"Alternative Facts"

Discussion in 'Politics & Religion' started by Gabriel Maxwell, Jan 22, 2017.

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    :lolo:@ "alternative facts" (a.k.a. lies). That one's a keeper, if I've ever seen one.

    It's always been clear Trump is a vindictive skin-thinned narcissist with a distinct penchant for ridiculous hyperboles and a psychotic need for being the #1 in all ratings and contests, incapable of accepting even the mildest form of criticism or failure.

    And his paid shills Spicer & Conway have always lied and deflected their way through the campaign and transition process, so it's hardly surprising they wouldn't be up to their worn out tricks even now that both Hillary & Obama are history and Trump is President.

    And yet it's still surreal to see these morons get in front of the public and defend their deranged boss' blatant lies and batshit craving for constant adulation over such an unimportant and petty matter, in such a brazen manner.

    A major red flag about the lengths to which this illegitimate administration will go.

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    2016 was the beginning for mainstream "alternative facts". That expression spread like wild fire. Hilarious. We all know that alternative facts = lies or at least stretching the truth. Something Trump & co. knows all about.
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