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    Please let me know what you think. I’ve got to get back to Rachel - she’s sort of the Lucy of this generation.
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    Just as a recap of characters and their roles:

    Pamela: Ray
    Sue Ellen: Miss Ellie
    John Ross: Jock
    Marcos (DelSol Anderson): Sue Ellen
    Bo: Bobby
    Andy (Wendell): Pam
    Ellie: JR
    Rachel (Baker): Lucy
    Jeremy Wendell: Cliff

    with Jack, Cliff and Steven - young children
    Benjamin Levin - lawyer (legal)
    Angel Ramos - goto man (illegal)

    Company: Ewing Industries (conglomerate including Ewing Oil as a field services business) - owned by John Ross, Ellie and Bo, controlled by John Ross through complicated family trusts

    Home: South Fork (house and ranch) - owned by Sue Elle and John Ross

    Roger Harriman - John Ross’s big eastern finance friend

    Caroline Baker - John Ross’s former lover and eastern finance friend (Rachel’s mom)

    Geoffrey Rosemont - John Ross’s shadow government associate

    Joel Pattenson - Ellie’s reporter
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    Rachel walks into Jeremy’s apartment where he sits looking out at the city’s skyline. “I heard you made a deal with my aunt. Something like selling your soul.”

    “Oh Rachel. How did you . . . oh never mind.”

    “I have a proposition for you.”

    “I’ve already taken a job working for your family.”

    “No.” She walks in front of him totally naked. “To be part of my family.”

    He looks up her exquisite body and smiles.

    A slender, older man man walks down out of a large private jet, looking around at the airfield, the sun in his face he smiles.


    Abbey walks out behind him and takes his arm saying “Welcome to Dallas.


    John Ross walks into a hotel suite carring a bottle of Champaign. Caroline turns around looking out a window and the Swiss Alps. He says, “I think this deserves a toast.”

    She smiles back at him. “To hubris.”

    Season Finale
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    Ryan Ewing - season 2

    Carlos “Pablo” DelSol y Anderson - season 2

    Cynthia DelSol - season 2
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    Caroline takes a Champaign glass from John Ross. “You’re happy about the deal?”

    John Ross hands a glass to Pamela. “Are we?”

    Pamela says, “We all get a bit of something. We get access to Russian oil, the Russians get access to oil they couldn’t otherwise get at. It’s a win win, I’d say.”

    Caroline says, “As long as Branch Water locks down the tech. A couple years, we’ll have acquired several billion each, along with Harriman, Rosemont, and Caroline Baker,”.

    “Most importantly key players are in check,” John Ross says. “And that’s where I intend for them to stay.”

    During the music Ewing Oil teams put up dozens of oil rigs in the frozen tundra of Siberia. There are signs which say Calco. Ships in the cold harbor, oil tankers, which say Ryland Transport. Refineries in California which say CalCoTrident. Gas stations say Trident and EwCo at methane pumps, EwAlt at electric charging stands and Lassator Solar on solar panels.

    A television news reporter states, “Ewing Industries has announced two IPO’s. CalCo and Trident will return to public trading, but this time as a pure play oil and gas company under the name EwCo. Industry experts say the Ewing Process of methane extraction, leased from Ewing Alternative, will make it the world’s largest natural gas supplier within the year. Dallas based EwCoTrident will also go public later in the month, focused on refining and marketing. The company plans to expand its Trident gas stations dramatically, offering methane for alternative energy vehicles as well as electric charging using Lassator Solar. Jeremy Wendell, who masterminded the plan to save Trident, along with the Ewing Family, will serve as Chairman and CEO of EwCoTrident.”

    A sign on a New York high rise says DCBS.

    Soldiers in the desert ride in Hummers marked as Branch Water, LLC.

    A factory labeled Wentworth Tool and Die cuts drill bits.

    Gold bars are stored in a vault labeled ‘Aurum, LLC, A Ewing Industries Company.’

    In the dark of night the lights of a chemical plant light up like the stars of a galaxy. The sign reads ‘EwCoTrident Chemical, LLC.’

    Crops are sprayed and in a field signs displayed, ‘Dallas AgriScience, A Ewing Industries Company.’

    A mega yacht sails in the Gulf with the name ‘Sue Ellen’ on it. John Ross and Pamela walk out on the bow to watch the sun rise.

    The song ends.

    Ellie meets with Richard and Abbey in her office. “Welcome to Ewing Industries. I’m told you want to discuss an investment into Russian oil.”

    The Ewing’s and about two hundred guests, including Richard and Abbey, gather out back of Southfork. The barbecue billows smoke. Country music plays.

    Bobby approaches John Ross, hand held out, “I’m not sure how you did it but I’m sure your daddy and mine, would approve.”

    John Ross shakes his Uncle’s hand, “I didn’t do much, just sort of watched the right people in the right places get it done.”

    “Not that I believe that. I heard this morning a news report looking at the history of Ewing Industries going back to Ewing Oil and mentioned my dad, his brother and Digger Barnes. Almost sounded like a smooth transition over ninety years.”

    “Wasn’t it Uncle Bobby?”

    “Something like that.”

    Pamela meets a handsome, older, Hispanic man. “Pablo. Glad you could make.”

    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world. The Ewing’s are certainly on top.”

    “Feels that way.”

    “Pamela I’d like you to meet my wife, Cynthia. Cynthia, this is Pamela Ewing, John Ross’s wife.”

    “Nice yo meet you. Welcome to South Fork.”

    “Thank you. It’s a lovely little place.”

    “Have you seen my brother?” Pablo asks.

    “Not recently. But Marcos has to be around here some where.”

    A long black limousine rolls up behind Southfork. There’s a hush over the crowd, turning to watch, to see who steps out. It’s Jeremy Wendell. And then Rachel. John Ross doesn’t look happy and Ellie looks down right pissed, watching her brother go inside.

    Sue Elle walks past Jeremy and welcome’s Rachel home. “Where have you been?”

    “On my honeymoon,” the young girl says while showing off her enormous diamond ring.

