Christmas in FC.

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Chloe-Fusco, Dec 4, 2017.

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    I’m not sure if Christmas ever featured in the other 80s shows but the Valley folks did it twice near the end of the series. There was a light hearted episode in season 8 and then a very dark show in season 9. I preferred the episode from season 8, even if it was smashing to see Ian and Charley get their just deserts the following year. What about you?
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    Gotta love Angela hosting dinner, her crackers and the slice of bird. Did she have some sweet medicine? Everyone enjoyed it, even if the venue was Del Oro.
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    Angela could always be relied on to be ‘the hostess with the mostest’, as she proved down through the years. There was something understated about the Channing Christmas dinner in 1989, yet the spade was on the go, as the wine loving grandma got the digging started on the new recruit Pilar.

    The Channings are celebrating Christmas, at Angela’s Del Oro suite, (a scene from season 8, 1988-’89):

    Lance gives Pilar an expensive bracelet.

    Lance: “Merry Christmas!”

    Pilar: “You didn’t have to.”

    Lance: “I wanted to.”

    Pilar opens the box and says, “oh Lance its beautiful!”

    They kiss.

    Angela: “Pilar have you had second thoughts about the consortium?”

    Pilar: “You know Mrs. Channing the consortium won’t be a threat to the valley. It will be an asset.”

    Angela: “I know exactly what it will be and you know what I intend doing about it.”

    Angela glances over at her grandson.

    Lance: “That’s grandmother’s way of saying Merry Christmas!”

    Pilar: “I think I’d better go. Thank you for the bracelet. It’s very special.”

    They look into each other’s eyes, while Lance says, “So are you!”

    Angela and Chao-Li are putting the finishing touches to the dinner table, before Angela announces, “Children. Everybody. Dinner is served.”

    Maggie: “Okay!”

    Richard: “Oh right. I’m hungry.”

    Kevin: “Yum yum!”

    Angela: “Why don’t you sit over here Michael darling?”

    Maggie: “Is this alright for Kevin?”

    Angela: “Oh perfect!”

    Maggie: “Good! You picked the right place.”
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