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Could There Be Another Continuation

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Mar 6, 2020.

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    Sue Ellen Ewing - in Jock’s role. Show more of the foundation she created merged with a foundation Clayton and Miss Ellie put together that she runs (would explain where all the money went), and others, the Ewing Family Foundations. In the last 4 years she managed to prove the SF mineral rights were left to Miss Ellie’s foundation. With billions of dollar managed in the foundations she is the power behind every business move. She moves into SF at Pamela’s bequest.

    Bobby Ewing - in Miss Ellie’s role. He owns 1/2 the ranch and cares for it and plays the voice of reason in the family. Ann went with Emma to live in Virginia. Ryland is back in prison thanks to John Ross and Judith is a U.S. Senator (mentioned not seen), also thanks to John Ross. Chris lived, put his life back together and moved to California with his mother who turned out alive. Cliff died in a mental hospital in Mexico. Bobby is the history and moral center, caring for everyone.

    Ellie Ewing - in JR’s role. John Ross’s sister that Sue Ellen raised in England and JR was involved with, though Sue Ellen never knew. She uses money JR left her to team up with John Ross and create Ewing Industries, including taking over Ewing Global (including Ewing Oil, Ewing Alternative Energy and Wentworth Tool and Die) and Ryland Trucking in a scheme set up by JR with Carlos DeSol’s help. John Ross also created a paramilitary company, Branch Water from Ryland’s CIA contacts which Ellie uses as her go to people in underhanded dealings. Mention James and Bo (Cally’s son) so they’re not ignored from the original Dallas, as bastards in Ellie’s mind.

    John Ross - in Bobby’s role. Ellie’s partner in Ewing Industries, Bobby’s best friend, retired from business to work the ranch but stays involved with Monday morning strategy meetings. He tends to fight Ellie over schemes but in the end he and his sister are thick as thrives.

    Pamela Ewing - in Pam’s role. John Ross’s wife, a romantic couple but Ellie wants her gone. Pamela has adopted John Ross Ewing III, Jay (John Ross’s out of wedlock son we didn’t see on TNT), and Steven Clayton Ewing (John Ross’s other son with Elena, who is in prison for her involvement with the drug cartel, born at the end of 2010, the year JR died, the year without estate taxes). She’s a devoted house wife and mother and in the DOA.

    Jay Ewing - in Lucy’s role. John Ross Ewing IV, the college freshman, cheesecake role, playboy type, he with his aunt Ellie are based on Angela and Lance from Falcon Crest.

    Anthony Cumson - in Sue Elle’s role. Lance Cumson’s son from Falcon Crest, just to tie the two shows together (mention his father as a great vintner and his uncle the seer of ‘Cisco), a California blue blood, Stanford and Cambridge grad, a nerdy genius who runs Ewing Industries for John Ross and Ellie, with an on again off again relationship with Ellie.

    J. Paul Wendell - in Cliff’s role. Jeremy Wendell’s son, Chairman and CEO of the Trident Corporation (which owns the old West Star Corporation). He hates the Ewing’s. Turns out his mother is Afton, who gave him up for adoption (Jeremy raped her and paid her for the child, never seen on original Dallas) before she even meet JR, so he’s Pamela’s 1/2 brother. This sets up the Ewing Wendell Feud with others Ewing’s appearing and of course Afton hates the Ewing’s as well.

    Mateo Ramos - in Ray’s role. Drew and Elena’s brother, Carmen’s other son, and Teresa’s nephew (from the original). He’s having a secret affair with Jay (who’s bisexual) and works for Bobby and John Ross running the ranch. Like his brother he was in the military and friends with John Ross growing up. He blames Elena for Drew’s murder.

    Chris arrives in Dallas determined to take what he believes belongs to him, after Cliff dies leaving him in his will Ray Kreb’s old ranch, which use to be part of SF. John Ross tries to buy him out to get him to leave. Chris sides with the DA and Wendell against John Ross and Ellie. A heart broken Bobby can’t believe the depths Chris will sink in order to destroy the Ewing’s.

    Lucas arrives (mentioning his sisters Margret and Charlie) and becomes the son Bobby always wanted after confronting their issues. Bobby helps Lucas buy the old Wade Ranch. This makes Chris more determined to get revenge, even on Bobby. Much like Digger, Chris’s version of the truth consumes him until the bitter and dramatic end.
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  2. stevew

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    Dallas theme song starring:

    Patrick Duffy

    Linda Gray

    Julie Gonzalo

    Froy Gutierrez (Jay)

    Josh Henderson

    William Level (Anthony)

    Tyler Posey (Mateo)

    Amanda Seyfried (Ellie)


    Kiefer Sutherland (Paul)

    guest starring:

    Jesse Metcalfe
    Dan Stevens (Lucas)
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    Pamela sits at her makeup table putting on her grandmothers emerald earrings. John Ross puts his hands on her shoulders, “Are you sure you’re OK, darlin’?”

    His beautiful wife stands, turns around in his arms and says, “Of course I am. I know that I have you and the boys. And my fathers better off.” She kisses him.

    “But we don’t have to do this dinner with Christopher.”

    “Let’s just get it over with. It’s been years since he stepped foot on South Fork. What was it twenty-ten?”

    “Yeah. Not long after my father died.”

    “And Christopher almost died.”

    “None of that’s ever really been resolved, has it?”

    “John Ross, it was over ten years ago.”

    “Most of that time Chris’s been fighting to get his life back.”

    “And he did. Everything’s fine. I love you.”

    “And I love you.” John Ross pulls her close and kisses her passionately.

    Downstairs Sue Ellen accepts a soda water from Bobby in the living room. “I still can’t believe Cliff is gone.”

    “He’s been gone for a long time.”

    “You’re right. If wasn’t for JR getting him to Mexico, what would we have done? He’d lost his mind. He wasn’t even Cliff any more. And with all his money, we’d have never stopped him here. You know when John Ross got him in that mental institution, I went to visit him. He actually thought Pamela had been carrying John Ross’s babies and he had to do something, because he knew in his mind that John Ross was his son.”

    Bobby says quietly to her. “I know John Ross worries about Pamela. Pam. Katherine, Cliff. They all became mentally ill.”

    Sue Ellen puts her hand on his shoulder. “Bobby, we all know how much you wanted to be there for Pam. How much you still do. But, she’s alive and Chris is taking good care of her now.”

    “There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t miss her in my life. If she’d had just let me take care of her, instead of Cliff.”

    “It’s over now. Cliff’s gone and Christopers taking care of her.”

    “I just wish she’d let me visit.”

    “I know you do.”

    “Who’d have thought, JR would have been the one to help us find here? Of course he had his selfish reasons. That’s one thing about JR you could count on, you couldn’t keep a secret from him. Somehow he knew everything.”

    “He knew about Ellie. When I left here, I thought, he’d never find out. I’d hide her from him and raise her on my own. John Ross at boarding school, me I’m London. But somehow that bastard found out and got my daughter to lie to me all those years when they were seeing each other. You know every day on our anniversary, roses show up for me. Every year on my birthday, a piece of jewelry. And every year on the birth of our children a letter. I’d swear he was still alive, if I hadn’t seen his body.”

    “He did love you Sue Ellen.”

    “I know he did. And I loved him. I just wish, I wish it had been enough when he was alive.”

    “So do I. So many damn wishes.”

    A young bubbly woman bounces into the room, long blonde hair and a tiny sun dress, bare feet and a child like swagger. “One Dubonnet cocktail, please, Uncle Bobby.”

    Bobby hands her an already made cocktail. “You look happy.”

    “Of course I am. Rich folks is always happy. Plus Christopher is moving back to Texas, where he blongs."

    "What do you mean Christopher is moving back?" Bobby asks. "Did you talk to him?"

    "This is my town, nothting goes on I don't know about. So you know Cliff Barnes had these trusts his mother left him, with all these different businesses of hers?" Looking at Sue Ellen she says, "That's how he robbed his sister's blind. Anyway, John Ross and I bought him out of his share of Ewing Global, so he's got a lot of cash. He had it set up so most of it went to Pamela, of course, but apparently there's this whole other family he had on the side for years. Boy that guy was a wack job. Anyway, they inheirt about a hundred million dollars. And Chris, he set up a trust fund for him with about half a billion and the old Krebs Ranch, which he bought decades ago when Carter McKay died. So why wouldn't he move back. He's got his own ranch, which use to be part of South Fork. He's got money now. I want to talk to him about selling him a share of Ewing Alternative and get him back in the business of methane extraction. He's a Ewing and this is where Ewing's belong."

    Bobby smiles and hugs her. "Thank you. I hope your right. But thank you for wanting him back here. Thank you Ellie."

    When they let up there hug Ellie smiles a cheshire cat grin and goes over to the sofa, "Did you hear about the book coming out, 'The Ewing Brothers,' about you and daddy?" She sits on the sofa with her legs up under here bottom, sipping on her cocktail. "It's all about how you two created Ewing Industries out of Ewing Oil and your political network. Do you know it says that daddy arranged his death in 2010 after getting the federal government to suspend estate taxes that year? Can you believe it? It actually said you were involved in some drug deal in the fight for Ewing Oil back in the Eighties. Some people will believe anything."

    A gorgeous young man in his late teens sits up in bed, covered only from the waste down, of obvious Hispanic influence. He calls across the modest studio room, “Come on, you of all people must know something about Chris. Why, after all these years, is he just showing up. He wasn’t here for the memorial service momma grave her father. So why show up now . . . Mateo?”

    A man more then twice his age, well built, Mexican, wrapped in a towel and otherwise wet, appears from the bathroom. “I don’t know Jay. But I’m sure you’ll find out tonight.”

    “Did your sister really have something to do with almost killing him?”

    “I don’t think directly. But Elena got involved with those people, and as a result my brother’s dead. My mother tried to kill herself over the blood money she extorted from Uncle Bobby, and Christoper spent the better part of a decade trying to regain his life. I’m not sure I care if she was directly involved or not.”

    “She thought my grandad stole oil from your dad?”

    Mateo takes off his towel and dries the rest of his body. “She’s an idiot. Like your Uncle Bobby said, everyone believed it. It’s how JR Ewing operated. It just seemed too convenient for Cliff Barnes. So she fell for it, and look what happened? She’s dangerous. And prison is right where she belongs, so no body else gets hurt.” With a sly grin, the cowboy slides into bed next to Jay and kisses him. “Hadn’t you better head in for dinner?”

    Pulling the old man toward him, then down onto the bed, kissing over him, Jay says, “I’ve got plenty of time.”

    Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Pamela, Ellie, a young boy about ten or eleven, and a man about thirty chat over cocktails when Christopher appears in the archway of the living room. Ellie is the first to notice him. She jumps up and runs to him, lunging into his arms like a little girl. “Welcome home Christoper.”

    Chris laughs at the exuberant welcome.

    “Uncle Bobby, get Christoper a drink. Still, bourbon and branch?”

    “No i think I’ll have a dry martini. Gin.”

    “Really? What’s it that Northern California living?” Ellie looks at the strange man in the room and says, “My cousin is a geology professor at Berkley. Christopher, this is Anthony Cumson. He’s the Chief Executive Officer for Ewing Industries.”

    The two men shake. “Nice to meet you Chris. Your father brags about you all the time.”

    “Nice to meet you too. Your uncle actually is one of university’s largest donors. I’ve meet him on a few occasions. The Seer of ‘Cisco.”

    “Yes. I heard you live in the Valley with your mother. How is she doing?”

    “We take it one day at a time. Some days she knows who I am and others she’s terrified. Thanks to John Ross, she’s had the best care possible.”

    “That’s good. Yes, he is a generous man. And your Aunt Sue Ellen. My uncle pledge a large part of his wealth to the Ewing Family Foundations because of the work she does. They’ve become good friends.”

    “Yes Aunt Sue Ellen is something else. I suppose that’s why grandma and Clayton trusted her with their money.”

    Ellie says, “I don’t know where he is, but Jay’ll be joining us. He’s John Ross’s oldest. And this is Steven. His youngest.”

    Chris shakes the young boy’s hand. “Nice to meet you Steven.”

    “Nice to meet you.”

    John Ross says, And you remember Mateo,” motioning to him standing behind Chris.

    Chris turns around, surprised and excited. Hugging him he says, “M-Dog. Oh my god it’s been years. How have you been?”

    “Been good. Out of the army now.”

    “Yeah weren’t you a Ranger?”

    “Yeah, 75th Ranger Regiment.”

    John Ross pats their friend on the back. “He’s ranch foreman now. Living the quite life.” Jay comes hopping down stairs and John Ross admonishes him, “Past six.”

    “I was finishing up my home work.”

    “Chris this is Jay. My oldest. He’s a sophomore at Texas here in Dallas. Well let’s all head into dinner.”

    The Ewing’s gather around the table with John Ross in Jock’ chair and Pamela in Miss Ellie’s. The gathering is cordial, if not even a little joyful. Bobby commenting on how great it is to have the whole family here again and only wishing Gary and his kids were here. Ellie comments about that being a good idea. Sue Ellen says how much Miss Ellie would love this.
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    After dinner John Ross sits out back smoking, in his lambskin coat, just staring off into the dark. Chris steps outside. “That’s a bad habit.”

    “Every once a while. Helps me think.”

    “Think about what?”

    “Thousand different things. Mostly things pasted.”

    “Like how you swindled my dad out of the business?”

    “I didn’t do no such thing.”

    “Yeah I heard. JR’s masterpiece. Carlos used your daddy’s money to make a loan to my dad and your mother so they could buy control of Ewing Global only to pull the rug out from under them. You and your sister walked away with Ewing Energies, Barnes Global, Ryland Trucking, Cyberbyte, South Fork Cattle. And they’re all smiling, my dad, your mom, Senator Judith Brown.”

    “Your dad and I worked it out. We protected the ranch. Sold the cattle company to the business. Gave the land to the foundation. We’re good now.”

    “Except Elena and Harris Ryland are in prison.”

    “Right where they belong. And Cliff and your momma all got handsome checks.”

    “And your wife, got Katherine’s money.”

    “No one’s ever found her. I hear Cliff left you some money and land.”

    “Yeah. Turns out the old fool didn’t forget me after all. Left me the McKay Ranch.”

    “Yeah. Use to be part of South Fork. Before you head back to California, I’ll make you more than a fair offer for it. Merge it’s cattle in with ours, give the land to the foundation.”

    “Who said I’m headed back?”

    “Well you’re not bringing your momma back to Texas are ya?”

    “No she wouldn’t step foot in this state. Just like Ann, my dad has a habit of driving women out of the entire south.”

    “Ann left to be with Emma.”

    “Shame for you. You had a nice thing going there. Two women under one roof.”

    “That was a long time ago. I didn’t think me and Pamela had a real marriage. I figured she was still pinning over you.”

    “And now?”

    “Now ain’t none of your business.”

    “How about the Ewing Process? My methane extraction technology.”

    “What about it?”

    “You and your sister own it.”

    “Yes we do.”

    “I want it back.”

    “It ain’t for sale.”

    “You got it all don’t you? You smug little bastard. You sit in grandpa’s chair. You sleep in his bedroom. But you’re not Jock Ewing. I heard about the paramilitary company of yours over in Afghanistan.”

    “Branch Water.”

    “Yeah. You put that together with Ryland’s CIA contacts didn’t you?”

    “I don’t discuss my business.”

    “Yeah well the press was interested in its killing innocent civilians, but you don’t let that get in your way. You drag Mateo into that little venture of yours too?”

    “He’s involved with Branch Water.”

    “I bet he is. He don’t even go and visit his own sister.”

    “Why would he? Her mother doesn’t. Even their Aunt Teresa doesn’t have anything to do with her, and you know as well as I do, she was like a mother to them when she worked for grandma.”

    “Steven know she’s his real mother.”

    “My son’s real mother is up stair in this house.”

    “How’d she take it when you brought him home? Or when you brought Jay home?”

    “That’s none of your business.”

    “Well as long as your good with my left overs. I was done with the whore anyway.”

    John Ross stands. “Watch your mouth!”

    “What you don’t like the truth? You do remember I knocked her up once upon a time. Surprised that Arab Prince didn’t do the same. Don’t everybody get a turn with Pamela?”

    John Ross punches him in the face and a fight ensues out back. Christopher going over the hedge. John Ross continuing to pound on him until the two end up in the pool.

    Bobby comes running out of the house, a couple of ranch hands followed by Mateo, jump into the pool to pull the two apart, followed by everyone looking on.

    Mateo, with his hand on John Ross’s chest, “He ain’t worth it man. He ain’t worth it. Pull it together.”

    Bobby pulling Chris out of the water.

    John Ross yelling, “I’m gonna kill the son of a bitch!”

    Sue Ellen points at John Ross. “Watch your temper!”

    “That’d be your boys with a bitch and a whore for a mother!” Chris yells.

    Bobby shakes up Christopher.

    Sue Ellen turns to Chris. “And you watch your mouth. Get him out of here Bobby.”

    Bobby pulls Christopher away.

    In Bobby’s room, in the cottage out back, Chris dries off and changes into some of Bobby’s things. Bobby says, “You can’t go around talking like that. Especially in front of those boy’s mother.”

    “What the hell is this? You living out here now?”

    “Yeah. John Ross and Pamela got two kids to raise. I don’t need that big house to myself or to get in their way. I thought it was better I move out here.”

    “And where’s Sue Ellen?”

    “Pamela asked her to move in.”

    “And Ellie?”

    “She just kinda moved in. When she’s here anyway. That girl flits all over the world, all the time.”

    “So that’s it. JR got it all. He got the company for his kids. In fact, I heard he bought the name Ewing Oil from West Star after you and Sue Ellen sold it years ago. You never told me that little fact.”

    “That’s right. It’s a subsidiary of Ewing Industries. What’s that got to do with anything?”

    “You don’t get it. It’s all his. Everything. The house. The ranch. You got anything left?”

    “I took care of South Fork. The land’s protected, just like my momma wanted.”

    “The mineral rights?”