    Shocked, Sue Ellen says, “Let’s go inside.”

    “But . . .”

    Sue Ellen pushes her along.

    In his study John Ross stands watching as Rachel walks in followed by Sue Ellen.

    “Daddy. I’ve heard the good news. You all have made a great deal of money, haven’t you?”

    “Your mother phoned.”

    “Are you as up set as she was?”

    “No. It’s your life,” John Ross says with a look of anger. “I’m not my father. It’s none of my business who people in this family marry. My brother with Andy Wendell. My daughter with Jeremy Wendell.”

    Ellie stands in the doorway, “You with Pamela Barnes.”

    John Ross gives his sister a dirty look.

    Sue Ellen says, “Now let’s just calm down. This family has a history of interesting marriages.”

    “I’m calm,” John Ross says, obviously not calm.

    Rachel says, “Compared to mom, yes you are.”

    Ellie asks, “Where do you plan on living?”

    Sue Ellen covers her face with exasperation.

    Pamela says, “Well congratulations. John Ross told me you’re starting to work at Kinsmet Press.”

    “What?” Ellie asks. “That’s a Ewing Industries asset. Why wasn’t I informed?”

    John Ross says, “Its a column for an art magazine owned by Kinsmet. You don’t weight in on everything do you?”

    “Everything involving this family.” She then looks at Rachel, “And you didn’t answer me about where you plan on living.”

    “Well, I’m a Ewing, aren’t I?”

    Out by the pool Marcos shakes hands with Jeremy. “I’m not sure if this is

    congratulations or good luck.”

    “I’ll settle for welcome to the family.”

    In the twilight, line dancing starts up, Sue Ellen talks with Bobby about how happy all this would make Miss Ellie.

    Keller says, “Hi,” to Bo.

    Pamela stands at the bar laughing with a couple of ranch hands. “Oh please, I could out shoot both of you, drunk or sober any day.”

    Angel speaks to John Ross privately.

    A Southfork truck stops at the gate by the road. John Ross gets out along with Angel. They meet with security guards next to a car on the other side of the gate. A young man steps out and says, “You’re John Ross?”

    “Yes I am. I’m told you’re Ryan Ewing.”

    “Yes. My father was John Ewing.”

    “Most people called him JR. Welcome to Southfork.” John Ross holds out his hand. They shake.

    John Ross says to Sue Ellen and Bobby that his father had another family and Ryan was his son. “Ryan didn’t know the man he called dad was JR.”

    Bobby says, “James, Ellie, now Ryan.”

    “Lucas,” John Ross says to his uncle.

    “What?” Sue Ellen asks

    John Ross continues, “Ask Uncle Gary about Molly too. Then theirs Uncle Ray. This family has a tradition of keeping secrets. But you’ll find I know them all. Ryan and his mother had a separate memorial for our father. It wasn’t until the television news kept talking about Jock and JR that he realized who his father really was.”

    “JR just left him without the truth?” Sue Ellen asks.

    “I’m afraid so. DCBS manages a trust fund for him.”

    “And just like that JR has another son.” Sue Ellen shakes her head.

    The party continues outside with line dancing and a big bomb-fire.

    Just as the sun is rising, John Ross and Ellie walk out of the study for breakfast by the pool. A few moments later Jeremy comes out of the back of the house to join them. “Up early,” John Ross says.

    “I usually get into the office early. I wasn’t aware either of you would be up.”

    Ellie says, “He was being facetious. John Ross is already finished the day’s meetings.”

    “I meet with a group of key people at five a.m. Ellie’s usually one of them. I suppose with you running EwCoTrident you’ll be included from time to time.”

    “If you want to meet with me, make an appointment through my ad-min.”

    “No, you’ll be meeting with me when and where I state as EwCoTrident is an asset of Ewing Industries.”

    “No EwCoTrident is a public company of which Ewing Industries owns ten percent at best.”

    “This is true. But half of that is in Class B shares and Class B shares represent forty percent of the vote. So before you think otherwise, you’d better poll your board to figure out where you stand. Because family status doesn’t matter here, this is business. Either I have your total loyalty or you’re gone. Now as for my daughter, that is a family matter, and as long as she’s happy we’re good. If I find out otherwise, well, you’ll find out what happens when this family works together.”

    Sue Ellen, Pamela and Bo walk out of the house next to join them for breakfast.

    In the back of a limousine Ellie talks to Ben. “Keep me posted as to how many shares the DelSol Group acquires. I suppose it could be just an investment. It could also be Pablo getting in our way.”

    Bo saddles up his horse and Keller says, “Not going into work today?”

    “No I took a few days off.”

    “Sounds good. What they call those, mental health days?”

    “Something like that.”

    “I heard Andy is sleeping in the guest house.” Keller puts his hand on Bo’s back.

    “Yeah a lot of gossip around here.”

    “Sure is. You two separated?”

    “I’m not sure that’s any of your business.”

    “What if I want to make it my business.” Keller grabs Bo’s ass.

    Cynthia talks with Sue Ellen about a joint DelSol and Ewing family donation to the art museum at the foundation offices. Finishing up their talk, Cynthia gets on the elevator.

    When the doors to the elevator open in the lobby, Cynthia finds herself face to face with Marcos. “So what are you and my brother doing in Dallas?” He asks.

    “What do you mean? You know the DelSol Group has many large investments in the states. Why wouldn’t he be here?”

    “I know he’s not here himself just to go over some investments.”

    “Don’t be so spacious.”

    “Also a good question, how’d you rope my brother into marriage?”

    “The usual way. Say that Rachel marrying Jeremy Wendell, now that’s an interesting arrangement.”

    In his apartment Ellie tosses papers at Joel. “This isn’t good enough. You make them seem like monsters, though you somewhat clean everything up. My grandfather wanted his sons to feel the rush of accomplishment. That’s hardly a monster.”

    “Your grandfather was a sadistic bastard. And your father, ten times as bad. Putting it as ‘The Ewings had a reputation for screwing over its business partners,’ was as mildly as I could get without total fabrication.”

