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The Voice UK - Yes even ugly people can sing

Discussion in 'Reality Television' started by Pam BE, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Pam BE

    Pam BE Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe it's been BBC'd compared to the American version but it was painfully awful. I switched off after a while, it was dull as dishwater and the same old crap but lacking the energy of it's ITV rivals.

    It was packed full of manipulative sentiment, hugs and tears, singers who were fat, had cancer - the usual sob stories. The bottom line of this show is now we can#t see your face even ugly people can be stars.

    I hate the contrived format of X Factor, the judges arguments and all that but I found this somewhat worse.
  2. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    I too switched off about 30 minutes into the programme.

    Although it's a novel format which hasn't been seen before I found it pompous and thought it took itself way too seriously.

    I just found it terribly, terribly boring zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Simon Cowell and ITV need not lose sleep.

    PS Alesha Dixon is fitting into Britain's Got Talent like a foot in a glove IMO
  3. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    I'd take it hands down over the drivel that is Britain's Got Talent. I found the standard of singing very high - a far cry from the crap we are given with a lot of other reality tv shows, X Facor included.
  4. ChrisSumnerMatheson

    ChrisSumnerMatheson Well-Known Member

    What I find annoying about The Voice is that the focus is so heavily on the stupid sob stories. It's all about the sob stories and they use the fact that the contestant may be fat or ugly or bald to prop them, which I find less genuine than a show like X Factor that tells you upfront it's about finding a popstar and creating a show. I actually did enjoy The Voice UK, but don't act like you're a serious show. It's just as silly as the others, often even worse.
  5. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    But there are those sob stories in EVERY show - I don't think they should allow them to do that. I just have a feeling that The Voice could find some REAL talent, especially with the line up of judges (especially Tom ;) ) compared to the manufactured crap that comes out of the X Factor/Pop Idol.

    I have to say that the 17 year old guy on BGT on Saturday just blew me away! He was amazing, but Simon had him pre judged from the moment he saw him.
  6. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I enjoyed the first episode (minus the sob stories) it felt fresh and exiting, although I have no idea what happens once the blind auditions finishes. Do they then go onto live shows with the public vote like that of The X Factor?

    Hopefully with this show we won't get the tiresome and ridiculous entries that happen on X Factor.

    I suspected this was staged in a bid to try and recreate that Susan Boyle moment.
  7. Jason73

    Jason73 Well-Known Member

    If they are following the format of the American version, the next step after the blind auditions are the battle rounds. This is where the coaches pick two members from their own team to "battle" vocally in a duet, singing a song that the coach has picked. After the duet, the coach picks the winner who will go on to the live shows and the loser has to go home. We are just finishing the battle rounds on the American version.
  8. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Jason, I'm looking forward to watching this develop.
  9. Benny JR

    Benny JR Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen this show yet, but "The Voice Of Ireland" is absolute muck!

    Whatshisface from Westlife said he's hoping to not only find a good singer, but someone who'll be a major popstar all around The World. I nearly laughed my ass off at that. When has ANYONE from one of these crappy, unoriginal Irish Talent Shows EVER been World-famous?!?!

    To my knowledge, no one has ever done well from an Irish Talent Show.

    I wish RTE would come up with an original show for once.
  10. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    I've only seen the first 30 mins of the opening auditions but might have another look at it when the live shows start in a couple of weeks time.

    ITV have now shunted Britain's Got Talent into an 8.30 pm timeslot in the schedules to avoid a clash with The Voice.

    The Voice has been consistently trashing BGT in the ratings during the 20 mins where the two shows overlap and, for the first time last week, also had a bigger audience overall.

  11. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion

    Interestingly, many of the singers featured on The Voice have been former X Factor auditionees.

    I believe the BBC at one time were worried that the programme may even be seen as a vehicle for X Factor cast offs.

  12. alexis colby carrington

    alexis colby carrington Active Member

    That's why BGT has been moved then to avoid clashing with the Voice as it's constantly winning in the ratings when they. I think Simon's days are numbered. BGT is tired. I love the voice.
    Simon Cowell and ITV need not lose sleep.
  13. alexis colby carrington

    alexis colby carrington Active Member

    I was wondering what would happen after the auditions, this sounds really good.
  14. Englishboy

    Englishboy World Cup Champion


  15. alexis colby carrington

    alexis colby carrington Active Member

    I got your post mixed up with mine! Ha. I meant to say: That's why BGT has been moved then to avoid clashing with the Voice as it's constantly winning in the ratings when they do clash. I think Simon's days are numbered. BGT is tired. I love the voice.
    Simon Cowell and ITV need not lose sleep - I think his days are numbered too and he needs to be careful.
  16. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I find the Voice far greater than that of the X Factor. I can't compare it with BGT because both shows are very different.

    I've yet to see how the Voice is played up to the finale, but from the blind auditions alone it has won me over.

    I find the panel of coaches far more interesting as all four bring something different to the competition, whereas the X Factor is all about the judges. As for the acts they get thrown into categories like boys/girls and groups/overs, and somewhere they seem to think there is a need for a novelty act like Jedward, Chico, Johnny, Wagner.

    I stopped watching the X Factor when Cheryl Cole became a judge and decided last year to re-visit the show with its new panel of judges. All that came out of that was me losing what respect I had for Gary Barlow. The whole controversy over each judge having to kick an act out on the first live show, then we had the Frankie Cocozza who was not only kicked off the show, I don't think they ever mentioned him again.

    Back came Amelia Lily and made it all seem like a complete farce in the end.

    I don't care about the judges, I don't give two hoots over what they will be wearing, what's going on in their personal lives, nor do I care how they turn up in their big cars and have all the crowd screaming.
  17. Garrison

    Garrison Moderator

    Does the UK version use the same format as the American version where people are invited instead of auditioning?
  18. alexis colby carrington

    alexis colby carrington Active Member

    I think so.
  19. Sarah

    Sarah Moderator Staff Member

    I love how Tom Jones doesn't actually have to say or do anything, his greatness just allows him to be THE presence.

    Jesse J continues to be a pain in the arse. Be nice to those you meet on the way up perhaps...
  20. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Barbra Bryceland is playing in The Shoe Factory (Kremlin) tomorrow. I say her play there last year at Gay pride. She is very very good live. I loved her, saw her all that day, went back to a friends showerd changed and went back down to watch her perform that night again. She is brilliant. I am sooooo pissed I can't see her tomorrow.

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