    “Sue Ellen made the case. When my momma and Clayton’s wills left everything they had to set up the foundation, that included the mineral rights.”

    “So they belong to the foundation?“


    “So what’s left? Half the house you don’t even live in?”

    “When JR was first in the sanatorium he wouldn’t speak to anyone. Momma begged him to come home. I gave her back South Fork and she offered it to him, oil and all. She died without him speaking a word to her. So when she died, she left me the ranch to take care of it. Half to John Ross when JR died and the other half when I do.”

    “You’re kidding me! So you got nothing left.”

    “That’s not true. I’ve got my family. And this ranch.”

    “You’ve got JR’s family. And they’ve got this ranch.”

    “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “I know I live in Northern California and so does my momma.”

    “That’s your choice. I live here. I heard Cliff left you some money and Ray’s old place.”

    “Yeah he did. He had this crazy idea he was gonna leave South Fork to Pamela. Well, until he thought John Ross was his son then he was gonna leave it to him.”

    “He never owned it.”

    “I don’t think he understood much reality. I visited him a few times at the end and he’d tell me I have to help John Ross realize he’s his son and he and Pamela are brother and sister. He said right to my face he had to kill those baby’s because they were John Ross’s. He killed my baby’s.”

    “I know. I know Cliff lost it, long before any of us realized it.”

    “He told me I didn’t have to worry. I wasn’t really a Ewing. My mom bought me off the black market.”

    “Of Christopher. You shouldn’t have gone to see him. He was out of his mind.”

    “I know that. So’s my mother. She thinks you’re still married and she’s waiting for you to come back from a road trip for Ewing Oil. Some days she tells me all about JR and how he’s out to get us. Others she call me Raul or Cliff or cries for Digger.”

    “I’m so sorry Christopher. Why don’t you bring her here?”

    “To do what? Face the truth, everything’s changed. Why don’t you go and see her? She’d like nothing better.”

    On another ranch outside of Dallas, a rundown mansion, in the middle of the night, Ray walks into a nearly empty room to find a young man looking in horror at a piece of paper. “Lucas, what is it?”

    “I have no idea why Cliff Barnes would by the Wade ranch and leave it to me, let alone leave me all that money to go with it. But I found this folder in here, full of papers. I guess it’s Cliff’s chicken scratch, like he was investigating me. According to this Uncle Bobby is my father and his wife, Pam, is my mother. Apparently you stole me from her to raise as your own. What the hell is this?”

    While changing for bed, Pamela and John Ross discuss the fight.

    Christopher walks into Ray’s old place, turning the lights on and startled by Ellie sitting in the dark. “What the hell are you doing here?”

    “Waiting got you.” She stands. “Things aren’t like they use to be Chris. Ewing’s don’t fight each other.”

    “Oh really. You and John Ross don’t fight?”

    “No we don’t.”

    “You’re OK with Pamela?”

    “Of course not. But we don’t fight.”

    “So you’re good with James and Bo?”

    “Those aren’t Ewing’s. They’re my daddy’s bastards.”

    “JR was married to Cally when Bo was born. The divorce didn’t take effect until the next day, so I heard. As for you . . .”

    “I’m not here to discuss me.”

    “Were JR and Sue Ellen married when you were born? And how did your mom keep you a secret all those years?”

    “She didn’t. I knew my father, my mother just didn’t know I knew him. She told me wonderful stories about him and my brother, who was off at boarding school.”

    “And you’re OK with that?”

    “What am I suppose to do. Fight her?”

    “So, if I want the company. The two of you just gonna hand it over to me, without a fight?”

    “No of course not. John Ross is the oldest.”

    “So I can’t win?”

    “Win what?”

    “I want my pattens back.”

    “I told you we’d work something out. But you don’t have the money to develop it on your own. I’m going to ask you one time, are you with us or against us?”

    “If those are my only two options, I’m against you.”

    “You don’t know how much that breaks my heart.” Ellie walks past him toward the door.

    “What’ll you do now, try and kill me too.”

    “I don’t get made like that. No, I promise you, I’ll make sure you live to be an old man.” She pauses as they look at each other. “There are worse things than death.” She grins at him. “Welcome back to Dallas.”

    In the pre-dusk of morning, John Ross sits at Jock’s old desk in the study off the back of the house going over papers. People begin to walk in, starting with Anthony. “Happy Monday morning. Dinner last night went well.”

    John Ross looks up. “You weren’t here when the excitement broke out. Chris is apparently here for a fight.”

    “A fight for what?”

    “You name it. The ranch. The business. His methane technology.”

    Ellie walks in. “Are we talking about Chris already.”

    Mateo walks in behind her. “I see you’re reading my report.”

    “Yes. Says Chris has already meet with Paul Wendell.”

    Ellie snaps, “You’re kidding me.”

    “And apparently Cliff left the Wade ranch to our cousin Lucas.” John Ross holds up a piece of paper. “And some money.”

    “Why would be do that?”

    Mateo says, “Apparently he thought Lucas was Pam and Bobby’s real son.”

    “What? Those Barnes are real wack jobs.”

    John Ross turns to her. “Watch it Ellie.”

    “You know how I feel about Pamela.” Ellie tried yo look charming.

    “That you’d sooner see the backside of her. But she’s my wife.”

    “I know that. And I wouldn’t hurt those boys for anything. You know that. But Christopher isn’t of blood to the Barnes. We can’t wait until he looses it.”

    “He also meet with the State Attorney General, who is very interested in the book on the Ewing Brothers. Apparently she believes there are several cases to be made in there. Mateo managed to get a DNA test for me. See if there’s a shred of truth behind Cliff’s claim on Lucas. He’s related to the Southworth’s, so at this point, he’s either Uncle Bobby’s son, or Uncle Gary’s, or Daddy’s.”

    “Well if he is a Ewing, why isn’t he here with us? Wait a minute. Pleases tell me he’s not a Barnes too.”

    “No he’s a Wade,” Mateo says.

    John Ross asks Anthony, “Where’s Wendell in the West Star deal?”

    “He got all the approvals he needed. Apparently your political sway isn’t much with this administration. West Star will be acquired by the Trident Corporation at the end of the day, and J. Paul Wendell assumes control, effective today, the job of Chairman and CEO. He’s gunning for us.”

    “Can Pamela help with that?” Ellie asks.

    “It was only a couple years ago he found out Afton was his biological mother. There relationship is fragile as is. I don’t want this upsetting her. She feels he’s the only family she has left.”

    “Jeremy Wendell rapes Afton and then she gives her son to him. What kind of mother does that?”

    “I’m sure she was terrified of him. This was long before she knew the Ewing’s. We might have been able to help her.”

    “You know, I’m really sick of all these skeletons that kept popping out of the closets around here.”

    John Ross says, “Down to business.” Looking at Ellie. “I need you to head to Al Hajar. The Emir is getting nervous as we wrap up business. There’s not much oil left.”

    “What’s he want us to do? It’s not our fault there’s less there than he thought.”

    “We have the technology to get at more, but I want a much better deal out of it. He’s worried the sovereign fund isn’t going to be enough. It’s been pretty poorly managed.”

    “That’s his fault. He’s waisted most of it. You know he should thanks us profusely for hanging the country to him. If not for the scandals of his nephew being gay, his brother would still be Emir. Those two should have know better then to try and play this family.”

    “I’m not interested in dredging up the past. But if he wants anymore oil out of his land, we better get a better deal. Mateo, keep in this Lucas thing. I what to know if he is Bobby’s son. If he is, he’s part of this family. We Lucy and her brother and sister. We’re including Uncle Bobby’s son.”

    “Just not Chris,” Ellie says.

    “Not yet. Anthony, our contracts with West Star.”

    “On them. Any joint ventures your father set up, if Wendell wants us out so bad, it’s gonna cost him.”

    Out by the pool as the new sun fills the land, Sue Ellen and Pamela have breakfast. Jay joins them, then Steven. John Ross steps out with Ellie. He kisses his wife and makes his way back to the barns.

    Out in the barn working Mateo tells Bobby about Lucas, leaving out the DNA test. Bobby confesses to Lucas being his biological son. Bobby tells him that Ray adopted Charlie and together he and Jenna have another child they raised between a ranch in Florida and a home in Switzerland. He mentions Ray’s other child, Margret, with his first wife Donna. Donna’s a former Secretary of Energy and current U. S. Senator and Margret’s Ewing Industries chief lobbyist in Washington. Charlie’s married to a European MP. His youngest, Michelle, and her husband owns a farm in Switzerland. Lucas runs the ranch in Florida.

    Christopher signs papers in a spacious, corner office overlooking the Dallas skyline. He shakes a distinguished man’s hand, well manicured for being in his early fifties. “Thank you Paul. With Trident’s money backing us, we can go after my methane extraction process and develop it. To Barnes-Wendell.”

    “Twenty-five percent for each of us, and fifty percent for Trident. I’ll take you down stairs to go over the case with our legal team. They’ll be coordinating with the Texas Attorney General’s office. Tomorrow I want you here to discuss the process with a project manager. The second we win in court, I want this to happen.”

    “It’s taken us some time, but we’re finally going to get even with the Ewing’s.”

    Bobby walks into the dilapidated barn of the Wade Ranch to talk to Ray and Lucas. He explains the South Fork ranch has been renting this land for sometime. He had no idea Cliff owned it. It was represented by a Dallas law firm. He welcomes Lucas as a fellow rancher and says he’d be happy to sell him the cattle he needs to get started.

    Lucas then brings up the idea that he’s Bobby’s biological son. Bobby explains and hopes Lucas will understand. Lucas says he does. Bobby hopes they’ll get to know each other better with him living here in Texas.

    On a private jet Ellie makes a call, “Hello, Lucy. I was just calling to check on you . . . I heard about the engagement. It takes being a hopeless romantic to even consider husband number seven . . . Me no. I find it best to hire professionals for male services. I’m not a romantic . . . I was thinking we should have an engagement party at South Fork . . . Yes, and make sure Senator Sumner is invited . . . No. No. South Fork. It’s our home. We’ll send a plane to bring everyone out . . . Good . . . Good. So how has your father been? . . . Yes, West Fork is our most profitable ranch . . . And how are your brother and sister? . . . Wonderful . . . Oh isn’t that exciting . . . Yes. I’ll have Randell call you and set up the details . . . Of course I’d be lost without him . . . Love you too. Bye.” Lucy hangs up and looks across the plane at a older man sitting at a desk. “Call my cousin and set up this engagement party. And of course Pamela. She’ll throw a thousand fits if she is consulted from the start . . . Seven marriages. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

    Jay has some friends over for a pool party. He girls are all over him and he’s all over them. Sue Ellen walks out and interrupts them. “I thought you were going to get me that business plan by today.”

    “Oh Grandma. Yeah. I’m still working on it.”

    “Doesn’t look like it to me.”

    “Just a little break. You know between school work and the ranch and everything.”

    “I see. So a deadline is flexible? Let me explain something to you, just once, in business what ever you say gets done, when and how you say it. If your words carry no weight, then neither does anything you put down on paper. You have until five this afternoon noon. If I don’t have your proposal by then, don’t bother. I won’t look at it. Ladies.”

    Sue Ellen walks back toward the house when she sees a car pulling up and then Pamela walking out. She watches Her daughter-in-law embrace Paul Wendell.

    As they walk toward the house Pamela says, “Sue Ellen, I invited my brother for lunch. Do you want to join us?”

    Looking perplexed she answers, “Sure.”

    Behind them John Ross is disbanding his party.

    Out on the ranch Bobby, Lucas, John Ross and Mateo ride horses over to a watering whole. Mateo jumps down and begins work on the pump attached to a wind mill. Bobby joins him.

    John Ross says to Lucas, “I’m glad to see some of our cattle going to start up the Wade Ranch. Uncle Bobby will help you with the breeding. It won’t be long at all until you’re raising some of the best beef in Texas and making top dollar. Being family, I think it’s important we all trace our lineage back to the cows of Enoch Southworth.”

    “I very much appreciate it. I know how important it is to start off on the right foot. We had some lean years there starting up in Florida.”

    “Helps to have money in other places to get by. Speaking of which. I want to make you an offer for your land. I’m willing to pay you a fair price to buy it, you still use it, pay a fair rent to cover costs, maintain it for the cattle, and I donate it to grandma and grandpa’s foundation, like Uncle Bobby and I did with South Fork. It just makes sure the land is in safe hands for future generations.”

    “What about the mineral rights?”

    “The foundation owns then too. Like with South Fork. They make sure any effort to get at that oil is responsible to the land. They bought the old Henderson place with the same idea. The Wade land has been dry for decades.”

    “I’ll think about it.”

    “Let me know.”

    “Will do.”

    “You know, whether you’re a Ewing or a Krebs doesn’t matter to me. You’re still a Ewing. Now to Ellie it matters. But it doesn’t matter to me. I been trying for years to get my brother Bo on South Fork. I wanta thank you, for you and Uncle Ray taking him in on your ranch in Florida. He’s been drifting for a while. I know what that’s like. I spent a lot of years drifting from one oil play to the next up in the Badlands. I’d sniff out the oil, my friend Elena put together the rid and someone else’d get rich.”

    “You know I feel like I’m stealin’ the land and money from your wife. Selling you the land to donate, I could finance the rest and turn it over to her. She’s his daughter. Not a Barnes.”

    “Why don’t you come over tonight for dinner and talk about it with her afterwards. We don’t talk business during dinner?”

    “Really? I’d like that. I talk to my daddy about a lone. He can finance me here, but selling you the land sure would help.”

    “If you’re sure that’s what you want to do.”

    “I’m sure. It just don’t seem right to take advantage of the man cause he was ill.”

    “I know what you mean. When my daddy died, I didn’t give any consideration to my brothers and sister. My momma took away the mineral rights to South Fork. She convinced a court that grandma left them to the foundation. That’s one woman you don’t ever want to pass off. Then I found out daddy left us Ewing Industries. Not much of nothin’ really. Still, Ellie and I bought out Jason and Bo. Then I inherited shares in CyberByte from Grandpa. We bought the rest of company.”

    “I remember. You sent me a check. Divided that among all the grandchildren. Yeah.”

    “She wasn’t too happy include the Krebs’s but she didn’t try and stop me. I just didn’t want anymore of the fighting. I accepted South Fork from grandma, as long as I’m just taking care of it for the next generation. Then there was some money my daddy had in shares of West Star and cash he used to swindle Uncle Bobby and my momma out of Ewing Global. We made a fair deal over that too.”

    “That’s good.”

    “I just don’t wanta be that man who swindles his family and friends. Turns out one of the things that Ewing Industries owned was the name Ewing Oil. There was no business. So I went about putting it back in business. I’ve got some great friends from my wildcatting days. Cut ‘em all in on the plays. We offered Chris a deal with his methane extraction process. Cut him in on a share of Ewing Alternative to go forward.”


    “He expects me just to hand it over to him. I ain’t gonna swingle family, but I also ain’t t gonna be swindled. Got me a little worried. From the trust with DelSol we set up Bo with a share of Ewing Industries. You know what they say about a weak link.”

    “You think Chris will try and get at Bo’s share?”

    “I do.”

    “What about Jason?”

    “Daddy left him and his kids their own trust fund. He don’t have nothin’ to do with us anyway. He’s a Beaumont. Bo at least, he’ll talk to me.”

    “I always wondered why mom daddy kept the name Krebs. He never had much good to say about the old man. But Jock Ewing, makes him sound like there ain’t never been a better man.”

    “There hasn’t.”

    Sue Ellen takes a package from a currier at the front door and walks into the living room where Pamela’s telling unflattering stories about a mother who spent more time on the road than she ever did at home. Sue Ellen goes into the study and drops the package on the desk and then returns to the living room.

    Pamela says, “You knee our mom back in the day, right? I mean she wasn’t the worst mom, when she was around. But she was very selfish.”

    “I never cared for Afton. I think the best thing she ever did for you was have nannies raise you and then ship you off to boarding school. Believe me Paul. You didn’t miss much.”

    “She was a good mom when she was around and no one else was. Still, unless I’m dying you won’t see her around here.”

    “Well and what did Pamela say, she was only fourteen when you were born. I can’t imagine she’d made a better mother.”

    “What’s That day about my father?”

    “Jeremy Wendell was good at business. Not much else. I didn’t care for him either. Gave me the creeps. Bobby could tell you more, if you want. I know he was in jail most of your life.”

    “It’s not easy being a good parent,” Pamela says. “I’m not sure there is such a thing. I try with the boys. I’m the only mother Steven ever knew. And Jay can barely even remember his mother.”

    “I know I wasn’t the best mother. I had a drinking problem. It was sort of my solution for my real problems. And drinking was a bad solution. I also picked the wrong man to father my children. Don’t get me wrong, I loved JR. But having kids together with him, wasn’t a good idea. John Ross was caught in the middle of a war. I wasn’t gonna let that happen to Ellie.”

    “Well I hear John Ross is a good man. People talk highly about him and his business dealings.”

    “Thank you. I’m proud of him. I’m proud of both of my children.”

    The family (Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Pamela, Jay, Steven, Ellie, and Lucas) walks from the dinning room back to the living room. Lucas says to Pamela that’s there’s something he wants to mention and John Ross said there’s no talking business at dinner. In the entry way he tell her his plan to finance the Wade Ranch and get her, her daddy’s money.

    “Really? Why thank you Lucas. I’ve got another family he left money too. Somehow he got it in his head they were his children. I appreciate it.”

    “Of course. I hope it’s OK. It gives me the opportunity to own my momma’s family’s ranch. I’ll make sure you get every penny.”

    “Oh of course. No worries. Thank you.”

    John Ross walks into the study with Sue Ellen while the rest of the family gathers. She hands him the package on his desk. “Bo sold his share of Ewing Industries to JR’s foundation.”

    “Really? I’ve been thinking about that ever since the incident with Chris.”

    “I have too. I’m not worried about the rest, but I thought I’d head Chris off at the pass to force himself into JR’s business.”

