A Dream is a Dream, but Reality Bites

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    This is a look at things if the Dream Season really did happen….
    Pamela’s House – Morning
    Momentarily shadowed from the true reality of her ex-husband’s death, Pamela stared at what she thought was his welcoming face, mistened by the shower…. However, she soon saw the face of her present husband Mark.
    “Pam… are you all right?”
    Pamela simply stared emotionlessly at Mark’s face before she turned toward the bedroom. Mark turned off the shower and stood in thought as he dried his integument.
    Basement Floor of the Ewing Oil Building – Simultaneous
    As J.R. emerged from the elevator, he took cover as a deafening explosion rocked the already disturbed air. Screams of pedestrians were soon heard from the street, and the oil magnate hurried to his feet, rushing to the garage exit. Seeing where the diverse group of people were staring, he looked up in horror as the Ewing Oil building stood following the explosive briefcase. Debris continued to fall from the sky, and J.R. quickly rushed back to the garage.
    A Road in Downtown Dallas – At the Same Time
    The police car escourting Angelica Nero drove along the seemingly empty road to its destination at the PD…. However, Angelica soon caught glance of a pair of approaching cars from behind as she looked into the rear-view mirror. A relieved expression crossed her face.
    McSween looked on his side-view mirror, and then he looked to his side, the driver’s side, just before being run off the road. McSween tried to gain control of the car, but he and his deputy were soon apprehended by armed men. Angelica is soon freed from her seclusion in the backseat and is approached by a roughly handsome henchman.
    “Ms. Nero, what do you want us to do with the feds and the car?”
    Angelica eyed the two men carefully.
    “Do what they did to me-handcuff them. And let’s bring the car with us,” the woman ordered.
    A Warehouse in Dallas – At the Present Time
    An armed henchman guarded the entrance to a cramped room, where a man laid almost lifelessly on the ground. The man started to show signs of life through his struggled breathing and squinted eyes. The bearded man was noticed to be Bobby….


    Dallas Memorial Hospital/Southfork Ranch – Midday

    J.R. follows Sue Ellen’s gurney as it is rushed through the densely filled hallway of the hospital. His concern for his way shows more and more as they press on…. However, J.R. is stopped as the others proceed into the ER.

    J.R. frantically stands about and then maneuvers to the payphone, which he uses to call Southfork.

    Miss Ellie stands near the patio, gazing at the pastoral acreage, as John Ross approaches.

    “Grandma,” John Ross begins, “where’s Mommy and Daddy at?”

    “I don’t know, sweetheart. Right now I’m more concerned about where your Grandpa Farlow is, but I’m sure they’ll be home any minute-”

    Miss Ellie’s speech is interrupted by the ringing of the telephone, and she stands up to answer it.


    “Mama… I’m at Dallas Memorial, and-”

    “Oh, my God! What on earth happened?!”

    “It’s Sue Ellen. Look, I don’t have time to explain – just come right away,” J.R. says before he hangs up.

    Miss Ellie stares at uninformed John Ross with grave concern.

    Pamela’s House – Early Afternoon

    Mark approaches Pam, who sits quietly on the back porch. She appears oblivious to his presence as he sits down.

    “Hello?” Mark says, startling Pam.

    “Oh, Mark… I didn’t see you….”

    “You didn’t see me? Well, are you packed? We should be leaving at around one, and Miss Ellie should be here soon for Christopher….”

    Mark’s voice trails off when he sees that she’s not paying attention.

    “All right…. You’ve been acting like you’ve seen a ghost ever since you opened the shower door. What’s going on now?”

    Pam sips on her herbal tea as her eyes shift to different views.

    “Mark, when I opened that door… you’re going to tell me I’m out of my mind, but I saw Bobby….”


    “I should just put it out of my mind, I know….”

    “That’s not what I was going to say,” Mark answers with a shread of hurt.

    Pamela sits up from her iron chair, taking the last sips of her tea.

    “Well, I’m going to make sure I packed everything….”

    A Warehouse in Dallas – Early Afternoon

    McSween and his deputy are led to different rooms, and as the door closes behind the first, he believes that his eyes are deceiving him…. But they are not. Drawing closer to the bearded, unclean man lying on the floor, he finds himself lost for words.

    “Bobby… Bobby Ewing? What in the world is this….”

    Bobby opens his eyes and stares at McSween with bloodshot eyes, his eyes misting.


    Dallas Memorial Hospital – Later

    J.R. paces around the hospital as Miss Ellie, Ray, Tony, John Ross and Donna approach.

    “How is Sue Ellen?” Miss Ellie asks worriedly.

    “I really don’t have a clue at this point, Momma. These doctors don’t tell you a thing….”

    Ray tells Tony in sign language to take John Ross to the cafeteria.

    “What did Ray just tell that boy to do?” J.R. asks.

    “I told him to take John Ross to-”

    “No, don’t let the boys out of your site,” J.R. orders.

    Donna calls Tony and John Ross back.

    “What is this all about J.R.?” Donna asks.

    “Momma, I… I don’t even know where to start. I was coming out of the Ewing building, and she must’ve been coming in when… it exploded….”

    “Exploded?” Ellie exclaims.

    “How in the hell did that happen?” Ray questions.

    “I was leaving to get a hold of Jack – oh, my God, Jack…. I completely forgot about him. I’m going to call over there real quick….”

    “I’m going to call Pam afterward, okay?” Miss Ellie says.

    “The Ewing building exploded?” Ray says to Donna.

    “Your guess is as good as mine. I wonder why we didn’t hear about it?”

    Cliff’s Apartment/Jack’s House – Simultaneous

    Cliff sits on the sofa, drinking his life away following the news of his wife’s death. As he gourges down his bourbon/pepsi mixed drink, the phone begins to ring, which he ignores…. However, after the ninth time, he tosses his glass at it.

    “Can’t you idiots take a hint?!”

    Finally, he maneuvres over to the unfazed phone and answers.

    “What is it?”

    “Cliff… it’s Jack-”

    “Haven’t you brought enough bad news for one day?”

    “The police are over here, and they’d like to talk to you,” Jack answers.

    “Well, tell them they can kiss my balls!”

    “Don’t be a stubborn son of a – they need you to fill out some paperwork, for the insurance policies, I think….”

    “Insurance pol – well, you can have her policies and her money, I don’t care!”

    With that Cliff hangs up the phone and rips the cord out of the wall before he starts balling.

    Dallas Memorial Hospital; the Cafeteria – Later

    J.R. sits alone in the cafeteria and sits in deep thought as Ray approaches.

    “You couldn’t get through to Jack?” he asks.

    “The phone is busy. I’m not going to drive over there in case something happens to Sue Ellen….”

    Ray sits across from J.R. and gains direct eye-sight with his half-brother.

    “I want you to be straight with me, J.R. What’s all this about Ewing Oil blowing up and Sue Ellen? I think it’s my business to know what in the world is going on with this family because I have a wife and son to think about. What did you get us into this time….”
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    Intriguing. I wonder how you're going to explain what happened to Bobby since he's seemingly alive even when everyone thought he had died.

    Also I am glad that Sue Ellen survived the Ewing Oil explosion. I remember the first time I watched it was like "OMG how are they going to make her survive that?"
    and in the next moment I saw Pam waking up and I was like "The dream is over already?" :lolo:

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