Batman Burt Ward hints we haven't heard the last of Adam West as Batman

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    Adam West and Burt Ward reprise their roles as Batman and Robin in new animated film Batman vs. Two-Face, an affectionate recreation of the 1960s Batman TV series.


    With West having passed away in June of this year, Batman vs. Two-Face was widely believed to feature his final performance as the Caped Crusader.

    When it was referred to the film as West's "final outing", his co-star Ward strongly hinted that this might NOT be the case...

    "I don't know about that," he said. "I don't know about that, but I'm not going to say any more.

    "All I know is I'm not allowed to talk about it. So I'm just saying factually that your statement would not necessarily be correct."

    Intriguing, right? Ward continued: "I don't know what they're going to do in the future. It all depends on how, from a business standard, the movie does. But I will tell you this: Warner Bros knows exactly what they're doing.

    "If Warner Bros decides to make another one, or more, who knows what the future holds?"

    Whether it marks the end of an era or not, Ward insisted that Batman vs. Two-Face – which also stars William Shatner as Harvey Dent / Two Face – is a "fantastic" effort.

    "What makes it so special for me is the fact that these writers, director and producer, they weren't just hired to come in and do this; these are true Bat-fans. When they were kids, growing up, they loved Batman, and you can see the love that they poured out in their creativity."

    It's 50 years since West and Ward originally played Batman and Robin on screen, but Ward said that when Batman ended in 1968, he knew it wouldn't be the end of his journey with the Dynamic Duo.

    "It was such a gigantic hit, we knew it was a classic. Both Adam and I completely understood that this would be something that could be played for generations to come. And in fact, that's exactly what's happened. Batman is still on every day in the United States in re-runs.

    "I go out on weekends and sign autographs to literally thousands and thousands of people – a few months ago with Adam, we were in Dallas, with 80,000 paid attendants to come see us. A few months before in Toronto, 160,000 paid attendants to come see us."

    As for his long relationship with West, there's not a hint of on-set feuding or bitter rivalries here – Ward has nothing but positive memories of his Bright Knight.

    "I was dear friends with Adam, starting 15 minutes before our screen test in July of 1965," he said. "Within five minutes of meeting, the two of us were talking and laughing, and we never stopped laughing. It was 50 years of laughing."
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    I've been giving this a lot of thought.

    I suppose there's no reason that they couldn't keep making Batman '66 style movies indefinitely but recasting would take away a lot of the point.

    The above quote from Burt Ward suggest that Warner has also given this some thought. Has the technology reached the point where voices can be reproduced electronically? I've heard about celebrities recording hours of sounds and words so their voices can be used for satnav devices. Do you think Adam West had the forethought to do something like that?

    Or, here's a wayout idea: What if they did some kind of Crisis on Two Earths story where Ward's Robin somehow teamed up with Kevin Conroy's Batman (from Batman: The Animated Series)?

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