    “I spoke to Carlos. He told me Wendell already made him an offer for his sixteen percent of Ewing Industries.”

    “Do you want to set up for you and Ellie to buy out his shares, or hold onto them.”

    “No I want us to buy them.”

    “You know Paul Wendell was here for lunch today. He actually told me he hear’s your a good man.”

    “I’ll do what I have to do to protect my family.”

    “I know you will. I don’t know if I ever thanked you. When your father set me and Bobby up, you could have bankrupted us. We had everything on the line.”

    “I wasn’t gonna do that to you. Besides you just signed your shares of Ewing Global over to me and Ellie. I should be thanking you.”

    “You are a good man John Ross. Christopher doesn’t know you paid Bobby?”

    “No I guess not. But I don’t think it would matter to him. He wants revenge against me for something I never did. I didn’t take from him his life, he threw it away on Elena. Pamela did love him.”

    “Oh John Ross. She loves you.”

    “I know that Momma. But I’m not a fool. I know she loved Chris too. I know part of her still does. And with Chris and Paul working together against us, that puts her right in the middle. I won’t let them do that to her. I can promise you that.

    Sue Ellen and John Ross return from the study as Ellie proposes a toast, “To our new neighbor and friend, Lucas Wade Krebs, welcome.”

    Everyone raises a glass and calls out “Welcome,” Bobby’s hand on Lucas’s shoulder like a son.

    End of Episode 1
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    Episode 2

    South Fork is filled with people in gowns and tuxedos.

    Ellie takes Jay’s arm as he steps off the stair case. “Don’t you look handsome. Now I know you said you didn’t need a date, but you do.” She pulls him to the living room. “I’ve arranged everything. She gorgeous. She works at the art museum as an intern. She’s the great granddaughter of Punk and Mavis Anderson. So you be nice to her. She not one of your whores.”

    “Aunt Ellie.”

    “Just think of her as sharing our table. You know the Anderson’s, they take up more than two tables by themselves. And, we’ve got an extra chair.”


    “Yes really. Her mother is Lydia Robertson.”


    “Lydia Robertson. The D. C. hostess. Ambassador to Luxembourg.” He looks clueless. Ellie says, “Never mind.” They reach the far end of the living room. “Jay this is Amy Anderson. Amy, my nephew Jay. His mother is Pamela Barnes, an old friend of your mothers from Hockaday. Her grandfather, Marv and your Uncle Bobby are good friends. I’ll let the two of you talk.” Ellie leaves them alone.

    “Sorry about my Aunt.”

    “Sorry? No, she’s something else. Everyone knows Ellis Ewing.”

    Sue Ellen opens the front door. “David Rosemont. Come in. Welcome.”

    Sue Ellen walks though the house with a handsome black man, slightly younger than herself. John Ross and Ellie notice them.

    Alone in the study the matriarch of the family says, “OK. Why are you here?”

    John Ross and Ellie come in the room and close the door.

    “You know why I’m here. We got word that Christopher is going after the Ewing Process.”

    John Ross says, “We told you we’d shelve it until s mutually beneficial time. And we will.”

    “He’s got the money to fight you.”

    “He’s not touching any of Cliffs money. Our lawyer are taking care of that.”

    “And Wendell.”

    Sue Ellen says, “That’s your fault. You said you’d handle him. Yet the merger is going through.”

    “We will do what we have to. Rebecca Wentworth learned that the hard way.”

    John Ross attempts you get in his face and Sue Ellen points for him to back away. She says to the strange man, “Don’t come into our home making threats. We’re better off getting along for both our shake. I’m also very well aware that your uncle advised Rebecca Wentworth to hold off on introducing a certain drill bit for better timing.”

    “Timing is everything.”

    “Agreed. And we will put into okay the Ewing Process for methane extraction when the time is right. But we’re not Rebecca or Christopher. We have an understanding of mutual benefit. And if that doesn’t work, we have mutual fear. You don’t really think you can touch us and just walk away. That’s not why your here.”

    “I’m here to make sure Christopher is handled.”

    “No you’re not; you’re here because you couldn’t handle Wendell and you’re trying to shift the focus onto us.“

    “I won’t need to do anything if your nephew gets his hands on that process. Out little group will know exactly who failed.”

    Bobby stands up from the chair in the corner of the room. “Why don’t you work on finally getting us influence over Venezuela and we can hand you control of global oil and gas prices and not worry about the Ewing Process?”

    “Mr. Ewing.”

    “Good bye Mr. Rosemont.”

    “Good evening.” The man leaves the room.

    Bobby says, “We’ve been dealing with these people in the shadows for a long time. They tried to recruit your grandfather as a founding member of the IOA.”

    “They’re working on lithium markets now down in South America. That’s why I’ve been working on a deal to buy Rio Vale, a Swiss mining company with a large play in Chile already.”

    Bobby asks, “And where are you?”

    “Anthony heads down next week to finalize things. The hope is lithium will be a more stable market than oil. But we’re still a long ways.”

    Bobby looks at John Ross. “Make sure Christopher gets the ranch, but keep that money out of his hands. I’ve got some fiends on the board of West Star. Let me see if I can slow Wendell down.”

    “Do you have any friends to slow the state Attorney General down? She’s putting together an investigation which is going to make things very difficult, very soon.”

    “I’ll work on it.”

    Pamela works the room, making her way to Paul, taking his arm and saying to the woman across from her, “Jenny, I hope you’re looking after my brother.”

    The woman says, “Paul’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.”

    “You know, you should be sitting at our table. Our mother and brother will be there. I know she’d like you there. All of her children with her.”

    “We’ve sat at this table for years. And Jay will be there this year. Besides you’ve got a full table.”

    “Only because you’re not sitting with us. Chris should be sitting with the Ewing’s.”

    “Bobby asked him. He said no. So Bobby asked Lucas.”


    “Lucas Krebs. His nephew.”

    “Uncle Mitch and Aunt Kelly will be at our table.”

    “I heard. I invited them to South Fork, but they’re flying in late.”

    “Well I’m just saying, it would make mother happy to have her three children around her.”

    “I know, but . . .”

    “Paul leave her alone,” Jenny says. “It’s not easy being torn between two families. And she’s been sitting at her own table for decades.”

    “Thank you Jenny. At least your wife is trying to understand.”

    Ellie walks grim the study door to Anthony and straightens his tie. He asks, “Everything OK?”

    “As OK as it’s going to be. I’ll explain later. Right now I need an escort to the ball.”

    He holds his arm out. “Your coach awaits.”

    She takes his arm and they make their way out with everyone else.

    At the Oil Barrons Ball everyone tries to find there table. Bobby leaves Sue Ellen at the Ewing table and makes his way over to Christoper. Afton gets to him first. “Hello Bobby. Don’t you look handsome.”

    “Hello Afton. How are you?”

    “I’m fine. This is my friend, Senator Reed.”

    The Senator holds out his hand. “Yes we’ve meet before.”

    “Welcome to Dallas Senator. I heard Senator Brown got caught up in committee meetings.”

    “Yes. That’s what she told me.”

    “And Bobby my sons, Jeremy Paul Wendell and his wife Jenny and my other son, Benjamin Van Buren and his wife Debbie. And you remember my brother Mitch and his wife Kelly. This is Bobby Ewing, Chris’s father.”

    A round of welcomes are mumbled and Bobby thanks Afton, telling her he needs to speak to Chris.

    Walking away with Chris he says, “You need to listen to me.”

    “I heard about Lucas. Nice he’s at your table.”

    “I asked you to sit with me.”

    “No, no. You’re fine. You make a nice family.”

    “Listen to me. We have to talk about the Ewing Process. I know you’re upset about it. But there’s a reason we shelved it.”

    “We? What we? You mean John Ross. It’s his company.”

    “You don’t know what you’re talking about. We can’t talk here. Let’s go somewhere else.”

    John Ross shakes Mateo’s hand. “I spoke to Rosemont at the house.”

    “I saw.”

    “We’ll talk later. The Leland’s table ha?”

    “Your mother arranged it.”

    “Keep an eye on them too.”

    “Will do.” A man hands Mateo a drink. “Do you know Roger Leland.”

    “Of course I do. Mateo tells me my mother set the two of you up.”

    Roger says, “Yes. We do a lot of charity work together. Your mother provided the funding for the cancer pavilion at Children’s.”

    “She’ll raise a ton of money here tonight as well.”

    “Yes she will.”

    “Well, I better head back to my table. We’ll talk. Nice to see you again Roger.”

    At the Ewing table Ellie straightens Anthony’s bow tie. “How much of Trident does Ewing Industries hold?”

    “A little over half a perfect after the merger.”

    “And you’re suggesting we just sell. But how much does the Foundation hold?”

    “Your mothers foundation has less than half a percent. I’ve advised them to sell as well. It’s there biggest investment and they can do better. The JR Ewing Foundation has two percent. Their largest asset as well. And the Eleanor and Clayton Farlow Foundation has about ten percent. Again, there single largest asset. They need to diversify, but most importantly, Trident under Paul Wendell, I have some real concerns.”

    “That’s about thirteen percent you oversee. And your father?”

    “Another five to six. Are you thinking of pushing your way into Trident?”

    “How difficult would it be for you to take control?”

    “Control of Trident? First you were trying to stop the merger, now you want to control the corporation. Not very difficult. Safeguard owns well over eight percent. White Rock another six. I can make it happen. What’s your mother and brother say?”

    “I don’t know yet. But I think that’s what we need to do.”

    Anthony looks her up and down and grins.

    “You know what my grandmother Patricia said to be once? She told me to be an absolute fool. That was my mother’s mistake. She wasn’t a fool. And ‘the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.’”

    “She got that from the Great Gatsby.”

    “I know that. My grandmother was a bit dramatic. My mother said when Don’s father died and my mother became the Countess Maitland her mother showed up and never left. No one was better at playing the beautiful fool than Patricia Shepard. And she loved the European social scene.” Ellie looks up at Anthony. “I’m not a fool. I never have been and never will be. My mother tried to be. Desperately. I offered Chris an opportunity he turned down. Look where he’s sitting. I’m going to throughly destroy him once and for all. And you’re going to help me. Lucas is going to sit with us. He’s been dating this trollope of a girl. I want your help to find someone suitable. He’s Uncle Bobby’s son.”

    “What are you talking about? He’s Ray Krebs’s son.”

    “No. It turns out he’s Uncle Bobby’s son. I’m serious. Jenna was pregnant when she married Ray. Uncle Bobby is going to disinherit Christoper in exchange for Lucas. I’ll make sure if it.”

    “You’re sure about this?”

    Ellie grins and smooths out his satin collar.

    Sue Ellen gives a speech at the podium. “For years now The Jock Ewing Foundation, which started as a fund set up by my father-in-law’s friends, has given out scholarships . . .”

    Chris steps up to the barn as Lucas does. “Chris. I didn’t know you were here. Where are you sitting?”

    “With my cousin’s family, the Coopers . . . Dry gin martini.”

    Lucas says, “Bourbon and branch . . . I hear we’re neighbors. You’re moving into my father’s old place. I’m working on my grandfathers ranch. It appears we’re both benefactors of Cliff Barnes.”

    “Did you even know my Uncle Cliff?”

    “No we never meet.”

    “Yet he left you a ranch and boat load of money.”

    “I turned the money over to Pamela and I’m buying the ranch from her. He had some idea my mother was your mother.”

    “Yeah well we’re not brothers.”

    “No we’re certainly not, Lucas. Not at all.” Lucas holds his glass up as if to toast Christopher and then walks away.

    Anthony walks up behind Chris before he too walks away with his drink. “Is it true?”

    Chris stops and says, “What?”

    “Hi. I’m Anthony Cumson. I work for your family,” he says holding out his hand, “managing the investments of Ewing Industries and their foundations.”

    Chris declines to take his hand. “Nice to meet you. Is what true?”

    “I heard that Lucas Krebs is the biological son of your father. That Jenna Wade was pregnant with him, when she married Ray Krebs, Jock Ewing’s bastard.”

    “I don’t know anything about that. But I guess, if he is, he’s my father’s bastard.”

    “I suppose that’s true. Well please don’t let me keep you. It was nice to meet you. I’m sure we’ll run into each other again.”

    John Ross and Pamela dance together speaking sweet nothings to each other, smiling watching their son and Amy dance, nodding to Lucas and his girlfriend.

    Sue Ellen gets herself ready for bed, taking out of her vanity drawer a framed picture of JR and smiling. “You missed a wonderful night. Your grandson went with Amy Anderson. I’d swear if I didn’t know better you arranged the whole thing. I’m certain you’re the one who put the bug in Cliff’s ear about Lucas. Lucas wasn’t the baby Pam gave birth to, but her being pregnant sure helped you to manipulate Cliff. I know you’d hate this but I miss him. Not like you think of he’d wish. But I miss him as a friend. In a strange way he reminded me of my father. Oh how I miss you.” She holds the picture close to her.

    John Ross and Pamela make love in their room, a playful romp in their bed.

    Ellie walks into a ranch hand cottage on South Fork. A young man walks out of the bathroom, wet, in nothing but a towel. “Perfect timing,” she says. She tosses an envelop on a table.

    Bobby helps Lucas with the difficult birth of a calf in his ranch in the middle of the night.

    Anthony hands Amy Anderson a drink in a penthouse apartment with a view of city. “So why show up here tonight?”

    “We live in the same building.”

    “I see, convenience.”

    “A little more than that. I figure if you can gain the attention of Ellie Ewing.”

    “Oh I see.”

    “Ellie and I are good friends.”

    “Is that all?”

    “Should there be more.”

    “You two seem as if there’s more.”

    “If that’s the case, why bother to show up at my door in the middle of the night?”

    “Because she doesn’t have to know.” Amy’s dress drops to the floor and she stands before him naked.

    Above a barn on Southfork, Jay pushes Mateo down on the pool table in the rec room, kissing him, running his hand up his thigh. “What did you do with Roger Leland after you left?”

    “Are you jealous Jay?”

    “No. Maybe I was hoping you’d get him to join us.”

    “Oh I see. You want to see that? You want to see me touch him?”


    “Are you sure? That’s a lot to handle.”

    “For your information, I’ve had three ways.”

    “I bet you have. But you’ve never been in love with those people.”

    “What makes you think I’m in love with you?”

    “Cause you are. It’s OK Jay, I’m in love with you too. I left Roger at his door, though he offered and I was tempted. But I thought, I needed to hurry up bank here to see you, before . . .”

    “Before what?”

    “Before you ended up in bed with that girl.”

    “Oh really. So you were jealous.”

    “Yes Jay, I was terribly jealous. I love you.”

    “And I love you.”

    They kiss.

    Paul looks over papers on his study as the sun comes up through the windows. He places a call. “It checks out. I can set you up in a lab right away, with whatever you need. You’re to replicate the extraction process so when we win in court, and we will, we’ll be immediately in business.”

    On the other end of the phone, in Ray’s old house, Chis says, “The issue’s not been with me or you being able to confirm my work. Will your lawyers winner in court.”

    “We’ll get there.”

    “We’d better.” Chris hangs up.

    Paul hangs up and turns around to see Amy standing there. “Well?”

    “I went over to Anthony Cumson’s just as you said.”

    “Good. Very good.” Paul smiles.
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    Episode 3

    Bobby gets out of his truck and walks up to Chris’s front door, pounding on it. Chris opens it. “What the hell.”

    Bobby says, “Watch your mouth. I been telling you we need to talk.”

    “Can’t get the hint, I don’t want to hear what you gotta say?”

    “I don’t give a damn. You’re gonna listen. We made a deal back when you were in the hospital, when we thought we were gonna loose you. The deal was to shelve your methane extraction project.”

    “We? I thought John Ross pushed you out of the company.”

    “He could have. Maybe he should have. JR set it up through Carlos DeSol and John Ross had no say. But before we’d realized we’d been set up, Sue Ellen and I started buying everyone out.”

    “You bought me out?”

    “Yes. You, Pamela, Cliff, you all got checks for your minor shares at a fair price. Then we found out the loans we thought were from Carlos were in fact from JR’s company, Ewing Industries. We didn’t know a thing about it, except Carlos controlled it. But he couldn’t take Sue Ellen’s half. Some how she came up with money to pay off the loan to Ewing Industries. But I was dealing with you. Praying you’d live. I didn’t have time to worry about business. Then John Ross came to us with a deal. Carlos bought sixteen percent. Sue Ellen and I would keep twenty. And John Ross and Ellie would each get twenty-two percent. It seemed fair at the time. We actually shared the business and John Ross listened to me. His daddy’s shady deals were over.”

    “And I’ve got nothing to show for my life’s work.”

    “My twenty percent will go to you.”

    “And John Ross ends up with forty-two percent.”

    (at this point I am also rethinking Ellie as Callie’s daughter who spent years with JR raising her as well, seems more believable to use this child, the only difference would be in her relationship with Sue Ellen).

    Bobby continued, “We also worked out our difference over South Fork. When Ann left I moved into the cottage and gave John Ross the house. We put the land in the hands of Clayton and momma’s foundation and the oil too. John Ross and Sue Ellen agreed. Gary needed the money, so the foundation bought him out. And we sold the cattle company to Ewing Industries. So you’ll get a piece of that too.”

    “Twenty percent.”

    “It’s a great deal of money. And the company will fully fund Ewing Alternative for you.”

    “Except the methane extraction process is off the table.”

    “It should have been all along. You didn’t tell me it caused a tsunami.”

    “There’s no proof it did.”

    “I don’t need proof. You know it did. We’ve worked on it, got rid of the issues. Problem is, it’s against our interests with our other assets and against the interests of a great many friends to pursue it right now.”

    “It’s cleaner energy.”

    “Not that clean. Ewing Industries has been investing in lithium in South America. The automobile industry is investing in that. Methane might have its place in electric power plants. But not right now.”

    “So that’s it? You just decide my life’s work is on hold until further notice. And maybe one day I’ll get twenty percent of your company.”