    “Maybe we should scrap this altogether. John Ross is never going to go for this.”

    “Then someone else will tell the story, and it won’t be as you want it told. Ewing Industries is ‘the biggest company you’ve never heard of,’ right?”

    “And the politics?”

    “John Ross drew the attention to himself with that.”

    “Not for lack of trying to avoid it.”

    “Trying to avoid it would have been staying out of politics. Look it, the party is ripping itself apart. The old guard. The King Streeters Party, fostered by Robber Barons impersonating Libertarians, such as your brother. Now a third faction, those following the machinations of the current President. You want me to ignore this. So then I look like I’m writing a propaganda piece. Look it, I left out your father’s lobbying to kill the death tax in 2010, followed by his taking his own life . . .”

    “My father had stage four cancer.”

    “And he set Cliff Barnes up to take the fall. That’s his master piece, create Ewing Industries, pay no taxes, and end the Barnes family once and for all. I left it out, though I’m sure others won’t. Honestly, how do you clean something like that up? How do you clean any of this mess up?”

    “Well if you can’t, then I need to find someone who can.”

    John Ross shows Ryan around the ranch. “I had no idea this is where my father came from. Momma always said his parents were dead and he was an only child.”

    “Well he wished he’d been an only child. And his parents were dead.”

    Bo meets in his office with a couple of businessmen from South America. “Well you see the issue is, leases from the government are fine, the stability of that government is not. Of course there’s a level of risk. There’s a level of risk to me driving into work. But when that risk enters the realm of gambling, it becomes unacceptable.”

    “I’m sorry you feel that way Mr. Ewing. There are companies which do not.”

    “Of course there are. Risk leading to bankruptcy is acceptable for some. I suggest you look for someone like that.”

    “The problem is the gas deposits with which we want you involved, only Ewing Alternative has the technology to get at it.”

    “And we didn’t get there by gambling. I’m sorry. I told my sister I’d talk with you and explain what we can do for you. But when you go back to her, you’ll find out that Ewing Oil will provide the field services and EwCo will provide the operations. You’ll also find Branch Water down there to protect what is ours. Ewing Alternative would love to help, but not as you suggest.”

    Ryan hops down off of his horse in the barn. John Ross and Pamela discuss the up coming auction and breeding stock, near by. Ryan puts his horse away.

    Ryan walks up to the house to see Cynthia getting out of her car. “Ryan, right?” She asks offering her hand.

    He shakes her hand. “Yes.”

    “We meet briefly. I’m Cynthia DelSol. Marcos’s sister-in-law.”

    “Oh yes. How are you?”

    “Excellent. I just stopped by to see Sue Ellen and drop off a check. How are you adjusting to the family?”

    “It’s different. Have they brought you into Ewing Industries yet?”

    “No. I don’t know a thing about business.”

    “Well as a legitimate child of JR Ewing’s, I’d think you’d be entitled to a share of Ewing Industries. My husband’s family owns sixteen percent.”

    “Oh I see. No nothings been said.”

    “Well I’m sure it will be. In time.”

    An extremely handsome man drops off a package for the receptionist to sign as Bo is walking out of the office.

    They meet up at the elevator, waiting. Bo says, “Busy day.”

    “Crazy busy.”

    “Makes the day go by quicker.”


    Bo and the package believe man enter a hotel room ripping each other’s clothes off.

    Marco leaves a restaurant following a meeting, wrapping up with several associates as he runs into Pablo. “Productive meeting?”

    Marcos says, “Yes. We’re working on plans to expand the art museum.”

    “Well good for you. I’m glad I ran into you. I want to talk about the family’s share of Ewing Industries.”

    “Que pertenece a nuestro papá.”

    “A piece. He gave us all shares in Ewing Industries.”

    “Gave us Pablo. What do you have in mind?”

    “A very profitable endeavor.”

    Bo silently gets dressed in the hotel room with the delivery man. Both are silent.

    Andy arrives at Southfork and walks out toward the barns where he finds Keller. “You’re a friend of my husband’s.”


    “I’m Andy Wendell.”

    “Of course I know who you are. Can I get your horse ready for you?”

    “No. I just wanted you to know I’m aware you’ve been seeing Bo.”

    “Sure. Mr. Ewing rides all the time.”

    “You know what I mean. But I’m wondering why. I mean you come off straight. Are you just curious? Or do you think you’ll get something out of him. Money maybe.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “I don’t care you know. Bo’s free to be with anyone he wants. He comes home to me.”

    “I think you’re confused.”

    “I think it’s you who’s confused. But I see what Bo sees in you.” Andy grabs his crotch.

    Keller jumps away. “What the hell are you doing?”

    “Yeah no. If you were into Bo, really into him, you’d be more than eager to see me approve.”

    “I think you need to get out of here before I kick your ass.”

    “You’re not gonna do a damn thing. You lay a hand on me, John Ross will want to know why. When he starts to dig he’s gonna find out just what I did. You and Bo. Then he’ll want to know your motive. You see where this is going?”

    “I see your be had enough of you.”

    “Bo wouldn’t pay you so that’s out of the question.”

    “I’m serious.”

    “No you’re not. You’re an opportunist. So how much? Because I will pay.”

    In his apartment in Dallas Rachel rolls around in bed with Pablo DelSol.

    Cynthia DelSol and Ryan take a shower together in a hotel room.

    John Ross and Pamela leave the horse auction pretty happy with their day’s accomplishment.
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    Delivery Man
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    In the barn Ellie hands Keller a packet of cash. He takes it.

    Pablo meets with Jeremy in a Dallas park. “I can get control of my family’s sixteen percent of Ewing Industries. The concern I have is that’s a long ways from control of the company. You’ve got another thirty-five percent to get.”

    Jeremy says, “No worries. Bo has twenty-either percent. Andrew will get control of it.”

    “I’ve got that. But it leaves us seven percent short.”

