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Dallas 2020

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Ellie comes out of the study for breakfast seeing Ben, Angel and Joel off. Sue Ellen says, “Everything going well?”

    “I guess we’ll see. We have some bids in for leases in Mexico. Should be a slam dunk as no one has the technology we do to get at as much oil.”


    “Politics. Old enemies. Zubneft acquired half of Cango from Venezuela. DeLaVega’s involved too.”


    “Her nephew, Diego, is the Chairman and CEO of the DeLaVega Group, a Spanish company.”

    “He’s an enemy of JR’s too.”

    “Blames this country for getting involved in Venezuela’s nationalization of their oil. Blames Jock Ewing for his grandfather’s death. Zubkov’s kind of friend.”


    “Zubneft is run by Dimitry Zubkov, an ally right up the chain in Russia, who’s mission in life is to block us and penetrate the American oil industry. These Mexican leases will be his first venture since acquiring Cango. He’s been involved in everything, including fixing the 2016 election.”

    “I see.”

    “Macros is going with me to Mexico today. We’re hoping some of his contacts keep the bidding process honest.”

    Marcos takes a drink of orange juice.

    Bo and Andy come out of the back of the house. Bo announces, “It’s a beautiful day out today. Too beautiful to go into work.”

    Ellie says, “That attitude must come from your mothers side. Andy, can I talk to you about joining Marcos and I in Mexico? Ben seems to believe the Wendell’s still have some influence among a few people we might need.”

    “I haven’t been in the oil business in a very long time.”

    “Still. If you could just tag along.”

    “Sure. I suppose. When?”


    Both Bo and Andy say, “Today?”

    A very pregnant Rachel reaches the table and Sue Ellen says, “Aren’t you happy this morning.”

    “Very. An old friend from school sent me a text. We’re going to have lunch today and catch up.”

    “Oh that’s nice. So who’s this old friend.”

    “Garcia DeLaVega. He’s from Venezuela. Born in New York City though.”

    Sue Ellen and Ellie look at each other.

    The boys come running out for breakfast. Sue Ellen takes care of them.

    John Ross asks Pamela if she took her meds. Pamela lays in bed, tears rolling down her eyes. “Please leave me alone John Ross.”

    Tears fall down John Ross’s face.

    Rachel has lunch with Garcia DeLaVega. He says, “I’ve heard so much about you. You actually own like a big chunk of Ewing Industries. Everyone’s talking about it.”

    “Really. Tate and Connie?”

    “Pea green with envy.”

    “Good just as it should be. No I’m just kidding. You know I love them.”

    “I know. I know. So what are you having, do you know?”

    “A girl. Olivia Wendell Ewing. Oh you simply must be a good father.”

    Both are excited.

    Senator Bobby Ewing meets with Dimitry Zubkov and Diego DeLaVega, introducing each other, Bobby explains the American objection to the Russian ownership of CanGo. “You’re objection doesn’t matter as your president will not take any action against us.”

    John Ross brings breakfast to bed for Pamela and asks how’s she’s doing. She doesn’t answer or even sit up. “Have you taken your pills?”

    “What pills?"

    “Your depression pills.”

    “What for? They can’t fix this.”

    You can’t just take yourself off them. You’ve tried this before. It doesn’t work. You have to do what the doctor prescribes.”

    “What’s it matter? I did and look what happened to me.”

    “You got sick. Physically sick. But you’re better now. The doctors say your in remission.”

    She begins to cry. “But look what they’ve done to me.”

    “Pamela, you are getting better every day.”

    “I see myself.”

    “No you don’t. You see how you feel. Not who you are.”

    “This is who I am. And when I go out there, it’s what people will see.”

    “No what people will see is what they’re looking for. Like with a picture. Your hair. Your breasts. That’s not what makes you beautiful.” He tries to hold her. At first she resists. He says, “Beauty is who you are. Your cute little nose. How you listen to everyone and try and make them happy.”

    “Everyone but you,” Pamela chuckles in his arms. “You don’t need to take care of me. You take care of our three boys. They need you, very much.”

    “They’d be better off with out worrying about me.”

    “No they wouldn’t. They’d be lost without you. You make them feel special.”

