Dark Shadows: The Last Year

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    Episode 1000: Victims

    Fri. Apr. 24, 1970

    The night of the full moon… Quentin Collins races to Chris’s cabin to try and prevent certain tragedy, unaware that someone has stowed away in the trunk of his car… The full moon has long been an omen of death and despair, for high above Collinsport, in Chris Jennings’ cabin on Green Mountain, the werewolf will claim another victim…

    At Chris’s cabin, Sabrina hugged herself as she looked at the moon poppy. “Oh, Chris! I was too late!” Her only hope was that he did not return to the cabin until morning. Suddenly there was growling coming from outside the cabin. A wild animal was scratching at the door, trying to get inside the room.

    Sabrina hurried over to the front door and bolted it quickly. The scratching and growling continued and Sabrina looked around the cabin for something silver to protect herself with. She found a platter that looked like it was made of silver on the mantelpiece. Sabrina quickly jerked the platter off of the mantelpiece, the objects on it clattering onto the floor.

    The scratching on the door stopped. Sabrina turned to look at the door. She tentatively stepped towards it, listening for any noises outside. She waited a minute before unbolting it. Sabrina slowly opened it a crack, looking to see if the werewolf was still there. The cabin was probably not going to be a safe place to stay. Perhaps I can make it back to my car, she thought. Suddenly, there was a shower of glass behind her as the creature jumped through the window. Sabrina screamed and held the silver platter in front of her face…

    Quentin finally arrived at the cabin, his car stalling temporarily as it passed over the watery road. The moon had risen, and Quentin knew that it was now going to be a mission to rescue Sabrina—not Chris—at this point. Turning up the path to the cabin, he saw Sabrina’s car parked outside. There were lights on in the cabin, and Quentin’s car brakes squealed in protest as he stopped too fast.

    Quentin reached into his jacket and felt inside for his gun. He could hear screams inside Chris’s cabin—Sabrina’s screams. He rushed towards the unbolted door and carefully opened it, using it as a shield as he stepped forward.

    Quentin gasped to see the werewolf on top of Sabrina’s unmoving body, ripping at her neck. “Chris, stop!” Quentin shouted, drawing his gun in front of him and firing a warning shot into the floor beside them. The werewolf jumped a little and turned towards Quentin, snarling. It came towards Quentin, claws extended and fangs gleaming. “I’m sorry, Chris!” Quentin cried out, and shot the werewolf in the shoulder, not wanting to kill him. The werewolf howled in pain, clutching at his shoulder. He growled and snapped at Quentin.

    Just then, there was a shrill scream next to Quentin. “Chris!” a girl’s voice shouted in despair. Quentin looked down in shock to see Amy standing there. The werewolf looked at the little girl and stopped growling. He held his bloody shoulder and stared at her. She stared back at him, then looked at the bloody body lying on the cabin floor.

    “Sabrina!” Amy screamed. She lurched forward, but Quentin grabbed her before she could go any further. “I’ve got to help her, Quentin!” Amy pleaded. “Quentin, she isn’t moving! She isn’t moving!” she shrieked.

    Holding his arm, the werewolf turned and jumped out the window, turning to look at Amy one more time before it ventured out into the moonlit evening. “Chris!” Amy screamed. Quentin let go of her and she ran to the broken window. “Chris! Chris!” she screamed out into the twilight.

    Act One:

    “Amy, let him go!” Quentin commanded. He strode over to Sabrina and felt for any sign of life… He closed his eyes and shook his head when he realized it was too late.

    Amy turned away from the window and looked at him kneeling over Sabrina’s body. “Is she…”

    Quentin nodded grimly, and got up off of the floor. He went to Amy and put his hands down on her shoulders. “Amy, what are you doing here?”

    “I heard you and Mr. Jaeger talking earlier, and decided to follow you. I hid in your car trunk… “ Amy looked past him at Sabrina’s body and started to cry. “Oh God, Sabrina! Chris did this to her…”

    Quentin brought the girl against his stomach and held her as she sobbed against him. “Amy, how do you know it’s Chris?”

    Amy pulled her tear-streaked face away from Quentin’s torso. “I’ve always known… “ she gasped between sobs. She buried her face against Quentin again.

