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Wow !! Check Out Sasha Mitchell NOW on "NYPD Blue"

Discussion in 'Dallas original TV Series official forum' started by J.R.KicksAss, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. J.R.KicksAss

    J.R.KicksAss New Member

    Man, he's playing some beefed-up body-builder with tatoos...looks twice the size of 15 years ago....wow, big change!
  2. Princess Melissa

    Princess Melissa New Member

    Wow! I can't wait to see this!
    I might just have to check that out.
  3. bogus jock

    bogus jock New Member

    he was on all of 5 minutes. dudes been pumping roids.
  4. Niv-1

    Niv-1 New Member

    He looked liked an overinflated balloon version of himself.
  5. Seth Stone

    Seth Stone New Member

    Any pics or links?
  6. pat conway

    pat conway New Member

    how old is he now i guess those tatoos were for real on dallas
  7. Weststar Oil Corp

    Weststar Oil Corp New Member

    has his voice gotten any deeper?
  8. Jock

    Jock New Member

    His voice is very raspy and he's MASSIVELY pumped up. He's not fat. It's all muscle, but there may be chemicals afoot. I will say he learned to act somewhere along the way as he wasn't too bad. Maybe playing a weightlifter wasn't a big stretch.
  9. ChrisSumnerMatheson

    ChrisSumnerMatheson Well-Known Member

    Sounds hilarious. Hate I missed it. I forgot this show even came on still.
  10. Kate Ewing

    Kate Ewing Active Member

    Did anyone see the movie "Spike of Bensonhurst" that he was in back in '88?

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