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    Shows there was intriguing pregnancies and complications over 30 years ago too.

    Gail has an affair while married to Brian and, as a result, isn't sure who Sarah-Lou's father is...

    The sort of thing some viewers frown upon these days, who think the most exciting and most controversial thing to happen in the Street back then was one of Hilda's flying ducks falling off the wall. :D

    As for humour, we now have Brian and Cathy, hapless Steve and Tracy's superbly quick-quipping one-liners, together with the old familiar settings of the Corner Shop, Rovers and Kabin.

    The only "real" difference between 1987, 1997, 2007, 2017 or whatever is that it focuses on different characters, that, and Ken Barlow's teeth seem to have straightened and brightened up in 30 years.
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    I watched 80s Corrie this afternoon and have been enjoying it very much

    Lots of Ivy scenes and I always thought Ivy was written out around 2000 - after googling i was surprised it was so far back as 1994 and remember it made big headlines as she got a trout pout and cosmetic surgery and the Corrie bosses werent happy at all and sacked her. I cant believe that was 24 years ago - eek!

    from wiki

    Casting and characterisation
    Perrie joined Coronation Street in 1971 as a semi-regular character before joining full time in 1979. The character of Ivy was described as a woman who had "a sharp tongue and staunch Roman Catholic beliefs".

    In March 1994, without consulting her bosses, Perrie had cosmetic surgery to make her lips look fuller, but the results were unflattering, and Perrie was sacked from the show after twenty-three years as Ivy The press speculated that her departure was a direct result of her plastic surgery, though Perrie denied this, insisting that she felt that her character had simply run its course. This version of events matched accounts given by the show's then producer Carolyn Reynolds. Ivy Tilsley died off-screen the following year.

    Always thought Bert was around in the 80s but he died in real life in 1983 - always thought he was a bit of a wimp and used to call her "my Sweet"

    Loving Alex and Hilda and Ken and Deirdrie V Alfie in the race to be an Indep Councellor.

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