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    Man visiting Southfork

    Woman visiting Southfork
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    Yay Logan is alive and we have another Southfork wedding coming up! :)
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    Thank you. I know it’s a bit cheesy that he’s a live in hiding but I wanted something where someone was hurt and took sometime to get better, not an episode or two and it’s forgotten.

    Yes weddings are always cool. And don’t forget a rodeo to follow. Lucy’s on a role.
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    In her apartment Kyle comes out of the bathroom with just a towel on and says, “So where’s you’re friend Erik?”

    Lounging in a silk robe, not looking up from her magazine she says, “I’m sure he’s working.”

    “On the ranch?”

    “Of course.”

    “You think you can get him over here tonight?”

    “And why would I do that?”

    “Cause I want to play with him.”

    “We’re headed to the Congo in the morning and you haven’t even done your home work.”

    “I can wing it.”

    “Not with me you can’t. You can either put in the time or I can work around you.”

    “They’re looking to deal with me not you.”

    “How about I kill you, then stuff and mount you in a chair for the meeting? You think that might work?” She stares him down as if she’s assuring him he’s serious.

    In Roger’s arms, naked in bed, Karin says, “Because he asked me to marry him.”

    “But you’re in my bed.”

    “And your point would be?”

    “You wouldn’t mind me in someone else’s bed?”

    “What is this? We’re having fun. Why you ruining it?”

    “I’m just saying. You think he’s sleeping around on you?”

    “Why would I think about such a thing? So what if he is. Just relax and enjoy your self.”

    “What if I want more?”

    “And why would you want more?”

    John Ross and Lucas work on mending the barn when Colin comes on. “Ninety percent of the inseminations took.”

    John Ross says, “I knew we hired the right man. You ever doubt me, Lucas?”

    “Of course not, John Ross. I’m gonna get some more nails. Be right back.”

    Watching to make sure he leaves Colin says, “You think I can go see Logan again?”

    “It’s to dangerous. Just let him heal.”

    “But how’s he suppose to get his memory back if he’s got no one to talk about those memories with.”

    “He’s got to physically heal first. In the mean time we can’t take the risk he’ll be found.”

    Steven walks into a private plan to find Alex sitting there. Surprised, he’s speechless. Alex says, “I’ve missed you.”

    “But you left.”

    “And I’m back. For now. Come here.”

    “But I . . .”

    “Come here.”

    “No. You left. You broke my heart. You left.”

    “I’m sorry. I just needed time.”

    “I’m with someone.”

    “Come here Steven.”

    Steven slowly sits next to him. Alex takes him in his arms and kisses him, holding him tight.

    John Ross walks out of the barn to great a limousine approaching. A chauffeur opens the back door and a distinguished man and woman step out of the back seat. “May I help you?”

    “We May be able to help you. With Don Lockwood and Howard Burkcroft gone we’re looking for a sympathetic ear.”

    “We think Mr. Ewing you might be just such an individual. We come baring gifts.”

    “What gifts?”

    “Your Grandfather worked on a project for some friends in Venezuela. He never returned home. We recovered his body. It’ll arrive later today.”

    “My grandfather received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for that assignment in particular but we were never told what it was or what happened to him.”

    The woman hands him a folder. “This will clear up the mystery. He also received the Congressional Gold Medal.”

    John Ross takes it.

    Lucy sits with Jolie out by the pool planning the wedding. “Amy will be fine.” Lucy laughs. “Everyone hates their bride’s maid dress. Now gave you decided about who’s going to walk you down the aisle?”

    “Lucas and I have been talking about that. He wanted John Ross as his best man, but I don’t know who else would walk me down the aisle. So he agreed to ask Colin to be his best man.”

    “Oh that works out.”

    “And you just want the two?”

    “Yes. I just want to keep it simple. And just family. You know it be been married twice before. Oh and Josh as my ring bearer.”

    “OK. We can do that. And you liked the caterer?”

    “Well it’s the caterer the Ewing’s always use.”

    “Well yes. And it’d be awakened but you can use any caterer you want.”

    “And you’re sure about inviting your husbands?”

    “Yes. You’re inviting your’s.”

    “Just the one. Mitch and I get along so much better now.”

    “Living in different states?”

    “Not always. And we talk most every day and it’s not such a big deal to fly back and forth.”

    “I suppose.”

    “OK and you’re happy with the flower arrangements? I’m not trying to take over.”

    “No you’re fine. I don’t want to make all these decisions.”

    Michael and Pamela share a podium in front of a group of reporters. Pamela says, “Burkcroft Hamilton, Ewing Industries will fifty percent of Billcore while Mr. Burkcroft will oversee his family’s ownership of fifty percent. Who owns what is there private business. As for any other assets they will own of the breakup of Burkcroft Hamilton, there aren’t any. You’ve got a detailed list of what Ewing Industries is acquiring.” She points to a reporter.

    “This will make you a major player in agricultural commodities.”

    “Yes. As Burkcroft Hamilton was.”

    The woman continues, “Natural gas, mining. You seem to be dominating key markets. Any clue to your intentions, what’s the strategy of Ewing Industries?”

    “To turn a profit.” Pamela points at another reporter.

    John Ross and Mateo ride out across the ranch on horse back. John Ross rides hard and determined.

    Finally catching up to him Mateo says, “Alright, talk.”

    “It’s not like I can’t confide in you or Juan Carlos. It’s just these things were better to talk over with Oliver. Now he’s gone.”

    “So they came and spoke to you about the Prodi in Novem? They used those words?”


    “Two, representing the eight remaining?”

    “And they want me to be the ninth.”

    “I see.”

    “I want all thirty of our people on this. I want everything that can be found before I respond.”

    Late at night John Ross walks up to the back of Southfork, stops and looks at the back porch.

    John Ross walks through the entry. Pamela calls from the living room. “Rough night.”

    “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t come in.”

    “It’s alright. I’m just glad you texted me. You want to talk?”

    “You handling this with Burkcroft?”

    “He’s working behind my back. But I’ve got it handled. Ellie’s got us a big piece of RCP.”

    “Win. Win.”

    “That’s the idea.”

    John Ross cuddle on the sofa with her. “We spent too many years apart.”

    She holds him. “Yes we did. It had something to do with other women having your children.”

    “I always loved you, you know that.” He turns in her arms and kisses her.

    Paul walks into Steven’s apartment to find him in bed with Alex. He calls for him to “come back” as he walks out.
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    Yeah weddings, rodeos, oil baron's balls and the barbeques were among my favorite Dallas events on the show. :)

    So I'm definitely looking forward to read about the wedding and rodeo...

