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    I wasn’t happy with my first edition so I’m trying to shake this up a bit and see what happens.


    the Jack Ewing family of Detroit following his death . . .

    Jacquline “Jackie” Ewing
    Jack Ewing’s 3rd wife. The granddaughter of Terrell Abernathy, ruthless founder of DRSF (Detroit Rouge Soda Factory), noted for environmental degradation and unscrupulous business practices to create the giant business. Her father, Abraham “Abe” Abernathy was a noted artist and philanthropist. She married John “Jack” Shaw Ewing, who with Paul Audette, took control of ARSF. Jack and Jackie adopted 5 children and fostered many more, the rainbow tribe, living most of their married life separated. Jackie inherited the Gaulker Pointe estate from her father. She is the Chairman and CEO of the Abernathy Ewing Foundation. She is a combination of Katherine Graham and Josephine Baker.


    Paul Audette
    From the wealthy Jewish Canadian Audette family which had once attempted a take over of DRSF, he came on board the company while other family members ran a diverse network of business. Eventually with Jack and Jackie’s separation he became not only business partners with Jack but lovers, sharing the farm Haven Hill and hunting lodge Skylands. He is the Chairman and CEO of DRSF. Based on Edgar Bronfman and J. P. Morgan.


    Jack and Jackie have 5 adopted children, all different racial/ethnic groups:

    White - oldest son, early 40’s, 6’1”:
    Alexander “Allie” Ewing. Alex is the newly appointed President and COO DRSF.


    Black - good son, late 30’s, 6’1”:
    Darnell “Darrie” Ewing. Darnell is the Executive Vice President of DRSF’s Energy Division over seeing bio fuel development.


    Asian - gay son, early 30’s, 6’1”:
    Tobikuma “Tobie” Ewing. Tobie is in the movie business as writer, director and producer with his own business, Global Artists Pictures.


    Hispanic - 1 daughter, late 20’s, 5”5”:
    Efenia “Effie” Ewing. Effie doesn’t work, runs the circuit and meddles in everything.


    Arab - youngest son, early 20’s, 6’1”:
    Jamal “Jamie” Ewing. Jay has dropped out of school living a hedonistic playboy life.


    Outside of the family:

    John Ross Ewing: second cousin from Texas, with his sister he owns Ewing Industries, the third largest private enterprise in the county.


    Dia Long - Chinese business rival, President of SinoChem, the American subsidiary of China’s largest chemical company.


    Vicktor Schein - Russian business rival, the Chairman and CEO of ChemProm.


    Gaulker Pointe:


    Like Solomon, Hamlet and countless others, the transition following the death of a larger than life man does not go well.
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    Bobby walks through the front door of the Gaulker Pointe mansion into a crowd of mourners. He makes his way into the living room, an elegant French salon and a beautiful woman well into her seventies makes her way over to hug him. “Bobby.”

    “Jackie. How are you holding up.”

    “I feel like a grieving widow.”

    “Well you are.” He takes a look at her. Holding her hands. “A beautiful grieving widow.”

    “Jack and I were separated for twenty years, but he was my best friend.”

    “And you raised children together. This is not going to be easy for you. Ann sends her best. She’s back in California looking after her mother.”

    “How’s her mother doing?”

    “She has her good days and her bad.”

    “And Emma. How is she? I can’t tell you how much I brag on the Olympian equestrian in the family.”

    “Same old Emma.”

    “And Chris?” Jackie takes his arm and leads him back into the entry and then out onto the back porch, viewing the wide green lawn down to the lake and a further gathering of people on the patio.

    As they walk Bobby says, “He’s doing well. Made full professor.”

    “At Caltech? Thats wonderful. And Gary and his family?”

    “Doing well. You know Gary and I are partners in the West Fork Ranch.”

    “Yes I do. Jack told me all about it. John Ross you through a lot. I’m glad everything turned out good.”

    “It did. It really did.”

    “Bobby you remember Peter Audette, Jack’s paramour.” She introduces him to a handsome man in his mid to late fifties. “Peter,” she says taking His hand. “Peter, c'est Bobby, le cousin de Jack.”

    “Yes we’ve meet before. You came up to Skylands hunting that one time.”

    “Yes. Beautiful country up there. We had a great time. How are doing?”

    “One day at a time. I don’t know how any of us will ever get through this.”

    “I know. Believe me I know. You’re still young yet. And you’ll keep yourself busy. You’ve got your work. Jackie has the foundation. You’ll figure this out. Jack would want that.”

    “Oh Bobby. I’d like you to meet my sons. Well Jack’s sons. This is Allie.”

    Bobby shakes the man’s hand. “You can call me Alex. Only my mother calls me Allie.”

    “And Darrie. He’ll tell you Darnell.”

    “Nice to meet you Mr. Ewing.”

    “We’re all Ewing’s. Call me Bobby.”