    Quentin held his mouth open slightly in disbelief and stroked the back of the girl’s head. “You poor girl…” Outside, they heard the sound of the werewolf howl at the full moon…

    Meanwhile, John Jaeger looked out the window in the drawing room of the Old House, staring at that same full moon. Angelique came into the room, unheard, and slipped quietly beside him and looked out the window as well. “You did everything you could,” she said, putting a hand on his arm.

    He looked down in surprise to see her. He had been so lost in his thoughts he had not heard her return from Collinwood. “I know,” he answered. “It’s the waiting for news that’s been the hardest…”

    “Did I hear your voice at Collinwood, earlier?” she asked, turning away from the moon and staring up at him with her big baby blues.

    “Yes,” he nodded. “Quentin said he would handle things… What can he do, I wonder?” John said sarcastically.

    “If he said he would handle it, he will,” Angelique said confidently, giving a little smile. She knew that Quentin’s magical portrait protected him.

    John felt jealous. He did not like the way Angelique looked when she spoke of Quentin. “How is Laszlo?” he asked, changing the subject.

    Angelique was a little startled by the change. “Laszlo? He’s fine… Well, actually, he wrote a composition for me… ‘Ode To Angelique’ he calls it. It’s lovely… you really should hear it, John.”

    “Wow, a composition named after you, that’s nice,” John said, agreeably. He turned away from the window and crossed his arms. He was trying hard to think of other things rather than the full moon. “How about you, Angelique? How do you feel now, after what happened last night?”

    “I’m fine now, John, really I am,” she assured him. “Don’t worry about me—I have survived worse ordeals and managed to always come out on top…” Angelique turned towards the Secret Room and smiled…

    Act Two:

    John glanced back out the window and took a deep breath, trying not to think about Sabrina. “Anything interesting going on at the big house?” he asked.

    Angelique thought about it. She did not want to tell John that she and Quentin had kissed… finally kissed for the first time in seventy-three years. “They have a new houseguest at Collinwood—an old friend of Quentin’s from Portland—a Mr. Dameon Edwards. He seems pleasant enough, but I can’t help but think that there’s more going on beneath the surface with that man… I almost don’t see that he and Quentin have much in common. I wonder what was the extent of their relationship in Portland…”

    John scowled. Every conversation seemed to turn to Quentin at some point. Just then, the phone in the foyer rang, and both John and Angelique jumped a little. They were not used to there being something so modern as a phone at the Old House. John looked at Angelique. “I’ll answer the phone, if you’d like?”

    Angelique shook her head and smiled. “Oh no, I want the pleasure of enjoying every modern convenience!” She walked out into the foyer and pick up the receiver. “Angelique Rumson speaking.”

    John listened from the drawing room. Angelique’s eyes widened with surprise when she heard the voice on the other end. “Quentin! What’s happened? John told me that you were going to look for Sabrina! Did you—“

    Quentin stood at the pay phone just outside the Sheriff’s office. “Angelique, I’m at the police station—Amy’s with me.” He looked over at the young girl sitting on the bench just outside the office, staring at the floor.

    “Amy!” Angelique exclaimed. “What’s Amy doing there?” She looked over at John with a startled look on her face.

    “I went up to Chris’s cabin this evening,” Quentin explained. “Amy hid in the trunk of my car. Angelique…” Quentin turned his back to Amy and lowered his voice into the payphone… “Angelique, Amy saw Sabrina get killed by the werewolf!” he whispered loudly.

    Angelique lowered the phone from her face and stared at John, her face stricken with shock. She shook her head, her mouth open, unsure of what to say to Quentin…

    Quentin sat next to Amy on the bench. Amy just sat there, unmoving. Her cup of instant hot cocoa untouched on the other side of her. “Amy,” Quentin began, putting a hand on her shoulders. “Angelique is coming here, soon. She’s going to bring you home to Collinwood while I…” Quentin searched for the right words to say, “Take care of things here in town. I have to answer some questions about Sabrina…”

    Amy nodded, but did not say anything. She was staring off into space instead of crying. She had no more tears left to shed.

    Quentin sighed and thought of Chris, who was out in the woods surrounding his cabin, now being predated by a bunch of law enforcement men with rifles, instead of being the predator. Quentin’s story of a bear mauling Sabrina had been accepted, but Quentin knew that the men would just as soon shoot the werewolf if they came across him in the middle of the woods, as they would the vicious bear they THOUGHT they were looking for…

    Act Three:

    Angelique and John drove in silence, she in the driver’s seat, John in the passenger’s. Angelique looked over at John with a worried expression on her face. John just looked out the passenger window as they turned out of the unpaved road from the Old House onto the paved one. Angelique turned back and concentrated on the road. She was more worried about Quentin and Amy, now.

