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American comedian, Don Rickles dies

Discussion in 'Celebrity Scuttlebutt' started by Englishboy, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Tom Hanks has led tributes to US comedian Don Rickles, who has died at the age of 90.

    Rickles, who voiced Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story films, died of kidney failure at his Los Angeles home on Thursday.

    Hanks, who played Woody in the movies, tweeted: "A God died today. Don Rickles, we did not want to ever lose you. Never. Hanx."

    Jimmy Kimmel also paid an emotional tribute on his US talk show.

    "I'm going to cry, I'm already crying," he said at the beginning of Thursday night's show as he began a 12-minute tribute to Rickles.

    "I know it sounds crazy to say he was too young [to die] but he was, because he was youthful and funny and sharp and generous.

    "I was fortunate enough to not only have to not only have him on this show as my guest but also to become close to him."


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