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Watching MELROSE PLACE Season 3

Discussion in '90210 & Melrose Place' started by James from London, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    "I Am Curious Melrose."

    Michael is taken to hospital and diagnosed with cerebral swelling. "That's what I went through!" exclaims Kimberly - which means he could end up dead or, even worse, bald. Instead, he just has amnesia. Meanwhile, the police blame Jane, Jane blames Sydney, and Sydney blames Kimberly. Kimberly gives Syd an alibi, then double crosses her, planting a blonde wig in her apartment. The police track Syd down to Shooters and arrest her. "If you keep throwing my tenants in jail I'm gonna have a difficult time making the mortgage," complains Amanda.

    Billy, never the sharpest knife in the drawer, somehow manages to figure out that Alison's dad was a kiddie fiddler in about thirty seconds. "Time heals all wounds," shrugs Alison's mom. "You're sick!" he shouts.

    Quote of the episode comes from Meredith when her father suggests she and Alison survived their childhood without any scars: "You call this healthy?? I have a gun on you and my baby sister is jumping out of windows on her wedding day. We are a mess!"

    Billy rescues Alison from her nutty dad and suggests an elopement. "You certainly do lead an exciting life," observes Amanda when Alison asks for more time off to get married, "'I do', 'I don't', 'I do again'." Then Alison calls off her wedding again. "I don't mean anything in this relationship!" huffs Billy.

    Jo is through with Jake. "Mr Washboard Stomach is yours," she tells Amanda, but Jake's had it with relationships. " I'm not feeling anything. I'm just walking through it," he sighs. Sounds like he's suffering from Third Season Syndrome, and there is something a little tired about this episode. Kathy Ireland materialising out of the ocean in a red dress is plain weird, and her "domestic violence on the high seas" story sounds highly suspect. Don't kiss her back, Jake!
  2. JROG

    JROG Well-Known Member

    A MELROSE PLACE Season 3 thread! :):):)
    See ya when I read it in a year and a half! :D:D:D

  3. abbylexis

    abbylexis Well-Known Member

    This is the beginning of great Melrose Place. It starts to build in late season 2 when Kimberley returns and everything from that point will all be leading to the cliffhanger which I won't reveal.

    It really be interesting to see what you make of it James. By the way what is your assessment of the series so far? This is a great episode, a great Melrose Place season premiere and everything is just moving and moving. It reminds me of another MP premiere which I won't reveal. just Like I said in another thread, one has to understand that Melrose Place is another breed and flavor to truly truly enjoy episodes like this one where Michael has amnesia, Jane blames Sydney and Sydney blames Kimberley. This is Melrose at its best.
  4. Benny JR

    Benny JR Well-Known Member

    This sounds really great. I'm looking forward to watching MP. It seems really energetic, at times sad and dramatic and also other times - EXPLOSIVE!
  5. abbylexis

    abbylexis Well-Known Member

    Well Said. Benny J.R. It's an exaggeration of everything and every emotion, yet it manages to do it in a very entertaining way. It's as if the show doesn't take itself too seriously unlike a show like Dynasty which became a problem and it's all about FUN FUN FUN. and if you want the wild ride just hop in and watch....
  6. AaronA

    AaronA New Member

    I remember thinking that Kathy Ireland could have used some acting lessons when I watched it when the show first aired...

    Gosh, if Grant Show is showing some 3rd season syndrome, wait til you see him in season 4!

    from an overall view, season 3 is one of the best seasons of the series.
  7. Final Terror

    Final Terror New Member

    Oh Season 3 is non-stop. I love it.
    It just gets madder and madder IMO!
  8. Romain

    Romain Active Member

    That's precisely why both she and Pamela Anderson lost out to Amy Locane for the part of Sandy when the show was cast for Season 1. Locane got it because she was the most experienced actress of the three. It worked out for the best that way, in my opinion : Amy Locane, despite the annoying fake accent, had a sweetness about her that fit the character of Sandy while the stereotypical "damsel-in-distress who turns out to be evil" that Kathy Ireland ended up playing was far more superficial and didn't require much acting chops. As for Pamela Anderson, she was probably the last thing the show needed. The "awful actress" shoes were easily filled by both Denise Richards and Priscilla Presley during Season 4.
  9. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    "It's a Bad World After All." Good episode!