    Love that PamBecca and John Ross are finally happy together. :)
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    Jolie’s mother.
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    Me too.

    I want them to slowly settle in that sweet spot of marriage no ewing seems to ever know. There are a lot of fights around them. I figured they could be a bit boring as a couple.
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    Steven runs out into the hall from his apartment in his underwear. “Wait.”

    Paul waits for the elevator. Refusing to turn around.

    “Please Paul. I don’t want you to go.”

    “I’m not staying.”

    “No. I’m sorry. That’s Alex. I told you about him. He came over. I’m sorry. It’s just. It just happened.”

    “It’s OK.” The elevator doors open. Paul gets on.

    Steven says, “I really want to see you again.”

    “I can’t.” The doors shut without Paul turning around.

    Colin encourages Lucas to keep pushing himself to walk.

    The family gathers at Southfork in the morning, Jolie up stairs getting her hair done as Lucy and Amy watch.

    Out by the chairs facing a new gazebo draped in flowers Ray walks with Donna, followed by Margaret and her family to the front, second from the first row.

    John Ross welcomes Jenna and her new husband, Charlie, her husband kids and their spouses. He introduces Pamela. He then points out Ray being here and sitting up front, next to his brother Beau.

    As a valet takes their car Ellie meets her grandmother with Prince Andrew.

    John Ross walks in see Jolie all done up and beautiful. Jolie’s mother walks in behind him. “Well John Ross.”

    “Momma,” Jolie sounds shocked.

    Lucy and Mitch welcome Gary and Val, Betsy, Bobby and their spouses.

    Amy gathers up Jolie. Alex walks in and wishes her the best. A kiss on the cheek.

    Steven, sitting next to Jack and Jay, sitting next to Karin, watch Alex take his seat with Petrio on the opposite side of the aisle.

    Bobby arrives with Pam and Christoper and Elena. Jack looking at her with contempt, then looking away.

    Lucas stands up front with Colin and Josh, looking down the aisle.

    Ellie sits with Kyle.

    The music starts and Jolie on John Ross’s arm follows Amy.

    That evening the party is in full swing as John Ross leads the line dancing.

    Lucy says to Colin and Karin that they’re next. Both grimace.

    Alex introduces Petrio to Steven. “I’ll go get us drinks. You two get to know each other.”

    “So you’re studying nuclear engineering?”

    “Yes up at Michigan. I’m afraid Alex hasn’t told me anything about you, other then you’re ummm, your relationship.”

    “Being open you mean.”

    “Yes. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it.”

    He takes his hand. “Just something to get use to.”

    Steven pulls his hand away and leaves.

    Amy says, “Well I see you’ve been business.”

    “Amy. How are you doing?” They kiss cheeks.

    “I’m fine. You’re seeing Alex Cavendish now?”

    “Well the girl I was interested in is otherwise engaged.”

    Bobby, with Gary and Ray say, “My father certainly would approve of Pamela running the business. He was from a different time.”

    John Ross says, “Maybe. But she knows what she’s doing and carries herself well. The job requires someone comfortable in public. A trusting face.”

    Gary adds, “I’d like to think daddy be happy the Barnes Ewing Feud was over. I think he’d be happy Jack married Punk and Mavis’s granddaughter.”

    Ray says, “And now Lucas is married to Wendell’s granddaughter. Didn’t see any of this coming.”

    Lucy introduces Mitch to a group of DOA friends. “Jolie’s a member with me. We’re talking about doing a rodeo as a fundraiser.”

    “Sounds like a good idea.”

    “We were thinking of the hospital as the benefactor.”

    “Good idea.”

    Ellie says to Jack, “So Roger won the special election. Burkcroft’s got his own Senator.”

    “It’d appear that way. What’s the progress of your bids in the Congo?”

    “We’ll see next week. Dad’s arranged some win, win scenario for himself. But the problem is Burcroft can’t be trusted.”

    “You know he knows that. You seriously think he trusts your Russian friend?”

    John Ross stands at the bar with Juan Carlos. “So they approached you too.”

    “Seemed to think two old friends were a good replacement.”

    The two toast glasses.
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    Steven says into his phone, “Please Paul. Please. I’m begging you to just talk to me. I’m worried about you. Please. And I miss you. I miss you so very much.”

    A doctor comes into the room and says to Karin, “Congratulations. You’re pregnant.”

    Lucy has lunch out by the Southfork pool. They set up for the rodeo behind her. John Ross and Colin come up to join her. John Ross says, “They’re getting everything set up Luce.”

    “Great. It’s gonna be big too. We’ve already sold out and the DOA wants to expand. They’re looking at bringing in carnival rides and a second week.”

    “I’ve got a ranch to run here.”

    “I know but the money we’re raising. It’s important. Just bear with me. Oh. And I spoke to Jolie and Lucas, finally. They’re in Sydney now. For the week.”

    “Oh great. Must be nice, just traveling. Not a care in the world.”

    “Yes it must.”

    Southfork fills up with people in the evening from out by the barns to up by the house, everything lit up the night before the rodeo. As cars drops off guests behind the house Lucy, John Ross and Pamela welcome them. The two from the limousine who came to talk to John Ross approach. John Ross says, “These are friends of mine from out east, Hugh Tryon and McKenzie Felix.” Lucy and Pamela welcome them to Southfork.

    Steven noticed Paul standing with a group of people looking at the horses in the stalls. “Paul?”

    Paul excused himself and walks over to Steven. “I figured I’d run into you. Beautiful horses.”

    “I don’t understand why you’re here.”

    “I was hired on at Ewing Industries. I’m overseeing sort of the cultural shift from oil and energy to commodities. Well and Branch Water’s role. The companies really gotten into this paramilitary investment.”

    “Yeah, I. Can we talk?”

    “We are.”

    “I mean about us. Alone.”

    “No. I’m sorry Steven. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad. I’m older and in a different place. You enjoy your life and thank you for the time you spent with me.”

    “No I don’t want it to be over.”

    “But it is.” Paul goes back to his companions.

    John Ross walks with Hugh looking over the property and rodeo set up, walking away from the crowd. “I heard you spoke to Juan Carlos DelSol about what we talked about.”

    John Ross says, “I still don’t know all nine members.”