    When they arrived at the police station, John and Angelique quickly found Quentin and Amy sitting outside the Sheriff’s office on a bench. “Quentin!” Angelique called out.

    Quentin stood up and embraced her as she rushed into his arms. Amy did not look up at them. Quentin looked at John over Angelique’s shoulder. “Thanks for coming,” he told John. He pulled back from Angelique and looked down at her. “Both of you…” Angelique went to Amy’s side to console her…

    After Angelique and John took Amy back to Collinwood, Quentin called Tony Peterson on the phone and had him meet him at the Blue Whale.

    “What’s this about, Quentin?” Tony asked on the phone. “Is it about Dameon Edwards?”

    “No, not Dameon, this time…” Quentin said bitterly. “It’s Sabrina Stuart—she’s dead!” he blurted out.

    “Dead? How?” Tony asked. He was seated at his desk in his office, ready to close up for the night.

    “A bear crashed into Chris’s cabin up on Green Mountain,” Quentin explained. “She was mauled to death!”

    Tony shook his head against the receiver. “That poor girl…”

    “Yes,” Quentin answered. “And I don’t know how I’ll ever tell Chris!”

    “I don’t envy you Quentin!” Tony exclaimed. “I’ll meet you at the Blue Whale in thirty minutes. There’s some papers I need to go over…”

    After ending the phone call with Quentin, Tony went to the filing cabinet marked R-T and opened it. He quickly searched for and brought up a file—STUART, S…

    Thirty minutes later, Tony greeted Quentin sitting alone at a corner table with an entire bottle of scotch that he had bought from the bartender. There were two glasses on the table. Quentin raised one of them and smiled drunkenly at Tony. “I decided to start early…”

    Tony sat down with his briefcase and started to open it. “I hope that you could spare me a glass or two…” Quentin nodded and started to pour Tony a scotch. Tony pulled out a file and tapped it, “Do you have any idea where Chris Jennings is, right now? I called his phone at the caretaker’s cottage, but there was no answer.”

    Tony turned the file so that Quentin could see the name STUART, S on it. “Chris has been named the executor of Sabrina’s will, instead of her family,” he told Quentin. “We need to let him know…”

    Quentin slid Tony the scotch and looked forlorn. “Chris… How am I going to tell him about her?” He picked up his glass and took another gulp of scotch. He wanted to put off telling Chris—forever, if he could…


    Tony Peterson… JERRY LACY

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Amy Jennings… DENISE NICKERSON

    Sabrina Stuart… LISA RICHARDS

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY

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    Episode 1001: The Final Straw

    Mon. Apr. 27, 1970

    The night of the full moon continues… After seeing the werewolf maul Sabrina Stuart to death, Quentin Collins and Amy Jennings are devastated… After Angelique and John Jaeger bring a despondent Amy back to Collinwood, Tony Peterson, who has news about Sabrina’s will, heads to the Blue Whale to meet with Quentin...

    Tony greeted Quentin sitting alone at a corner table with an entire bottle of scotch that he had bought from the bartender. There were two glasses on the table. Quentin raised one of them and smiled drunkenly at Tony. “I decided to start early…”

    Tony sat down with his briefcase and started to open it. “I hope that you could spare me a glass or two…” Quentin nodded and started to pour Tony a scotch. Tony pulled out a file and tapped it, “Do you have any idea where Chris Jennings is, right now? I called his phone at the caretaker’s cottage, but there was no answer.”

    Tony turned the file so that Quentin could see the name STUART, S on it. “Chris has been named the executor of Sabrina’s will, instead of her family,” he told Quentin. “We need to let him know…”

    Quentin slid Tony the scotch and looked forlorn. “Chris… How am I going to tell him about her?” He picked up his glass and took another gulp of scotch. He wanted to put off telling Chris—forever, if he could…

    Later, after Tony had decided Quentin had had enough to drink, Tony drove him home in Quentin’s car back to Collinwood. Tony looked over at Quentin dozing off as they drove back. He wondered how Quentin came to find Sabrina in Chris Jennings’ cabin up on Green Mountain, but said nothing.