    Garrett Boyston from THE COLBYS is Jane's dad! Does that make Dominique Devereaux her mom? No, because Veronica from DALLAS is already her mom. But actually, Abby from KNOTS LANDING is her real mom. But I don't know that yet, so don't tell me.

    Alison and her skinny sister report their daddy to the authorities. Trouble is, the judge is Dad's golfing buddy. "This town is a joke!" wails the skinny sister. "The whole world is just lies!"

    Things get take a turn for the primal as Sydney threatens to kill her father ("Maybe one day I'll blow your damn head off!") and Alison and the skinny sister's mother tells them they should never have been born ("I wish I'd never had you, either of you!").

    Kimberly takes off her wig and shows amnesiac Michael her tequila worm shaped scar. He kisses it - just like in that James Dean biopic where he kisses an amputee girl's stump - it's kinda cool, in a Cronenbergian way.

    Billy gets fired from Escapade for helping Amanda ... do something or other, and somehow ends up as senior copywriter at D&D.

    Alison bravely takes a taxi to her parents' house on Elm Street, (an appropriate address given all the nightmares she's had about the place) and confronts her father at a backyaryd barbecue. (He's even wearing Mack Mackenzie's Kiss the Cook apron.) "All you had to do was touch me!" he blurts out in front of all his guests. Whoooops.

    Nympho weirdo Kathy Ireland keeps putting the make on Jake. He keeps licking his lips and then turning her down. Finally, he kisses her face off like we knew he was going to all along. None of it makes any sense until the end of the episode when we learn that Kathy Ireland works for Palmer Woodward. Shut. Up. Good twist!

    Jane and her daddy have Syd committed, and the episode ends with her being led away in a fetching straitjacket and plaid ensemble. Ahhh.

    I haven't really made one.
  10. JROG

    JROG Well-Known Member

    I came across this scene when the episode was on SoapNet about a month ago.... Wasn't Laura Leighton just exquisite in this scene? Heartbreaking.

  11. Romain

    Romain Active Member

    Agreed. Laura Leighton seriously needs to make a comeback to primetime TV. Watching MP on DVD, I just can't get over the fact that this is one great actress without a regular gig. She didn't get the part of Bree on DH because they found her too young to have two teenage children, but surely, there are other roles out there for which she'd be a perfect fit.
  12. James

    James Member

    Kind of a back handed compliment but I saw Laura Leighton in one of those Law and Order shows and she managed to pull off being the mother to a teenage kid. I don't see her as Bree but she's a fun actress and I'd love to see her on something in a regular role.

    Ha. I remember liking the fact that they made no attempt for the Parker mother to be sympathetic in any way whatsoever. In one way it's a reflection of just how plot led and two dimensional MP is but it also makes for perversely fun viewing.
  13. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    One day left, and season 3 of Melrose Place will be releast here in the Netherlands.

    :partytime :exit: :partytime :exit:
  14. The Ewings Rules

    The Ewings Rules New Member

    And today my order arrived on the doormad, can't to start watching this season. :exit:
  15. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    "In-Laws and Outlaws."

    Sydney's in the nut-house. "It's like summer camp with electro-shock therapy," she tells Matt. The lunatics have truly take over the asylum: In an inspired piece of casting, Vincente Shavelli, one of the inmates from ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, shows up as an orderly who tries to force himself on Sydney: "I wanna make you my girlfriend, Sydney. My special girlfriend."


    Syd confesses to running over Michael in order to escape his clutches, and gets off with psychiatric probation. She moves in with Jane. Yeah, that'll work.

    Jane and Matt disobey Kimberly's orders and visit Michael. Jane likes the new sweet and forgetful Michael. Kimberly discovers him kissing her ticklish eyelids and goes bananas, calling her "a two faced devious bitch." Kimberly then tells Matt that he suffers from "acute castration anxiety", (don't we all?) and so he pulls off her wig. In the middle of the hospital. And everyone sees her tequila worm scar. It's a real VALLEY OF THE DOLLS moment. She later threatens to stab him with an infected needle. If only ...

    Alison isn't happy to find Billy at D&D. Billy isn't happy period. "I've done everything I can do to be there for you at the expense of myself," he tells her. Translation: "So your father used to do you as a kid. GET OVER IT!!" Seems a tad unreasonable, but if it means Billy and Alison have finally split up, who cares? Billy drags his protruding bottom lip over to Sydney's vacant apartment.