    “There are twelve. Nine American and the the Lockwood’s, DelSol’s and Rosenthal’s. There’s a lot of talk about your purges. Prople are impressed, how you handled things, and replacing them with friends. Even working with Burkcroft’s brother.”

    “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer kind of thing.”

    “I was thinking, do on to others before they do onto you, something your father once said. It was his idea to replace Burkcroft with you. With the Ewing’s.”

    “My father liked the long game.”

    “That he did.”

    “I’m just not sure I want to continue.”

    “The cost to your family, you mean. Logan in particular. But John Ross, are you any safer alone or in competition with us? Really competition is good is something you tell the neophytes. The fact is Burkcroft failed. He believed he could make a deal with the enemy and it cost him his life. Your grandfather new the value of associations. Look at his role in the cartel. They did what they had to do to survive and prosper. But in the end technology changes everything. Hence the evolution of Ewing Oil. Look how GM and Ford reclaimed the car industry through electric cars and automation. And what did that cost your business?”

    “And what’s next.”

    “Technologies that will make your natural gas investment worthless. All in time. See our investment is in innovation. Things are changing fast, with the return of manufacturing to the US with cheap automation, things are changing fast. We both know Jack and Ellie will be able to follow you. You don’t have to worry about the succession of the Ewing’s.”

    Pamela meets up with Micheal and Roger Burckcroft. Welcome to Southfork. Glad you could make it. I hope you’ll be here for the rodeo tomorrow.”

    “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Michael says to Roger, “This is Pamela Ewing. She runs Ewing Industries. She’s helped us finance our share of Billcore.”

    “Nice to meet you Mrs. Ewing. I’m glad this ugly fight between my uncle and your husband hasn’t continued. It cost us all to much.”

    “Yes it did.”

    John Ross rolls over in bed, tossing and turning.



    John Ross wakes up in a sweat. Pamela holds him. “Are you OK?”

    “Yes I’m fine . . . It’s just . . .”

    “I’ve got a lot on my mind.”

    “You can tell me. Logan?”

    “A lot of things. I wish . . .”


    “I was wise enough for all of this . . .”

    Lucy watches Colin leave Karin’s cottage early in the morning. She then walks up and knocks on the door. A surprised Karin answers. “Did yo tell him?”

    “Tell him what?”

    “Don’t play games with me. Did you tell him you were pregnant?”

    “How did you know?”

    “This is my town. I know everything there is to know. At least when it comes to my family. Speaking of such, did you also tell him you’re not sure he’s the the father?”
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    Jack gets out of bed and walks naked into the bathroom. Damae calls out, “So what do you know about the murder of Howard Berkcroft?”

    Looking back in at her, warped in a towel, “Why would I know anything about it?”

    “Well I figured your family was talking about it. Your brother died in the explosion too.”

    “I know what that. But i suggest you keep your nose out of such things.”

    “Well, I was given some information to look into. There’s a story there.”

    “A story that can get you killed too, so you better stay out of it.”

    “Is that a threat or a warning?”

    “I don’t make threats darling. Warnings, but of advise, a reminder maybe, but I don’t do threats.”

    Colin looks at Karin a bit stunned. She says, “Well say something.”

    “I don’t know what to say. I just didn’t expect . . . I want to do right by my child. I think we should get married.”

    “I don’t want to marry you because we should. I’m not even sure I want to keep the baby. I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

    “What do mean keep my baby? You can’t be serious.”

    “It’s my decision.”

    “What with no input from me?”

    “I don’t need your permission.”

    Colin pushes away from the table and walks out.

    Roger and Michael meet over lunch in the offices of Billcore in Windsor, Ontario. Michael asks, “Did she tell Colin there’s a possibility the child is yours?”

    “No. She said she didn’t want to go there until she mad up her mind what she was going to do. I don’t really care if she knows or not. I just don’t want to get stuck with dealing with her and a child.”

    “Well sounds like you should have came to that conclusion sooner.”


    “Well the concern is your next election. You may have won a special election but that doesn’t mean you’re a shoe in for the general election.”

    His secretary walks in, “Sorry Mr. Berkcroft.”

    A young man pushes past. “I’m just a courier sir, but I was told to hand these to you directly.”

    Michael takes the package and the young man leaves. He looks at the cover letter.

    “What is it?” Roger asks.

    “The loans on our shares of Billcore are being called in. We have twenty-four hours to pay them off.”

    “What? Can they do that?”

    “Yes they can, demand payment or take our shares. Well, Mrs. Ewing has decided to fire the first shot using their family friends.”

    “This was the Ewing’s? Why?”

    “Why wouldn’t they? They’ve had every opportunity. My question has always been when. Now we know when.”

    “That’s it? Are you also fired from running the company, I presume.”

    Michael stands up, wipes his mouth and puts down his napkin. “Let’s not wait to find out.” He walks out of the room.

    Steven has lunch with Alex and Petrio in Alex’s hotel suite. Alex says, “I was thinking when you go back to school next semester I should look into a place in Michigan. What do you think, Petrio?”

    “I think it’s a great idea. It’d be fun to visit Steven for long weekends. I’m teaching out a Stanford and with you in New York, Michigan would sort of be in the middle.”

    “Perfect. It’s all settled.”

    “I’m don’t know Alex.”

    “Stop worrying your pretty little head over this. Everything is fine.” Alex stands over him and pulls him to his feet. He starts to undress him. “You’re a beautiful young man. And Petrio is very good looking. Just enjoy yourself.” Petrio joins them and Alex puts Steven’s hand on his chest. He then pushes the two together to kiss. “That’s a good boy. Enjoy yourself.”

    With Southfork packed with people and the rodeo in full swing, Hugh discusses with John Ross a new building in Dallas, something with the Ewing name. Pamela approaches and says, “Yesterday it was buying an island in the Caribbean, today it’s building a skyscraper. You certainly live the high life Mr. Tryon.”

    John Ross says, “Doesn’t hurt to buy a few things. I want you to put Paul Smith on the project. I want something remarkable, a building that’ll get the world’s attention.”

    “I’m not sure what he knows about architecture or construction.”

    “He can hire those. What I want is his understanding of people. I don’t want a work of static art but performing art.”

    “Sure. I’ll talk to him. We’ve taken control of Billcore and set up the IPO with our class B shares retaining forty percent of the vote.”

    “Michael must be pissed.”

    “I assume so. He’s been hired by Bruges.”

    Hugh says, “The Burkcroft, De La Vega and Engles families own control of Bruges.“

    “De Le Vega? Leann De Le Vega?”