    “They are special. And so are you.”

    “I don’t want to feel this way.”

    “Then take the medicine the doctor gave you. And let me take care of you so you can get back to taking care of me.”

    “I love you John Ross.”

    “I love you Pamela Rebecca.”
  2. stevew

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    Thank you everyone for reading my stories. I have enjoyed so very much or years tossing my ideas out there. Yesterday my mother died unexpectantly, so I’m in a bit of a fog. In a way this site has been a group of friends I never expected and wanted to share this bit of personal tragedy. I will try and return to posting as soon as possible. It will be difficult the next week to figure out what is the new normal.
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  3. stevew

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    In Mexico City Ellie, Andy and Marcos meet with Mexican officials responsible for overseeing the bidding process. They’re told there’s a lot of corrupt hands in the mix. Marcos says, “Tell us who and we’ll take them out.”

    Andy meets Bo on the terrace of a beautiful villa overlooking the ocean. They hug. “I’m so glad you joined me niño.”

    They kiss. “How was your meeting?”

    “Well other than seeing a beach house no lifetime politician should be able to afford, “Not very productive. But now I have a bit of time with you.”

    “I’m glad you’re working with my sister. It’s good to see everyone on the same page. I meet with an old friend of Rachel’s, the president of Sol y Viento, they have relationships with many of the factories down here to produce renewable energy.”

    “Hence sun and wind.”

    “Right. Well, we were talking about other alternative technologies that we have, so we might get some where.” Up from the beach Garcia walks toward them in a black speedo. Bo says, “That’s him. Garcia. He’s staying at this resort.”

    “Garcia DeLaVega?”

    “Yes you know him?”

    “His father. I hope that’s not what he was wearing during your meeting?”

    “Oh my god right. He’s gorgeous. But no. He was in a suite and tie. He just arrived at the resort.”

    Andy looks suspicious. Bo introduced the two. Andy says, “I don’t believe in happenstance. You didn’t just show up here at the same time I’m down here with my sister-in-law trying to prevent your father from interfering in an oil rights bidding process.”

    Garcia says, “So what, you think I’m here trying to do what?”

    Bo laughs, “I already spoke to Rachel. She assured me you’re trying to get in our bed.”

    “Did she?”

    “She did. Apparently you like to get around, a lot. And meddle in your father’s business. You founded Sol y Viento sort of as a screw you to his oil business.”

    “I’m certainly no ally to my father.”

    “You’re certainly not here to be helpful. Though Rachel says you’re great fun in bed.”

    “Well there you have it.”

    “I have to tell you while tempted, Andy and I are not interested.”

    Andy looks surprised. “You knew all this?”

    “Well when he said he knew Rachel, I figured the smart thing would be to call her.” Bo hands the young man a towel. “Thank you for the offer but no thank you.”

    Garcia wraps in the towel. “Your family would be wise to stay clear of my father.”

    “Your father would be wise to stay clear of my family.”

    Garcia leaves down the beach.

    While the two watch him walk away, enjoying the view of his strong, muscular, backside, Andy says, “I think a very wise decision on the whole.” He takes Bo in his arms. “I don’t get you.”

    “All these years and now you’re telling me this.”

    “I told you when we dated. We’ve got so little in common. You’re younger for one thing.”


    “We’re just two very different people. Hell, I’d be dead by now if not for you forcing me to eat right and exercise. You like loud movies. I like quite books. How are we ever going to make this work. Boys like that throwing themselves at you?”

    “And you. Though that one’s not looking for money.”

    “There are an awful lot of hungry boys out there.” Andy caresses his face. “No one is as beautiful as you.”

    “Oh papi. I wish you knew how beautiful you are.”

    “Nothing like you niño.”

    “That’s not true. ‘Age cannot wither you, nor custom stale your infinite variety’.”

    “Well maybe we have a few things in common. I don’t know of another boy who can quote Shakespeare.”

    The two kiss.

    Rachel screams in labor in the hospital with Pamela as her coach.

    Moments later in a quite room a nurse hands Rachel her baby and she shows her off to Sue Ellen, John Ross and Pamela. They fawn over her. “I’ve decided to name her MarySue Ellen, after both of my grandmothers.”

