Conundrum. Who was invited back?

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by chrisjc, Jul 1, 2018.

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    TV Guide later called the 'Conundrum' finale "a helluva way to end a once-great show."

    Funny, y'know, since Joel Grey was the Devil and stuff.

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    The last episode of Dallas could have been better. It should have continued where it left off with JR and the gun in his bedroom BUT stayed in present day. The filmed last episode just has a "what if" theme to it, and it just has JR with the gun at the house and then Bobby coming back at the end as it goes off. It was not good.

    I would have rather seen something like this happen:

    Bobby comes home from the airport and sees JR with the gun, he stops him from shooting himself.
    Michelle is all alone in her new house and vows revenge on JR
    Cliff owns Ewing Oil
    Bobby works at Southfork
    JR tries and tries to get control of Southfork and Ewing Oil
    Michelle is upset at Cliff for marrying her and her being alone in her new house
    Somehow, JR ends up meeting Cliff at his old office for a meeting and thinks it's to buy Ewing oil from him
    Someone takes a gun out of Cliff's drawer at his house.
    At JR's old office, at night, Cliff is nowhere to be seen. JR enters the office and wonders where he is
    Someone holds up a gun and shoots JR and he falls on his desk.
    Either it would end there or there would be a reveal of Michelle, who puts the gun in Cliff's desk.
    Maybe a scene the next morning with someone finding JR on the desk and the police searching and arrest Cliff, not saying JR's fate

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