    At Collinwood, after putting Amy to bed, Angelique came down and found John staring at Barnabas Collins’ portrait in the Great Hall. Angelique stopped on the stairs and frowned, then continued over to him. “Well, I put Amy to bed, but I’m not sure if she’s going to get any sleep tonight. I asked Mrs. Johnson to check on her after a while. I’m not sure how much comfort SHE’LL be!”

    John stared at the portrait, only half listening to Angelique. “There’s something about the man in the portrait, he makes me feel really nervous, somehow… I think it’s those eyes—they seem to be staring right at me…”

    Angelique took John by the arm and led him back towards the Drawing Room. “Maybe we should have some coffee while we wait for Quentin…”

    John looked back at the portrait once more, but followed her into the Drawing Room. He looked around and shivered as Angelique sat and began to pour some coffee into their cups. “There’s been so much tragedy in this house… I can feel it all around me…” he hugged himself as he sat down.

    “There has been a great deal of tragedy here, not just what happened tonight, but it seems to happen to everyone that lives here,” Angelique admitted to him.

    Just then, the front doors opened, and Tony and Quentin walked through, with Tony helping Quentin inside before closing the doors behind him. “Do you need any help upstairs, Quentin?” Tony asked him.

    Quentin grinned and stumbled towards the stairs. “I don’t think so, my friend.” He saw Angelique approach from the Drawing Room. “Hey, Angelique!”

    “Quentin! Are you all right?” Angelique had not seen Quentin so drunk before.

    “Sure!” he smiled. He squeezed her hand and smiled, and started to make his way up the staircase, swaying as walked up, one step at a time.

    Angelique turned to Tony. “Thank you for driving him home, Mr. Peterson. I can only imagine what could have happened to him if he came home on his own… IF he came home at all!”

    Tony looked up at Quentin on the stairs. “No problem, Mrs. Rumson.” He turned and stared at her. He couldn’t help but think, once again, that he had met her somewhere…

    Angelique saw him looking at her intently, and quickly turned her head. “We’re having coffee in the—“

    “Whoa!” Quentin yelled from the balcony, interrupting her. He had his hand on the balcony railing, watching it shake back and forth as held on to it. “We better get this thing fixed before someone breaks there neck!” He grinned down at Angelique and Tony, and made his way into the hallway upstairs…

    Act One:

    Later that night, Angelique was awoken from her slumber to the sounds of sobbing echoing from another room. Angelique sat up in bed, alarmed. As she listened, she realized it was a man crying audibly…

    She quickly got out of bed and put a filmy robe on over her nightgown. Venturing out into the hall, she listened and ascertained that the sobbing was coming from John’s bedroom. Knocking softly on his door, the crying seemed to stop, but he did not say anything.

    “John!” Angelique called out, concernedly, “Are you all right?” There was no answer. Angelique did not want to go back to her room and ignore what she had heard. Opening the door slowly, she peered into the bedroom. The full moon shone through John’s window, illuminating his simply furnished and decorated room that had once belonged to Willie Loomis. Angelique could see John laying in his bed, but he was turned on his side, not facing her.

    Angelique carefully walked over to John’s bed. “John,” she said, sitting on the bed next to him. She placed a hand on his shoulder. He did not acknowledge her.

    “I heard crying—it was a man’s voice, so it had to be you,” she said. “I want to make sure you’re all right.”

    “I’m all right,” John’s voice was low and gruff. She could see him grind his eyes with his fist.

    “I don’t think you are,” she answered. “You care too much about what happened to Sabrina Stuart tonight.”

    John turned his head toward her, but continued to lie on his side. “Of course I care!” he snapped. He sniffled and rubbed his nose with his hand. “That poor girl was mauled to death!”

    Angelique reached over and stroked his hair with her hand. “You gave her fair warning, over and over… She should have listened—“

    John sat up in bed and fully faced her. “Why did I have to know? Why me? I couldn’t get the visions out of my head… I couldn’t just leave well enough alone!”

    “You have these gifts, John,” she told him. “You have to use them, whether you like it or not! I can help you control your abilities! I can teach you how to use your psychic powers to—“

    “I’ll never use them again!” John interrupted. “Never! Oh, I know you have abilities of your own, Angelique! Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you seem to know things, control things—like you’re some kind of witch or something! Well, I’ll be damned if I’ll follow you! I don’t want OR need it! If I ever get another vision in my mind again, I’m pushing it RIGHT out!”

