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Documentaries Chevolution

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jason73, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Jason73

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    A book I've been reading has caused me to fall into a Cuba/Che Guevara/Fidel Castro wormhole the past few days. Tonight I watched the documentary Chevolution which details the history of one of the most famous photographs of the 20th century.


    It was a fascinating documentary. I've seen that image a million times, but never delved into who Guevara was or what he represented. I find it sort of interesting that his image has grown to symbolize a lot of things that don't fit with the reality of the man. I'd never given much thought to how prevalent the image is but it really is quite a significant pop culture image, which I can only assume would have horrified him. From my admittedly limited knowledge of the man, I don't find him to be heroic or worthy of symbolizing some of the things he seems to stand for, but I find the photograph and image itself captivating and can understand why it has endured. For me it's the look in his eyes and knowing that it wasn't a posed portrait. It was a somewhat candid moment, caught in an instant.

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