    Sue Ellen’s face lights up. “She’s just perfect. Just perfect.”

    John Ross says, “MarySue Ewing. I like it.”

    The boys rush in and are introduced to their niece.

    Around a board room table the team gathers, Ellie, Marcos, Angel, Ben and Jordana. They’re convinced all the bids were got at and CanGo cheated to walked away with everything. Ellie says, “Let them dig as deep of whole as possible.”

    Rachel prepares her horse when Keller approaches. “Going for a ride?”

    “Well you’re a bright one.”

    “Ok so I’ll leave you to it.”

    “No. Saddle up a horse. I want you to join me.”

    “I’m sorry Miss Ewing, I can’t. Oh um, but congratulations on the baby. Your father says she’s absolutely perfect.”

    “Thank you. She is. She’s a handful. Cranky little thing.”

    “Keeping you up at night?”

    “God no. But I did hire a second nanny, one for day and one for night.”

    “Oh that must help. Well, enjoy your ride.”

    “I’m serious, saddle up a horse. You’re going with me.”

    “I’ve got work to do.”

    “I know. And that work is doing what you’re told. Saddle up a horse and join me.”

    Marcos enters the elevator from the lobby in the hotel in Mexico with Jordana right behind him. “So what’s next?” she asks.

    “I don’t know. My father, Ellie and Ben are meeting with the Attorney General of the Republic.”

    “A legal maneuver. I don’t see that working.”

    “Neither do I.”

    Off the elevator Marcos walks Jordana to her room.

    She asks, “Your wife thinks she can make a case to over turn the bids?”

    “No but make a political mess for them to proceed. You mind if I come in?”

    Opening her door, with a nervous smile Jordana says, “Not at all.”

    In her suite she hands him a drink. They sit on the sofa. “Your father willing to dig as dead in politics as it will take to over turn these bids?”

    “He already has. You don’t get where he’s got to without having dug dead into the corruption of the political system. In an country, that is.” Marcos rubs her inner thigh.

    “They’re looking at a very large political disruption down here. That kind of instability can be dangerous. I am you don’t know what’s to follow.”

    “You do if you plan it well, man the so called disruption.” He takes her glass from her. Sets them both down and then runs both hands up her shirt, cupping her breasts. “I like to collect beautiful people in my life. While you’re very smart, you’re also very beautiful.”

    “Thank you.” Jordana leans in to kiss him.

    Marcos leans back to avoid the kiss. “To be clear. I’m not offering you anything more than to be collected.”

    “I don’t understand.”

    “Yes you do. I also don’t play games. Stand up.”


    “Really? You didn’t hear me?”

    She stands.


    Jordana begins to slowly undress until she stands before him naked. His hands reaching up, caressing her body.

    Pamela stands out on the back, upper deck, searching out over Southfork. John Ross comes out and warps his arms around her. “How you feeling?”


    “That’s good.”

    “I’m sure it’s the pills.”

    “Still, it’s good, right?”

    “Yeah it’s good. The boys just got home from school.”

    “Yeah I heard. Snack. Then homework. You’ve got them on a good schedule. Jack kept Cliff and Steven on the straight and narrow while you were recovering. He’s a good kid.”

    “Yes he is.”

    “A bit of a momma’s boy.”

    “Nothin’ wrong with that.”

    “No I suppose not. Cliff gives him a run for his money though. Struggling in school. Jack tutors him.”

    “Yeah he always has. Won’t let him get behind. Even when Cliff gets frustrated. Jack says they’re in it together. I suspect those are your words.”


    “You been back out to look in on your horses I hear.”

    “Yeah. It’s about time I get back to work. That Keller kid, he’s done a fine job in my absence. Keeping everything tip top.”

    “Yeah. He and I have had a few conversations.”

    “He went out riding with Rachel this mornin’.”

    “Did he?”

    “I doubt she gave him much of a choice. That girl’s a handful.”

    “Yes she is. But very capable. Her mother’s fund owns ten percent of CanGo.”

    “How’d she pull that off?”

    “With the our federal government looking freeze all Russian and Venezuelan assets, Zubneft sold her ten percent, thinking an American partner might be a good idea.”