    “You put it back in play and you’re starting up a war. A literal war. So I want you to stop. Pull out of the law suite. I’ll sign over to you my twenty percent of Ewing Industries right now.”


    “Then I’m using it to establish a foundation to do some good. I won’t leave it to you to cause a war.”

    “Oh some more money Sue Ellen can give away.”

    “She’s good at what she does. So yes.”

    “Get off my land.”

    “If you drag this family into a war, you’ll force me to pick sides.”

    “You do what you gotta do and so will I.” Chris closes the door in his face.

    “This is over Chris. You can win this fight!”

    The fiddles strike it up as Bobby tends the barbecue out back of Southfork. Ewings begin to gather. Anthony asks Ellie for a dance. The irony is not lost on her, Garth Brooks singing about standing outside the fire. She declines. Her uncle grabs her up and gets her to dance, round and round, arm in arm, back and forth. Sue Ellen smiles. Bobby hands her off to Antony.

    Jay and Steven jump into the pool.

    Lucas arrives and says to John Ross, “Who got Ellie to dance?”

    “Uncle Bobby. He’s the only person she will listen to.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “Daddy told her to and she always listened to our daddy.”

    The song changes to Dwight Yoakam about breaking hearts.

    Pamela walks out carrying potato salad. “Paul and Jenny are here.”

    “Paul? Wendell? John Ross says. You’re kidding me. He’s paying for Chris to take us on in court.”

    “I wish his kids were closer in age to our boys.” Pamela ignores her husband being upset.

    “What? Paul Wendell’s kids?”

    “Yes. They’re away at college. But with the merger of Trident and West Star he’s moving his office to Dallas, so we’ll see a lot more of him. And I don’t want any talk of business.”

    “He’s suing us.”

    “He’s not the first. I invited Chris too.”


    “If it’s a family barbecue it should be all our family, that includes my brothers and our cousin.”

    Walking up from the drive way, Paul and Jenny wave toward Pamela, Ben and Deborah following.

    Sue Ellen says after Pamela leaves to greet her family, “It’s one thing to be asked, another to actually show up. At least Chris isn’t going to.”

    “Don’t be too sure.”

    “According to Bobby he’s made it clear he’s disowned him.”

    “Bobby’s disowned Chris?”

    “He confronted him about the law suit and what were dealing with. Chris won’t drop it, so.”

    As Paul approaches the pool area. Ellie says over the music, “Look what the cat drug in. Paul Wendell. Brick, get my shot gun.”

    John Ross laughs, “Take it easy Gooper.”

    Paul says, “Always nice to see you Ellie. Have you ever meet my wife. Jenny. Jenny this is Ellie Ewing.“

    “We’ve meet.”

    Sue Ellen approaches, “Jenny. How are you?”

    “Very Good Sue Ellen. Thank you.” Jenny looks at her husband, “We know each other from the DOA.”

    Pamela says, “Chris should be here soon and we can eat. Drinks are at the bar. Help yourself. Oh look, Chris.” She runs out to the driveway, takes his arm and pulls him toward the family. By the time she gets to them she’s says, “I just want us all to get along. So no business talk. There has to be more to talk about. You and Lucas and John Ross are all ranchers. Talk about cattle or something like that.”

    Bobby and Ellie look at each other as if to say ‘this is nuts.’

    In the early evening Pamela walks up stairs with Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen says, “I have to admit, it turned out to be a pleasant time.”

    “I was impressed how well, they kept from talking business.”

    “I know it has to be difficult for you, to be caught in the middle. Ben is interesting. Nice to see someone with interests other than business. We talked a bit about hiring the right people to manage your money for you and then letting them have at it and staying out of it. Pretty much what I do with the foundations. Business doesn’t have to be so personal.”

    “No it doesn’t. I’m glad I left all that behind. Really I am. Let someone else worry about that. We both told Paul that. Ben sand I. He should retire into something else.”

    “What’d he say?”

    “Well, I’ve got money from my father and Ben from his, but Paul’s father didn’t leave him so well off.”

    “What do you mean? Jeremy Wendell was a wealthy man. His stay in prison wouldn’t change that.”

    “That’s what Ben and I assumed. But for what ever reason Paul was left without very much. The only shares he has in Trident come from his stock options.”

    “Really. I’ve been advised to sell foundation shares in Trident. We’d do better long term more diversified, but I’ve held off. Both Clayton and JR were very large shareholders in West Star before the merger.”

    “I don’t know what happened.”

    They split off to their separate rooms.

    John Ross and Lucas walk into a bar. Lucas says, “You’re right. This is a hole in the wall.”

    John Ross calls over the the bar. “Hey Mateo. How’s it going?”

    The two sit with the South Fork Forman and order a drink. “So now that you’re here I’ve got to stop drinking.”

    “Why’s that?”

    “Someone’s got to drive you home.”

    “No were not here to tie one on. Just a drink before bed. Discuss Chris.”

    “What’s with Chris.”

    “Pamela invited him to the barbecue tonight. He shows up. He and Uncle Bobby didn’t say one word to each other.”

    “Well you’re uncle’s got reason to be pissed. Soon as he’s well enough he up and disappears. Next thing he knows he’s living in California with the mother Bobby thought was dead. Screw them. He’s done nothing but try to do right by them. Then because Wendell goes out there are stirs things up, he’s back here.”

    “Well that and some bs inheritance from Cliff who was off his rocker.”

    “How’s that going?”

    “Dead end. Without Pamela to contest it. And she won’t. That’s her family. I don’t mind Ben but the low life’s the rest of them are.”

    “Honestly much to worry about though.” Mateo lifts his glass.

    John Ross clinks it. “Not a chance in hell he can win his case. He was compensated fairly. The process belongs to Ewing Industries and he can’t use any of it. She can go bugger off. I’m not giving that little pass aunt another thought.”

    Over in the corner Jay plays pool with a friend. A couple of girls watching. John Ross turns around to look and then back again to Mateo. “Who’s that with Jay?”

    “That’s Greg. Paul Wendell’s youngest.”

    “What the hell is he doing here?”

    “Apparently he’s taking some time off school to recoup from some heavy partying. His parents want him to transfer to Dallas. Keep a better eye on him.”

    “That doesn’t explain why he’s here in Braddock.”

    “Came in with Lesly Mainwaring.”

    “No. I’ll be damned. What the hell is Paul up to? He knows Chris is gonna walk away empty handed. He’s got no plays. He doesn’t have firm control of Trident. And now he’s got his son showing up here with one of Jay’s x’s.”

    Lucas says, “I don’t get it. I get the whole reason you said Paul’s interested in getting revenge on the Ewing’s but all this don’t add up to much.“

    “He’s up to something’.” John Ross excuses himself and makes his way over to a table where a man is harassing the waitress. “Bridget, why don’t you go take care of something else.”

    “Yes John Ross. Thank you.”

    “Now why don’t you fellas head on out of here. This isn’t your kinda place.”

    The one guys stands, “And who the hell do you think you are?”

    “I’m John Ross Ewing and this place belongs to me and my friend Mateo over there. And we expect our friends, like Bridget there, to be treated with repeat. You obviously have trouble with that. So head on out and we’ll just call it a night.”

    “Yeah well I ain’t ready to leave. Me and my friends are enjoying ourselves. Now if you’ll send the little lady back we’ll get on with things and you can mind your own business.”

    “Listen you can walk out of my place or I can remove you.”

    “I’d like to see you try.”

    And a fight erupts. Mateo and Lucas jump in. Jay runs over and takes it up with the fourth guy at the table, who’s noticeably bigger than him. The bartender comes over to the bar to help.

    Late at night in kitchen at Southfork Sue Ellen and Pamela tend to the boys, their black eyes and cuts. Bobby and Steven are full of questions as to what happened. Bobby says he wishes he’d been there.

    Sue Ellen Sana’a, “Bobby Ewing.”

    “What? Nothing wrong with a good fight some times to blow off steam. And with the pressure we’ve been under, we certainly needed it.”

    Pamela says, “It’s one thing if you and Lucas and Mateo all want to get into a bar room brawl, “But I don’t expect my son dragged in.”

    “There were four of them mom. I couldn’t stand by. It wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

    “It wasn’t your fight.”

    “Yes it was. My family’s fight is my fight. What was dad suppose to do, ignore that guy and let him stay even though he told him to leave?”

    “Call the police. Let them remove him.”

    John Ross said, “He picked the wrong night for that.”

    Steve holds out his fun. “Hey I found it on line. Somebody named G-Wen posted it.”

    “What the . . .” Jay catches himself before he swears in front of his mother. “I’ll take care of it daddy.”

    “No leave it. No since making it worse.”

    “I should have known something would happen when he showed up with Lesly Mainwaring.”

    Pamela asks, “Who showed up with Lesly Mainwaring?”

    Jay answers, “Greg Wendell.”

    “Paul’s brother.”

    “Your cousin was there?” Pamela says.

    “I guess. Lesly Mainwaring brought him. She’s a little skank anyways.”

    “Watch your mouth.” Pamela slaps his shoulder.

    “Sorry Grandma.”

    “It’s OK. I’m more curious why Paul Wendell’s son is showing up someplace with you and your father and recoding a fight.”

    Pamela says, “Kids do that today.”

    “His cousins in a fight with a guy twice his size, and his go to move is to record it?”

    Pamela says, “Not everyone’s a fighter.”

    “Obviously,” Bobby interjects.
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    Episode 4

    Lucas works on a fence with Ray. “Can I ask you a question, Dad?”

    “Sure. What’s up?”

    “Why didn’t you change your name to Ewing? You didn’t like Amos Krebs.”

    “No but he was the only father I knew. And there was my momma. She was a Krebs as long as I ever knew her. Then after Jock died, didn’t seem a reason to change it. Then Maggie was born, then you, then Charlie took Krebs for a while when I adopted her. Then your sister Susie. I guess it just never came up.”

    “But you and I are all that’s left. Your mom’s gone. I don’t know any of the rest of the Krebs family in Kansas. My sisters all took their husbands names. You ever thought about it? Talking to mom about it?”

    “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I thought about it. Hey I made Chris an offer on my old place. He actually said he’d think about it. He wasn’t all that interested in ranching.”

    “Yeah, he’s try’n to get the Ewing Process back from Ewing Industries.”

    “If he does, I want to merge it with your place. And the Ranch in Florida. What’d ya say?”

    “I actually been in talks with John Ross about merging it with the South Fork Cattle Company. I’d own a share and Ewing Industries would own the rest. Maybe they’d include you?”

    “If that’s what you want.”

    “Well with Ewing Industries’ money what ever investment I have will be that much more secure.”

    “I suppose you’re right. It would be. You been thinking about the Ewing mane?”

    “They’re our family. Don’t get me wrong. I know I’m a Wade too. And I know you and mom and my sisters are my family, even Donna in a weird ways been like a second mom. I don’t know.”

    “I understand Lucas. And no matter what you do, you’ll always be my son.”

    “Thanks dad. You’ll always be my dad.”

    The two hug.

    In a law office Bobby looks over some papers. “I hope he’ll understand.”

    “Doesn’t sounds like Chis is giving you much choice, Bobby.”

    “I at least owe Lucas half my shares in the company.”

    “I’d agree. That’s the fair thing to do. And, this will put them in trust to him. And this’ll set up the Robert James Ewing Foundation for the rest. Along with income for you for the rest of your life.”

    “You know my father encourage the fighting, right down to his will. I don’t want that.”

    “Through a trust Lucas will own and control his shares and the Foundation you’re setting up will have ownership and control of what would have been Christopher’s shares. That’s really the only difference. Both funds will set up an incredible income for both boys once you’re gone, as well as a perpetual legacy of giving. You don’t owe either one of them anymore than that.”

    Bobby signs the papers.

    Jay gets out of bed with Mateo and pulls on his underwear. “What you mean seeing Roger Leland?”

    “I mean seeing him. Hanging out.”

    “You mean sex?”

    “Are we discussing each other’s sex lives now?”

    “No, but you’re older. You take these things more serious. Aunt Ellie and grandma certainly seem to like you two as a couple.”

    “He’s Ewing Industries new CFO, working with Anthony.”

    “Sounds settles down to me. Do you like him?”

    “Yes I do.” Mateo hops out of bed and starts to dress right along with Jay.

    “You’ll tell me when this is over, right?”

    Mateo laughs. “I have no doubt you’ll tell me when it’s over.”

    Jay swats his butt. “I’ll never give you up.”

    Mateo grabs him up and they kiss, falling back onto the bed.

    In the South Fork living room the DOA gather for tea. Sue Ellen sits with a group of older women. Pamela sits with a middle aged set, and Ellie sits down with younger women her own age. “Marilee Stone,” she says to one of them.

    “Yes Ellie.”

    “Sue Ellen doesn’t speak well of your grandmother.”

    “Sue Ellen doesn’t speak well of many people in the DOA.”

    “That’s true. If I weren’t my father’s daughter, I’d hate to think what she’d have said behind my back.”

    “I’m sure she feels the same way about you,” Marilee says and the two chuckle.

    “Anyway. I have a single cousin from Florida who’s moved here. Lucas.”

    “Lucas Krebs? Yes I meet him at the Oil Barons’ Ball. He’s gorgeous.”

    “Well of course he is. I’m working on that last name too. He’s a Ewing. Lucas Wade Ewing.”

    “Oh yes, I heard he was a Wade. And a rancher.”

    “By rancher you mean he runs several ranches in Texas and Florida, yes. His older sisters, Maggie Endicott from Virginia, is a well respected energy lobbyist and Charlie Allard from Belgium, is married to a European MP or noble decent. His younger sister, Susie Iverson from New York is a fashion designer.”

    “I’m well aware of Susie Iverson.”

    “I’m just saying, if you were to spend some time here for dinners, and Lucas was here, I’m sure you’d find him fascinating.”

    “I’m sure I would.”

    “The problem is, would he really be interested in you. You don’t know the first thing about ranching, do you?”

    “No. But I know a great deal about horses.”

    “Oh yes. You been involved in steeplechasing haven’t you?”

    “My whole life.”

    “Susie has a thoroughbred farm in New Jersey. And Lucas took up some polo while growing up in Europe. I believe Charlie owns horses in Belgium as well. I’m sure you’d find a great deal to talk about, you and Lucas.”

    “So are you inviting me to dinner?”

    “Soon. Very soon.”

    Across the room Jenny Wendell stands, “I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my house warming party. I’d especially like to thank my sister-in-law, Pamela, who has helped me arrange everything. I grew up in New Jersey though my family’s from Houston and I’ve spent most of my adult life in Houston. She welcomed me to Dallas and to the DOA here. And has been more like a sister to me than even my own sister. Thank you Pamela. And I’ll see everyone over to my place place tomorrow. Thank you.”

    Paul sits in his office across his desk from another man who says to him, “Bobby Ewing meet with his lawyer. Chris and Lucas will both inherit income after he’s gone, and Chris will get everything, except his shares in Ewing Industries. He’s leaving half to Lucas Krebs, his biological son and half to set up a foundation in his name.”

    “Pushing Chris future and further away.”

    “Well only if he reveals what he’s done now. My guess is they won’t know until he’s dead.”

    “The Ewing’s are coming together aren’t they? At least the Texas Ewing’s, minus Chris. They’ve got their dogs sniffing around our institutional investors, Anthony Cumson, Roger Leland, Mateo Ramos.”

    “You’re stirring the pot, so to speak.”

    “Just observing. I’ll let you know when I find what I’m looking for.”

    Pamela sits at her table putting on makeup when John Ross comes into the room. “Sorry I’m late darlin’. Won’t take but ten minutes.”

    “You’re fine. No worries,” she responds a bit lifeless, staring into the mirror.

    He picks up on her mood. With both hands on her shoulders he says, “You know I love you.”

    “And the boys love you.”

    “I do.”

    “Pamela . . .”

    “My father couldn’t figure out what was real and what wasn’t. Neither could Aunt Pam or Katherine. I don’t want to be like that, one day not even realizing who you are and that you love me.” John Ross didn’t dare speak. “I couldn’t see my father anymore, when he started asking for you. He didn’t even remember me and though you were his son. It didn’t bother me because of him. Truth is I hardly knew my father. It bothered me because one day that will be me.”

    “And you’ll still be here at South Fork with the best care and your family that loves you. My mom still went down to Mexico once a week to visit Cliff. And she pretended the whole time they were married. He was happy Pamela. He was. Just like Chris takes care of Aunt Pam. We can’t ask for more than that, to be happy. I promise you that.” He puts a pearl necklace on her. “I can still remember my grandmother wearing these.”

    His hands back on her shoulders, her hand on top of his. “I’m worried about Jay. He got in that fight with you the other day. He could have got seriously hurt.”

    “Are you kidding. I’ve got a guy on him all the time. You don’t have to worry. He’s never in serious danger. I just went up to check on him, when I got the call he was with that Wendell kid.”

    “His cousin.”

    “Sorry. Yes. His cousin Greg. But he was fine. I promise you. I keep an eye on the boys. Just like I keep an eye on you.”

    She looks up at him a bit perturbed.

    He continues, “Plus Mateo’s in love with him. I’d hate to be the person who hurt Jay and had Mateo after me. Men like that . . .”


    “They’re trained to kill.”

    “He’s been doing well at school.“ Pamela smiles. They kiss.

    A mansion in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas is lit up and filled with a crowd of people. The Ewing’s walk in together, including Mateo and Lucas, Anthony and Roger from two limousines at the road up a short driveway.

    In the grand entry of the house Paul and Jenny greet their “in-laws.” Pamela hugs her brother and his wife.

    Pamela asks, “Where are the kids?”

    Jenny answers, “Jeremy couldn’t get away but Alexandria and Gregory are floating around somewhere. So are Ben and Debbie. They left their children at home.”

    “Of course. They’re too young this. We left Steven at home too. They’d be bored senseless.” Pamela then turns to her brother with a big smile. “For years I’ve tried to get a Ben to move to Texas.” Pamela hugs brother again. “I don’t know how you did it, but I am so happy you did.”