    “She use to control the family trust. Her husband’s nephew does now. Anna Lee Engles, is your cousin Lucas’s new mother-in-law.”

    Anna Wendell married into the Engles family?”

    “Ben Engles second and fourth and last wife.”

    John Ross looks at Pamela, “Lucy was his third wife.”


    “Her best friend Muriel Gillis was his first wife. He had a thing for southern bells.”

    McKenzie comes up next and hugs John Ross. “What a fun thing. A rodeo.” Pamela looks on her with contempt as she rubs on John Ross’s arm. “It must have been something growing up on a ranch. Well at least part of the time.”

    “I was only here off and on. My mother lived between London and Norfolk until I was in college.”

    “Oh that’s right she was married to Don Lockwood. By the way I left a gift for you in the house, something from an interest of your mothers.”

    “An interest of hers?”

    “Just a little something I thought you’d get a kick out of.”

    “Oh. Why thank you?”

    Pamela continues her angry stare down.

    The family sits in the stands watching calf roping competitions.

    Karin approaches Colin. “I need to talk to you.”

    “What more news you’re gonna tell me I just have to except.”

    “I don’t want to argue with you Colin. I’m going to keep the baby.”

    Colin, with an excited look hugs her. “That’s great news. Oh thank you Karin. I promise you I’ll be here for you and our baby. I think we should get married.”

    “Well that’s it Colin, I’m not sure it’s your baby.”


    “I don’t know.”

    “I see. Well you let me know will you, when you find out.” Colin walks away.

    The Ewing’s watch Kyle win the bull riding event.

    Up in their bedroom John Ross opens a large box full of tissue paper and silk, a bathrobe and several pairs of boxers. Pamela says, “What the hell kind of gift is that.”

    John Ross reads the note. “You remember my mother use to own Valentines? Well McKenzie does now. These are all part of the new men’s line.”

    Pamela gives him a dirty look. “Whatever.”
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    Late at night in his cottage Ellie says to Erick, “So Kyle stayed at bull longer and so he’s an older man. It’s just a stupid event.”

    Standing in very revealing briefs he says, “Thanks a lot for understanding.” He pulls up his pants and stomps out.

    Ellie follows. “What’s with you?”

    “Can’t you just leave me alone? Isn’t it enough you come in here and use me, do I have to talk to you too?”

    “No I suppose you don’t.”

    “So are we done here? Will you leave now or is there something more you want done to you?”

    “You’re upset.”

    “What the hell is wrong with you Ellie. Of course I’m upset. You use me like an animal on this ranch. When will you lead me off to slaughter?”

    “No I . . . I’m sorry Eric. I didn’t mean to hurt you. And if Kyle winning bothers you this much, I’ll fix it.”

    “Fix it? How do you fix it? And no that’s not it. You humiliated me with him.”

    “He likes you.”

    “Well I don’t like him.”

    “You certainly looked to enjoy yourself.”

    “Screw you Ellie.” He walks back inside.

    She follows him. “Please Erick I’m sorry. And I’ve never said that to anyone. But I don’t like to see you hurt. Tell me what to do to fix it.”

    “You just can’t fix this. This is twisted. Don’t you get that? And you’re the last person I’d ever guess would do that with him for business.”

    “That’s not why I . . .”

    “You lying to me or yourself?”

    “There’s a business deal with Kyle and then there’s sex. He’s obviously very good at. Wouldn’t you say?”

    “Go away Ellie.”

    “You’re on my ranch. Do you really think you can tell me to go away.”

    “Then I will.”

    She watches him angrily stuff a duffle bag with clothes. As he finishes and goes to leave she grabs his arm. “No please don’t go.”

    “I’m not staying here. So let go of my arm.” He looks at her with hatred.”

    “I’m so very sorry Erick.”

    “I don’t give a damn anymore .” He pulls his arm away and walks out leaving the door flung open.

    In the wee hours of the morning John Ross meets in his study with Mateo, Pamela and Paul Smith. John Ross says to Paul, “I figured the name was common enough but you and Roger Smith with second cousins.”

    “Yes we were. You knew Roger? He worked for Burkcroft Hamilton.”

    “Yes. Briefly. The Burkcroft’s sort of have it in for us.”

    “Being you dismantled tier company and took the one piece they were trying to hold onto, I can see why.”

    “It was just business,” Pamela says. “We had to rein in some of the debt. Michael Burkcroft was shopping around for financing to allow him to take the company from us. We just moved faster.”

    “Regardless, he hates your guts. But you’re wondering my allegiance.”

    “Frankly, yes.”

    Later in the morning the rodeo kicks back up, the large speaker announcement echoing all over Southfork.

    Roger shows Karin an apartment. “You’ll be fine here. My father will pay for everything so there’s no link to me. It’s just this could be politically damaging to me and well, we don’t know if the baby’s mine yet.”

    Demae walks into her little apartment, startled to find Jack sitting and waiting. He holds up a flash drive. “Explain this.”

    “Where’d you get that?”

    “Been looking for it?”

    “Give it to me.”

    “You little bitch. You’ve been collecting information on my family. What were you gonna write a book?”

    “I don’t know. Protect myself.”

    “Now you need protecting.”

    “Don’t I? Russians. Back room deals. Buying politics. Taking control of the natural gas market. Killing off enemies. Did your father have Burkcroft killed?”

    “You’re treading in dangerous territory.”

    “I’m not stupid enough not to have back ups and friends willing and able to use it.”

    “You’re cute, how you think every move of your’s hasn’t been carefully watched.” He stands up and walks up to her, shoving the drive at her. “Collecting dirty secrets is a family tradition. You’ll find your information on my family replaced with my information on yours. Read over it, if you dare, but warn you, there maybe things you don’t want to know.”

    She takes it, trembling.
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    John Ross opens a box to see a A Patek Philippe wristwatch. Pamela says, “Another gift from your friend?”

    “Yes it is.”


    “It is, isn’t it?”

    “Aren’t you going to put it on?”

    “No." John Ross closes the box. “I’m not so worried about time.”

    “A man of leisure I take it.”

    “No. It’s just ranching is guided by the sun. It doesn’t need this kind of precession. I’ll give it to Steven.”

    “Speaking of Steven, I’m worried about him.”


    “He seems upset. Paul’s not around and Alex is back. Maybe you could talk to him.”

    “I wouldn’t know where to begin. Maybe you could. You recognize something’s off. Maybe you can help. He trusts you.”

    “I don’t know about that. But I’ll try.”