    “What’s that got to do with Rachel?”

    “Simon Paul is in charge of the investment. He’s an old school friend of Rachel’s.”

    “He’s old enough to manage such an investment?”

    “He’s sort of a prodigy, academically. But no, maturity wise he’s not. Caroline has him teamed with one of her must trusted lieutenants. That’s the point. Rachel has a great deal of influence within Caroline’s organization. Rachel used Simon and Garcia DeLaVega to put the deal together.”

    “The deal was Rachel’s?”

    “Yes it was. It wasn’t even on Caroline’s radar. Senator Harriman from Pennsylvania mention it to Rachel.”

    “Hows she connected to him.”

    “Friends with his daughter in school until Rachel broke up her parents marriage, or so Caroline says.”

    “Your sister know all of this?”

    “Not yet.”
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    Simon Paul

    Senator Harriman

    Neil Harriman
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    The Ewing’s gather for cocktails in the living room. First John Ross and Pamela join Sue Ellen. Then Ellie and Marcos. Then Bo and Andy. The boys rush in next to jump on the sofa with their adoring grandmother.

    Rachel bounds down the stairs and gets to the door before the maid, opening to see a beautiful, young blond boy. “Simon. Come in. Let me introduce you to my family.”

    She leads him by the hand and introduces Simon Paul to her family. “He’s absolutely brilliant. Works for my mother. He’s moved here to Dallas to represent the company’s energy investments. Isn’t he gorgeous?”

    Ellie says, “I hear you represent a considerable investment in CanGo.”

    “Yes. Got it for an excellent price but still worried about it.”

    Sue Ellen says, “I’m sorry Simon. We don’t talk business at dinner.”

    “Oh sorry. Probably best.”

    Sue Ellen smiles. “No. I didn’t mean you. Ellie knows better. You’re a guest. Talk about what ever you want. But everyone here knows to stay clear of business, certainly not bring it up.”

    Ellie scoffs, “Just good to know when you’ve invited a wolf to dinner that’s all.”

    “A wolf,” Rachel laughs. “Simons a sweetheart.”

    “I don’t know about that, we are judged by the company we keep,” John Ross adds.

    “What’s that suppose to mean?” Rachel asks.

    “You damn well know what I mean,” her father answers.

    Bo looks at Andy then they both look at Marcos. Marcos whispers, “Dimitry Zubkov and Diego DeLaVega.”

    They both sigh, “Ah.”

    “If you and Ellie have something to say, say it,” Rachel demands.

    “Who you think you’re talking to? No body orders me around. You better be clear about that. CanGo is a front for people who have it in for this family. If your friend here is friends with them, we got a problem. Me and him and me and you.”

    “Well Simon besting you and Ellie and Marcos isn’t my problem. It’s yours alone.”

    “Now there’s where your mistaken. You thinking my problem with you isn’t a problem for you.”

    “Whatever.” Rachel grabs Simon’s arm and leads him out.”

    Sue Ellen says, “Let her go.”

    Following a housekeeper whispering in her ear Pamela announces, “Dinner is ready.”

    In the back of a limousine in Washington, D. C. Ben meets with an older politician. As the man enters the car he says, “I didn’t expect to see you.”

    “I didn’t expect to be here but the Senate doesn’t appear to be making any progress with neutering CanGo’s investors.”

    “You know as well as I do how complicated things get in the Senate.”

    “I know it’s bypassing the EPA in expanding it’s refinery down in Canton, Louisiana and not a thing’s being said by anyone.”

    “I haven’t heard anything about that.”

    “You really want to bullshit me? We both know the party leaders you’re kowtowing to.”

    “Things are more complicated then you know.”

    “They’re not complicated. They’ve been got at. Problem is people like you think you’re pandering to your electorate and their puppet master. A little warning Harriman. You’re being tested right along with the rest of your cronies. And you’re failing.”

    “Listen, I helped when I could. I got the information to Caroline Baker like you asked. Now you’re pushing for a public battle and it ain’t gonna happen unless I get some assurances from you once I’m ran out on a rail.”

    “I’ve got an assurance for you. This isn’t a test you can afford to fail.”

