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Watching Season Six

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by Kenny Coyote, May 2, 2012.

  1. Kenny Coyote

    Kenny Coyote Well-Known Member

    I'm just past the past the part where Rebecca's plane crashes. One theme is really prevalent throughout this season - there are so many characters who don't have lives of their own. Ray asks Donna what she's going to do now that her commission got rid of JR's variance. She says she doesn't know but that there is always JR to try to stop. Rebecca died trying to stop JR from buying a refinery. Cliff is consumed in guilt because it was his plan to be on the plan to try to stop JR from buying the refinery. Meanwhile he's also been working at convincing the cartel not to do any business with JR. The cartel went to The Ewing Annual Barbeque but not to party. They went to confront JR because they wanted to stop him from selling lower cost gasoline than his competitors. Without JR these people wouldn't have any idea what to do with their lives! JR spends his life doing he things he loves to do. So many of the rest spend their lives being nosy and meddling in JR's life because they have so little of their own to keep them productive and happy. They're pathetic! No wonder JR was so popular with Dallas fans in spite of being a "bad guy." He lived his life exactly how he wanted to and had a damn good time doing it.
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  2. javajamesmichael

    javajamesmichael New Member

    Well, we can become consumed with our worst enemies. However, if JR was left alone, then a lot of harm would havee come to others' businesses, etc. His endeavors had major ripple effects, and they knew it. Sadly, he became their obsession to the point that maybe they had little else.

    That is sad about Donna because there was more to her at the beginning of her time on the show. Good observations on JR.

    SOAPYFAN New Member

    From watching on CBS Drama - this season has been more enjoyable than Season 5.
    Season 4 being the best at the moment.

    I believe the stories get slightly more OTT from Season 7.
  4. Kenny Coyote

    Kenny Coyote Well-Known Member

    Another thing about season six - EXCELLENT acting by Victoria Principal when she's consoling Cliff while he questions whether he has the right to be alive and if his mother forgave him for not being at the hospital when she was dying.

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