they called it right in eliminating Sophie and Tom Jones' superfan, Sam from the competition.

    A small point I know, but I would have thought that the presenters and coaches could have at least changed their outfits so it wasn't so blatant that the results show is being recorded immediately after the live show has ended on BBC1 :sosad:
  7. adora

    adora Member

    There was no Ruth this week and it is depressing having to wait till next week to hear her sing. Anyway as for the other acts, toni still has alopeca and is still reminding us every week in case we forget; as for her voice is very good unfortunately i like tina turner and to be honest i didn't like this version; max free fallin; now i love this song and i like max it should have worked but for me it was really bland; ruth anne; well the less said the better; hannah; totally agree with jessie the staging was horrific and will who said she wasn't comfortable with the mashup; vince for me the best/most honest performance of the night i love the song i got to be honest willie nelsons version is the best imo but i think if vince was singing his own songs, i would really love him. alexs sang one of my favourite songs but i love mama cass's version i just love that version; he was very pleasent and a bit cheeky; he may have a future but he in no way could touch buble; the sugestion is ridiculous.buble is not only a great singer but one of the funniest and down to earth stars i have ever seen, i think his charm sells as many records as his voice sometimes and alex has a long way to go to be in that league. cassius did his
    best and i like him so fingers crossed this isn't the end of the road for him, he seems like a nice guy. david julien didn't blow me away and the umbrella's were stupid, we already have one matt cardle we don't need another. becky has a lot of potential but i don't think they have found the right song for her yet, one to watch. i know i should be wowed by bruce but give me kate bush's version any day over this.i'm not sure what is going on with her mother but if she doesn't want people to know danny should have kept his mouth shut; families are very tricky things and they might not appreciate attention being drawn to it.
    1. vince
    2. becky
    3. cassius
    4. alexs
    5. bo
    6. toni
    7. max
    8. david julian
    9. hannah
    10. ruth anne
    as much as i love tom he didn't offer much in the way of constructive critism so for me he was the 4th best judge; danny was ver annoying again and used the word artist way too often so 3; jessie was quiet good tonight so 2 and will was the best, funny and occasionally honest; he said exactly what i was thinking particularly about becky's microphone.
  8. adora

    adora Member

    jessie had the right two in the bottom and made the right choice; I know it might be down to the producers but if Toni wants to stay in the competition the sad story needs to be dropped she also needs to sing a different type of song, Danny's idea of KD lang in a good one perhaps constant craving. I thought max was in danger; he shouldn't take the over hyping danny does too seriously and he is a great performer so next week they probably should go back to something that shows it off; I think it was right for Hannah to go but I do think Danny has a bias towards his boys.
  9. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    The Saturday (May 12) songlist in full:

    Frances Wood – 'Show Me Love' (Robin S)

    Jaz Ellington – 'The Way You Are' / 'Just the Way You Are' (Billy Joel / Bruno Mars)

    Joelle Moses – 'Stronger' (Kelly Clarkson)

    Tyler James – 'Sign My Name' (Terence Trent D'Arby)

    Adam Isaac – 'High and Dry' (Radiohead)

    Matt & Sueleen – 'Missing' (Everyting But The Girl)

    Leanne Mitchell – 'Put a Spell on You' (Nina Simone)

    Ruth Brown – 'Next to Me' (Emeli Sandé)
  10. adora

    adora Member

    If all Wills acts went an I could keep all Toms I'd be very happy. Tyler has an amazing voice but I just don't feel connected; Jaz is also a great singer but that whole thing with baby was way overdone; the bit from the audience was lovely but they ruined it with the baby scan we didn't need to see that and that stupid poster in the middle of the stage, simon cowell wouldn't even stoop to this, again no connection; joelle should have stuck with the origional song; i fell will may have decided to let her go and frances too wasn't great. it's a bit suspicious the boys got way more singing time in the group than the girls; so i predict joelle and francis will go. toms team i really loved 3 of them and liked the fourth. adam is really sweet but he didn't blow me away; i loved matt and suleens performance i couldn't understand danny i thought the staging was perfect; leanne gave her best performance of the series with another song i love put a spell on you. ruth i don't care what anyone says about diction; it rarely happens on these shows the last time someone blew me away like her was jennifer hudson on american idol when she was mentored by clive davis; goose bumps. she is going to be huge; regardless of whether she wins or not. i predict that ruth is safe; with a hint of sadness it is goodbye to matt and sulene; i love leanne and i'm hoping all those female supporters don't scupper her chances and vote adam through. on wills team tyler and jaz . judge wise danny was the most honest; tom didn't do a lot of judging he seemed most content admiring his excellent work with his team; by far the best mentor in the competition; will the funniest and jessie looked a little sad tonight and she should not go on a date with tyler; i wouldn't trust him
  11. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    Here are a few changes I think they should make to the show when it returns next year.

