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Would you like to see what some of your favourite characters were up to in some Brookside specials?

  1. Yes - I'd love it.

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  2. No - it would never work.

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    Hi all. I'm the guy behind the Bring Back Brookside campaign. Before I go on as it's a constant thing I keep having thrown at me: there are real people living in the Close now. It wouldn't actually make sense for them to be on the Close as it was due to be demolished in the final episode and to be back there would only make a mockery of that spectacular exit in 2003.

    brookside.jpg I'm talking about specials catching up with some of the most-loved characters and hopefully that may lead to a series or two. It would be unrealistic now to try and get it back as an all-year-round soap. Brookside always proved it could thrive in other mediums. Anybody remember the Video specials 'The Lost Weekend' and 'Friday the 13th'. It actually felt as though they were in their natural element. For all those interested in signing, here's the link and if possible please share:
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