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Dallas with a Touch of Falcon Crest Season 9

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by Ray_Krebbs, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Ray_Krebbs

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    I had posted an idea on the Dallas forum, where I placed the final addition of Dallas characters into the 89 - 90 season of Dallas. I decided to do a fanfic based on that. It does not follow exactly on The Reel Life. Certain things are a bit different. I would appreciate it if you would follow along. These changes are not what appeared in the past couple seasons also.

    An Old Movie Factory in Dallas - Afternoon

    After having gone through several shelves of film, J.R. becomes frustrated and darts towards the phone. His face sours after hearing a familiar voice. "Sue Ellen? Where in the hell is that goddamned film?"

    "Tearing through Don's old, unused films, are ya? You won't find what you're looking for there... sweetheart."

    "I ain't in the mood for games!"

    "I can assure you that film will remain hidden from anyone... as long as you behave yourself."

    "That's not good enough for me."

    "I know, and that is giving me a certain satisfaction, knowing how this is eating you up inside.... I would never do anything to intentionally hurt my son, Miss Ellie, or the rest of the family. Remember what I told you before I left town... if I hear of you misbehaving or coming after me, then... I have the film as ammunition. Sit and think about that for a while."

    Southfork Ranch; the Lounge - Morning

    April walks down the stairs and hears the door knock. She goes over to answer and is surprised to see Ray and Jenna.

    "Oh, my... oh, my God. I had no clue you two were coming in."

    Ray and Jenna embrace her, and the two walk in with the little ones.

    "Yeah. This is kind of sudden notice. Miss Ellie and Clayton knew we were coming back," Ray answers.

    "Does this mean you're moving back?"

    "It kind of looks that way...."

    April looks down at Lucas and his half-sister Grace. "This must be your daughter. She's such a cutie."

    "Yep. She's been a real blessing to the both of us," Jenna answers, glancing back at Ray.

    Ewing Oil; J.R.'s Office - Dusk

    J.R. storms into his office and poors himself a drink. Sly comes in right after.

    "You rushed right past before I had a chance to tell you."

    "Tell me what?"

    "Carter McKay died today."


    "It happened all real quick. He was found in his office."

    "Well, if that isn't the best news I got all day-"

    "Don't be so optimistic... a certain gentleman bought out his rights and is taking his place."

    "Who on earth is that?"

    "It's a man named Michael Sharpe. He has a lot of local investments. Do you know of him?"

    "Well, I'll be.... If it's the same one... he's a distant cousin of my sister-in-law Jenna Krebbs. He and I go a long ways back. What is he doing back here?
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  2. stevew

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    I like the idea of saving Dallas from imploding. Since Falcon Crest ended and Michael Sharpe wasn’t much a part of it, I’d have like to have seen Richard Channing instead.

    Years ago I had this talk with someone where I suggested Richard’s character should have moved on to Knots Landing, ending up married to Donna and going after Lotus Point - taking in Karen, Gary and Greg (going after the Sumner Group and eventually merging the two companies to form Channing Sumner. The idea would be Richard was living with his elderly mother while 3 times widowed and raising his two boys. The legendary Falcon Crest Winery that he’s part of with the rest of his family would be mentioned, but at Lotus Point he’d live on his yacht, the Maggie Mae. He’s a Peter Stavros type jet setter running Channing Enterprises based on Berkshire Hathaway and called the Seer or Sisco.

    But with your idea I could also see a place for him to join Dallas and reunite the two shows bringing along Abbey as her character ran its course on Knots Landing.

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