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What was Dynasty's best season?

Discussion in 'Dynasty Official Forum' started by Guest, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think Dynasty's best season was the 1983-1984. We saw the battle between Steven and Blake, Alexis meets and gets involved with Dex Dexter and Dominque arrives. This is Pamela Sue Martin's last season and watching her fall in love with Jeff. I think over-all this was the best season.
  2. BretEwing

    BretEwing Active Member

    I liked season 3, 6 and 9 the best. Season 5 was pretty good too.

    Season 8 was the worst. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still bad.

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm sure we'vedone this before, but...

    My votes for best seasons: #1 and 2 and 9.

    Then, in descending order:
    The Reunion
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think seasons 1-5 were very well written and acted.It is not until season 6 they begin to go over the deep end. It's not until then, that things begin to become too unrealistic even for a soap opera.
  5. Sid Fairgate

    Sid Fairgate Well-Known Member

    Billybob and I think so much alike when it comes to Dynasty. I agree with his assesment.
  6. southforkEwing

    southforkEwing New Member

    My favorite seasons are 1-5 and 9.

    Seasons 6-8 are good too, but they get a little too over the top melodramatic for me. Season 9 completely rejuvinated the series. Too bad it was the last. [​IMG]
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yes, southforkEwing, Season 9 (in case you dont know, yet) was taken over by a new producer (one of "Dallas'" best writer-producers, David Paulsen) which is why there was such an upsurge in quality. But with Linda leaving, and ABC determined to kill the show before S9 even began airing (moving the show from Wednesday, where it was already seriously weakened in the ratings, to a deadly Thursday timeslot) it was all too late to save it.

    Sid, what your birthday (just curious?)
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my favorite season is seasons 2 and 3. I honestly liked all the seasons but there were some i liked more than others.

    In order it goes

    1.season 2
    2.season 3
    3.season 4
    4.season 1
    5.season 5
    6.season 9
    7.season 6
    8.season 8
    9.season 7

    season 7 is my least favorite because in there was such a huge difference in quality and story from season 6 to season 7. I like season 6, except i hated the rita storyline and the first part of the sixth season
  9. Sid Fairgate

    Sid Fairgate Well-Known Member

    Billybob, my birthday is on August 19.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Best: Season 2. Fresh feuds, great catfight, good acting.

    The worst: Season 5.
  11. juppiter

    juppiter Active Member

    Season 4
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 5
    Season 1
    Season 9
    Season 8
    Season 7
    Season 6

    In Season 4, the cast was absolutely perfect and the writing was still meeting them (I love the Pollacks and think they were the only ones who really "got" the show).
  12. James from London

    James from London Well-Known Member

    I think Season 4 was Pamela Sue Martin's worst season. Having the camp Helmut Berger as ladykiller Peter de Vilbis was one of the series most bizarre bits of casting! Like Billy Bob and Sid, I'm all about Seasons 1, 2 and 9.

    As I've said before, I think DYNASTY had the best first season of any of the primetime soaps. I loved how all the storylines were inter-dependent, like a house of cards, and the way that every plot twist led up to the events of Blake's court trial. Even Michael the chauffer's seemingly pointless flirtation with Cecile Colby's secretary Jennifer results in pillow talk that reveals the pawning of Krystle's necklace and Steven's affair with Claudia. Both pieces of information are passed on to Blake, with tragic consequences. (As a result of Michael's information, Blake sets a trap for Krystle which results in her leaving him. Hours later, Blake - beside himself - kills Ted Dinnard. The revelation of Claudia's affair with Steven leads to her being subpoenaed to testify at the trial, and her subsequent accident with Lindsay.)

    I loved the juxtaposition between the Carrington and Blaisdel lifestyles in Season 1. Having a relatively "normal" family like the Blaisdels served to ground the show in some sort of reality, and by extension gave the Carringtons more credibility than they would have in later years. The characters of Krystle and Claudia seemed to mirror each other as well - each was struggling to find their way forward in a new family situation, while at the same time haunted by their (partly shared) past.
    Claudia draws this comparison in Season 2:

    "You and me, we did the same thing ... we had an affair. You've still got everything. I've got nothing, I've got me."