    “John Ross splits his twenty-eight perfect four ways. But Rachel unlike her brothers gets control oh her share now. She’s an adult. As soon as this happens. We have control. We just need control long enough to take it public.”

    “No surprises. I pull this off and my dad’s gonna hit the ceiling.”

    “No worries. It’s just timing. I’ve got an inside man feeding me information on the Ewing’s. John Ross is working on it as we speak.”

    “And what about Ryan Ewing? It’s possibly he’ll get twenty-one percent. John Ross is talking with the family. If that’s the case, we’ll need him on board. I’m working on it.”

    “I’m warning you Wendell. No mistakes. This goes off quick and without a hitch.”

    “I’ll keep you posted on Ryan.”

    “I’ve got Cynthia talking to him too.”


    “Something like that.”

    Marcos gets out of bed with a beautiful blonde in a hotel room. They both start to get dressed. She says, “Are you sure you want me to keep feeding Jeremy Wendell information?”

    “That’s what Ellie said.”

    “And if John Ross finds out?”

    “We’re in a lot of trouble starting with you.”

    “I know starting with me. Benjamin will fire me and I can bet I won’t get picked up by another law firm.”

    “That’ll be the least of your problems.”

    “He comes to me I’ll talk. I’ll tell him about Jeremy and Ellie and you.”

    “You better rethink that strategy.”

    “Are you kidding me. I’m not nearly as afraid of you all as I am of John Ross. I’ve heard the talk.”

    “What talk?”

    “That Russian deal of his. Cemeteries are filled with the bodies it took to pull off.”

    “How do you know Ellie and I weren’t part of that?”

    “I handle John Ross’s paper work. I know details you have no clue about.”

    Benjamin hands John Ross some papers in his study. John Ross asks, “How’d it go?”

    “Jordana told me perfect. Wendell took the bate. She also said Marcos is sniffing around.”

    “Really? On Pablo’s behalf.”

    “No sounds more on Ellie’s behalf.”

    “Well that’s good. One some of bitch in-law I can’t trust is enough.”


    “No he’s fine. Dumb ass but fine. I warned him. No I mean my son-in-law.”

    “Oh I forgot about Jeremy being your son-in-law.”

    “Wish I could.”

    “And Rachel? How’s she feel about him?”

    “Near as I can tell she’s looking for a sugar daddy.”

    “You don’t say.”

    “You know a protector. With a lot of money. The stupid fool married her without a prenup, so when she’s done with him, she’ll go after everything. I expect your legal team to be ready. Tie him up in court until the lawyers bleed him dry.”

    “We’ll be ready.”
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    Jordana, lawyer in Ben’s firm
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    In the labs of Ewing Alternative Andy asks to talk to Bo. Agreeing, the two walk into his office, a glass box, and close the door. Andy says, “I miss you.”

    “I miss you too.”

    “What are we going to do?”

    Bo shrugs.

    “I’ve put the restaurant up for sale. I either want to move back into Southfork or leave Texas all together.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “Well I was thinking, if I can run a restaurant I could run the house. Oversee meals and entertaining. Decorating. Sue Ellen and I get along well. John Ross and Pamela aren’t interested. Ellie and Marcos certainly aren’t.”

    “What, like a house wife?”

    “I don’t know. I talked to Sue Ellen about being more involved in the foundation too. Say did you know Marcos is opening a race track?”

    “No I didn’t.”

    “Sue Ellen told me. You Ewing’s are so busy, we spouses have to have something to occupy our time.”

    “You still want to be married?”

    “I do. I want to end this mess we’ve got going on. I don’t like the thought of you with other men.”

    “I’m glad.” Bo smiles. “So you’re moving back into the house then?”

    “If you’ll have me.”

    “Of course I will.”

    The two hug.

    Ryan and Cynthia sleep together in a Dallas hotel room.

    Sue Ellen walks into the playroom in the attic. The boys are fighting over the toys. She explains to Cliff to listen to his older brother. She then explains to Jack he must always take care of his younger brothers.

    In Sydney, around a board table full of men, Ellie completes a deal for buying an Australian mining company, Rio Douro.

    On the way out she walks with a particularly handsome young Aussie toward the elevator, “While I’m sure your mother would prefer you had kept the company in family hands, it doesn’t always work out that way.”

    “No it doesn’t. Years of fighting her, we never really learned the business.”

    “Well give my people a few quarters and they’ll have the company back to profitability. She left you some very impressive assets. Some you have just sitting there.”

    “I guess it’s best to just admit I was over my head. I told my sisters. We just sat down and care to the conclusion none of us knew what to do and we needed outside help.”

    “And that’s good. I’ve seen family’s tear themselves apart because they won’t admit running a business is beyond them. You know the DelSol’s?”

    “Of them, of course. I heard Marta DelSol recently died in a car crash.”

    “Yes. My husband’s family.”

    “I didn’t realize.”

    “They’re tearing each other apart. Marta’s estate is controlled by her brother Pablo. Well, family, you know.”

    “Yes I do. So many years of fighting.” He watches as the elevator doors close between them.

    In New York City, Marcos paints a portrait of a nude, young model. He tells her how the mouse of the city is peaceful to him, drowns out everything else. He puts down the paint brush and walls over to her. “Do you mind if I kiss you?”

    “No of course not.”

    “You are so very beautiful.” He bends down and softly kisses her lips.

    In a hotel bed Ellie and the Australian have sex, Ellie in top, leaning back, her long hot down her soft back.

    Rachel sits with Sue Ellen on the sofa in the Southfork living room. “Can you help me tell the family tonight?” Rachel asks.

    “Tell them what?”

    “That I’m pregnant.”

    “Oh Rachel. Congratulations. That’s wonderful news.” She hugs her granddaughter. “I’m not sure how your father will feel about Jeremy Wendell being the father of his grandchild, but a new baby will be fantastic.”

    “Actually grandma. I’m not sure.”

    “Not sure of what?”

    “The baby might be Pablo DelSol’s.”

    “Oh. I see.”

    “Or Shane Bennett’s.”

