Casey Anthony may face trial for implying man who discovered Caylee's dead body killed her

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    Casey Anthony May Face Trial for Implying Man Who Discovered Caylee's Dead Body Killed Her

    The man who found the remains of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony is moving forward in a lawsuit against Casey Anthony.

    Roy Kronk, a meter reader, is suing Anthony, 32, for defamation. According to Kronk, Anthony directed her attorneys to make defamatory statements that implied that he was responsible for the toddler’s death.

    The case was put on hold in 2013 after Anthony filed for bankruptcy as a judge decided whether to discharge her debts. Last week, Anthony filed a motion for a summary judgment against Kronk, arguing that her attorneys’ comments were not defamatory.

    In response, Kronk’s attorney has argued that the case should go to trial in civil court, preferably in the same courthouse where Anthony faced trial for killing her daughter.

    “Kronk should be allowed to return to the Orlando state court to obtain a single adjudication of all issues by jury trial,” his attorney, Howard Marks, wrote in the filing. “There are no remaining bankruptcy issues.”

    He filed suit just five months after Anthony was acquitted of murder charges. The case has been stalled for nearly five years.

    A judge has not yet ruled on the motion but has repeatedly refused to throw the case out of court. It is unclear when the court will rule on the motion.

    Kronk became entwined in the case in December of 2008, nearly six months after Caylee disappeared. According to Kronk, he went into the woods near the Anthony home to relieve himself. He testified in court that he kicked a plastic garbage bag and the little girl’s skull rolled out. Crime Scene Investigators combed the area and found the girl’s skeletal remains.

    Anthony, 32, has never publicly talked about Kronk. She has only spoken out once since her shocking 2011 acquittal on murder charges. In the Associated Press interview, she maintained that she did not kill her daughter. “I don’t give a s— about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she said. “I’m okay with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.”

    Anthony has tried to distance herself from her infamy — and hasn’t watched her parents in their TV interviews since her acquittal.

    “Casey really tries not to watch this type of thing,” an insider tells PEOPLE. “When her parents get on TV, she knows it’s just going to be all sorts of high drama, and she’s not into that.”

    “She’s tired of her father blaming her for Caylee,” the source continues. “She was found not guilty, but her parents — her father especially — can’t deal with that. She’s done with him. She’s just moving on.”

    Casey Anthony May Face Trial for Implying Man Who Discovered Caylee's Dead Body Killed Her - People
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