    “Thank you.”

    She takes the box. “And I’ll deliver this.”

    Kyle sits at a computer looking into a bank account. Suddenly the number goes to zero. He panics, goes to another account and watches it crash to zero. He continues this, watching every time the account empty.

    Ellie walks into Karin’s apartment and looks around. Karin walks out of the bedroom,wet, raped in a towel. Startled she screams and then says, “What the hell are you doing here, Ellie?”

    “I came to check on you for my brother.”


    “If that baby is a Ewing, you’d best move back to the ranch. The Burkcroft’s aren’t going to take care of you and you damn well better believe he’ll grow up with his cousins.”

    “I’m not afraid of you.”

    “It takes brains to know when to be scared. And since that's something in short supply for you, I'm gonna help you out, now is the time to be scared.” Ellie walks out.

    Pamela walks with Steven on the college campus. “Well you need to make a choice. Paul seems to really care about you. Alex, I’m note sure he’s capable of caring about anyone but himself. He’s spent a lifetime just trying to survive. Both of his parents weren’t stable. You know that. I don’t mean he’s a bad person, but can you be happy with him?”

    “I don’t think my grandparents sound all that stable either, but you’re with my father. And you don’t get much more stable than John Ross Ewing.”

    “I suppose now, but it’s taken a lot of fighting for your father to come to terms with his life. When you were just a baby and he retuned to Southfork with you, that was it. He swore he’d never again let anything tear his family apart. He made a packed with Lucy and with Lucas. He tired to get his brother to move to Southfork. Tried everything he could. So you’re right, ain’t no one more stable than your father. But he had to hit rock bottom to get there. And what about Paul?”

    “I hurt him. I hurt him real bad.”

    “Than maybe before you figure out your life, you better fix what you’ve done.”

    John Ross hurries up and puts a letter in his pocket as Lucy enters his study. “That the letter JR left you?”


    “You carry it around with you?”

    “All the time.”

    “Well, I just wanted to tell you you’re momma just came through the gate. She’s on her way up to the house.”

    “Momma? What’s she doing here?”

    “I don’t know. Say John Ross, you said the letter was a set of instructions, you ever get to the last one?”

    “Oh I deviated from his plan long ago. Except the last line. He said not to let the bastards get me down.”

    “Well there was a moment.”

    “Yeah I believe there was. Well let’s go see what my momma’s here for.”

    Ellie walks into Kyle’s Dallas apartment. “Well look who’s here.”

    Kyle sits staring out the window, looking a bit shell shocked.

    Sitting heft to him, staring to unbutton his shirt, “What’s got you down.”

    “They cleared me out.”

    “Who’s they? What do you mean cleared you out?”

    “I guess my fathers enemies in Russia. I don’t know how they did it. Every dimes gone. I’ve contacted my lawyers and they’re not even returning my calls. Someone’s got at them. Even my safe here is empty. Every credit card maxed. I can’t even get to New York to check there. Maybe you could help.”

    “I’d suggest you just sell your share of RCP. I’ve got some friends who will make you a fair offer.” His shirt wide open Ellie feels all over his chest.

    “What? You know about this?”

    “Of course Kyle. You’re playing our game. We’re the house?”

    “Who’s we!” He stands up over her. His shirt falls off his shoulders. “I swear to God Ellie.”

    “You swear nothing.” She undies his belt. “Relax Kyle. This will all be over soon. You can sell your share and return to New York where you can keep playing at what ever you want. Know one need know you’re really a bitch.”

    He grabs her arms and pulls her up so he’s looking her straight in the face. His pants drop. His stands in front of her in right black bikini briefs and nothing else. “I swear I’ll kill you.”

    As calm as can be Ellie replies, “Right now you can walk away and as far as the world knows you are a man in control, or you can make a big mistake and loose everything, even your dignity.”

    He studies her. Let’s her go.

    She slides back onto the sofa. That’s a good boy. My, are you gorgeous.” She reaches around and rubs his ass. “Erick won’t be here but I’m more interested in you doing as I tell you. Consider it my going away present, your going away.”

    Jack walks out of an apartment bathroom with only a towel on, brushing his teeth, “I took care of Demae. I think there’s still a lot to use there but for now I’m just letting her mull over her position. Poor little thing. She’s got a lot to deal with.”

    McKenzie sits up in bed, sheet around her chest, “Yes well, she got in over her head. Maybe experiencing drowning will convince her next time to not take such risks.”

    “We’ll see. Have to keep an eye on that one. She’s useful, but maintaining control is important. That guy you sent over should do the trick.”

    “He was your sister’s idea. Common practice though, for controlling your front men though. You should have thought of it sooner.”

    Demae sits in her apartment on the floor naked, high, with a naked young man helping her shoot up. “Here this’ll help you forget what you saw of your family. Just relax and enjoy.”

    Amy sits having lunch in an apartment with Petrio. “Jack asked me to ask you to back away from Alex and Steven, at least Alex while he’s with Steven.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yes you do. I don’t give a damn Petrio. I understand it’s got to be difficult. You were raised really poor. People like Charlotte and now Alex, them make it seem like you’re not so poor. The problem is Alex isn’t any good for Steven. He only confuses him.”

    “He looks to be enjoying himself if you ask me.”

    “Look it Petrio. I’m asking. Jack and his sister won’t ask.”

    “It’s none of their business.”

    “It is when they see their brother hurting. You’d better believe it. And Ellie, she won’t warn you. She believes only cowards who don’t want to follow through make threats. She’ll get at you before you even know it.”

    Petrio’s look turns demure.

    Amy noticed, “Unless maybe she’s already got at you?”

    In the early morning Anna walks on the beach with her daughter Jolie while Lucas showers up by house in an outside, glass enclosure. “I just came to visit you. Make sure you’re OK.”

    “You’ve never come to just visit me. What are you up to?”

    “I’m your mother for crying out loud. Can’t I get the benefit of the doubt?”


    “Alright. The Engles family trust I over see, I’m invested with the Burkcroft’s and De Le Vegas in a business, Burges. We’ve been competing against Billcore, which Ewing Industries now control for mining leases all over the world. And RCP, which friends of the Ewing’s own, Ellie Ewing helped arrange the company moving from Russian hands to a consortium controlled by Mckenzie Felix.”

    “Why are you telling me this?”

    “Because there’s a fight brewing between the Burkcroft’s and the Ewing’s and I want you to stay as far away as possible. You and Joshie.”