    “Who’s Shane Bennett?”

    “Guy at school. On the football team.”

    “Oh. Well. First things first. We get you to the doctors before we tell anyone anything.” She hugs her granddaughter.

    Ryan works with John Ross in the barn cleaning stalls. “So dad and Carlos were friends from college but his dad didn’t let him around Southfork because he was Mexican.”

    “That’s right. Our father had a handful of friends. Carlos, Bum, and Gus. Really that was it.”

    “Bum was his goto man. Got stuff done.”

    “That’s right. He and dad were close. Cally’s uncle. They became friends when dad asked him to look after Cally and Bo.”

    “Another hidden family.”

    “Pretty much.”

    “And Gus Bennett, the quarterback?”

    “That’s the one. Dad meet him the first time he was in the nursing home.”

    “After the breakdown?”

    “Right. Gus had had his own breakdown. Drugs, alcohol. Career crashed and burned.”

    “Yeah I remember reading about him.”

    “Dad didn’t bake friends real easy.”

    “No. I get that.”

    “That’s what I mean. Don’t go beating yourself up about it. You’ve got family now.”

    “Pamela says you’ve got a lot of friends.”

    “A lot of acquaintances. A few friends. If you can count on one hand the number of friends you’ve got, consider yourself lucky.”

    “Daddy use to say that.”

    “That he did. With a while lot of other shit. He liked to hear himself talk.”

    The boys laugh together.
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    Australian mining heir

    Blonde model
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    any updates, miss ya that story
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    Sure thing. Just got you. ;)
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    Pamela sits on the edge of the bed when John Ross comes in the room through the double doors of the master bedroom. “Afternoon, darlin’.”

    She looks at him with a clenched mouth, a pained smile.

    “You OK?”

    She shakes her head no.

    John Ross sits next to her, attempts to hold her, but she pulls away. “Is it your dad?”

    She begins to sob. She allows him to hold her.

    “Please sweetheart, we can fix anything. Just tell me what’s wrong.” She doesn’t speak. “Please Pamela. I don’t care what it is. I’ll fix it. Just tell me honey . . . Please.” He begins to cry.

    She mumbles something he can’t understand.


    “Breast cancer.”

    “Oh shit. OK. We can fix that. No problem. We’ll get you the best doctors in the world. This is nothin’ darlin’. Don’t you worry. I’ve got this.”

    She attempts to talk but just falls apart.

    John Ross holds her.

    Down stairs the family gathers for cocktails when John Ross comes downstairs. The boys are fighting over a caviar tray. They straighten up as soon as their dad enters the room. “Pamela’s not coming down.”

    Sue Ellen asks, “Everything OK?”

    “Her doctor told her they found breast cancer.” Shock comes over the room. They got more tests to do to make sure it ain’t spread but her right breast has to be removed.”

    Ryan puts his hand on John Ross’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

    “This is gonna be fine. Just a little inconvenience. I want you to take care of her horses. You said you had horses.”

    “Yeah, but nothing like this. A couple back home I board.”

    “Please stay. Bring ‘em here. You got people to help you out. I just need you to fill in for Pamela.”

    “Of course.”

    “And Ellie. Ewing Industries. You’ve got it, right?”


    “And momma, the boys?”

    “Of course.”

    Jack asks, “Momma gonna be OK?”

    “Oh you better believe it. She’s a Ewing. Ain’t nothin’ stronger than a Ewing. Right?”


    “Nice listen boys. Your brother Jack, you listen to him. He’s in charge when I’m not around. And your grandma, you listen to her too. This is for your momma. We gotta be on our best behavior while she’s sick. You hear.”

    All three say, “Yes sir.”

    “That’s my boys.”

    Before the sun is even up Ellie presides over the morning meeting in the study. Ben hugs her. “He’s had too much to deal with.”

    Angel walks in with Joel. She introduces him as taking the lead in a new foundation the Ewing’s are establishing, the John Morrison Society, to promote “our brand of capitalism. Sort of the family’s chief communications officer. This is Benjamin Levin, the family’s chief legal officer and Angel Ramos - family’s chief security officer.”

    Angel begins. “The funeral . . .”

    “I’m not going. I have no intention of setting one foot in such a hell hole, no matter how they fix it up.”

    “The Emirate was one of John Ross’s early deals. They finished draining all the possible oil of the county.”

    “I’m aware of the situation. John Ross helped The Emir get rid of his brother and the Emir got rid of his brothers son. Some piece of crap who pretended to have an affair with Pamela. Quid pro quo. Same with the oil. I don’t think we owe them any thing. And they certainly don’t have any further use to us.”

    “You never know. Their sovereign fund could be of use at some point.”

    “And ignore their abuse of human rights? Look into that sovereign fund. I want to figure out how it can be controlled. And send Ryan to the funeral. If he’s going to be a Ewing, he might as well start now.”

    Ben says, “Venezuela. So far we’re standing firm but Russian assets in this county are talking behind the scenes about this just staying talk.”

    “I’m sure they are. China will go what ever way the wind blows. Russia has to be dealt with. We want in Venezuela stabilized and friendly. That oil has to back in play.”


    Looking at Joel, “I want to know how friendly to capitalism these Russian assets are. They’re reckoning is coming. I want you to be ready.”

    Bo has sex with Keller in one of the bunk houses on the ranch.

    Ellie sits in a small private plan when a middle aged man looking Hollywood polished gets on and is surprised to see her. “I’m Ellie Ewing. I’d like to talk about your movie, Ewing, about my father.”

    “Most people ask to come on board someone else’s plane.”

    “Oh this? This belongs to Knight Street Entertainment. It’s a public company of which Ewing Industries is a very large investor.”

    “Oh I see.”

    “So your deal with the director of this project on my family. It’s puzzling. This guy seems to be the only winner in your little game.”

    “I’m sure the movie will turn a considerable profit.”

