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A Theory For What We Saw Happen In The Waning Days Of Dallas

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Kenny Coyote, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. JR Ewing Fan

    JR Ewing Fan Soap Chat Active Member

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    I don't even remember. It's had to have been over a decade though.
    Ellie was the only one who said that Wes confessed to being a fraud. We never heard it out of him personally. For all we know he could have told her that he was Jock but was leaving because he didn't want to hurt her anymore and the family was never going to accept him anyway. He did tell her he'd see her again so.....
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  2. Kenny Coyote

    Kenny Coyote Soap Chat TV Fanatic

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    Well she should know. She's the one he told.

    If you're going to believe he didn't say that and instead he told her he was Jock, you'd have to believe she'd have told Clayton he was Jock, since Clayton promised to kill Parmalee if he turned out to be a fraud. Clayton planned on making good on his promise and he went out looking for him to kill him. Ellie could have told him Parmalee was Jock to avoid having Clayton kill him but she didn't. How does that make any sense?
  3. Angela's Mulled Wine

    Angela's Mulled Wine World Cup of Soaps Moderator

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    She could never have told him that Wes was Jock as it would have made Clayton feel insecure about his relationship with Ellie because she still had feelings for her first husband. It would have been like Jock's portrait all over again only this time Clayton would have felt even more vulnerable because it was a real person he would have to contend with not just some pigments on a piece of canvas.
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