    “Of course mother couldn’t make it. Nor could Uncle Mitch and Aunt Kelly. But what’s important are the three of us are here.”

    “That’s right.”

    “Feel free to wonder about.”

    “I’ll show them around. We had so much fun decorating.” As the family withdraws into the house Pamela says to Sue Ellen, “It was so much fun to decorate from scratch. Everything at South Fork you have to work around what Miss Ellie did. But here, there were no limits. We even took out a few walls and moved things around.”

    In the Game Room Jay found Greg playing pool with Lesly Mainwaring. Jay says, “This is beginning to be a habit with you, this game.”

    “Hey Jay. I was wondering if you’d show up. This is my sisters Alexandria.”

    “You can call me Alex.”

    “That I will. You must take after your mother’s side. Wendell’s just aren’t this pretty.”

    Alex blushes and giggles.

    “You living here now?”

    “No. I go to Princeton. I’m just down for the weekend.”

    “Oh shame. I would have liked to have seen more of you.”

    “Stop hitting on my sister dude.”

    “He must have to say that a lot.” Jay winks at her.

    Pamela shows Sue Ellen around the house.

    Out on the patio Anthony hands Ellie a drink. “So has anyone figured out what Wendell is up to?”

    Ellie says, “No.”

    “As soon as the fat gives the word, I have the votes on Trident’s board to push him out.”

    “I’d say now, but John Ross isn’t going to, not with Pamela caught in the middle.”

    Bobby walks up to them. “And why aren’t you on the tour?”

    Ellie answers, “Do I look like the kind of person who’d be interested in middle class pretension?”

    “Oh I’d say they bought a whole lot more than middle class here.”

    “You can’t buy class Uncle Bobby. No matter how much you spend. When I take you around South Fork I don’t show you objects we bought at some auction, but something Grandma bought in her travels or something that belonged to Aaron Southworth. There’s an important difference.”

    “You really don’t have to tell people you’re JR’s daughter do you,” Bobby says as a mild insult.

    Ellie takes it as a complement. “Thank you, Uncle Bobby.” She then spits some one. Hands Anthony her glass and says, “I’ll be right back.”

    In the grand living room Ellie approaches Marilee. She takes her by the arm. “Right this way.” She abruptly removes her from the people she was talking to and walks her across the room. “John Ross, you remember Marilee Stone. Marilee you remember John Ross. And this is a good friend of ours, Mateo Ramos and his boyfriend Roger Leland. Of and our cousin Lucas. Let’s not forget Lucas. Lucas is remodeling the old Wade Ranch. He’s a Wade, you know. His mothers side. In fact he’s running the South Fork Cattle Company which oversees several ranches in Texas, Florida and Wyoming.”

    Lucas shakes her hand, “Not yet. I’m working on a possible deal with Ewing Industries. But I’m just a rancher. I like to work the land not the books.”

    “Nice to meet you. I do know what you mean. I’ve never taken care of cattle, but I do take care of my horses.”

    “Oh you raise horses.”

    “Raise, bred and show.”

    “You wouldn’t be Marilee Stone from Stone Brook, would ya?”

    “Why yes.”

    “I was told to look to you fit buying horses. We use modern equipment of course, but I still like to get out there are ride. Yeah I level heard about your operation. Pamela mentioned it. And her sister-in-law, Jenny Wendell, was involved with steeplechase. She recommended I speak to you as well.”

    “And we’ll now you are.”

    Ellie takes John Ross and Mateo by the arm, one on each side of her and pulls them away.

    Mateo says, “You do know that Roger and I are just good friends.”

    “Oh come on now. It’s the twenties. You can say boyfriend. I think you make an adorable couple. Don’t you John Ross.”

    “Oh yeah. Sure. Adorable.”

    “Oh look it. Chris is here. Maybe we should go say hi.”

    Alex shows Jay her bedroom. “Nice. But you don’t plan on being down her often to use it.”

    “I wasn’t. My mother and your mother decorated it for me.”

    “So just a place to crash when you’re here slumming it with us cowboys.”

    “I don’t know if I’d call it slumming.”

    Jay reaches up her skirt. She holds his shoulder and moans. He asks, “What would you call it?”

    Stuttering she replies, “Just visiting family.”

    “Is that right, cousin.”

    “Oh my god.”

    “Well you just let me know when you want to visit.”

    “Oh Jay. Yes I will.” Her eyes roll back into her head.

    He kisses her cheek and walks out of the room.

    Chris approaches Bobby. “Your lawyer spoke with me the other day. You’ve set something up with income for me.”

    “Yes. I have half my shares in the company to set up a foundation. You’ll receive a quarterly payment for the rest of your life. Half the dividend the shares are paying. The other half will fund the foundation. Which I’m overseeing.”

    “Which is your way of keeping me out of the company.”

    “Yes. When I’m gone you’ll get everything else I have. The foundation will be in someone else’s hands to control.”

    “And you just wash your hands of me.”

    “I’d love nothing more than for you to come home. Take John Ross up on the offer for a piece of Ewing Alternative. To get along with everyone. But that’s not going to happen.”

    “Not until I get what is mine.”

    “Then things are settled.”

    “For now.” Chris walks away.

    Lucas steps up next. “Not so good between the two of you?”

    “He’s determined to start a fight.”

    “I don’t understand why you left me half your shares.”

    “Your my son. It’s the least I owe you.”

    “No. I’m Ray Kreb’s son. I appreciate it . . .”

    “It’s done. You’ll get the income from half the trust. I’ll get the other half. Then when I’m gone, my share will go to the foundation. But the share will be yours to do what you want. If you sell them, half must go to the foundation. And family has the first right to buy them at book value. Other than that. It’s yours, free and clear.”

    “And Chris’s shares stay with the foundation?”

    “No. When I’m gone he’ll get a check for the book value of half the shares from the foundation. But the foundation will keep all the shares, unless it choose to sell them to the family.”

    “I still don’t think I can take your money.”

    “That’s fine. Then give it away to something worthwhile.”

    “I just might do that.”

    “Just remember Ray’s a Ewing. And so are you.”

    “That I can do. And ah, I’m not trying to take Chris’s place, but if you ever need a son. I owe you. You gave me a pretty great life. No father could have done anymore. What ever you need.”

    The two hug.

    Ellie looks on and whispers to herself, “Well Daddy, I told ya I’d fix things.”

    Over lunch in a bright Florida restaurant with a view of the ocean Ellie says, “All I’m saying is I think Uncle Ray would be happy to be a Ewing, if you kinda prodded him. And that would let Lucas change his name.”

    Across the table Jenna says, “Let me think about it.”

    A judge looks down at Chris, “So Barnes is your mother’s name. You’re just asking to change your name to Barnes?”

    “Yes your honor.”

    “This is a big deal. You can’t go back and forth changing your name anytime you feel like it.”

    “I understand.“

    “OK. I’ll sign it.” He signs the paper I’m front of him.

    Sue Ellen sits by the pool watching Steven and his friends swim when Jay and his friends come out of the house and jump into the pool. She smiles watching them. The boys get along. She looks over to see John Ross staring off into the distance, way past the barns, just staring deep in thought. Ellie in her ridding gear walks out to the barns with Lucas. She again looks at her son, sitting alone with the weight of the world on his shoulders. She then looks at the back of the house, the kitchen porch and remembers . . .

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    Episode 5

    Ellie walks into the same ranch hand cottage on South Fork to find the same young man walking out of the bathroom as before, this time in tight jeans, pulling on a flannel shirt. “Ellie.”


    “I wasn’t expecting you.”

    “Spur of the moment.”

    “I can’t be late. Boss doesn’t like it when other people have to do your work.”

    “I was thinking, maybe instead of ranching, I could just put you up. Maybe an apartment in the city.”

    Austin pulls on his boots. “I’ve done a lot of things I ain’t proud to get money. Like take it from you for this . . .”

    “And the porn you’ve done.”

    “I don’t wanta go over every lame ass thing about my life. But I’m a rancher. I always have been. Far as I can tell, always will be.”

    He stands and she rubs his chest. “You don’t have to be.”

    “Yes I do. Because otherwise I’m nothin’. I ain’t nothin’.” He walks out.

    Amy has breakfast at Anthony’s penthouse in a t-shirt, while he’s fully dressed for work. She says, “I was thinking, the Museum’s annual dinner dance is coming up. Maybe we could go together.”

    “Sorry. Ellie and I attend those things together.”

    “Yes I know. I always see you with her. But you’re not with her. She doesn’t live her with you. Has she ever even been here? What-a you see her, just Monday mornings out at South Fork?”

    “I’m sorry Amy if I have you idea this was more than it is. I like you. Really I do.”

    “OK. Maybe it’s not more. But is what you have with Ellie Ewing more?”

    “No. Maybe not. But I’m still attending the Dinner Dance with her.” Anthony stands and leaves.

    The Ewing’s feather in the living room for dinner, first John Ross, Lucas and Bobby talking about have had to clean up from working the ranch all day. Ellie walks in next asking Lucas about Marilee Stone.

    “What’s this?” Bobby asks.

    “Nothing. Ellie’s trying to play match maker.”

    Jay and Steve come in next.

    Then Sue Ellen and Pamela, Pamela announcing dinner is almost ready, pot roast. She then announces, “I bought a house in the city.”

    “What? Why?” John Ross asks. “The company has several condos down town. What do we need a house for?”

    “We don’t need a house, but my mother moved into Paul’s guest house and Ben moved in down the street and Uncle Mitch and Aunt Kelly are in the neighborhood. So, I thought I’d buy a house within walking distance. It’s not like we’ll be there a lot, but I thought, when we are we don’t have to drive all the way out to Braddock.”

    Sue Ellen says, “We we’re talking about it the other day and I told her it was a nice idea. They’re her family.”

    John Ross says, “Speaking of family, I got some news to day about your family. Paul bought Chris’s place, house, land and cattle business, that your dad left to him.”

    “He did? So Paul will be our neighbor out here too. That’s wonderful. I’m excited. Everything is coming together. I know you have your differences . . .”

    “The court through out Chris’s case against Ewing Industries this morning. Right after he sold the ranch. And I guess left Texas.”

    “Good riddance,” Ellie decades.

    John Ross snaps, “Ellie.”

    “What? He was making things very difficult here. For the company. For Uncle Bobby. For Pamela by taking part of her inheritance from her wack job father.”

    Bobby snaps, “Watch your mouth Ellie.”

    “I’m just saying we can go back to life as normal. Though we did get Lucas to join us out of all that mess. So about Marilee. Is she going with you to the museum dinner dance?”

    “I didn’t even know I was going.”

    Pamela says, “Oh we all go. This year the co-chairs are my brother and his wife Jenny.”

    Bobby and John Ross give each other a knowing look.

    The Ewing’s all sit down for dinner chatting away about charity events, Bobby buying hunting property in Michigan and the boys schooling.

    That evening out on the dark back porch, John Ross sits smoking. Bobby steps outside. “You know those things’ll kill ya.”

    “Yeah well I’m surprised I made it this far. How ya doing?”

    “About Chris changing his name and just up and leaving? Relieved at least the fight is over before it really began.”

    “He sold his so called claim to the Ewing Process to Trident. I have a feeling that means there’ll be an appeal.”

    “What is Paul Wendell doing?”

    “I’d like to think he’s just trying to build an extended family with Pamela and Ben and this other stuff is just business.”

    “We both know that’s not it.”

    “Yeah well . . . He takes every opportunity to compete against us. Some of it can be expected, but there even small projects he puts Trident right in the middle of. They don’t ship anything but their own oil and yet he’s actually expanded the division to compete with us. Trident’s shipping crude out of Africa that’s not theirs and isn’t headed toward one of their refineries. They had to buy a tanker just to do it. Just to take business from Ryland, from us.”

    “I don’t trust him. I feel like he stirred Chris up.”

    “He did. He’s got something to do with Amy Anderson.”

    “Punk and Mavis’s granddaughter?”

    “Yeah. She lives in Anthony’s building. She’s been over there a lot.”

    “Maybe she likes him.”

    “No. Somethings not adding up with her. And Greg Wendell, hanging out with Jay. Doesn’t make sense either. There are pieces I can’t explain, and a feeling. But I’ll keep it to my self, at least until I can figure it out.”

    “Well I’m here if you ever need to run it by someone. I didn’t always agree with your father, but I didn’t always disagree with him either.”

    “I remember he told me his one big mistake that you always got right, keep your friends close. He got the second part right, to always throughly know your enemies, but he wasn’t so good at good at making friends.”

    “No your father never was. But you are. Your friends are very close to you.”

    “Yes. Yes I can trust my friends. And I’ve proven them can trust me. It’s taken me some time but I’ve proven it. And Chris, JR’s proven it to you. Time and again, Uncle Bobby. Don’t think what’s happening changes any of that. We’ve had our differences, but he’s a Ewing. Always will be.”

    “Thank you. Thank you very much, John Ross. I want you to know I fixed everything before I signed the papers.”

    “Your estate planning?”

    “Yes. I left all my shares to foundation. I’ll get a quarter of the income until I die and Lucas and Christopher will get a quarter each as well for the rest of their lives. I’m also setting side some money, for grandchildren, you know if I ever have any. The foundation will join the others with your mother. I also want the company or you and Ellie to buy my shares in time, so the foundation can diversify its investments.”

    “You’re done with the business?”

    “Yeah. It’s time I retire and do right by my sons. Lucas doesn’t want to be involved in the business and it seems neither does Chris.”

    “I think you’ve done the right thing.”

    “So do I. So do I.”

    A private jet lands on a rural runway in Northern California and rolls to a stop. Chris gets out of the car which pulled up along side it. John Ross steps out of the plane, walking down to meet him. “Your father’s OK. He’s retired and Ellie and I have bought him out.”

    “Good. Don’t want him part of this fight with Wendell.”

    “He won’t be. I promise you. They’ll leave you and your family out of this too. Make sure you invite him here soon as the baby’s born.”

    “I will. We’re having a girl.”

    “Congratulations. What are you naming her?”

    “Bobby-Anne Ewing. I thought it would be nice. I love my mother, but for a long part of my life, Anne was there.”

    “The paper work was never filed so as far as Wendell will know you’re still on the outs. You can conduct your life in private.”

    “Away from prying eyes.” He takes a packet which John Ross hands him. “Thank you.”

    “That’s half of Ewing Alternative. It includes the Ewing Process, which remains shelved for the time being, and the funding for your lab here in California.”

    The two hug. Chris says, “You be careful.”

    The same judge who oversaw Chris’s name change agrees to change Ray’s name to Ewing and then Lucas’s name to Ewing. Bobby shakes their hands and hugs them. “About time.”

    A sign above a dirt driveway is put up. ‘Wendell Ranch.’

    John Ross warped up his early Monday morning meeting slapping Anthony on the shoulder, “Job well done,” and then, Roger, “Thank you. You two on the board of Trident will keep them in check. And the creation of the Ewing Fund will allow is a substantial investment. Well done. You staying for breakfast? I’ve got to head out and help Lucas and Uncle Bobby. Storm came through last night and did some damage. Ellie take these two and get them breakfast before they head in. Mateo, join me?”

    Outback by the pool Sue Ellen, Pamela and the boys have breakfast. Ellie brings Anthony and Roger to the buffet. John Ross and Mateo makes themselves up something to go.

    John Ross kisses Pamela’s cheek. “Don’t forget we’re having dinner this evening at Paul and Jenny’s,” his wife says.

    “No I haven’t forget, but Lucas’s got a lot of damage from the storm last night. We’re all over there to help.”

    “I heard. I was suppose to meet with Marilee today, she’s the incoming DOA President, but she’s volunteered to help. Do you want me to come over?”

    “Last thing I need is to be distracted by looking at you all day. No you’re fine. And the boys have school.”

    Jay says, “I can below off class.”

    “No you can’t. We got this covered.” John Ross hurries off to the truck with Mateo after kissing his momma’s cheek.”

    Ellie says, “I just don’t understand them. There are so many things in this world to do, why manual laborer fixing up a ranch?”

    “I think they enjoy it,” Pamela answers.

    “That’s what you say about cooking.”

    “I do enjoy it.”

    “Sometimes I just don’t understand this family.”

    Sue Ellen asks, “And where are you off today?”

    “Detroit. I have a friend who’s got a fundraiser tonight. I’ll be back in the morning for Steven’s swim meet.”

    “Aunt Ellie, you will be wearing one of your hates?”

    “Of course I will. It’s a competition outside in the sun. Why?”

    “Everyone always asks about the crazy lady in the hate. I tell them that’s my aunt and I tell them al the places you go and all the people you know. I don’t think they’d believe me, if not for your hats.”

    “Really? Well your Aunt Ellie will wear the biggest and most ostentatious hat she has.”

    Jay says, “I told my polo club you’ve given trophies to Prince William and Prince Harry.”

    “I have but you do know your father’s played against them. And won.”


    Sue Ellen says, “Yes, for the time he lived with me in England.”

    Bobby and John Ross work to repair part of Lucas’s barn. Bobby says, “Your father and I didn’t always get along, we were kinda made to fight each other. I’m glad to see you and Ellie and Lucas get along so well. You three really seem to be a family.”

    “We are a family. And Lucas is close to his sisters too. And Lucy. I talk to her all the time. Well not all the time but a lot. Christopher and I, I feel like we were raised to compete.”

    “And I know I added to that. I should have said something over Elena in the first place. When you were younger he knew how you felt about her. Then they were seeing each other. Then you were seeing her and engaged to her and he just . . . I should have said something. Then cliff used her. I feel bad for her.”

    “I don’t. She had no problem using when when she couldn’t have Cliff. No problem making you pay for what she thought my father did. No problem borrowing money from my mother and igniting paying her back. I could handle all that, just be honest about who you are. My father never lied about who he was, at least not to himself. But she always had to talk down to me with some sort of superiority. I spent my whole life with people putting me down. I didn’t nee more of that.”