    “No you’re not. You know as well as I do it’s a money loosing prospect. He black mailed you because you’re a pervert who plays with little boys. Some are known names now.” She tosses a thick file folder at him. “He’s not the only one capable of digging up your dirt. The FBI is on their way.” She looks down at a gun on the table. “You can do what ever you’ve got to do before they get here but this plane isn’t moving.” Ellie goes to leave but before she does she turns. He goes to fire the gun at her and it clicks. She laughs, “Oh I figured you carried your own bullets. You’ll need one to bite on. What I wanted to say before your stupid and rude jester. You’re friend, the director, he’ll be handled as well.” She smirks and continues, “You know I hope there’s a lesson to be learned here for your surviving Hollywood types, but I doubt it. Though they’ll be some pretty salacious gossip about me meeting with you right before you were arrested.”

    Marcos walks out of the Southfork pool in a white speedo with the Mexican flag. He pushes his hair back and then grabs a towel.

    Pablo walks up from the driveway.

    On a private yet flying over the ocean Cynthia has sex with Ryan.

    Pablo says to Marcus, “We need to talk.”

    “About what?”

    “Casey Fuentes.”

    Marcos gets really serious but quite.

    “I see I got your attention. I need a favor. I need to make sure I have your support regarding our father.”

    Marcos looks angry.
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    Jeremy Wendell meets in his Dallas EwCoTrident office with Pablo telling him, “There’s no way to get at Ryan’s or Rachel’s shares in Ewing Industries. Everything’s locked up in these trusts. And either John Ross or Ellie are in control of these trusts. It’s not like we were thinking.”

    Pablo sits and thinks for a bit. “I can get control of the DelSol Group through Marcos, that will give me sixteen percent of Ewing Industries, and that’s a start. We need to find ways into these trusts next.”

    “That’s just it. I do see a way. I’ve looked at it from all angles. The company’s so damn diverse with what I’m guessing is money hidden all over the damn place, you’re not bringing it down. The control of its not in question. There’s no shared control. It’s John Ross’s. And after him is Ellie.”

    “Still, one thing at a time. I’ll handle Marcos next. He’s the last piece I need to control my family’s business. That’ll give my sixteen percent of Ewing Industries.” Pablo stands and buttons his jacket. “Patients.” Pablo leaves.

    Once he’s out of the room Rachel walks in from a side door. “There you go. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Jeremy looks furious. Rachel sits on the edge of his desk in a very short dress. He puts his hands in her thighs and rubs them up under the dress. She laughs. “I love owning you.”

    “Stop it.”

    “You’re pathetic. But useful. Carlos DelSol has agreed to sell me his sixteen percent of Ewing Industries if I can arrange the financing and if my father agrees, thanks to that little termite. He’s cutting Pablo out of his will, by the way. This little stunt will cost him dearly. So my mother just has to arrange the financing and my father just has to say yes. The first is easy. The second requires showing him you’re my bitch.”

    “I hate you.”

    “I know you do. But we also know you’ll do anything to please me. They broke you and now, I own you.” She leans into his face, “When Pablo figures out you set him up . . . “

    “When this is over I want a divorce. I’ve set up a job in New York. Im done with this family. I’ve told my brother as much.”

    “I’ll think about it.”

    “I’m not kidding Rachel. I’m leaving.”

    “You’re so cute when you attempt to be a free man. I get my sixteen percent of Ewing Industries and we’ll talk.” She puts her hands behind his head and pulls his face into her crotch.

    The Ewing’s gather for dinner in the living room. Pamela sits on the sofa looking a bit thinner with a scarf over her head. Sue Ellen holds her hand.

    John Ross announces, “Apparently Ryan won’t be joining us for dinner. He sent me a text he’s off on a last minute trip to Switzerland. Apparently he’s seeing somebody who convinced him to just up and go skiing in Switzerland.”

    Ellie ads, “By somebody you mean Cynthia DelSol.”

    “He didn’t say that.”

    Sue Ellen asks, “Ryan’s having an affair with Cynthia DelSol.”

    “Apparently she’s up and left Pablo,” Rachel says. “Or so I heard.”

    Ellie asks, “And how did you hear that?”

    “Oh you know gossip. Anyway I have some good news for this family. I’m dropping out of school.” There’s a lot of disagreement about that being good news. “No. No. Not that. I’m dropping out of school because I’m pregnant.” These is followed by congratulations from everyone except John Ross and Ellie.

    Pamela hugs her, “It’ll be so nice to have a baby around the house.”

    John Ross shakes Jeremy’s hand and says with a very serious stare down, “Congratulations. Oh by the way, I got a call from Carlos DelSol today.”

    Ellie watches the two of them.

    Andrew hugs her, “About time my brother has a child with someone who’s nice and will make a good mother. Congratulations Rachel. Maybe you can get him to retire and spend time with this one.”

    Ellie and Marcos get ready for bed. She says, “I spoke with Rita Fuentes.”


    “I told her Pablo knows Casey is your child. She seemed sincerely shocked. And nervous. Of course she doesn’t want her husband to find out.”

    “I just don’t want Casey to find out. She’s got a good life. And a good father. She doesn’t deserve to have her life turned up side down.”

    “I assured Rita of that. But of course she’s as worried as you are. For her daughter and her marriage. Your brother’s really digging in deep. John Ross also spoke to your dad.”


    “Rachel has arranged the financing to buy his shares in Ewing Industries.”

    “How’d she pull that off?”

    “Her mother. Your dad is furious with Marcos. Hasn’t told him yet. But there’s about to be a big fight coming to a head in your family.”

    “Can’t day Pablo didn’t earn it. Oh Cynthia filled for divorce.”

    “Ryan’s a little idiot if he married that tramp.”

    “I don’t think he will.”

    Andy gets ready for bed. Bo says, “I’ll be back.”

    Andy asks, “Can I come with you?”


    “Keller. He’s cute. Maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing.”

    “I don’t want to see you with someone else.”

    “I honestly wouldn’t want to see you with someone else either. I mean I would, in the moment, but not really. Stay with me Bo. I get it now. Believe me I do.”

    They kiss.