    Reed's parents visit Jo. Turns out his father is Deep Throat from THE X-FILES! No wonder he had issues. Mr and Mrs Throat seem perfectly lovely, and we know from Alison's ma and pa what that means. "God always has a plan, Jo," smiles Mrs Throat. Be afraid, Jo, be very afraid.

    Double cliff-hanger: Amanda's on-the-lam dad shows up at her door, and Jo gets a letter from the Throats: "Reed's parents are suing me for the custody of my baby!" Told ya.

    I like that too.

    And it also makes the character more interesting. I mean, the obvious thing would have been to make her sympathetic and try to somehow explain her behaviour away, but the fact that they don't ... well, maybe it's actually more real.
  16. abbylexis

    abbylexis Well-Known Member

    correction, billy doesn't move to sydney's vacant apartment but the apartment next to hers, apartment number 8.
  17. James

    James Member


    Conversely I've been rewatching 90210 lately (yes, I know) and Michelle Phillips basically had the same role as Tiffani Amber Thiessen's mother. At first it takes the MP route and then just for the sake of wrapping things up neatly, she's all "I didn't know!" and giving tearful hugs. It's a lot less satisfying and a lot more 'issue of the week' because of it.

    Loved it. I was always amused how Matt was supposed to be break down stereotypes or whatever and got into a campy rivalry with Kimberly. They should have gone after the same man at some point.
  18. Romain

    Romain Active Member

    Regarding Alison's mother, I don't necessarily think it's a matter of good writing, I'd rather call it a blatant demonstration of laziness. The simple fact that they didn't even bother giving her a first name shows just how much care went into the development of this particular character, IMHO.

    I love Vincent Schiavelli. He was great at doing creepy. In real life, he was once married to Allyce Beasley, who played Agnes DiPesto on Moonlighting.
  19. abbylexis

    abbylexis Well-Known Member

    I agree that it was just lazy writing, by then there was so much to deal with within one hour than to invest in a small recurring character that will be gone within a couple of episodes.
  20. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    "In-Laws and Outlaws."

    "I'm broke, I'm on probation for something I didn't do and my husband has amnesia!" wails Sydney.

    Hoping he can get her off (in more ways than one), Syd visits Michael. Still in RAINMAN amnesia mode, he doesn't recognise her so she tells him her name is Miranda and kisses his face off. Later, he follows her home and ties her to the bed. This gets her all excited, but then he tells her: "I wouldn't sleep with you at gun point ... How you doin', Syd?" "You scum!" she shouts, realising his memory has returned. How cheeky!

    Jane and the fella from HOME AND AWAY find Syd and untie her. Turns out HOME AND AWAY guy is nuts as well: "No wonder you made such a good whore," he snarls at Syd out of Jane's earshot, "I've seen enough white trash whores to last a life time." How exciting!

    Michael confronts Kimberly with her blonde wig. "Come on and kill me if you can," he tells her, so she tries to run him down again, but this time she can't go through with it. "Kill me or love me, but make up your damn mind." They end up doing it on the bonnet. How insane!

    "Alison's professional perspective is often obliterated by her personal bias," says Amanda. I bet she's a whizz at Scrabble. "It's pay back time," she informs Alison. "I promised to make your life a living hell and I always keep my promises." How vengeful!

    Jo visits Mr and Mrs Deep Throat, hoping to reason with them. "You murdered our son!" "You didn't think we'd allow our grandchild to be raised by a cold blooded killer?!" they tell her. "You sanctimonious self righteous hypocrites!" she replies. How angry!

    Palmer tells Amanda he's handing himself in but needs her to hide him out for a couple of days while he puts his affairs in order. He persuades her to withdraw $1,000,000 from a secret safety desposit box thingy. Then he does a runner with the dough. "Damn you, Daddy!" she cries and calls the FBI. Palmer shows up on Jake's boat with a gun. "Let's go for a ride," he tells him. Out in the middle of the ocean, they hook up with Kathy Ireland. She takes the $1,000,000, shoots Palmer dead and invites Jake to run away with her. "Go to hell!" he shouts, so she blows him up. What fun!

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