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Which Character Could/Should Have Been Gay or Lesbian?

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by ramled99, May 2, 2012.

  1. ramled99

    ramled99 Active Member

    Hey Gang:

    I try to ask off the wall questions just to have fun with it. Especially since everyone here is diahard with Dallas, and has every character, plot, storyline and scene dissected to a "T."

    I know there was a conscious efffot on Dallas to stray from gay storylines (with the exception of the one segment with Lucy and Mainweiring (sp). Other than that, gay apparently didn't exist in Dallas or anywhere in the characters lives. BUT...if they did decide to "go there", which characters do you think could have been made that way. Not the actors, the characters. Here are my pics:

    Jack Ewing (of course, not because Dack Rambo was gay, but because Jack Ewing showed the classic signs of a closeted gay man)

    Mitch (because he was such an asshole to Lucy; it felt like he was just gay...lol)

    Sue Ellen (I thought Sue Ellen would have been excellent as a bi-sexual in the later seasons; or sexually experimenting with women for that emotional connection, especially after J.R.'s shovanism and disrespect of her..J.R. did enough to make women hate men for good...lol)
    Sly and Phyllis (that could have been an excellent story to add depth and interest to the office scenes)

    Katherine (she was never really into men; her obsession with Bobby - to me - was more about control than love and romance with him; as beautiful as Morgan Brittany was, her date(s) for the oil barron's ball didn't even dance with her, or have a speaking part. I found her character was never really sexually-driven to men or sexual at all for that matter; in fact, one could argue that she hated men, including Bobby; But then again, Katherine hated everyone except her mother

    Jeremy Windell (of course, he was asexual; they could have written him as really gay, and used that to balance his character. The Sue Ellen crush he had was completely unbelievable- actually laughable. I know tons of men who act just like Jeremy Windell - and who I commonly refer to as "bitter old gay men"

    Any thoughts?
  2. MrsSuperman93

    MrsSuperman93 Well-Known Member

    The only one I can agree with you is maybe Jeremy Wendell.
    But I don't see Sue Ellen or Katherine. They both loved men too much.
  3. vaughnleland

    vaughnleland Well-Known Member

    It could have worked with Wendell. also Michael Wilding Jr.'s art dealer.
  4. DallasDivasDerby

    DallasDivasDerby Active Member

    Jack Ewing, Dave Culver, and Grace, Angelica's assistant. Just our 2 cents!
  5. Pam's Twin Sister

    Pam's Twin Sister Well-Known Member

    They can deny it or not, but Angelica and Grace were lovers. There are also some "flamboyant" characters here and there, especially in s.7´s antiquary scene and in s.12´s art gallery scene. Of course, "flamboyantness" doesn´t equal gayness...Just ask any football player "out there"...

    Agree about Jeremy, and Cliff should have had a gay fan in high school instead of the woman who died when had an abortion practiced. That would have added more layers to Cliff: maybe he even could have been a "latent" bi/homosexual.

    In my fanfic, both Bobby Ewing (Gary´s son) and Jimmy Monahan (Cliff´s cousin) are a gay couple too. For further info, just go to the Writers Room or to my fanfic (no X scenes, though).

    The scenes with Pam and Katherine talking on the bed and wearing their night dresses are crying "look at us, we belong to The L Word!". Too close to be just "tender half-sisters"...
  6. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Wendell, James Beaumont and Tommy McKay.

  7. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    Tommy Mckay could have worked, he was such a douche because he was a frustrated closeted homosexual.
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  8. Kenny Coyote

    Kenny Coyote Well-Known Member

    Why did someone say Jack Ewing showed "classic signs of a gay man"? He spoke normally, dressed normal, what did you notice about him that seemed a little suspect?
  9. DallasDivasDerby

    DallasDivasDerby Active Member

    I don't agree that Jack exhibited any "signs" of being gay.

    Just looking back, with failed connections to both Grace and Jenna, it could have been interesting to have Jack come out as a strong, gay character. Partner in Ewing Oil, partner with Ray and Clayton's horse business, and just happened to be gay. But Dallas always side-stepped real social controversy, and stayed pretty middle of the road, so that would've been a big leap.