    John Ross helps Pamela change for bed. Tears fall down her face. “Why are you crying?”

    “I don’t want you seeing me this way.”

    “What, they look real. Pamela. I would care if there were scars there. I don’t want to loose you. And they’re not you.”

    “No. I’ve come to terms with that. I mean me being a burden. After all we’ve been through. How can you want to take care of me.”

    “I just do. I love you.”

    “And if you always have to help me dress?”


    She full on cries into his chest. “I justvdo scared.”

    He holds her as she cries. “Of what?”

    “That I’ll loose you,” she balls.

    “When are you gonna understand woman, understand that I love you. I just do.”


    “There’s no why. I love you Pamela. Always will. You know that, don’t ya?”
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    Shane Bennett
    Cody Mainwaring
    Jesse Hunt
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    Ellie approaches Rachel as she walks out of the pool in a bikini. “We need to talk?”

    “About what?” Rachel begins to dry off.

    “Your sixteen percent of Ewing Industries. I’m impressed. That’s a lot of debt for you to pay. If we pull back on divided payments, well you’re screwed aren’t you.”

    “I have an allowance from my mother.”

    “Yes you do. But I meant screw as in you’ll loose your shares. Not your life style.”

    “I’m sure I can find a way to make the payments.”

    “I’m sure you can to. Your father’s building you a big house on Southfork property as well. A wedding gift.”

    “Yes he is.”

    “You’ve gone from no having a father to being daddy’s little princess very quickly. Despite having married a man even older than he is.”

    “I’m lucky I guess.”

    “I’m willing to share with you information I have on Jeremy. If you’d like. I want that little termite on a short leash if you’re going to keep him around.”

    “Did you have my husband investigated?”

    “Long before he was your husband. I don’t trust the Wendell brothers, but if you’ll act as Jeremy’s handler, at least until you discard him.”

    “Oh I intend to. He’s my proxy for a position in the family business. I’m too young to be given any position of public authority.”

    “Maybe too naive.”

    “Don’t under estimate me Aunt Ellie.”

    “I never under estimate anyone.”

    “Say do you know where Ryan’s been?”

    “He’s with Cynthia DelSol. Waiting for her divorce to be finalized. Traveling the world. Fancy a trip yourself? With Pablo?” Ellie smirks.

    Pablo walks into his office to find John Ross turning around in his desk chair. “You start work late.”

    “I wasn’t aware you knew about work.”

    “I did, but I’ve been pre occupied. Not enough where I don’t keep my ear to the ground.”

    “There must be something you want.”

    “I’m just here to tell you to call your father.”

    “Since when did need you as go between me and my father?”

    “Since you showed up to intervene with my family. Casey Fuentes.”

    “She’d be more a member of my family.”

    “She a Fuentes. And your father’s aware oh her. He’s aware of a lot of things you seem to think he’s too busy to pay attention to. He sold the DelSol Group’s sixteen percent. He’s also rewrote his will. I guess there’s little Carlos DelSol despises as much as a traitor. I agree with him.” Pablo doesn’t say anything. John Ross stands. “Come after my family again and they’ll be searching for your body.”

    “I’m not afraid of you.”

    “Yes you are.” John Ross walks around the desk. “You’re terrified of me. Especially with your daddy not having your back. Now you’d better high tail it out of Dallas and go crawling back home. See what you can salvage.”

    Andy steps into the barn and confronts Keller. “I want you to leave South Fork.”

    “What? Why?”

    “I’m not a fool. No know what you’re doing with Bo.”

    “Bo? We’re friends.”

    “Choose him or your wife. Cause if you’re still here tomorrow, I’ll make sure she knows what you’re up to.” Andy holds out his phone shows Keller a clear video of sex between Keller and Bo. “Do we understand each other?”

    “Yes we do. I’ll leave.”

    “Thank you.”

    John Ross looks in on Pamela laying in bed in the middle of the day. The curtains drawn, her back to him. He assume she’s asleep and back out of the room.

    A tear falls down her cheek.

    Jeremy welcomes Jordana to his office, joking he likes her name. “Thank you Jeremy.” He introduced her to the receptionist staff and secretarial pool and to her office as his executive assistant.

    A pool party at Southfork and Sue Ellen walks out to greet her granddaughter and fifty of her friends in their early twenties. “Hi grandma. I’d like you to meet Shane Bennett, Cody Mainwaring and Jesse Hunt.”

    “I didn’t know you were having a party.”

    “Well Jeremy’s out of town and I figured I’d better before I get to big for a bikini.”

    “Mrs. Ewing, I believe you knew my uncle, Kitt Mainwaring. He was engaged to your niece, Lucy.”

    “Oh yes I remember Kit and your family. And yours too Jesse. An old oil family from down in Houston. Your momma’s in the DOA.”

    “Yes she is ma’am.”

    Sue Ellen takes Rachel by the arm. “Excuse us gentleman.” Pulling her to the side. “You slept with all three of them.”

    “How’d you know?”

    “Don’t take me for a fool. Any chance they’re your baby’s father?”

    “Just Shane. But I told you that.”

    “And Pablo. But he’s back in Mexico.”

    “And Jeremy’s in New York. So if you don’t mind.”

    “Oh I mind. Make up a lie if you have to but clear this place.”

    “I’m not sending my friends away.”

    “Then I will.”

    “You’re kidding, right?”

    “No I’m not. I want this place cleared out. Pamela is on her way home from another chemo treatment.”

    “Alright, alright.”

    In a cottage on the ranch Rachel cuddles up in bed on Cody’s chest. “I sure missed you.” She kisses him.

    “Well you’re the one who ran off and got married. And got pregnant.”

    “Oh shut up. I was thinking. My daddy just brought the San Antonio Wrangles, they’re like an NFL team.”

    “They are an NFL team.”

    “OK. So maybe you could play for them.”

    “I’d love to but I don’t see it in the cards sweetheart.”

    “Well if I can make it happen.”

    “You’d have a better chance getting me in Major League Baseball.”