    “The Ewing’s have handled the Burkcroft’s before.”

    “Yeah and it got Logan killed.”

    Over cocktails before diner Pamela says to Ellie, “The RCP deal is done I hear. You’re back to playing just the one side.”

    Ellie smiles, “Oh no. I play all sides.”

    John Ross says, “Your grandpa use to have a saying, Don’t sit on the fence if you can’t play both sides of it. I have a feeling you’re capable of doing your great granddaddy proud. But if Lucy hears you talking business, ain’t no skill gone help either one of you darlin’s.”

    Ellie puts her arm around Colin. “So true. So Colin, how’s the ranch holding up? You keeping daddy from making a mess of things. You know he ain’t really a rancher.”

    Colin chucked a bit of a somber laugh. “Yeah without Lucas he’s a bit of a fish out of water. But we’re holding it together.”

    “Damn straight we are.”

    Lucy enters the room. “Watch your mouth John Ross.”

    “Yes ma’am. Darn tooting we are. Evening Lucy. Where you been?”

    “Seeing to dinner why you lounge about.”

    “Lounge about. Me and Colin put in a hard days work.”

    Picking up on his somberness. “You OK Colin?”

    “Yea I’m hanging in there.”

    Ellie says, “He’s just being glum over that little tart was living on the ranch.

    Lucy says, “You got all the tact of your grandpa. It’s OK Colin. Some girls they just don’t know a good thing when they got it. She’ll realize and by then you’ll done moved on. It’s how these things work.”

    Sue Ellen walks in the room. “How what things work?”

    “Collins just up set about Karin leaving.”

    Sue Ellen sits down and wraps her arms around him from the opposite side of Ellie. “You don’t worry. That’s why grandma’s here. This woman’s gonna be sorry she ever messed with the Ewing’s and took up with those Burkcroft’s. Don’t you let it get you down. We’re gone set this straight. And a fine new Ewing baby’s gonna be running around Southfork in no time.”

    “Thanks grandma. It shouldn’t be like this.”

    “No it shouldn’t.”

    “I just wanted my kid to have better.”

    Ellie says, “We don’t even know it’s your kid.”

    Ellie swats her arms away from Colin. “If you believe it is, I’m certain it is. Ellie’s just talking like your grandpa, gibberish. Unlike his momma who had the grace to just admit she didn’t know what to say.”

    “Colin can handle the truth.”

    “No sweetheart. Sometime a man just needs comforting.”

    “Pish-posh. “

    Early in the morning Ellie walks through a Dallas penthouse, the sun climb up over the city. A gorgeous man closer to her fathers age walks up out of the pool in a black speedo, wrapping himself in a towel. “Darren.”

    He gives her a mischievous smile. “Ellie.”

    “All done with Kyle?”

    “All done. He’s back in New York happy to have money again. I don’t think you’ll hear much from him again.”

    “Some dogs just go away and lick their wounds. And McKenzie Felix?”

    “She’s taken up with your brother. Put a lot of money into his campaign. Happy to be running RCP and headed to Geneva.”

    “The reports on the members of the Cartel?”

    “Besides your father, Mackenzie Felix and Hugh Tryon, it’s hard to figure out who belongs. But I’ll keep working on it.”

    “I know you will.”
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    The steel skeleton of the Ewing Tower rises over Dallas. John Ross walks the site with Mateo in hard hats being given a tour.

    Hugh approaches. The general contractor leaves them alone. “Nice building.”

    “Thank you. Things are coming along.”

    “Your daughter did a nice job with RCP. Now we need Bruges.”

    “That’s coming up next. Don’t you worry. We’ve got everything in hand.”

    Television news anchor reports about the affairs of Senator Roger Burkcroft. “Porn Star Debbie Daniels is talking in details and Senator Burkcroft can’t seem to shut her up. A legal battle is brewing between Ms. Daniels and the Burkcroft family’s legal team. But if this is a accurate, before being ejected to the Senate from Michigan and while his wife was pregnant with their son, Michael, Roger Burkcroft was paying for sex on a regular from one of the highest paid porn stars in the country. Ms. Daniels first came to the attention of the main stream when she was seam out on the firm with fashion designer Craig Kresge . . . “

    The Ewing’s walk out the back of the house to meet Lucas and Jolie on their return. Josh runs ahead of Lucy and Jay to hug his mother. John Ross talks about getting back to work on the ranch.

    Everyone gets silent as a limousine approaches. John Ross looks at Pamela. “We have something to tell you all. We realize we all went through a great deal with loosing Logan, but with the people after Burkcroft it was only a mater of time until they got at Logan. But I feel that threat is over. Burkcroft’s enemies are as long gone as he is, fighting to survive, Logan’s off their radar and even if he wasn’t, they’ve learned not to mess with the Ewing’s.”

    Shock comes over nearly every one except Colin, Sue Ellen and Lucy as Logan steps out of the car.

    John Ross and Lucas man the barbecue, teaching Colin some techniques.

    Lucy and Jolie bring out salads to the table. Ellie says to Logan, “Lucy’s been cooking since you been gone.”

    Another pulls up in the driveway and Pamela walks out to greet Paul. He says, “This doesn’t look like a company barbecue.”

    “Well I lied. It’s a family barbecue. Come on. You don’t have to talk to him, unless you want to. Come meet his grandmother.”

    The family, including Jay and Josh, sits around a table on the lawn enjoying dinner when a butler whispers in Lucy’s ear. She doesn’t look pleased. She whispers back. “I’m sorry everyone. She just showed up.”

    “Who?” John Ross asks.

    “Your mother, Jolie.”

    Jolie doesn’t look happy.

    The family meet her car in the driveway. She hugs Jolie and says, “I heard you got back from your honeymoon today. I’ve been staying in town just waiting. Back to reality all too soon.”

    “Well I do have a son you know.”

    “Oh yes. You must be Joshua. I’m your grandmother.”

    “I’m John Ross. This is Josh.”

    “Oh. I’m so sorry.”

    Ellie leans over to Lucy and says, “Didn’t they meet at the wedding?”

    “One would think.” Lucy then approaches Anna. “We were just sitting down to dinner but please come and join us.”

    “Oh I don’t want to intrude.”

    “I insist.”

    At the Wade Ranch Jolie and Lucas are finishing packaging. Jolie says, “Its nice not to live under and armed guarded.”

    “I don’t know. John Ross said . . .”

    “John Ross is paranoid. Who would want to hurt us?”