    The reason Krystle still has everything is because, when push cos to shove, she is willing to perjure herself under oath when asked about Blake's violent tendencies, while Claudia cannot bring herself to lie about her relationship with Steven in court. In fact, almost all of the characters in the first season are morally compromised. Krystle, Fallon, Steven, Claudia and Matthew all betray people who love them, while Blake is completely ruthless in business and violent in his personal affairs.

    I must admit, though, I'm currently enjoying Season 5 which is almost as fascinating, but in a completely different, almost surreal, way!
  13. Colbyco

    Colbyco Well-Known Member

    I love season 6 (not the Rita/Krystle-story) I love the big fight Alexis & Ben vs. Blake and the rest of the family

    2. season 7 (Alexis lives in the Carrington-house)
    3. season 5 (Amanda, Daniel Reece, Alexis in jail, the big wedding)
    4. season 2-4
    5. season 1 & 9
    6. season 8 & The Reunion
  14. I would like to say I liked season 1-7
    Season 1-4 I found no fault in
    season 5 had parts I did'nt really care for such as the insufficiant Peter DeVillbis introduction.
    In season 7 & 8 I didnt care for the parts where Alexis and Ben took over the mansion I also did not like the way the story line went as far as Dominque
  15. Christine

    Christine Moderator Staff Member

    That's interesting Sandra, the storyline where Alexis and Ben took over the mansion is one of my favorites! [​IMG]
    I thought the Ben character was very cool. Well until he turned all goody-goody, lol.
  16. Sid Fairgate

    Sid Fairgate Well-Known Member

    I thought the Ben character was a complete waste of space. The casting of Christopher Cazenove seemed odd as well. Could he have looked any more different from John Forsythe? Not only that, but he looked too young to be Blake's brother. I didn't care for him at all.
  17. juppiter

    juppiter Active Member

    Taking over the mansion was too fanfic-y for my tastes. That mansion, Denver-Carrington, and Blake and Krystle's marriage were the three sacred cows of the show and it was disastrous whenever they messed with any of them.
  18. Mickey_T

    Mickey_T New Member

    Loved season 1, loved it liked 'dark choclate' and cabernet. I liked 'Blake' and 'Krystal', they weren't so sacchrined. I liked the dramatic exchanges, especially the one between 'Krystle' and 'Claudia' after Mrs. Blaisdale found out about Matthew's infidelity:

    KRYSTLE: Please, call me Krystle.
    CLAUDIA: You see, there are all kinds of talents, 'Mrs. Carrington'. There's a talent for being beautiful, and having any man fall in love with you. You see, that's a real talent.

    Even the early 'Krystle'/'Alexis' verbal matches in Season 2 were full of more literacy, until they got too antagonistic, they looked contrived and stupid. Pretty much after that, I did not care for it anymore as a show, probably after the "La Mirage" roaring 20's party. However, Season 9, did make it a lot more interesting again, with a new canidacy for the Carrington matriarch in Sabella Colby. Can you imagine, Fallon's reaction to her father's nuptials to her one time sceheming mother in law!?
  19. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    I agree with Mickey T.

    Also agree with Sid about Blake's brother-- a poorly conceived character (who was involved in a dumb plot that changed Blake's history re: how mama died) and I hated those damned Fallmonts!
    I would have much rather some of the Colbys and the would-be spin-off, as I've said before, co-opted into "Dynasty" (Beacham, Stanwyck, Heston, even Caulfied) for at least a year [it HAD to have improved season 6!] and, if they were STILL determined to have a doomed spin-off, let them do it with the Fallmonts, and call it: "Those Damned Fallmonts".

    The one or two season run could conclude with Patricia Crowley being run down in slow motion because it's been revealed she's had an affair and knows about a fire we dont care about.
  20. SableCo

    SableCo Guest

    My favourite season was season 9, for one reason-Sable!

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