    “My daddy owns the Ranchers down in San Antonio too. If that’s what you want.”

    “No I was kidding. I’m not that good Rachel. But thanks for the offer.”

    “He’s talking with sone guys about a second pro Dallas NFL team. Something about the Browns. Changing the name too.”

    Laughing he says, “I might be good enough for them. Listen, I’m not interested in pro ball. Thank you. But I wanta get out of college and get a job.”


    “Now you really think I’m biting.”

    Coming out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, Jesse says, “No she doesn’t. Rachel’s just bring pushy like she always is. And she always gets her way.”

    The family gathers as John Ross helps Pamela from the car to the house. Angel walks up to John Ross and whispers in his ear. John Ross looks shocked.

    John Ross comes down stairs, the family in the living. “Where’s Rachel?”

    “I don’t know,” Sue Ellen answers. “She has some friends over earlier. Why? What’s wrong?”

    He looks at Andy. “Angel just told me. Jeremy’s been killed in a plane crash.”


    Shock over comes the family.
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    The headstone for Jeremy Wendell rests new, with his family. Andy looks down on it, alone. Bo puts his hand on his shoulder. “We can stay as long as you’d like.”

    Without looking up Andy says, “Do you love me?”

    “Of course I do.”

    “I know Jeremy was awful at times, but I always felt I had someone. That I wasn’t alone.”

    “You’re not a lone. You’re a Ewing.”

    “But I’m not.”

    “Yes you are. Please Andy. Please don’t ever doubt that. If all I can ever give you is family, than please, please let me.”

    They hug each other as it begins to drizzle.

    At home in the Southfork living room Sue Ellen see’s out the last guest.

    John Ross excuses himself to check on Pamela.

    Ellie walks into the study with Ben, Angel and Joel. Angel shuts the door and says, “It wasn’t an accident. Pablo DelSol was in a car accident yesterday.”

    “What do we know?”

    “Jeremy was working with Pablo to take Ewing Industries public for Dimitry Zubkov.”

    Ellie sits down. “Wasn’t he part of the Russian envoy that meet in Mexico?”

    “After visiting Maduro in Venezuela.”

    “We have to respond in kind.”


    Joel says, “Are you talking about killing him?”

    “Some one close to him.”

    Sue Ellen watches Rachel leave the room.

    Rachel walks into her bedroom and shortly there after a knock comes from the door. “Who is it?”

    “Your grandmother.”

    “Come in.”

    Sue Ellen does, closes the door and hold out her hand.


    “I hate to tell you, but do you really think anything you do on or off this ranch isn’t watched. We respect your privacy so most of it were never gonna know about. But when you start using cocaine, we’re gonna know.”

    Nervously laughing it off. “What are you talking about?”

    “Rachel, you’re not alone. I promise you. I don’t care what you’ve done, I’ll always be here for you. But I can’t watch you hurt yourself.”

    “I’m not hurting myself.”

    “I know you don’t think so, but this is hurting your family too.”

    “Oh come on, What I do doesn’t matter to anyone but me.”

    “That’s not true.” Tears fall down Sue Ellen’s face. “I know what it’s like to sleep with men to find love. What it’s like to find some drug to feel better. And let me tell you, your grandpa left a trail of destruct where ever he went trying to fill up that hole. And you’re gonna have a baby. Think about the life time of suffering you’re inflicting on your child.”

    Tears begin to roll down Rachel’s cheeks.

    “You think there’s a day goes by I don’t hate my self thinking all of John Ross’s struggles in school I caused.”

    Rachel puts a tube of cocaine in her grandmother’s hand.

    Sue Ellen sits it on the dresser and holds her hand back out.

    “I don’t have anymore.”

    “I don’t want the drugs. I want your hand.”

    Rachel puts her hand in Sue Ellen and Sue Ellen pulls her into a hug. The two cry together.

    Andy sits on the edge of his bed. Bo comes in the room and sits next to him. He rubs his back and Andy slides away. Bo asks, “What can I do for you?”

    “Leave me alone.”

    “Please Andy. I want to be here for you.”

    “You know I grew up without a father. My father was in and out and back in prison. Your father broke him to get at West Star.”

    “I’m so sorry Andy.”

    “Oh my father signed up for the game. He broke a great many people himself. And for what? More money than they could ever spend. Now my brother.” Andy leans over and cries. Bo holds him.

    Angel gets off a plan private plane on a tropical air strip and rides in a Jeep through the jungle before coming to a mansion on the blue ocean. He walks through the house out onto the beach. Jeremy Wendell sits there looking at the ocean. Angel says, “John Ross sent me to check on you.”

    “I’m fine. How did the funeral go?”

    “Well considering your body was suppose to have been burned to ash from a full tank of jet fuel, surprisingly well. I thought you should know too, Pablo’s dead.”

    “Really dead?”

    “Really dead.”

    Jeremy stairs out into the ocean. “How’s Andy?”


    “John Ross didn’t tell him?”

    “We’re concerned about telling anyone.”

    “Either my brother knows or I’m returning.”

    “And that will put him at risk as well. For them family isn’t off limits.”

    Jeremy goes back to staring out to sea. “Can I write him a letter?”

    “As if you write it before? Yeah, sure. Just be careful what you say.”

    Andy sits on the edge of his bed reading s letter, crying when Bo walks into the room. Rushing to him and says, “What happened?”

    “John Ross was right. There were people trying to kill Jeremy. I miss him Bo. He was the only one who loved me. I don’t know what my life would be like if not for him. The things my father said when I came out. The fear. Did you have that fear people were going to hurt you?”

    “Because I’m gay?”


    “No. In high school some kids were harassing me. Public school you know, my mom. But I wasn’t afraid of them. John Ross and some of his friends beat the shit out of them.”

    “That sounds like your brother.”

    “He looked at the one kid and said ‘you might not respect my brother but you sure as hell better fear me.’ And the kid did. I was more afraid of being liked for my money than hated for being gay.”

    “I was more afraid of being hated for being gay. I still am I guess.”

    Bo hugs him.
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