    John Ross comes out to the stables to find Rachel grooming her horse. Pamela, who’s close by, looks on with concern. John Ross says to his daughter, “Simon buy it?”

    “That I’m vulnerable to betray my family? Hook, line and sinker.”

    “You be careful with him. Thinking your vulnerable could turn on us.”

    “No he’s not that kinda smart.”

    The two laugh.

    Pamela says, “But his associates are.”

    John Ross says, “They are. But they’ve got exposed bellies too. If they hadn’t, we’d have to have taken them out long ago.” Looking at Rachel. “Never trust a man without an exposed belly. He got nothing to lose you got to put him down before you even get started.”

    “That from your daddy?”

    “He did use to say, ‘Do unto others before they do unto you,’ so I suppose that applies here.”

    “I suppose it does.”

    “My daddy also said, ‘keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves.’”

    “You think Zubkov and Diego DeLaVega are gonna take care of themselves?”

    “Sweetheart, they already are. They’re smart, five or six moves ahead. But we’re twenty steps ahead and they’re just doing what we want.”

    Bo shakes a man’s hand standing at a restaurant table in Dallas. The man asks him to sit. “Thank you. Nice to meet you Mr. Harriman.”

    “Neal, please. I believe our families know each other. My father’s Senator Harriman from Pennsylvania. He was the senior senator when your Aunt Donna took over for her late husband, before she became the Secretary of Energy.”

    “So you know my father’s cousin Margret Krebs.”

    “I do indeed. A formidable lobbyist. I hear on the Ewing payroll.”

    “I wouldn’t know about that.”

    “Her brother, Lucas, Margret’s got him in the House. Some say one day he’ll be president with her behind him.”

    “That’s what they say. My brother helped him but the old Wade Ranch. He’s sort of a gentleman farmer.”

    Neil says, “The Lucas I know is a rancher and sort of a congressman.”


    “I hear Margret’s got your cousin Bobby running for the house too, out in California.”

    “I heard the same thing. My brother helped him by back West Fork.”

    “Your brothers generous.”

    “Well he is. Very. Especially to family.“

    “I’m familiar with your cousin Lucy as well. She was married to Senator VanAndel from New York. A good friend of my dads.”

    Bo laughs. “My cousin Lucy’s been married to lots of men.”

    “She’s the charming woman, I’m not surprised. A colorful character.”

    “So you’ve invested in a small turbine company and you want to team up.”

    “They’re wind turbines in the peak of the roof. Cheap to install, not much more then a roof vent, but can generate a great deal of electricity. And you’ve got the battery technology we need to make it a worthwhile investment.”

    “Well maybe we can work something out.”
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    Rachel sits up in bed, holding a sheet to her naked body. Keller is with her. He says, “This Simon guy sounds dangerous.”

    “Really he’s not. The concern are his partners.”

    “So big oil considers this investment in CanGo a threat because of the Russians and Venezuelans?”

    “Minor. No the end game isn’t to take them on but to get at Venezuela’s oil and get the Russian’s hands off of it.”

    “Which is why this Garcia guy.”

    “Sort of. He’s more invested in alternatives.”

    “Which brings me yi if cars are going electric and we’re gonna make electricity out of renewables, what’s oil and gas matter?”

    “That’s a long time down the road. In the mean time oil is king.”

    “Off of which you make money.”

    “Oh I see what you’re getting at. You think what I do is for money. But it’s not.”

    “The Ewing’s don’t make money off of oil?”

    “Of course they do. From Ewing Oil and several other investments. But we don’t work for money. My grandpa sold his soul a long time ago for that kind of money. We’re living off what we skim off the top. No, it’s not money we’re after.”

    “Than what?”

    “Power. Power is something you have to keep working for. Something you have to nurture.”


    “Listen, my grandpa use to say, you can nurture power or you can hide out and die. Some people will move into a cabin in the woods, some will take drugs, and some will let other family members do the dirty work. Hiding’s hiding.”

    “And you don’t hide?”

    “Hiding’s a tool too. Don’t give away too much information.”

    “Seems an excuse to me, just admit, the Ewing’s are about being rich and famous.”