    “I talked to your mother about Pamela when things went down with you and Emma. I explained to her how you felt. How you tried to be with her but it was Pamela who set up the business agreement from the start. I explained it wasn’t all your fault. That you tried to be there for Pamela. That you needed someone there for you, and maybe that was Emma.”

    “Emma and I just ran into each other. She was dealing with a lot and I was dealing with a lot.”

    “I reminder her how many times she cheated on your father, and she was seeing you like him because you’re a guy. But what if instead you were more like her.”

    “I worry about that. Sometimes drinking is too tempting.”

    “If you need someone to help, I’m always here.”

    “Thank you Uncle Bobby. I am worried about something, with Pamela.”

    “What is it?”

    “She sees a therapist. Every week. Which is really good for her. And I know I don’t need to know what they talk about, but she also takes some very powerful meds.”

    “And you don’t know why?”

    “I could find out. I did some snooping. I figured Cliff, Aunt Pam, Katherine Wentworth. They all had mental problems.”

    “Pretty profound.”

    “So did Rebecca Wentworth.”

    “Really. I would never have known.”

    “She has many episodes early in life and even later when married to Digger, schizophrenia.”


    “She was heavily medicated when you knew her. In fact she was able to live a pretty normal life. But it wasn’t as easy as it appeared.”

    “Wow. And you think, Pamela . . .”

    “She won’t have children of her own. And there have been episodes. Times that frightened the boys. Break downs we tried to keep to ourselves. They’re why she asked my mother to move in with us.”

    “John Ross, I’m near for you. And for Pamela. You don’t have to go through this alone.”

    “Sometimes I feel like I have to go through everything alone. I just have to keep things together. It all falls down on my shoulders. And I don’t trust Paul not to hurt her. Fact is I prop him up at Trident.”


    “I saw to the merger and keeping him on. I manipulated the board to get him here. To bring Ben to Dallas.”

    “But he’s been causing problems for Ewing Industries.”

    “It’s the price I pay so Pamela can have her family. Ever since she found out about Paul, all she’s wanted was a family. Now Afton’s here. But I wonder if I’ve done too much. Maybe they’re not what she needs. Maybe I’m making it worse.”

    “No. She’s happy. Happier than I’ve seen her. But you are playing with fire.”

    “Know. I just want her to be happy. I realized something a long time ago. It didn’t matter if she loved me. I loved her. And I’d do everything I could for her. I guess I just wish I’d had someone in my life like that for me.”

    “Your parent’s loved you very much.”

    “Not enough to get along.”

    “Sometimes that’s not possible.”

    “Yes it is. For me it is. I don’t care what I have to do, I’m going to help Pamela with what ever I can to make her life happy.”

    Bobby grabs your John Ross and hugs him.

    Out in the Gulf of Mexico an oil rig explodes, lightening up the evening sky.
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    Episode 5 supplemental

    John Ross walks into a doctor’s office, “This is my Uncle Bobby. He was married to my wife’s Aunt Pam.”

    “Nice to meet you Mr. Ewing. Please come in. Sit. Please. I spoke to you x-wife directly. Lovely woman. She was very helpful, and of course the records of Kathryn Wentworth, Cliff Barnes and Rebecca Wentworth. Your nephew is trying to understand his wife’s family’s history mental illness.” Turning to John Ross, “Your Aunt also shared with me her fathers history of mental and physical illness. I have to say that one family dealing with such is highly unlikely, but none the less. Trauma can certainly bring on episodes of psychosis, but the fact is there’s a whole lot more going on here than a few isolated insistences. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that causes psychosis, but schizophrenia also has other symptoms.”


    “If that is what your wife is dealing with, she does need your support and think it’s unwise she attempt to handle this alone. It appears her grandmother was well aware of what she was dealing and embarrassed to discuss it. She managed very well and that’s something your wife can be proud of. But because Rebecca Wentworth never spoke of her illness, her children proceeded blindly.”

    “I’ve spent years just trying to keep Pamela happy. Like walking on egg shells if I needed to.”

    “It sounds like your marriage had a very rocky start.”

    “Yes it did. I love my wife doctor.”

    “I understand that. But your reasons for marrying in the first place seem to have complicated things. And your wife’s refusal to have children of her own, it probably was for the best.”

    “But I’m worried, her dealing with this on her own. When I looked over her fathers records, he died not long ago, maybe I should have done this sooner, I could help but wonder what Pamela’s gone through all these years. I though she was just seeing a counselor and then there were moments. Times when . . .”

    “I understand. It’s very difficult for the loved ones of a person dealing with a mental illness. I can tell tell in regards to Schizophrenia, a person dealing with such needs social support.”

    “And I want to be that for her but I’m afraid to approach her.”

    “Well fist, Educate yourself. Learning about schizophrenia and it’s treatment will allow you to make unfitness decisions about how best to cope with symptoms, encourage your wife to pursue self-help strategies, handle setbacks, and work towards recovery. It sounds like she’s been dealing with this all on her own.”

    John Ross tears up. “She has.”

    “If this is what she’s dealing with you’re right in trying to reduce stress. Stress can cause schizophrenia symptoms to flare up, so it’s important to create a structured and supportive environment for your loved one.”

    “I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve done everything possible to remove stress from her life.”

    “Set realistic expectations. It’s important to be realistic about the challenges of schizophrenia. Help your loved one set and achieve manageable goals, and be patient with the pace of recovery.”

    A smile comes to John Ross’s face. “She’s pretty impressive you know. She has her undergraduate degree from Yale. A doctorate in Economics from Chicago. Another doctorate in law from Texas. She’s studying at the London School of Economics. I got through high school because teachers felt bad for me. She can read like no ones business.”

    “You’re very proud of her.”

    “I am. I read these financial I have dumbed down for me. But anything more complicated I go over with her. I basically ask for her opinion. She’s got as masters in finance too some where in all of that. Anyway I make out that I’m looking for her input like a second opinion but in reality I don’t have a first opinion. I don’t understand them. At least not as they’re presented to me. I get what she’s saying. It’s just reading it gets all mixed up and I get these terrible head aces. But Pamela . . .”

    “It seems to me you’re doing the same thing. You’re dealing with your own issues on your own instead of being honest with your wife and directly seeking out her help.”

    “Maybe I am.”

    Bobby rubs John Ross’s shoulder in support.

    “You also need to empower your wife. Be careful that you’re not taking over and doing things for her that she is capable of doing. Support her while still encouraging as much independence and self-help as possible.”

    “I try. She wanted to quit work to raise the boys. She cooks and cleans and has always been a big part of their life. I think now that their older she feels like she’s been left behind, but those boys love their mother. They care for her a great deal. She’s always had then in therapy too. Just someone to talk to.”

    “Maybe you need that.”

    “That’s what she says.”

    “Have you considered couple’s therapy?”

    “It’s been brought up.”

    “It’s a good idea Mr. Ewing. I can recommend someone. Your wife, regardless of what she’s dealing with, or what her family has dealt with, can be just fine. My father use to say only the lucky ones deal with illness. The unlucky ones die young.”

    John Ross smiles.

    “You’ve got to take care of yourself. Connect with others. Social interaction with someone who cares about you is the most effective way to relieve stress. It’s important for both you and the person with schizophrenia to have other people you can connect with face-to-face, someone you can talk to for an uninterrupted period of time, someone who will listen without judging or continually becoming distracted. That person may be a friend, family member. Your uncle.”

    “Yeah Uncle Bobby’s been there for me.”

    “You were there for me when Chris was hurt.”

    “Get regular exercise. Physical activity reduces stress and releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good. Whether you exercise alone, with a friend, or with your loved one with schizophrenia, aim for 30 minutes of activity on most days, or if it’s easier, three 10-minute sessions.

    Eat a healthy diet. What you eat has a direct impact on the way you feel. Minimize sugar and refined carbs, foods that quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy. Boost your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, fish oil, walnuts and flaxseeds to help improve your focus, energy, and outlook. The same diet tips can help manage your loved one’s symptoms, too.

    Practice acceptance. Instead of dwelling on the unfairness of your loved one’s diagnosis, accept your feelings, even the negative ones. It can make a huge difference in your ability to manage stress and balance your moods.

    Seek out joy. Making time for fun isn’t indulgent—it’s necessary. Schedule time into your day for things you enjoy, whether it’s spending time in nature, visiting friends, or reading a good book. Encourage your loved one with schizophrenia to do the same.

    Look after your health. Neglecting your health will only add to the stress in your life.

    Get enough sleep. Stay on top of your medical conditions and use relaxation techniques. Techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or progressive muscle relaxation can put the breaks on stress and bring your mind and body back into balance.”

    “Thank you.”

    “I suggest you start by being open an honest about yourself. If you become vulnerable, she’s more apt to feel she can open up to you as well. If you don’t want her to feel alone, make the first move to open up. None of us are perfect human beings. Not a one. Some of us do a better job at hiding our perceived imperfections. But the good part of life isn’t found in hiding.”

    Much of the above is from a website about “Helping Someone with Schizophrenia,” found at:

    Note: I’m going to attempt to add this into my story. I am not an expert and before publishing or making into a television show such would need to be vetted with content experts. I believe a level of seriousness is necessary to not only do some good but to reach the level of quality Dallas first attempted.
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    Episode 6

    Anthony holds a press conference over the oil rig explosion, with little details, saying they’re focused on oil spilling into the Gulf right now, the cause will have to come later.

    John Ross rushes to the hospital with Pamela. In the way in reporters try and stop them. “I’m sorry I can’t talk. I don’t anything. I’m only worried about our employees and their family. Please excuse me. Excuse me.”

    Inside a woman sitting in despair looks up to see John Ross. He says, “Is he OK?”

    “He’s in surgery right now.”

    John Ross sits and hugs the woman as she breaks down crying in his arms. Pamela watches, amazed at her husband’s compassion.

    Ellie sits at John Ross’s desk when Meteo enters the room. “Well.”

    “Sabotage clear as day. Someone’s sending us a warning.”

    “Paul Wendell’s capable of this. So is Rosemont.”

    “There’s a lot of people capable of it. And a lot of people with motive. John Ross had the Ewing Process installed right along with the oil operation. The intention was not to have it up and running, but to stand at the ready. That was Rosemont’s”


    “So the U.S. could drop the price of natural gas at any time. Flood the market. There are several other rigs set up. The set ups are owned by Ewing Alternative. And security was tight. I’ve got like little military bases set up on each one.“

    “Why didn’t I know about this?”

    “You’ll have you bring that up with your brother.”

    “And Anthony. I expect him to at least keto me informed.”

    “Anthony didn’t know.”

    “And you?”

    “I work for John Ross. He asked this be kept secret, I keep it a secret. Though if anything happens to John Ross, you’re to be brought up to speed quickly.”

    “Oh kind of him,” Ellie says with utter annoyance.

    Pamela looks around the hospital room set up for Ewing employees in horror. The grieving shakes her to her core. She sits and starts to rock. John Ross notices his and excused himself from comforting a family. He runs to her and holds her. “Pammy,” he says stroking her hair. “Let’s get your out of her.” Mumbling to herself she agrees and let’s him help her up and out of the room.

    Bobby and Sue Ellen watch as the two leave, giving each other knowing looks. They go back to comforting the families.

    Ellie walks around an impressive lab to find Chris working on some apparatus. He looks up. “What are you doing here?”

    “John Ross has an impressive set up her for you.”

    “I own a third of Ewing Alternatives.”

    “Oh that’s right. So you do. Ewing Industries owns a third. And the Kellogg Fund owns a third.”

    “That’s right. Why are you here?”

    “All those oil rigs set up with the Ewing Process. That couldn’t have happened without your input.”

    “No it couldn’t.”

    “Could you have made the explosion happen?”

    “What? Are you serious?”

    “It was an inside job.”

    “No I didn’t have anything to do with it. I can’t believe you’d suggest I would.”

    “I just had to see your face when I did.”

    “So did I convince you?”

    “No. Not one way or the other.”

    “I didn’t have anything to do with a explosion which cost my company one of its wells.”

    “I’d like to believe you. Really I would.”

    John Ross and Pamela lay on a hotel bed, the bed full made with them fully dressed. He holds her in his arms, she’s nestled in the crook of his neck. He strokes her hair and softly sings her a lullaby.

    Pamela whispers, “I’m sorry for all I’ve put you through.”

    “You’re fine.”

    “There were so many times. I must have scared the boys. The screaming. I don’t know why.”

    “I wasn’t perfect.”

    “But I kept hurting you. Screaming and hitting and . . . “

    “Pamela. You’re better now. Right.”

    “It’s the medication I take. Now I just sleep all the time.”

    “You don’t sleep all the time.”

    “How can you love me John Ross?” Pamela starts to cry.

    “I do sweetheart.”

    “No you live Emma and I’ve kept you from her. I know I did.”

    “No that’s not true.”

    “But it is. She’d have made you so much happier.”

    “No Pamela. I thought you didn’t love me. I know you do. It’s OK.”

    “I do. Since the moment I meet you.”

    “Same here.”

    “We were just kids.”

    “How couldn’t have Chris known it was you. I knew. I knew it was you and I hated him even more because you loved him.”

    “No I never loved him. Daddy promised me South Fork. I was going to give it to you.”

    “We now we have it together.”

    “And you love me.”

    “I love you Pamela.”

    “I’m so sorry I’ve made you miserable. I just don’t know what you could love about me.”

    “Pamela, you don’t make me miserable. And sure there are a lot of women be easier to love, but I don’t have any choice. I fell in love with you since the moment I lied eyes on you. You’re all I think about. Every minute of every day. It’s not easier, it just is.”

    She holds him tight.

    Jay waits out side a class door as university students exit. Lesly Mainwaring comes out and utters, “Jay? What are you doing here?”

    He takes her to the side, “I wanted to ask you about Greg.”

    “What about him?”

    “What are you doing with him?”


    “Come on. He’s a dork.”

    “I thought he was a friend of yours. Isn’t he your cousin?”

    “And I thought we were friends.”

    “We are.”

    “Well I don’t share my friends.”

    “Oh my god, Jay. You share plenty. When we went out you took it as an opportunity to be friends with all my friends, my sister, I even wondered about how friendly you were with my mother.”

    “I never heard any complaints from you.”

    “Jay, I like Greg. OK. So just stop.”

    Jay and Lesly pull each other’s clothes off on a hotel room, kissing and pawing at each other.

    Amy says to Paul, sitting next to each other on a park bench, “He mentioned something about the Kellogg Fund.”

    “The Kellogg Fund? Are you sure.”

    “I was in bed with him when he was on the phone with her. She said something about an investment in alternative energy of the Kellogg Fund.”

    “How is an oil rig alternative energy? Unless.”

    “Unless what?”

    “Never mind.”

    “How am I suppose to know what you’re looking for unless I know what he’s talking about.”

    “There’s a technology at getting at gas under the continental shelf that Ewing Industries owns. Well, I own. I bought it from Chris Ewing. I’ve been in court trying to get it from Ewing Industries. So they’re going a head with it and the Kellogg Fund is an investor.”


    “Now I’ve got to figure out who’s behind the Kellogg Fund. You might have hit on something for me. Finally.”

    “So am I done?”

    “Are you done? I’ll let you know when you’re done.”
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    Just to help with the family tree:

    Ewing’s of Texas (South Fork):
    • Sue Ellen (JR)
    • Bobby (cottage out back)
    • John Ross, Pamela
      • Jay (Becky Gillis, Alexandria Wendell - his cousin, Mateo),
      • Steven
    • Ellie (Anthony Cumson, CEO of EI, Ellie w/ ranch hand Austin & Anthony in a Dallas penthouse w/ Amy Anderson, blackmailed by Paul)
    • Lucas Wade Ewing (Wade Ranch next door, possibly Marilee Stone

    • note: Mateo Ramos (John Ross’s right hand man) sort of with Roger Leland (CFO of EI), living arrangement unspecified

    Cooper’s of Texas (Preston Hollow):
    • Afton (Paul’s guest house)
    • Wendell: Paul, Jenny (+ Wendell Ranch)
      • Jeremy (at school)
      • Alexandria
      • Gregory (seeing Lesly Mainwaring)
    • Barnes: Pamela, John Ross (South Fork + neighboring house)
      • Jay
      • Steven
    • Van Buren: Ben, Debbie (neighbors)
      • young children
    • Mitch, Kelly (neighbors)

    Chris Ewing’s of Northern California:
    • Chris, unnamed wife
      • Bobby-Anne
      • other unnamed children
      • his mother Pam

    Gary Ewing’s of Southern California:
    • Gary, Val (West Fork)
      • Lucy
      • Betsy
      • Bobby

    Ray Ewing’s from all over the World:
    • Ray and Jenna (Florida, Switzerland, note: Donna in Pennsylvania)
      • Maggie Endicott (Virginia)
      • Charlie Allard (Belgium)
      • Lucas Ewing (Texas)
      • Susie Iverson (New York)
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  12. Karin Schill

    Karin Schill Super Moderator EXP: 15 Years Staff Member

    Trophy Points:
    Okay so I've finally caught up on your new story so here is as promised some feedback! :)

    First off I think you have a lot of great ideas. But when you write something you need to stick with it and not change it in the middle of the story!

    Like for instance I love the idea that Ellie is JR & Sue Ellen's daughter. I think it was a creative twist that John Ross sister had the same parents as he did. It might not be totally realistic as Sue Ellen would have been quite old when the baby was born and she was not together with JR before she left Dallas, at least not as we saw on screen. But then again I read in the paper the other day about a woman who was 80 who had a son that was 28, meaning she was 52 when he was born. So some women do have babies later in life. Anyway since I love the idea of Ellie being JR & Sue Ellen's daughter I was not too fond when you suddenly changed her into being Cally & JR's daughter since that would change the personality of the character IMHO. So I would stick with the original idea.

    Then as for Pamela's extended family. I can understand the need of giving her more siblings. But the idea of 13 year old Afton being raped by Jeremy Wendell and then having his baby is just gross. :eck: I am sorry but I don't think a 13 or 14 year old girl would keep a baby if getting pregnant after being raped. I think she would have had an abortion. It is what Lucy did after being raped by Roger and she was an adult when it happened.