    “To get to him. Just hurry up. My mother will be here any minute and we can get out of here, take Josh and just keep traveling.”

    “I just feel my know Jolie.”

    Our front Anna walks in the house. Directs the nanny to put Josh and his things in the car. She calls up. “Are you ready?”

    “Coming,” Jolie says as her and Lucas walk down with a bag.

    Anna says, “Josh and I are in the car.”

    In the entry Jolie says she forgot something and Lucas gets a call. “John Ross.”

    John Ross says, “I’m sending Mateo over there right now. Get Josh and Jolie up to your bedroom. Now.”

    Suddenly they hear an explosion outside. They run out the door. Jolie right behind Lucas. They watch long limousine burning. Lucas has to keep Jolie from running into it screaming “Josh.”

    Lucy and Steven arrive at the offices of Ewing Industries with Jay. “Your grandmother is really looking forward to the zoo.”

    A receptionist welcomes them and is waved off. They pass her secretary’s desk. “Mrs. Ewing just stepped out. She’s handling something.”

    “We’ll wait in her office.”

    The three walk in.

    A helicopter lands on the roof of the office building. Pamela yells to John Ross, “What’s going on?”

    “Mateo picked up some death threats. He’s out to secure Lucas and Jolie right now.”

    “What? Are they OK?”

    “I don’t know. I heard an explosion while I was on the phone with Lucas.”

    “Oh my god.”

    “He also picked up this building’s been compromised. Let’s get you out of here and clear it.”

    “What? Lucy and Jay are on their way over. They’re probably here now.”

    “Oh my god.”

    The two run into the building.

    From outside the building, down below, looking up, the top floor corner office explodes.

    Michael walks into his office, someone sitting in his chair. The chair turns around and it’s Katherine Wentworth. “Well hello Michael. You look like you just saw a ghost.” She smiles, delightfully amused.


    Late at night Ellie sits in reading a book in her dim hotel suite. The phone rings. It says ‘John Ross.’ She ignores it. She gets up to get a drink at the bar.

    A figure walks down the hall holding a gun.

    Ellie looks up.

    The figure turns the corner into the room.

    Ellie shoots the figure three times and the shadowed body falls to the floor.

    Theme music. Season 1: Finale
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    That's some season cliffhanger. I didn't expect Ellie to be the one to pull the trigger. But I guess she is a bit like her name sake after all in the sense that she's a strong woman who can defend herself.

    Also the whole explosion at Ewing Oil reminds me a bit of the cliffhanger before Pam woke up at the end of the dream season. I bet that was intentional.

    Then there's also a "who's the daddy" plot going on.

    I enjoyed all the guest spots by the original Ewing family for the wedding. :)
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    Thank you. Yes totally intentional - the dream might as well have been a premonition right down to the turn around scene. Add in who shot JR, but who’d jr shoot - yes Ellie is meant to show JR and Miss Ellie, what a wicked combination. I could see a market campaign, who’d Ellie shoot? And the subtle back story of the baby’s father, sort of history repeating itself.
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    With most of the offices on fire John Ross and Pamela hear Jay crying. They run into the board room and Pamela says, “Let me. You get Lucy.”

    John Ross picks up Lucy, completely unconscious. He carries her out to the stairs. Late her down and goes back in. Pamela carries Jay up.

    John Ross finds Steven in unconscious on under some rubble. He picks him up and carries him out.

    The pilot is carrying Lucy up the stairs and John Ross follows.

    Lucas holds back Jolie until they hear Josh crying and running toward them. They run toward him and pick him up, crying.

    Darren rushed into Ellie’s room and turns over the body to reveal Kyle, dead.

    Katherine says, “I told you not to partner with that Russian kid.”

    “Kyle Reznikov?”

    “That’s right.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “He’s heavily invest in Burges through the West Road, LLC.”

    “That’s him? Anna Engles set that up. I had no idea Reznikov was behind those investments.”

    “McKenzie Felix took control of RCP away from him. He had some of his father’s associates go after her. She didn’t seem to have any problem taking care of them, from what I heard, which then tipped John Ross off his plans to remove not only this Felix woman but also my niece, Pamela Ewing, who oversees Billcore, and your partners Anna Engles and Manuel De La Vega.”

    “You’re kidding me?”

    “No I’m not. My guess is you’re either next or you about to go to work for him.”

    “You do know he was working with Ellie Ewing? It’s entirely possible she’s pulling the strings to get control of international commodities markets.”

    “You don’t think her and her father and their friends in that little cartel club of theirs don’t already control international commodities markets? I’ve spent a lot of time on the sidelines watching, Mr. Burkcroft. Your brother knew what was happening. You’ve got a lot to learn.”

    A man in his early fifties walks into the room.

    Kathrine says, “This is Jeremy Wendell, III, Jolie’s brother. He’s in control of his mother, Anna Engel’s estate, including the Engles family trust funds. My son Alex will represent my shares.”

    Pamela sits up in a hospital bed holding Jay, asleep with a few marks on him when Jack and Amy come in.

    John Ross hurry’s them out. “He’s just fine. They’ve run every test known to man. He’s fine. Apparently they went into the board room to look at pictures of my father and grandfather and the explosion was in Pamela’s office.”’m

    “Who did this?”

    “Kyle Reznikov. He killed Jolie’s mother and the De La Vega family too.”

    “Do we know where he is?”

    “Ellie has him.”

    Ellie walks up onto a plan followed by Darren.

    The plane takes off and leaves Turkey behind.

    A man at a computer screen reviews an airport’s flight records and removes any trace of Eleanor Ewing. He then goes into passport information and moves her from Turkey to France.

    Jolie and her brother, Jeremy, sit across a desk with three other people their age. A lawyer behind the desks states that Anna’s will left in trust her cash and investments to Jolie and Jeremy with Jeremy being the lifetime trustee. All of her personal items such as jewelry go to Jolie. As for the Engles trust funds under Anna’s control, they continue to benefit the three Engles children, but Jeremy will serve as the life time trustee. The three others stand and protest in anger.

    Lucy and Steven are brought home with Jay in tow. Josh and Jay are happy to see each other. The family gathers around the pool. Lucy laughs, “You can’t kill a Ewing.”

    Karin and Amy have lunch in a bright Dallas restaurant. Amy says, “Well you better figure out who the father is before you start making plans because if it’s a Ewing, it’ll be raised on Southfork and your burned bridges aren’t going to make that easy for you.”

    “My child isn’t going to be raised on Southfork regardless.”

