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What to eat when nauseous?

Discussion in 'Agony Advice' started by jen.n, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. jen.n

    jen.n Active Member

    What over the counter stuff are you supposed to take when feeling nauseous? Also, what foods are okay? The only things I've had any luck with is lowfat vanilla ice cream and non fat milk. :(

  2. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

    you can try dramamine - full strength, the drowsy kind.
    it's a motion sickness pill but it'll knock you on your a** when washed down with a stiff drink or two. and usually takes the nausea away.

    i usually takes prescription stuff for it as i have IBS and acid reflux. you may want to see a gastroenterologist just to get prescription for it for the few times it does happen to you in the future.

    pepto is safe. foods: dry toast and low sodium chicken broth. chamomile tea helps if only psychosomatically.

    feel better. :wiggle:
  3. jen.n

    jen.n Active Member

    Thanks, Carlos.

    Someone brought me some bread and Zantac (which is supposed to be for acid reflux). I took some of the Zantac even though I am not sure acid reflux is the problem. The bread was a sourdough :( but I ate it anyway because I was hungry. I quickly regretted ingesting both. [​IMG]

    It is a psychological problem ... as I've had this aversion to food for a couple of days now, after finding bugs in a canister of oatmeal. [​IMG]
  4. Ray&Donna

    Ray&Donna Well-Known Member

    If I'm naseuous, I generally can't eat anything heavier than a saltine cracker. That usually settles my stomach:)
  5. Ray&Donna

    Ray&Donna Well-Known Member

    If I'm naseous, I generally can't eat anything heavier than a saltine cracker. That usually settles my stomach:)
  6. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

    i hope you feel better. i've taken zantac a hundred times but it doesn't really provide relief for nausea. i take omeprazole for acid reflux but that is a separate condition.

    try chewing on some tums but really you may have to just wait this one out. i find sitting up (don't recline) on the couch watching an 80's flick will sometimes get me through it.

    i wish i could help, i know how it is as i get it all the time. i feel so bad for you. anyway, if you have a decaf tea, have a cup with no milk or sugar. pop in ferris bueller, and call me in the morning. ;)

    yes, r & d, crackers!!! saltines, jen!
  7. Luke

    Luke Well Known Member

    Gavol. Do they have that in the States, helps with nausea

    I am surprised dairy helps you, usually that does not help nausea.
    I usually find carbs help a little if they are light, like a cracker, or toast, something to give the stomach a little somethin somethin without it being to heavy. Also Ginger Ale and juices sometimes help.

    Is it a hangover Jen, or the flu, or just general not feeling well?

    Hope you feel better in the morning!
  8. Mrs.JockEwing

    Mrs.JockEwing Don't Touch My Junk

    Maybe it's morning sickness.
  9. jen.n

    jen.n Active Member

    OK, if you need it phrased in terms you can understand, ... what do you eat when you get morning sickness, Mrs.Jock?
  10. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    Something to eat that will correct the nausea, or something that you can eat that you'll simply be able to keep down?

    Anybody with a significant (or recurrent) problem with nausea -- or acid tummy -- can usually benefit from putting a few splashes of apple cider vinegar into a cup of water or soda pop (but nothing dairy, or it will curdle) as it balances the Ph in your gut in a way the other methods do not. Not only is it effective and good for you, many people are able to get off anti-acids this way.
  11. Mrs.JockEwing

    Mrs.JockEwing Don't Touch My Junk

    For nausea I usually eat 7-up and crackers. That does the trick. I have never had morning sickness but I am sure 7-up and crackers applies.
  12. jen.n

    jen.n Active Member

    That is not what I read in AWTAS!
  13. Mrs.JockEwing

    Mrs.JockEwing Don't Touch My Junk

    I was just trying to determine why you are nauseous. If I am sick I want to know why I am. Geesh! Sorry to give you any advice. My bad.

    And for AWTAS you can't tell the difference between that and real life? :rolleyes:
  14. jen.n

    jen.n Active Member

    I said why in post #3. I found bugs in a canister of oatmeal and it made me sick.

    I don't remember asking anyone why I was sick, but if you are only familiar with morning sickness, I was happy to take any advice from your experiences with nausea :wiggle:
  15. Ray's Lady

    Ray's Lady Active Member

    I drink Sprite/Sprite zero when I feel nauseous (I have migraines, so I often feel nauseous) and it helps. Ginger ale also helps.

    I had food poisoning last winter and I could only eat pretzels/pretzel rods for a week.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  16. Flanagan

    Flanagan Registered User

    PepsiCola hits the spot.
  17. Visaversalexis

    Visaversalexis New Member

    Cola for sure! it really helps!
  18. Barbara Fan

    Barbara Fan Moderator Staff Member

    i eat dry toast (never take butter or marg anyway) or a digestive biscuit
  19. Pammy P

    Pammy P Well-Known Member

    I was gonna say dry toast;)
  20. Ome

    Ome Moderator Staff Member

    I can not ever remember feeling nauseous, so have no idea, sorry.

    Hope that helps Jen :!

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