    I'm fine with Benjamin though, since he's younger than Pamela and it's plausible Afton had more kids after she was together with Cliff. After all she was married to Van Buren.

    Also I read a fanfic some 20 years ago where Marilee Stone had a son together with Cliff Barnes and I totally bought that as Cliff and Marilee had an affair on the show.

    I love the focus on John Ross and Pamela's personal life and her struggle with mental illness. I think it's very hard to write a story that deals with such a topic and do it in a believable way but I think you've done your research for it. :hat:
    I've actually studied psychology when I was in college. It's been many years ago now and since I am not working within that field I might mix up the different mental disorders, but when I think of schizofrenic people I think of someone who has a split personality, like two halves, so if that's what it actually means to be schizofrenic I think it could suit with Pamela Rebecca since it could explain how she went from being Rebecca Sutter to Pamela Barnes.
    The hallucinations, delusions and mood swings that seem to be a part of schizofrenia could also explain Cliff's erractic behavior on Dallas TNT. So kudos for coming up with something that creative and interesting.

    It's a shame Bobby won't visit Pam though. It feels like the character is a bit wasted in your story. Or maybe Pamela Rebecca should visit her at least.

    The actor you cast as Jay really looks like he could be John Ross son. I am a bit confused about how old he's supposed to be though. It said he was supposed to be in college but I think he's acting a bit like a High School kid. So how old is he?

    I think it would probably be better to make him a junior or senior in High School than in college since it would mean he came to John Ross and Pamela when he was younger than 10 years old and hence he would more easily get attached to Pamela as his mother.

    Will we be seeing more of Lucy's wedding?
    Husband number seven. Wow! She's really had her share of failed marriages over the past 30 years.

    I like that you've given Ray and Jenna another child together. :)
    Also Ray could have changed his name to Ewing many years ago. He was entitled to it. So it's nice to see him do that now.

    I look forward to see where you take this next.
  13. stevew

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    Thank you and I agree with the character change for Ellie, I was at a point where I questioned the reality and I try to write as of its plausible to really make into a series, but I think you’re right, a stretch but plausible. And that would give me another character for a Ewing sibling to show up.

    I agree with Wendell and the rape but I think a man that evil would give her the option to abort his child. Maybe she was 16, a suppose a bit better but not sure much. Or maybe instead of rape it was him promising this girl a great life and seducing her, she has this baby and he runs her out of his life to raise the baby alone. Almost like Harris with Ann except a girl to young and powerless to stop him. The key for me is to tie in Wendell, sort of JR’s Digger to Jock. But I certainly get your point.

    Yes the idea would be Pamela suffering more for split personality. I read that medications often loose their effectiveness and she will struggle as they change them up - put her whole family to the rest. And yes, it’s mentally hard to write.

    The reason for no Pam is I don’t think VP would do it no matter what and so in my mind I can’t write in a character I don’t think could happen even if it’s fan fiction. But maybe I will, because it’s certainly possibly she’d agree to guest star.

    Freshman in college so not much beyond high school and considering he’s a playboy his only reason to take anything serious is to please his grandmother. His mother his struggled his whole life. His father was always busy. Sue Ellen is more a parent then either but in a way he’s free to do what every he wants. The opposite of John Ross, no one expects anything out of him, but Sue Ellen now and again. But high school could work too.

    Lucy is sort of the Doris Duke of the family. Yes I want the wedding to be like a family reunion.

    Glad you like Ray changing his name. It was difficult but I think with all the daughters changing their names with marriage and Lucas on board it was time.

    Thank you so much.
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  14. stevew

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    Episode 7

    The family gathers around the table by the pool for breakfast. Sue Ellen pulling John Ross aside. “How is Pamela doing?”

    “She’s fine. Just have to keep her spirits up. She gets in those low places and it’s hard to get her out.”

    “Why’d she even comes down to the Gulf?”

    “She wanted to help. There’s so tellin’ her no, momma.” John Ross joins the family. “Busy day for everyone?”

    Jay says, “I’ve got a nine am class.”

    Sue Ellen says, “You know you’re be better off staying on campus.”

    “No thank you grandma. Ewing’s live on South Fork. It’s what we do. Daddy’s already designed a new house him him and momma for when I raise my family in the big house.”

    “Oh really?”

    “Just a one story, one bedroom,” Pamela adds.

    “What about Steven?”

    Steven says, “Jay and I are gonna raise our families here, together. Just like aunt Ellie’s here.”

    “Oh and where will your Aunt live?”

    Ellie says, “I’ll be around.”

    Lucas said, “My mother always talked about how the Ewing’s all lived together.”

    Bobby says, “Thats right.”

    Sue Ellen walks her grandson into an office at Ewing Industries. “Jay, Is like you to meet Pat Newman.”

    “We’ve meet. She’s at some of daddy’s Monday morning meetings.”

    “Oh yes. She’s also the Chief Investment Officer for the Ewing Family Foundations.”

    “Hello Jay. Nice see you again.”

    “You’re going to learn more about money management just hanging around her than you would in spending a life time in any classroom.”

    Pamela works in Miss Ellie’s garden cutting flowers. Jenny walls up to her. “South Fork is just so beautiful. I can’t get over how simple and yet elegant it is. Of course you grow your own flowers.”

    “John Ross’s great grandmother planted these. And these his grandmother planted. And these Sue Ellen. And this area is mine.”

    “It must be wonderful.”

    “What is?”

    “Being a stay at home mom. I’ve work my whole life. Never like Paul. He was gone more than he was ever home. But I always worked. A teacher.”

    “Right. Right. Still you must have put in a lot of hours.”

    “There were times. And I loved what I did. And my schedule fit the kids schedule. But you and John Ross have such a traditional marriage.”

    “We do?”

    “Don’t you.”

    “Never thought about it. We put Ewing Industries together, together. His dad handed him the pieces but he didn’t know what he was doing. So he did his part and I did mine and we created the company. Ellie has her hand in things too. But it wasn’t all John Ross going into the office and me staying home. Then we retired. I took up cooking and decorating and John Ross took up cattle ranching.”

    “I see.”

    “Thank god for Uncle Bobby and Sue Ellen. They had a lot to do with raising the boys. I was responsible for brining in Roger and Pat. Ellie brought in Anthony. And John Ross still meets with them every Monday morning, but we’re both retired. But I guess it does look like a traditional marriage, now anyways.”

    “I thought about retiring. But what else would I do? Paul is always so busy and kids are grown.”

    “Oh I don’t know. I find a lot to keep me busy.”

    Paul watches the news in his office as they explain Ewing Industries inability to cap the oil spill underneath their rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the billions of dollars in damage to the Texas coast. “Ewing Oil, the subsidiary which owns this platform, may not be able to absorb the coast, leading some to predict the bankruptcy of this company. Ewing Industries has said it will pick up the bill where Ewing Oil leaves off.”

    Ben says, “This must really up set John Ross. This is the company his grandfather built. We’ve had some luck caping these deep water spills. Have you offered to help?”

    “Our construction division has. Not me personally.”

    “He’s our brother-in-law. Maybe we should. In person.”

    “It’s fine. Chad Bennett, the President of Trident Construction, made the offer directly to Anthony Cumson. That should suffice.”

    “I realize that, but he’s family. We should say something.”

    “I’m not entirely upset to see the end of Ewing Oil.”

    “I get your not exactly liking JR and Bobby Ewing, but your father wasn’t an innocent in what happened to him. And John Ross shouldn’t have to pay for the way his father and uncle conducted business.”

    “He certainly gets to benefit from it.”

    John Ross works out in the gym of the converted barn on South Fork when Mateo walks in. “Any news?”

    “Well we know exactly how it was done. And we can prove it was intentional. As for who did it, nothing.”

    “I’ve got five people dead.”

    “Well my guess is it was one of them.”


    “Joe Davis. It had to be an inside job and when I look at everyone on that platform Joe Davis comes out the most likely.”

    “But he’s dead? What was it just some elaborate suicide?”

    “No. His gambling debts. They had to be massive, according to the casinos I checked with and they’re gone. Near as I can tell he had to be about to loose everything, and his family, wife, kids, has no idea. No way he could manage those losses.”

    “Ok so maybe he made a mistake, got himself killed.”

    “No. Who ever did this didn’t want him around after the fact. His death was probably part of the agreement, I’m sure.”

    “He’d sacrifice his life like that?”

    “Debt’s gone and you’re taking care of his family better than he ever could, and he’s got a six million dollar double indemnity life insurance policy.”

    “What? That seems suspicious.”

    “I’m certain who ever arranged this doesn’t care what seems suspicious, as long as the connection to them has been severed.”

    “When was the policy taken out?”

    “A year ago. Pretty big payments for a man nearly bankrupt.”

    “Ok so someone got to him, but a year ago?”

    “I’m going over everyone on every rig with the Ewing Process, still that’s might not be enough. If the purpose is just to hurt the company, the next problem could be anybody, anywhere. Over a hundred thousand employees.”

    “No I need the source. Mateo, you said a year ago the policy was taken out. The process still was sitting on the shelf then. There wasn’t even a thought to it, let alone putting it into play.”

    “So this isn’t connected?”

    “No I didn’t say that. If you want an asset, you don’t wait to acquire it when you need it. You do so before hand, then wait.”

    “Like a sleeper cell.”

    “Exactly. The question is who set this up?”

    “And what else might they plan?”

    Bobby stands and walks around a piece of equipment.

    The Ewing’s gather in the living room fir cocktails, Sue Ellen, Bobby, John Ross, Pamela, Steven, Ellie, Lucas. The door bell rings. Paul and Jenny and Ben and Debbie and their young children are shown in. Sue Ellen and Bobby make a fuss over the little ones and with Steven they’re taken to the kitchen.

    Paul says to John Ross, “I know Pamela said we can’t talk business, I just want to personally tell you, anything we can do to help with the oil spill and you’ve got it. Trident has a deep water construction team that I’m sure can cap this thing.”

    “I appreciate it Paul. I’ll talk to Anthony and make sure they get right in it. I’ll be right back.”

    As John Ross steps out of the room, Pamela says, “Thank you Paul.”

    “The offer was already made to Anthony Cumson. I just wanted to make it in person.”

    “Thank you. Thank you so much. I hope this means you can bury the hatchet with the Ewing’s.”

    “This is no time to fight. We’ve got to do what’s best for Texas.”

    Ellie says, “What we have to do is figure out who did this.”

    “I assumed it was just an accident,” Paul replies.

    “This was no accident. Someone did this and when we figure it there won’t be a hole deep enough for them to hide in.”

    Pamela reminds her, “No talk of business at dinner.”

    Sue Ellen and Bobby return. Sue Ellen says, “The kids will have a much better time eating in the kitchen.

    Jay and Greg play pool at the hole in the wall bar with Becky and Lesly looking on. At one point Jay pats Lesly on the butt and then takes his shot, dedicating it to her and sinking it. There’s a cockiness to him, an arrogance. Greg tries to match it.

    Late at night Paul sits in his study reading over a paper. Jenny looks in on him noticing his pained expression. “What is it?”

    “Well. I was worried about Pamela. You know you hear a lot about John Ross and those boys are biologically his.”


    “I wanted to know about there mother, you in case there’s something that might hurt her.”

    “Paul. I don’t think you should put your nose in their business like that.”

    “I’m not being caught of guard with Pamela being hurt. Maybe you can ask if she knows.”

    “I’m sure she does.”

    “That Steven’s biological mother is in prison for laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.”

    “Really? Wow. Where’s John Ross meet a person like like that?”

    “Her family worked for the Ewing’s, house keeping, cooking, stuff like that, for a very long time.”

    “That’s terrible.”

    “Just imagine how our nephew would feel, know his mother’s not only the help, but what she did.”

    “Yeah. That’s awful.”

    “And Jay. His mother’s more than ten years older than John Ross. He’s done time as well for insider trading, but it was more like house arrest. She’s a big Wall Street type with the Kellogg Fund.”

    “What’s that?”

    “A seven trillion dollar investment management business she founded with Gerald Rosemont and Ernst Riebmann.”

    “Wow. She’s a pretty big player. Do you think Pamela knows who she is? I mean I think she’d stand a chance of fighting for custody of her son.”

    “He’s an adult now, so it doesn’t really matter.”

    “Well I think you should stay out of their lives. This is non of your business.”

    “I spent my whole life without a family, then one day, thanks to JR and Bobby Ewing I didn’t even have my dad. I’ll do what ever it takes to protect my family.”

    “Well Pamela might not see this as protection. Don’t forget, she doesn’t really know you. It wasn’t until after your father died that Afton stepped up to tell you she was your mother. And the story she told doesn’t make your dad seem like a good guy in the slightest. Maybe JR and Bobby has cause to set your father up.”

    “I might never know what happened between my mother and father. Both Pamela and Ben don’t have close relationships with her, so maybe my dad was just trying to protect me from her. She was young.”

    “To young for your dad to be sleeping with.”

    “I don’t want to talk about it. And don’t say anything to Pamela. I don’t want to interfere. I just want to have a heads up in case down the road if something happens.”

    John Ross enters their bedroom where Pamela sits at the makeup table staring into space. “Pamela? . . . . . Pamela, sweetheart? . . . . Darling?”

    She looks at him as if she does not know him. She studied him and then suddenly come out of it. “Oh. John . . . . John Ross. You OK?”

    “Yes. Me? I’m fine. What about you?”

    “I don’t know. I’m up set about Elena. Who’s Elena.”

    “She was a girl I use to see before you.”

    “Oh. She’s gone?”

    “Yes. I promised you, you’d never have to see her again.”

    “You did.” She smiles. “You love me.”

    “Yes Pamela. I love you.”

    “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

    “No. No you didn’t hurt me.”

    “But Nasser. Was that his name. I . . . . “ The look on Pamela’s face turns to dread.”

    “Nothing happened. You tried to make me jealous. That’s all. He was gay though. You never did anything with him.”

    “Oh that’s right. He died.”

    “Yes he did. You were my first love.”

    “I don’t know about that.”

    “Yes you were. I love you so much John Ross.”

    “He kisses her. He says, “I know you do. Almost as much as I love you.”
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  15. Karin Schill

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    Wow! Pamela and John Ross have retired at 40?
    That's really early!
    But maybe Pamela's mental illness is making it hard for her to concentrate on work. :(

    Nasser was gay! Didn't see that one coming. :lol:

    I'm curious about Jay's biological mom now. Cute that he's so close to his grandma.

    The rig explosion does sound very fishy.

    So what's next? ;)
  16. stevew

    stevew Soap Chat TV Fanatic EXP: 8 Years

    Trophy Points:
    I can’t say who but the retired at 40 is based on a real couple I know. He’s running a dairy farm not a cattle ranch and she’s restoring antiques. They’re both involved in charity work. The Monday muring meetings to keep an eye on business is another guy I know. Not sure he ever went into an office but must have at one time. Its the life extreme wealth brings. I found it funny when Jock said Ewing women don’t work. The people I know would be more apt to say Ewing’s don’t work, leaving out the gender.

    Yeah I sent Emma away but figured Nasser was a small enough character I’d just wipe him out. JR sent Peter packing. John Ross sent Nasser home to a county with the death penalty for homosexuality. Lesson: Don’t mess with the Ewing’s.

    Jay’s biological mom is not someone to disregard. Yeah I just love the idea of Grandma Sue Ellen and her grandsons. Her beauty and charm and Ewing money, they’d be heart throbs for sure.

    The rig explosion is just the start.

    The Ewing’s come together.
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  17. stevew

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    Episode 8

    IF everyone would show up, I’d play this as more a reunion episode:

    Ellie walks down stairs with Randall at South Fork. “No I need to be in Monaco then. Katherine’s expecting me just move things around on my schedule.” She sees Pamela conversing with the caterers. “Pamela, everything looks wonderful. Doesn’t it Randell. I told you, leave it up to my sister-in-law. She’d throw a Texas bash fit for Lucy. Speaking of Lucy. Is she here yet.”

    “On her way.”

    “Terrific. Everyone’s going to be here. Sounds wonderful.”

    Pamela says, “Your care package came. It’s in the kitchen.”

    “Fabulous. See Randell, how would I survive with out Katherine. A girl can only eat so much red meat. I’ll take lunch out by the pool. Pamela, its just wonderful.”

    That evening all the family arrives at South Fork. Of course Sue Ellen, John Ross and Pamela play hosts with Jay and Steven. Ellie and Bobby make their separate ways around the living room.

    Anthony Cumson shows up. Ellie introduces him as her friend. Lucas arrived with Marilee Stone. Mateo arrives with Roger Leland.

    Gary and Val arrive with Lucy, Betsy and Bobby, spouses and grandchildren, along with the MacKenzies. Val is surprised to see Greg Sumner arrive with his friend and “everyone’s favorite x-wife,” Abbey.

    Ellie says, “Senator Sumner. Welcome. Of course you know Senator Brown.”

    Bobby ushers Ray in next, with Jenna, Charlie and Susie and there husbands and children. And then Donna, welcoming her with a big hug and Maggie and her husband.

    Next Bobby welcomes the Anderson’s, including Amy.

    Then Afton Copper and her sons, Paul with Jenny and Ben with Deborah.

    Lucy brings a distinguished older man up to Bobby. “Liam I want you to meet my Uncle Bobby. And this is Liam Riebmann, my fiancé.”

    “The man off the hour.” The two shake hands and Bobby gets the attention of the room. He holds up his glass, “This room has meant a lot to us, friends and family. My momma. My daddy. My grandparents. I couldn’t be more thrilled than to have everyone here to celebrate the engagement of my niece Lucy to this fine gentleman from New York, Liam Riebmann. Can everyone raise their glass and toast with me, Lucy and Liam.”

    The room calls out, “Lucy and Liam.”

    Ellie whispers to John Ross, “That’s Liam Riebmann? I thought he’d be taller . . . He’s Ester Perrault’s partner? And he’s actually marrying Lucy. Go figure.”