    “John, don’t let this one instance dissuade you! What happened to Sabrina was NOT your fault! She went up to Chris’s cabin of own volition! She—“

    “Chris!” John gasped. “It was her boyfriend—he’s that creature!” Angelique turned away, and John knew that his hunch was right. “Oh my God, Angelique! I was warning the wrong person! I should have known, I should have KNOWN!” John began to sob again.

    “No, no John!” Angelique put her arms around him and drew him close. “Chris and Sabrina were doomed from the start—no one and nothing could have changed that. Please—Please don’t cry any more, John!” She began to kiss his forehead, then his cheeks.

    John sniffled and wiped his face with his sleeve. It was then he realized just how close he and Angelique were. He reached around the back of her head and brought her face down to his. “Stay with me tonight, Angelique… Please…” he murmured.

    Angelique responded by kissing him on the lips. She felt an electrical feeling all over her body. It was much more stimulating than when she and Quentin had kissed. She grasped the bed covers and pulled them down, slipping into the bed beside him.

    John kissed her again, helping her out of her robe and flinging it onto the floor once she had removed it. Outside, a dog—or was it a wolf—howled at the full moon. But neither Angelique nor John heard it…

    Act Two:

    Chris Jennings woke up, cold and almost naked, in the woods above Collinwood in the morning light. Stumbling his way back home, he quickly took a hot bath and studied himself in the mirror in the cottage bathroom. What little was left of his clothing was stained with blood, but he did not know if it was from the bullet wound on his shoulder—or from some poor soul he had ran into during the night…

    While he was getting dressed, he could have sworn he could smell coffee, but he did not remember starting any when he came in. When he came out of his bedroom with fresh clothes on, he almost jumped out of his skin to find Quentin sitting on his couch.

    “Quentin!” Chris gasped. He had his blood-stained scraps of clothing, crumpled in one hand, ready to fling it into the fireplace to get rid of the evidence.

    Quentin stared down at the fabric in Chris’s hand, but did not look surprised. “Good morning, Chris. I made us some coffee…”

    “Uh, thanks,” Chris was embarrassed. He looked down at the fistful of fabric and threw it into the fireplace. The fire consumed the clothing greedily. Chris turned again to Quentin. He noticed how pale Quentin was. “You look like your night was as bad as mine… Except, I can’t remember mine!”

    “I remember the feeling, all too well…” Quentin said, but he did not smile. Chris noticed Quentin’s mood was quite melancholy. “I’ll get the coffee…” Quentin motioned at the couch as he got up to go to the kitchenette in the back of the cottage.

    Chris sat down on the couch. “Were there any attacks in Collinsport last night? I went up to the cabin a few days ago to prepare for the full moon. I was hoping that if I attacked anything, it would be a deer or a moose instead of people…”

    Quentin looked grim as he poured their coffees. He made sure to add plenty of sugar, as they were both going to need it for the news Quentin was about to break to him.

    “I think I’d better go back tonight,” Chris continued. “Just in case… it happens again… Thanks, Quentin,” Chris said, as Quentin handed him a mug full of coffee. “Quentin, you didn’t say if there were any attacks last night?” Chris was really starting to worry about how quiet Quentin was being.

    “Yes,” Quentin nodded. “I’m afraid there WAS an attack last night. I’m sorry, Chris… I don’t know how I’m going to tell you. You killed someone last night…” Quentin paused. He did not want to continue.

    “Killed someone?” Chris wished he was surprised, but he wasn’t. He had almost always killed someone every time he had transformed into the werewolf. Just last month it had been the evil Bruno Hess. “Who? Who was it Quentin?”

    Quentin leaned forward and put a hand on Chris’s shoulder. He looked down and shook his head. “I don’t know how to tell you… Chris… it was someone we both know well…”

    Chris’s mind raced. For Quentin not to just come right out and say it—it must be someone they both knew very well indeed! The possibilities raced across Chris’s mind—who could it be that Quentin was so reluctant to name? Mrs. Sarah Johnson? Laszlo Ferrari? Amy?” Chris’s eyes widened and he gasped out loud. “Amy! Oh God, Quentin! Did I kill Amy?” Chris’s heart raced at the possibility that he had killed his little sister.

    Quentin shook his head again. “No Chris, it wasn’t Amy. It was… Sabrina!”

