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Bobby Allowing Pam To Take Christopher From Him

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Kenny Coyote, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Chris2

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    I’m not twisting words at all. Here are your words:

    I find your reaction, or your scenario to the Bobby/Pam situation to be frightening. Archaic and chauvinistic would describe it better. I guess that's not far from a terrible person. Your reaction was like something JR would do. So yes... You would be villainous.

    You’re saying that a poster’s reaction is “frightening” and “not far from a terrible person”. It doesn’t make you a terrible person to fight for what you think is right for your child. What’s frightening to me is the inability to understand that there can be multiple opinions here that are valid as opposed to demonizing opposing opinions.
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  2. Kenny Coyote

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    Nice post. I appreciate it. We're all here to have fun, aren't we? That's what I always thought this place was for, and I'm sure that's what it was designed for. I've learned over the years that there are some who use this forum for a different reason - they have discussions so that somewhere n the middle they can send the message "The way so and so thinks is wrong (frightening, reprehensible, whatever to may be) and that makes me virtuous because I've pointed that out"!

    I guess some people have never learned you can't make yourself a better person by trying to tear someone else down.

    Then to have the gall to deny posting something when it's right there in back and white! Unreal.

    Apparently that wasn't enough because then I was taken to task because regarding the thread I created: "it has nothing to do with Dallas." I don't know how much more to do with Dallas it could have been.

    I took a scenario directly from Dallas where I found Bobby's response disappointing ( I like Bobby in general but his response here was disappointing in my opinion). So, I made a scenario where I described what I think he should have done - what I would have done. After the opening post, everyone was welcome to say what they would have done or what they would have liked to have seen Bobby do.

    I did it purely for the entertainment value of it - that it's interesting to see what different people would think they'd if they'd been in Bobby's situation, or to put it another way, write a scenario describing what they would have liked to have seen Bobby do. That's interesting. It's fun to see what various forum members would do if they'd been on Bobby's situation. If some people didn't find it interesting, they're free to go to another thread they liked better.

    What is the point of staying in a thread you don't like and not participating in it except to make a post that's a a moral judgment on the people who were having a good time? I didn't come here to have someone judge my morality and tell me how much more virtuous they are than me. As I've said, I've seen somewhat similar type of behavior here before, the virtue signaling and the holier-than-thou way they act while judging others. I've ignored it the other times I've seen it over the years I've been here. What I saw yesterday was extreme though. There is just no call for that whatsoever.

    There is only one who is has the right to judge any of us, and that's God.

    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
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  3. Alexis

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    Must we go round and round? I have said over and over my opinion. You do with it what you please, but stop going over and over it. I find his views frightening and I disagree with them. Not everyone thinks the same way. Is that so hard for you to understand?
  4. thomaswak

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    I know your answer was ironic. And you're right.
    I am the living proof that not only women are.
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