    Everyone mingles and reminisces.

    John Ross talks to Paul in his Study. “I just need to know if I can count on you?”

    “Why would you even ask?”

    Ellie says, “Because if we’re family, and I don’t think we are, we ought to be able to count on you, like with this help plugging the well in the Gulf.”

    “I did that for my sister.”

    “That’s fine,” Sue Elle says. “No ones asking you if you’re planing to be friends with me or JR’s children. We understand how you feel about him and how you extend that to his family.”

    “And Bobby.”

    “And Bobby.”

    Ellie says, “But we’ve got to know we can trust you, even if it’s just looking out for your sister.”

    Sue Ellen says, “And we assume her children.”

    Paul considers them. “If you’re asking if I get the chance to strike will I? The answer is yes. You’re a bunch of self entitled pricks.”

    “I don’t care what you think about us. My wife and children, can I count on you? Because if I can’t . . .”

    “I’m not afraid of you.”

    Bobby turns around in the desk chair to reveal him self, standing he says, “Then you’re an idiot. You have minutes to convince us what we need to know, or you don’t leave this room the same.”

    Paul laughs, “You can’t touch me. And when you all mess up, I’ll be there to pick up the pieces of everything with the Ewing name on it, including my sister.”

    Bobby says, “That’s all we need to know. You can go.”

    “You know . . .”

    Bobby punches him in the face. Paul falls back and then bent over, whining, then coming face to face with Sue Ellen, she says, “You should have left when he said.”

    “What hell is wrong with you people?”

    Sue Ellen continues, “Walk out the back. We’ll have you taken home and let your family know you didn’t feel well.” She hands him an envelop.

    He stands, angrily opening it and looking over the pictures from inside. He steady himself. “You’re over your head.”

    “You’re a dead man walking,” Bobby states. “Now that we’ve stated the obvious.”

    “You should burn these.” Paul hands then

    back to Sue Ellen.

    John Ross says, “You were so desperate to be right, you didn’t for one second think, what if I’m on the wrong side of history?”

    “What you’re cousin put together has some powerful enemies.”

    Bobby said, “What my son created was a game changer. Bigger than fracking. With American technology we can cap the high end of oil. With the Ewing Process, we’ll set the global price of natural gas. You can tell your friend, patting the pictures in Sue Ellen’s hands, “The pipe line into Western Europe is worthless. Even Japan will access enough natural gas for the foreseeable future to meet their needs.”

    “You all should reconsider what you’re getting into.”

    Bobby motions to the glass doors. “You can go now.”

    Jay walks out to the barn with the party going on in the house behind him. Greg and Lesly catch up. “Where you headed?”

    “Just out.”

    “Yeah not my thing either. Becky not here?”

    “No. I wasn’t gonna invite her. See Greg roped you in.”

    Lesly says, “No I wanted to come. You live here, but for those of us who don’t, getting onto South Fork is a pretty big deal.”


    “It’s South Fork. The Ewing’s are a pretty big deal.”

    Jay shrugs it off. The three climb done stairs on the side of a barn.

    Sue Ellen approaches Pamela and Jenny. “I sorry. Paul wasn’t feeling well. He looked unsteady. I had someone drive him home.”

    “Oh really. Maybe I should go.”

    “No. No. He said to stay. He’d meet you at home.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Oh yes. He’s fine. Mateo will take care of him. No worries.”

    Jenna meets Marilee Stone. “Yes I remember your grandmother. How is see?”

    “I guess she’s doing pretty well. Retired. Sold out to Cliff Barnes. Now she’s complaining the Ewing’s own her dad’s company.”

    Ray says, “From what I hear things are sure different around her. All the old independents either ended up with Ewing Industries or the old West Star.”

    “Yeah. She complains about it a lot. Old people you know. Oh. Sorry. No offense.”

    “None taken.” Jenna nods.

    Jay makes out with Lesly on the sofa, in the rec room, inside the barn roof. Greg watches until she pulls him in.

    Donna approaches Greg Sumner and Judith Brown. “How are you too?”

    “Donna,” Greg says. “Bet you miss the Hill.”

    “Sometimes. Not sure it’s in very good hands these days.”

    Gary says to Bobby, “It’s hard to believe there’s peace in the family. We’re all here, getting along.”

    Ellie approaches Amy. “So we haven’t meet. I’m Ellie Ewing.”

    “Hello. I’m Amy Anderson.”

    “Oh I know who you are. Mavis Amy Anderson. You work for the museum. You were married to Bruce Talbot. You live in Anthony’s building. You meet with Paul Wendell an awful lot.”

    Ants face goes red. “What?”

    “This is my town. Nothing goes on here I don’t pay attention to. I have pages and pages of transcripts of your meetings.”

    Across the room Sue Ellen says to Anthony, “Oh look. Ellie’s speaking to Amy.”

    In the wee-hours of the morning, Sue Ellen eats breakfast by the pool with her grandsons when Pamela comes out of the house to join them. “Have you seen John Ross?”

    “He ran out with Bobby to the barns extra early.”

    “I hope everything’s OK.”

    “I’m sure it will be. Nice party last night.”

    “It was. I really enjoyed myself.” Pamela sits down with her plate. “Did John Ross say anything to you about his brother Bo?”

    “Calley’s son? No. Why?”

    “He brought him up last night. He mentioned it was a shame he wasn’t there at the party.”

    “I don’t think he considers himself family.”

    “I don’t know. I’ve never meet him.”

    “Has John Ross?”

    “Apparently not. Lucas has. Apparently Bo owns a ranch in Florida that borders up along Rays property.”

    “He’s a rancher?”

    “I guess so.”

    Jay says, “You’re saying daddy had a brother?”

    Sue Ellen answers, “He has two brothers. James Beaumont who’s much older. Born long before I ever married your grandfather, but JR never knew about him. He was raised a Beaumont and pretty much that’s been his life. And your grandfather had a second wife, Calley Harper. She left and took her baby with her. JR set up a trust fund for him, but as far as I know, never had anything to do with him.”

    “And don’t forget Darius Harwood.”

    “Oh yes. Holly Harwood has a son. She took him out to California to raise. JR didn’t know about him until he was a teenager.”

    “Wow. Grandpa had five kids.”

    Pamela says, “The hardest person to trust is yourself. Took your father and I awhile you trust ourselves so that we could be together. Just us.”

    Steven says, “Daddy would never cheat on you.”

    “No Steven. Your father loves me. If he needed to find someone else, I’d understand. I’m pretty difficult. But I know he unconditionally loves me. And I unconditionally love him. So I don’t worry about things like cheating. Honestly, I’d be more worried about the girl than myself. Your father would do anything to protect me from harm. And you’ll never find a man more capable than your father of protecting his family.”


    “Really. One time, your Uncle Bobby’s wife, Ann and her daughter, they were kidnapped, held hostage for money down in Mexico. He went to get them. And he did. And when he was done, all the bad people were dead.”

    “Daddy killed them all.”

    “I don’t know. One day, when you’re older, you’ll have to ask that story, but all I know is no one has to fear them any more.”

    “Why would people kidnap them.”

    “When you’re wealthy, there are people out there that want to cause you harm.”

    “That’s right. You told us that.”

    “That’s why you’ve got to be able to trust your family.”

    “I trust you momma.”

    “I know I haven’t been the greatest mother. And there are times I couldn’t trust myself. But you remember that. Always know you can trust me to care about you.”

    “You remember when you were locked in your room crying and wouldn’t let anyone in. You let me in.”

    “I remember. You told me you just wanted to be there with me, even I hit you like I hit your dad.”

    “You didn’t know who daddy was. But you knew who I was.”

    “I just thought your dad was . . . I don’t even remember. I just couldn’t control my anger. I’m so sorry Steven.”

    “It’s OK momma. You’re better. And if you’re not again, we’re all there to make sure you get better.”

    Pamela runs her hand along her son’s face. “You should have to deal with like that.”

    “Wouldn’t you deal with me like that?”

    “Of course I would.”

    “Well there you have it.”

    “And your real mother.”

    “You’re my real mother. The woman who gave birth to me lost that and you were there. She had to be put some place people couldn’t get hurt.”

    “She didn’t do anything that bad, Steven.”

    “She was friends with bad people. And those and people hurt people. Uncle Mateo said they even killed his brother. You and daddy taught me that, to be careful the friends you pick. Anyone we let in our lives we must be able to trust.”

    Jay says, “Do you trust Uncle Paul and Uncle Ben?”

    “Uncle Ben. I’ve known him since he was born. We haven’t always been close. I think I trust him. I don’t know about Paul. I want to.”

    “And we want to, too. Now how about a more pleasant topic of conversation? Steven, tell us how school is going?”

    “Well grandma, the science fair is coming up.”

    “I know.”

    “And I’m . . . “

    Jay squeezes his mothers hand and they smile at one and other.

    Chris walks Bobby out of a house onto a patio over looking a valley of vineyards. Pam smiles and Bobby hugs her.
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    Great update. I love seeing all the Ewing family reunited. Even Bobby and Pam at the end. I hope there's a follow up scene with them though as I would like to hear the dialogue what they talk about. ;)

    How old is Lucy's fiancé supposed to be?
    From the way you described him I couldn't quite figure out if he was much older than Lucy. The way you wrote it I got the idea that he was older than Bobby but I am not sure if that was right. :think:

    What did they use to blackmail Paul with?
    They said something about being on the wrong side of history. I am now curious about what he's done.

    It was nice seeing the Knots Landing characters show up. It makes perfect sense to have them crossover occasionally since Dallas and Knots Landing co-exists somehow. :)

    I laughed out loud at Marilee Stone being annoyed that the Ewings ended up with her company after she sold out to Cliff Barnes. :giggle:
    I could totally picture that!

    Also are we going to see anymore of JR's kids?
    I don't really see a point in inventing more characters if we never see them.
    I am curious about Bo but could do without Holly's son to be honest.

    Anyway great update! :hat:
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    I hadn’t thought of more with Pam but for you I will.

    Sorry I didn’t give more details about Lucy’s fiancé. I’d say about here age, maybe a bit older. Did you notice the last names from Falcon Crest.

    Paul is way over his head and dangerous. There are people who will stop at anything to shut down the Ewing Process, but like fracking takes away control of the top price go petroleum from OPEC and Russia, the Ewing Process does the same with natural gas.

    The Ewing basically ended up with the cartel - a spoiler.

    Maybe Bo, but mostly I thought it was important to mention him unlike TNT who really pretended he did not exist. Hollys child was just to make mention that the real line H L Hunt, JR could and would have one “families” out there. But my intention isn’t to show them, just make the comparison - real life is shears stranger then fiction.

    Thank you. Episode 12 will be the cliff hanger - so it’s coming.
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    Episode 9

    Bobby talks with Pam about her mental health over lunch in the patio with Chris. “But I’m so much better. It’s just by the time I realized what was real abs what wasn’t, you’d moved on. I told Chris I couldn’t do that to him. I could. It was better he thought I’d died.”

    “I do understand. I’ve seen Pamela’s episodes. She tried dealing with it on her own but there were fights where didn’t seem to understand reality. One time she was beating on John Ross saying he killed her babies.”

    “It’s so hard to take that Cliff did. Though honestly I can understand. I had this doll I use to think was Christopher. And times I’d check on him and of course he wasn’t breathing and I’d loose it. I feel so bad for Pamela. I know what she’s going through. How you don’t want to be on pills the rest of your life. But my medications have changed over the years. I still fill numb more than anything.”

    “Oh Pam. I wish I could have helped you like John Ross is trying to help Pamela.”

    “I’m glad you didn’t. I would never have wanted to put you through that. I just don’t want to die alone now. Like Cliff and Katherine.”

    Chris says, “You’re not momma. You’ll always be here with me.”

    “John Ross made sure Cliff got the care he needed. Pamela couldn’t see him. Not after what he’d done. So John Ross went to visit him in a better place in Mexico. He did it for Pamela and for Sue Ellen. Cliff died thinking John Ross was his and Sue Ellen’s son. He called him Wills. Sue Ellen says she named him after Digger. He was happy Pam. He really was.”

    “I’m so glad. Now if I only knew what happened to Katherine. But I suppose I never will.”

    Bobby holds her hand. “I never stopped loving you.”

    “And I never fell out of love with you.”

    Ellie walks into John Ross study. He looks stricken reading over some papers. “What is it?”


    “What’s that?”

    “It means family in Russian. It’s a group who has attempted to rival OPEC in the control of oil and national gas.”

    “I’ve never heard of it.”

    “You wouldn’t. They’ve been at the heart of tensions in Venezuela for decades. They killed our grandfather. He was sent in to work with some old partners of his. To help liberate the Venezuelan oil industry. They’ve got more oil than any other county fat good it does their people. They were behind killing him.”

    “Oh my God. They killed Rebecca Wentworth too.”

    “That was Pamela’s grandmother?”

    “Yes. She went against a deal her late husband Herbert put together with Sem’ya to shelve fracking technology which Wentworth Tool and Die had. They killed her. The Committee protected the technology. Today it allows us control of the top end of crude prices. It’s the same thing we’re doing with the Ewing Process to control the top price of natural gas.”

    “Sem’ya is their name?”

    “One name. There are others like OPEC. They share a common goal, get rich off of high priced oil and gas. And they’re achieved it. They’re not about to let free markets interfere.”

    “And we’re in a position to handle them.”

    “Well out grandfather, Rebecca Wentworth didn’t even know who they were, so we’ve got an advantage. And friends. Powerful friends.”

    “They’re behind the oil rig explosion?”


    In Trident’s garage Paul is let in the back a limousine by his drive after some friendly chatting. He finds himself face to face with Mateo. The door lock and the car begins to move. “What the hell are you doing in my car?”

    “I was told you can’t be trusted.”

    “What? Get out. Jace, pull over.”

    “Jace works for me.”

    “Since when.”

    “Since long before you hired him.”

    “Listen I’m not interested in a little chat or what ever you’re here for.”

    “And I’m not interested in talking.”

    “Why are you here then?”

    “To make sure you’re properly disposed of.”


    “Just enjoy the ride.”

    Anthony’s office is a big open, corner room. His desk faces the corner with a view of the Dallas skyline and there’s a sitting area where four sofas surround a large square coffee table, John Ross sitting on one facing Anthony sitting on the other.

    Anthony says, “You want Ben to take Paul’s place?”

    “Yes. I want it to appear as of Paul is in control enough of his board that even in his absence he holds sway over who runs the company. Ben’s smart enough to know he’s over his head. He’ll rely on the people around him.”

    “I hope so. Wall Street won’t be happy.”

    “The share price is overinflated anyway.”

    “Agreed, but that’s how we been picking up so much cash lately.”

    “I think we’re fine for now.”

    “OK. And if it’s brought up to replace him on the board, even temporary?”

    “Donna Dowling.”

    “The former Secretary of Energy?”



    Sue Ellen sits having lunch with some people, including Ellie at the Oil Barrons’ Club when John Ross walks in. She stands and hugs her son. “Done?” She whispers in his ear.


    “John Ross you know everyone. David LeLand, and Jeff Cryder and Cindy Lawton, Carter’s wife.”

    “Yes of course. Don’t let me interrupt yours work. I suspect more good stuff for Texas is happening at this table than anywhere else in the Lone Star state. I just can’t go get my sister.”

    David says, “We’re discussion the clean up along the Gulf. Sue Ellen says you’ve set aside twenty billion dollars.”

    “We have. But we’re not just writing out blank checks. The lawyers will take years to iron out the details. I’m hoping you all can figure out a way for us to expedite the clean up and get people back to work.”

    “That’s the plan.”

    After some curtsies John Ross and Ellie walk away from the table.

    Sitting down at there table he says, “Well?”

    “It’ll take a while but I’ve put a bug in the ear of the right people. An oil embargo with Venezuela will cripple Pengo.”

    “Then Grazneft jumps in.”

    “I’m certain they will. What about our reimbursement of the twenty billion for the clean up?”

    “Believe me we’ll get it and then some. Without flooding the market, we’re beginning to sell natural gas, and soon will take a huge bite out of Russia’s forty percent of the European market before they even realize what’s happened. In the mean time we’ve got to keep a tight lock down on things.”

    “They’re going to rue the day they took on the Ewing’s.”

    “This has been a long time coming.”

    Pamela sits by the pool eating lunch and going over some papers when Bobby approaches. “Mind if I join you?”

    “No of course not.” Pamela watches a plate sat in front of him. “You know, you don’t have to keep an eye on me.”

    “I’m not. John Ross just said you’d be alone and asked if I’d have lunch with you.”

    “So how was your trip to see Aunt Pam?”

    “Pretty good. I’m going back next week.”

    “That’s good. I’m glad. You two are good then?”


    “I’ve been doing some family research. I’m on the Blake side of the family, my Grandma Rebecca’s family. They go all the way back to the Alamo and before that to Virginia and the Lee’s. I can show you how I’m related to the Lee’s here in Dallas.”

    “Really? That’s interesting.”

    “Speaking of interesting. My grandmother was first cousins with Amanda Lewis, your father’s first wife.”

    “Really? Now that is interesting.“

    “Right? You all could have been Fairfax’s instead of Southworth’s.”


    “My grandmother’s mother was a Fairfax and younger sister to Amanda Lewis’s mother.”


    “Isn’t it? It gets more interesting. The Fairfax’s owned a ranch.”

    “They did? Where?”

    “Here. It was huge. It included Paul’s ranch, South Fork, Wade Ranch.”

    “You’re kidding.”

    She shows him a map.

    Jenny runs to the front door of South Fork. Before she can knock Pamela opens it with John Ross running down the stairs. Jenny is hysterical explaining that someone has Peter. She hands them a letter. John Ross looks at it and takes out his phone. “First thing, I get security in the kids. Ben’s family two. Are you at the house yourself?”

    “Yes. Greg and I.”

    “You’ll stay here. I’ll have your things picked up. That’s the first then. Then we’ll figure this out.”

    John Ross makes the call and Pamela comforts Jenny.
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