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Wes Parmalee was he really Jock????

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by ncpryor56, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. ncpryor56

    ncpryor56 New Member

    I have just watched the Wes Parmalee storyline again. The writers really left this question hanging. Even though Bobby proved that there was another person on the Helicopter with Jock and the Pilot it still did not explain how Wes has all the exact injuries Jock had and how Wes could pass the lie detector test.

    I believe he was Jock and when he saw how badly he was hurting Miss Ellie he left. Remember he told her that he loved her and would see her again some day.

    Clayton even went back to the Lie Detector administrator and was told that there was no way that Wes could have passed if her were not Jock.

    What do you think???
  2. Dynastie c'est riche

    Dynastie c'est riche Active Member

    I have the same feeling.
  3. Angela Channing

    Angela Channing Well-Known Member

    I've always believed Wes was Jock, I've posted many times here arguing that point. His confession to Ellie was to protect the family and she knew that which is why she didn't want to talk about what he said to her when he left. His knowledge of the Ewing family was too great to be explained by Jock "ranting and raving" when he had a fever. I could go on but the evidence is there, Wes was Jock!
  4. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    according to everything i've read in various dallas articles and on various dallas articles


    he was an imposter who was in the mission hospital the same time jock was. he even thought himself he was jock at one time.

    the original storyline was for that steve forest's original character ben stivers was to be jock -

    but with the return of bobby ewing, ben stivers became a piece of the dream season -

    so with steve forest still contracted in the next season they re introduced him as wes parmalee -

    but with bobby ewing back from the dead , producers felt 2 major characters 'back from the dead' for one season was TOO much so wes parmalee was a imposter
  5. Dynastie c'est riche

    Dynastie c'est riche Active Member

    You miss the point:
    we are saying that the end of the story wasn't clear at all and that maybe Wes was really Jock, even if the Ewings recognized him like an impostor.
    We know what was said in the show, but it wasn't convincing.
    Who knows, it was maybe the wish of the writers to let a doubt about it.
  6. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    well i always thought it was left that he WAS an imposter

    Even though he had a different face, i think miss ellie , jr and bobby would just know if he really was jock

    it was a great storyline anyway - one of the best ever in the show
  7. eciton burchelli

    eciton burchelli New Member

    I don't think he was Jock because Miss Ellie said she knew he was not Jock and I think she would have felt it if he was Jock, even if he was lying to her to protect the family (something I don't think the real Jock would do anyway) but I don't think Ellie would have let him go - the writers painted themselves into a corner and they could not get out of it- because of that, it will always be confusing.
  8. ncpryor56

    ncpryor56 New Member

    Can't convince me that Wes was not Jock. There is no way that Ellie would have been attracted to any other man and gone on a date and kissed him had she not felt it was Jock.

    I think the writers left the story hanging so that they could come back to it if they wanted to.

    In my mind Wes was Jock and left to keep from hurting Ellie any further.
  9. David_L

    David_L New Member

    Sorry, I can't believe him being Jock because he was not played by Jim Davis.

  10. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    i would need to watch the wes parmalee storyline again to see if it looked as though he was jock -

    i havent seen it since it was first shown on bbc1

    but from what i remember he wasnt jock
  11. B.J. Ewing

    B.J. Ewing Well-Known Member

    I've always had the feeling that he was Jock. I know it was explained that Wes really thought he was Jock, so he couldn't be accused of being an impostor (in my opinion Wes was not a bad guy), but that he, in fact, was not the Ewing patriarch in real life. But for me the things that 'proved' that he WAS Jock, were the scars and the bullet wound he had, which were the same as Jock's.

  12. snuggletiger

    snuggletiger New Member

    I didn't buy the Wes is Jock storyline because it happened so late in the seasons. To me if he really was Jock and knowing his family he probably would have tried to get home a little quicker then 7 years.
  13. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    I dont remember every detail of the storyline - but for those who think wes was jock

    1) why did he stay away from southfork for 7 years?


    2) why did he then leave once he had come back??
  14. Dynastie c'est riche

    Dynastie c'est riche Active Member

    Not 7 years, just 4 (seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7; the 8th is a dream).

    Because any Ewing was able to accept that he was returned from the "grave".
  15. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    In a way, I don't think it matters.
  16. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    well i think it does -

    cos ive always understood that wes wasnt jock -

    but if he was - if u take into consideration he had lived all his life in texas -

    why did he stay away and then leave once he had come back? surely miss ellie, jr and bobby would know jock - even with a different face
  17. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    Because he had amnesia.

    To spare his family further pain.

    But they didn't. That was the whole point of the story.
  18. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member

    if they didnt see that underneath wes was jock -

    then i will take it that wes wasnt jock - just as ive always understood.

    despite his new appearance i would have thought that miss ellie and bobby and jr would just be able sense if he really was jock
  19. Alison Carr

    Alison Carr New Member




    Steve Forest does have some resemblance with Jim Davis -

    so i suppose it would have been plausible if he was Jock and had stayed in the show

    but i understood he wasnt jock
  20. Pammy P

    Pammy P Well-Known Member

    nice pics Alison, Wes looked like Jock aka Steve Forrest, but to me there was only one JOCK EWING and that was played by the great Jim Davis.

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