    “Money and fame are only two of many tools to power, but they’re two people get hung up on.”

    “You ask me you’re hung up on people giving you power. You’re young. Try enjoying life.”

    “Real power isn’t something people give you. It’s something you take. Something you’ve got to maintain until the day you die. As for enjoying life,” she rubs his chest, “that’s a matter of being smart enough to know what’s truly enjoyable and what you’ve been force feed. Real power is the freedom to know better, not be easily bought and sold.”

    Marcos meets with Jordana walking in a Dallas Park. “So you’ve got a position in the law offices of CanGo?”

    “Ben helped arrange it.”

    “He certainly has faith in your abilities.”

    “Ellie wanted people placed inside.”

    “This is her first big project without her brother taking the lead.”

    “I’m not sure what she’s attempting to accomplish. Just keep an eye on things.”

    “Pretty much. She’s certain they plan on using the company to snatch up oil rights as they become available, like they did in Mexico.”

    “So keep an eye on them.”

    “Give them enough rope to hang themselves.”

    “She so sure they will?”

    “Of course they will. Right now she’s aligning the personal interests of those within the group to her interests, people like you. Ellie plays the long game. She picks her battles carefully. She’s waiting for them to make the right poor move, taking her time to have everyone in place. She will cause them to make the mistakes she wants. In the meantime she studies them, feeds them, gives them the impression they are in control.”

    “Your wife sounds like she’s at war.”

    “John Ross struggles with reading but there is one book he’s read over and over again, it’s the Art of War. He didn’t walk away until he was sure Ellie could handle it. You want to impress her, find their weaknesses.”

    John Ross rides across the Southfork ranch with Pamela. They come to a creek where they set up and have a picnic lunch. She asks why he’s staring at her.

    “Because you’re beautiful,” he answers.

    “Oh cut it out.”

    “It’s true. You know I’ve spent my whole life fighting or being in the middle of a fight. It’s nice just to sit and admire the beauty in life.”

    “What do you want?”

    “Nothing. That’s what’s amazing. I don’t want for anything. Did you think after all that time growing up, board schools, family fights, that you’d ever end up just quietly living your life. I mean the biggest thing on your agenda is a horse auction next week.”

    “No, I thought I’d run my father’s company. Never much thought about being married. And then I was, and I was pregnant. Except no body cared about me.”

    “I did.”

    “I meant my husband and my father. People that were suppose to. Then I meet you. I didn’t trust you. Like you. Even want to be in the same room with you. But I loved you. I don’t know why. It got in my head and I wanted you out. Loving this ranch suddenly became important.”

    “Why the ranch?”

    “I don’t know. Chris never liked it much. Always tried to force himself to like it. Really wanted off of it. But it meant something to you. Something permanent. And when I felt that, how much this meant. I wasn’t giving it up. I’m sorry for so long you didn’t feel I loved you.”

    “I’m sorry you didn’t feel I loved you.”

    “No John Ross, I felt you loved me from the moment we meet as teenagers. I never have not felt loved by you. Just took me a long time to trust that you do.”

    “I’m glad you do now.”

    “I just wish somehow I could take back all the wasted years. All the times I struck out at you, or pushed you away. I worry our boys will find relationships just as complicated as we did.”

    “Like Rachel has.”

    “She’s another story. She’s not out of college, and probably never will finish, and has a baby and a dead husband, who was literally the last man on earth you’d want to see her married to.”

    “I hope our sons find love a lot less complicated.”

    “So do I.”

    Rachel lays out in the sun by the pool of a very exclusive resort wearing a very sexy bikini. Her body glistens with oil, a rich, caramel tan. Dimitry Zubkov comes up and sits next to her. “Have we meet before? I’m Dimitry Zubkov.”

    Without opening her eyes Rachel replies, “I don’t think so. I’m Rachel Ewing.”

    “Well Rachel, I’d like to meet.”

    “I think we just did.”
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    Any suggestions moving forward?
  8. ilovesoaps100

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    More Pamela Rebecca and Jr scenes, I love this story with them in it
  9. stevew

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    Thank you. I’ve been focused on rest of the family but it’s time to take JR+PR to the next level.

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