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the voice

Discussion in 'Reality Television' started by freekin, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. freekin

    freekin New Member

    Feb 18, 2012
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    untied kingdom
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    the voice bbc1

    i did watch this but was not impressed,
    its quite humiliating,its what needs to be addressed.
    so fake and child directed,
    the Simon Cowell face expressions are so selected.
    i do have respect for sir Tom Jones,
    but this is one of them must see moans.
    i am, you are, Will.i.am
    him to has to take a slam.
    Jessie is not J, its T for tragic,
    the best one is Danny, but even he needs some magic.
    the BBC have done wrong, its been mowed down with a tractor,
    this can not last long because i am so bored of it and its rival X-factor,
    fix up BBC, this show is no rolls Royce,
    sorry for pun, but its crappy and that's from my voice.

    (not sure about any of you lot - how do you think it went down ?)

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