    Keep Tom and Will.i.am but replace Jessie J and Danny with TWO new judges on the panel. Ideally, I think it should be 2 male judges and 2 female so both new judges should be female. Also, one of the new judges should be a panto style heavy critic. These shows just don't work without a heavy critic on the panel.

    Axe Reggie Yates. I mean what is the point of the poor chap on the basis of what he's actually been given to do on the first season of The Voice so far? This show only needs ONE presenter and Holly Willoughby is a much better presenter than Reggie and also far superior IMO to Dermot 'frog in his throat' O'Leary who I have always regarded as one of the few weak links in the X Factor's armour.

    They also need to work on improving the production values of the show - they're not of the same standard to what we see on BGT and The X Factor.

  12. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    As for last night's show, I thought Ruth & leanne were the best on Tom's team but I don't think Leanne is a realistic contender and so it wouldn't be a surprise if Tom decided to keep Adam in the competition instead. Matt & Suleen were the weakest.

    Over on Will.i.am's team, Tyler & Jazz were the strongest and they're the two I believe he should / will keep in the contest. Frances was the weakest of his competitors.

    Danny has the strongest team overall IMO and it will be interesting to see who he axes in next week's show. However, despite having the best team overall I don't think he will have the strongest two going into the semi final stages of the competition as I think either Ruth, Jazz or tyler will win it.
  13. adora

    adora Member

    Perfect choices made and such good loosers.
  14. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I'm really happy that Tyler has stayed in the comp, I'm not too fused about any of the others. Ruth was great the other week but her version of 'Next To Me' didn't light my fire and I was turned off by Jaz when they used his wife in some silly gimmick to win viewers hearts.

    I'm very much in Danny's camp and I think he has the hardest decision when it comes to losing two.
  15. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    This week's song list.

    Max Milner - 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' (KT Tunstall)

    Bo Bruce - 'Love The Way You Lie' (Rihanna)

    Aleks Josh - 'Better Together' (Jack Johnson)

    David Julien - 'She Will Be Loved' (Maroon 5)

    Becky Hill - 'Seven Nation Army' (The White Stripes)

    Cassius Henry - 'Turning Tables' (Adele)

    Toni Warne - 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' (Elton John)

    Vince Kidd - 'My Love Is Your Love' (Whitney Houston)

    Team Danny I'd like to see Bo Bruce and Max Milner stay.
    Team Jessie I'd like to see Vince Kidd and Toni Warne stay.
  16. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    I'd like Vince to go through on the public vote on Jessie J's team. He's the only one of her contestants I actually like. As for the rest, I'd pick either Cassius or Becky although I'm not overly keen on either of them. Toni is the weakest, she SCREECHES :eek:

    Over on Danny's team - the STRONGEST team - I'd go for Bo and David on the basis of last night's performances. Max is the weakest on his team IMO.
  17. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I've changed my mind after last night's show lol

    I still want Bo through (she's my favourite with Tyler behind her) but now I think David is the better choice, I didn't think much to Max last night.

    With Jessie I still want Vince through but would now swap Toni (she was awful last night) with Becky.

    I think Cassius is very poor, I really didn't like his 'Pava..dice' tune nor did I like 'Turning Tables' last night.

    I think Danny has the hardest decision, while Max didn't do it for me last night he's still better than some of the others.
  18. adora

    adora Member

    it's not going to be an easy choice. i do like alex but i think he may be a little off the pace at the minute, danny had wise words which he should take on board when he told him he didn't succeed at his first attempt either so i think he should keep trying. i really like bo tonight better than last week; i think because i love the origional version of last weeks song so much i couldn't take to bo's but this week it was lovely; i feel she is the only one safe. again, i likemax but will was right he deserved amuch better song than he had; i just don't feel david has it but he is popular and this might see him through. bo will get through; alex will go; danny will have to decide between the two boys, my heart say max but my head says david.
    over on team jessie; if there is any justice becky will get through, i love vince but i thinkhe could be in danger tonight as toni gave a great performance and it was great to see her with her kids and not playing the sympathy card. i think cassius is gone but i wish him well because he was a very nice man and i wish his career had taken off when he was younger things may have been different. between vince anf toni; or toni or becky; i would send toni home because i believe the other two would sell records.
  19. adora

    adora Member

    the right choice again this week, eight strong finalists, it will be very difficult to narrow it down now.
  20. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Tonight's song list....

    Becky Hill – Like A Star (Corrine Bailey Rae)

    Vince Kidd – Back To Black (Amy Winehouse)

    Bo Bruce – Charlie Brown (Coldplay)

    Max Milner – Every Breath You Take (The Police)

    Leanne Mitchell – Run To You (Whitney Houston)

    Ruth Brown – The Voice Within (Christina Aguilera)

    Jaz Ellington – Let It Be (The Beatles)

    Tyler James – Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)

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