    “You’d be wrong about that. The Ewing’s aren’t going to accept that. Lucy has a strong rule, all Ewing’s live in Southfork and if they grow up and leave, they’re always welcome back. But all Ewing’s grow up there.”

    “I’m not afraid of Lucy.”

    “You should be. Jack’s mother’s in prison. Ellie and Steven’s mothers are dead. When her Uncle Bobby tried to run John Ross out of town she helped bankrupt him. I’m telling you, don’t take her on. She can be a great ally, or your worst nightmare.”

    “Oh come on. Lucy didn’t kill those women. And you really think she destroyed Bobby and is responsible for Elena going to prison?”

    “No I don’t think she killed anyone and she wasn’t even around for Elena to get her self in over her head with a bunch of thugs, but I have no doubt she’s used every advantage to keep the Ewing’s at Southfork and she’ll do that with your child. You’re not telling me you don’t have any weaknesses to exploit?”

    “Weaknesses,” Karin chuckles. “So why aren’t you afraid of the Ewing’s?”

    “Because I’m one of them.”

    John Ross walks into a hospital room where Kyle sleeps hooked up to monitors. He grabs him up by his hospital gown and pulls him awake and out of bed. “Family’s off limits you bastard!” Pulling him face to face. “So you tell me how do I deal with you?”

    In extreme agony Kyle says, “I wouldn’t have hesitated to kill you.”

    “It’s not hesitation.”

    “You were always so popular in school. Charmed all the girls right out of their pants.”

    “I knew how to get what I wanted. Took me a while to learn. You, everything came easy to you. You loved looking at yourself more than any girl.”

    Kyle chuckles in pain, “If I could, I’d rape myself. Look at me. You know you want to.”

    John Ross shoves him back on the bed. “You’re sick.”

    “You use to laugh at people. I’d watch you.”

    “Cause you wanted to follow to. You know you did.”

    “No. You were a bully, and you got off on hurting the weak. Feed some insecurity raging inside of you. But I watched. And I learned. I lived with bigger bullies than you. So much easier it’d been to go along.”

    “You use cunning and duplicity as any Prince; you’re no different.”

    “There’s a difference. Your disregard for morality. Your self-obsession. Your desire for personal gain. I’ve watched those. And they consumed me. Took everything away from me. Just like you.”

    “What changed for you?”

    John Ross stood over him and thought about it. “I hurt Pamela. And I couldn’t live with myself. I had a baby by Elena, born in prison. And Marta. She came to me pregnant and . . . The doctors suggested she have an abortion but she wouldn’t. It was all too much. Then Lucy showed up. She fought for me. She’s my family, my sanctuary.”

    “My father would say you were weak. Needing anyone makes you weak.”

    “No. They make me strong. Your family, that group of theirs. Where the boss is in complete control and you swear loyalty oaths. The organization above all else.”

    “They’ll never stop hunting you.”

    “You’re right. They won’t. But we’re always at least one step ahead.”

    “You think you’re the good guys. You lie like anyone else. You’re not on god’s side.”

    John Ross laughs, “Why tell the truth when a good lie ‘ill do you, right? Except I never lie to myself.”

    “You really believe that?”

    “I know it. By the way, the price of natural gas just hit a hundred year low. There’ll be nothing left of your people. They’re tearing each other apart. Which means they’re too busy to worry about me. My cousin Christopher was right even if he didn’t know it. While everyone else played a different game, oil and gas. We knew the real play. We brought you into our game and changed the rules. The real play, new technologies that are rendering your contributions worthless.”

    “Someone will stop you people.”

    “But they can’t. Your government is falling apart from the inside out. Like you once tried to do with us, except you weren’t really very good at it.”

    “What have we been telling you? You’ll never learn, the price you pay for trying to own us is too high.”

    “No one wants to own you.” John Ross leans over and whispers, “A true teacher gets you to learn when you’re not expecting it. You might not even realize it until years later. But you’re about to get a crash course and then help me teach a lesson to anyone that would touch my family.”

    Kyle laughs.

    John Ross begins punching him in the face. “You’re not going to forget me any time soon.” He continues to punch him. “

    Michael Burcroft meets with Jeremy Wendell. “I’ve secured the DeLaVega shares.”

    “Good,” Alex says while walking in the office. “My mother’s turned over her shares to me. Now it’s time we go after Ewing Industries.”

    “And your plan is?” Jeremy asks.

    “We go through John Ross’s brother Beau.”

    John Ross and Pamela watch Jay and Josh play outside behind Southfork. Lucy walks up and says, “They get along well.”

    Lucas says Jolie as they approach, “A Ewing with Anderson blood, friends with a kid who’s part Wentworth, part Lee and part Wendell. Go figure. And with Colin about to be a daddy, we’ll be adding the Barnes’s into the mix.”

    Lucy says, “Heaven help the three of them.”

    The FBI break into Damae’s modest apartment and begin to search the place, packaging her lap top.

    Paul approaches Steven as he’s about to climb up into a private plan. “Leaving Dallas?”

    “Pamela said you came to check on me.”

    “Of course. I was worried. You’re OK?”

    “I’ve got this ringing in my ear. And a couple of broken ribs. But I’ll be fine.”

    “That’s good.”

    “You’re working with Pamela now?” Steven asks.

    “Yeah. I moved back to Texas.”

    “I hope you’re doing well.”

    “I am. But I miss you.”

    “I miss you too.”

    Ellie shows Logan some empty office space in New York City. “If you want to run Ewing Industries, start here. Create the American Center for Prosperity.”

    “I don’t get it. Why?”

    “Use it to influence policy. You’ll learn more here than in any classroom.”

    “Why don’t you?"

    “I’m not interested in running anything, though there are some commodities of which I’m interested in their price, but the day to day running of something sounds tedious.”

    “You’ll have to tell me more.”

    “Remind me to tell you sometime about our grandpa’s schemes for price fixing of crude.” Ellie laughs.


    “What’d he do?”

    “What ever he had to do.”

    John Ross walks into Jack’s congressional office waving a newspaper. “What the hell is this? You told me that Winger girl is under control.”

    “What happened?”

    “She accused Senator Roger Burkcroft of knocking up Karin and then putting her up in an apartment owned by his father here in Dallas.”

    “Sounds about right.”

    “Except that baby could be your brothers. How’s he gonna feel being dragged into this?”

    “Does she mention him?

    “That’s besides the point. You better get to this and deal with it before I do.”
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    Boaz “Bo” Harper Ewing
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