    Also, if Angelica and Grace had been lovers, they would've played into that whole 80's Basic Instinct killer lesbian meme in the media, which quickly got tired. Still though, it would've been interesting for JR to face a strong female foe that he couldn't bed to get his way.

    Ah, to dream...
  10. JR_fan

    JR_fan New Member

    Guzzler LOL j/k j/k

    Ahem, I don't really see Wendell as being gay but rather asexual.

    I could definitely see Jock being a closet homosexual with his overblown machismo at times being used as a cover.

    I'm just spitballing here. I'm not being totally serious except for the Wendell comment.
  11. ramled99

    ramled99 Active Member

    When I say Jack had signs, I don't mean gay mannerism, I meant signs of being "undercover" or having another life. Yes, he was a verile and fairly butch guy (i.e., Brokeback). But he was very anonymous, and seemed to be a drifter, and under the radar. Those are classic indications of a closeted, "undercover" gay man, who is trying to fit into the heterosexual social construct, but has a private gay life.

    And as for Katherine, I reiterate, she didn't like "men" (plural). She obsessed about ONE man -Bobby - and it was not a very sensual romance, it was an obsession rooted in control and eventually crazed violence.
  12. alexis

    alexis Well-Known Member

    ahhhhhhh How I love Katherine and her obsession and eventual crazed violence!
  13. BJ Ewing

    BJ Ewing Active Member

    None, it never had a place. Kit Mainwering was enough.

    But if you have to have one, how about Carter McKay...now that would've been funny. He never seemed interested in Rose either
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  14. ronald mascot

    ronald mascot Well-Known Member

    It's hard to know who should have been because so many of the characters are defined by who they were seeing and dating so if you made them gay, many plots would just not exist. So many of these relationships are sexually driven.

    It would have been interesting to make John Ross gay when he became a teen or even Charlie, though not sure anything could make Charlie an interesting character. Marilee Stone as a bisexual might have been interesting, she became such a horndog, why not extend it to women too? Lucy would have been a good candidate, maybe that could explain her bad relationships with guys- that would have been interesting when she came back for the two years- God knows they gave her so little to do when she came back, it would have at least have given her a plot in those two years.
  15. Swami

    Swami Well-Known Member

    Can you blame him if he wasn't interested in the dreadful Rose? It was a real mismatch.

  16. SnarkyOracle!

    SnarkyOracle! Well-Known Member

    But homosexuality tends to raise its ugly head where you least expect.

    I've never found a lack of butch closet cases amongst red neck "straight" boys. Often married.

    It exists.

    Oh, yeah for sure:

    Jock and Jeremy
    Sittin' in a tree
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  17. Mickey Fairgate

    Mickey Fairgate New Member

    How about Muriel???? That would have made perfect sense, since she never was really shown as having
    a boyfriend....and after Lucy's rape/abortion ordeal(from Roger Larson), Muriel could have came out to Lucy,
    and maybe something would have developed between them, and that could have really given some good Lucy

    Gary is another one, I've always called him, behind his back, "Gary the Fairy", that could have worked
    for both Dallas and Knots Landing.
  18. Canyon340

    Canyon340 Well-Known Member

    I agree. The show is replete with homosocial desire and endless meditations on what it takes to be a 'man.'

    For those who are interested on exploring the ideas behind homosocial desire google Eve Kosofsy Sedgewick's seminal (ahem) analysis.
  19. terrytowel

    terrytowel New Member

    Wilson Cryder always seemed to give off this gay vibe every time he confronted J.R. about something. He seemed to have some sort of unspoken attraction to J.R.
  20. MildredEvans

    MildredEvans Well-Known Member

    The scene when Cliff sees Mark Graison back from the "dead" in his kitchen in the dream season, his mannerisms/reaction scream gay. Its like Cliff was thinking "i can't believe this big beefy man is in my kitchen, my dream has finally come true!"

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