    Chris’s mouth hung open, and his eyes were as wide as saucers. “Sa—Sabrina? No! I couldn’t…” Chris gasped and started to cry. He put his hands up to his face.

    Quentin felt himself start to cry as well, and pulled Chris into his arms. “It’s all right… It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault…” Quentin rubbed Chris’s back as he sobbed.

    “What… where did it happen?” Chris asked between sobs. He clung to Quentin for dear life.

    “She went to your cabin yesterday afternoon. She had another moon poppy for you,” Quentin explained. “I assume she made it too late—I arrived soon after sunset and tried to stop you from killing her…”

    “Oh God, Quentin!” Chris gasped. “I don’t believe it! Not Sabrina!” he cried into Quentin’s shoulder…

    Act Three:

    Angelique had slipped out of John’s bed before he woke that morning. Even though she enjoyed being with him--especially since she had not been with a man since Sky Rumson—she did not want him to think that they were becoming an item. Her mind was firmly set on one man—and that man was Quentin Collins. With Quentin at her side, and finally the Mistress of the Old House—she would call it Collins House after they were married—all of her lifelong dreams would finally come to their fruition…

    After getting dressed and leaving John a note downstairs in the foyer next to the new telephone, Angelique came up the path from the Old House to find Tony Peterson getting out of his car. “Good morning, Angelique!” he called to her as he stepped away from his car with his briefcase.

    “Oh, good morning!” Angelique quickly looked towards the mansion as she noticed Tony studying her face intently. “Are you here to see Quentin, as well?”

    “Yes,” Tony tapped his briefcase. “I had some papers for Quentin to sign.”

    “I didn’t know you were Quentin’s lawyer…” Angelique said, as she knocked on one of the front doors.

    “Just in the last couple of weeks… Say, Mrs. Rumson, Angelique… have we met at some party in town, or something? I swear I’ve seen your face before…”

    “Oh, maybe in a magazine, or something?” Angelique answered. She knocked on the door again, but there was no answer. “I used to model back in New York before I married Sky Rumson.”

    “Hmm, maybe that’s it,” Tony answered. Of course he wasn’t one to read women’s magazines, but maybe he had seen Angelique’s picture while rummaging through a magazine at the dentist once or twice.

    Just then, Quentin came around the corner from Chris’s cottage. He had left Chris much calmer than he was before. Chris had promised to let Quentin drive him back up to the cabin that afternoon and make sure that he could not escape from it this time.

    Quentin saw Tony and Angelique standing in front of Collinwood, and tried to put on a brave front. “Good morning, all, I hope you weren’t waiting long… I just told Chris about Sabrina.”

    “Oh, no Quentin! How did he take it?” Angelique asked.

    “He was understandably upset, but I think I managed to calm him down. I’m going back later to spend more time with him.” Quentin gave Angelique a sad little smile. “I think I’d better spend this night with him, just in case…”

    “I understand,” Angelique told him, as he opened the door to let the two into the house. “I can stay with Amy, if you’d like…”

    Quentin nodded in agreement. He turned to Tony. “What did you want to see me about, Tony? Was it Sabrina’s will? I don’t think Chris would be up to it today… Maybe tomorrow?”

    “I actually have another matter to discuss with you,” Tony said. “I have some papers for you to sign…”

    “All right,” Quentin answered. “Let me go back and see Mrs. Johnson about Amy, then I’ll meet you in the study…”

    Angelique and Tony watched Quentin go back. “He’s holding up remarkably well,” Angelique said to Tony. “Especially after that ordeal at the cabin…”

    “It’s hard to believe he’s the same person that got so drunk last night,” Tony told her. “Maybe now that the shock is over, he won’t need to drink so heavily again,” he mused. “But, I’m actually worried more about Chris Jennings… How do you get over your girlfriend dying in such a horrific way?”

    “It will take time, and patience, and a lot of support from family and friends,” Angelique answered. “He still has that little girl to live for—that’s one thing.”

    As Angelique said this, however, she thought about how Sabrina’s death would actually put an end to John’s worrying about her. Now that she was out of the way, Angelique could use John’s psychic abilities to her own advantage. Angelique turned away from Tony and faced the Portrait of Barnabas Collins—and smiled…


    Tony Peterson… JERRY LACY

    Angelique Rumson… LARA PARKER

    Chris Jennings… DON BRISCOE

    Quentin Collins… DAVID SELBY


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