    “And this is Tobikuma and he does go by Tobie.”

    “We’ve meet before. The movie producer. We’ve meet in California.”

    “Yes. Yes we gave. Most every time I’m in Southern California. I even stayed on the ranch a few times. Nice to see you again.”

    “Wish it were under better circumstances.”

    Shaking hands Tobie says, “So do I.”

    “And your daughter Effie. Jack talked about her all the time. And Jamie?”

    “Effie probably in the house. I should have introduced you when you first came in. And I haven’t seen Jamie since we got back from the cemetary. He’s our baby. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. He says he’s dropping out of school.”

    “He just needs time. Some of us just need more time than others. My brother, like Alex here, always knew he was going to follow in our daddy’s foot steps. And I hear Darnell, you’re running DRSF’s bio fuel division.”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Jamie’s probably like me, just take a bit longer to find out feat he wants to do with his life.”

    Up stairs in bed a very handsome young boy in his early twenties rolls around in bed with two young girls, all naked. All enjoying themselves.

    Back in the living room a beautiful young girl in her mid to late twenties greets guests in the living room when a butler approaches. “Miss Ewing. Your mother asked for you. She’s out in the patio.”

    “Thank you. Please tell her I’ll be there in a minute.” She then turns to a couple as they make their way across the living room. “Governor. How are you? Thank you for coming. And thank you,” she turns and shakes the governor’s husband’s hand.
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    In the wee hours of the morning Jackie looks through some papers with a man, a handsome x-military type sitting on the sofa of the library waiting. Peter enters the room. Then Alex and Darnell. Finally she looks up and straight at Darnell “Where are we with the bio fuel project?”

    “Great except there still have to be modifications to the engines that use it. It’s clean though. Very clean.”

    “The solar was impressive, right?” She looks at Peter.

    “Yes. We’re able to get to industrial use, but you’re talking sunlight. The key is batter storage.”

    “That’s always been the key. And manufacturing the materials instead of rare earth, which is driving the price up. I want this done. I want DRSF leading the next round of energy. And GM. They’re under valued with their potential automation. Where are we getting in buying?”

    “We’re at five percent,” Alex answers. “Slow and steady, trying to keep the publicity away.”

    “Arnold gave me this report on John Ross Ewing the third. Arnold do you want to speak to it?”

    “It’s come to Jackie’s attention that John Ross and two partners, Dia Long of SinoChem a Chinese subsidiary and Victor Sechin of ChemProm, a Russian company, are meeting. The two company’s were once partnered. But a split between Russian and China lead to a fall out, so I’m not so sure how friendly the two are. Frankly the Chinese stole a lot of Russian tech. But then again they’ve stolen from us as well.”

    “So why do we care they’re meeting?” Alex cuts to the chase.

    Jackie answers, “I have it on good authority they’re after DRSF. John Ross, his sister and a partner own Ewing Industries. They own things such as Ewing Oil, West Star Petroleum. Wentworth Tool and Die, Ryland Transport, Prince Energy, and others but you get the point. They’re very interested in energy as well.”

    “But are you saying they’re making a play for DRSF?”

    “That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

    “And we know this how?”

    “Because I’m telling you. John Ross and his sister, your cousins, are each worth north of 50 billion, add the Ewing political network and we’re taking this serious.”

    “My question is, now that dad’s gone, why are you holding these meetings? I’d get Peter taking over for dad. But when have you even been included, beyond occasionally dealing with foundation business?”

    Peter says, “Your mother and I talked it over. At least during the transitions phase we thought this was best.”

    “And dad’s will?”

    “There’s no will,” Jackie says. “Thee’s a trust fund you already share with your brothers and sister. There’s the farm and hunting lodge your father shared with Peter, which belongs to Peter.”

    Peter says, “I’ve been putting together some personal items for each of you.”

    Alex says, “So who now controls his shares in DRSF?”

    Jackie says, “I’m the sole trustee.”

    Alex says, “You’re the sole trustee of your Grandfather’s trust, your dad’s trust and now my dad’s trust.”

    “That’s correct. My father and grandfather’s trusts hold about two percent of DRSF, now. Your father has another ten percent, which I’m looking into diversity along with Peter’s ten percent.”

    “Diversifying. What do you mean diversifying?”

    “Selling off a little each day to fund an investment company like my father did with Gaulker Investments.”

    “Which is why your family only holds two percent of the company.”

    “Which is why my family’s wealthy is secure from the ups and downs of one investment. Larson over sees the investments of Gaulker and the foundation. Peter and I are meeting with him later today, if you want to sit in on the meeting.”

    “Maybe, if you hadn’t sold so many shares, we wouldn’t be concerned about anyone making a play for it.”

    “The world is full of maybes. Like maybe this play will drive up the market cap of DRSF, north of sixty billion. Which is exactly what you want as you’re selling.”

    “Until you loose the power to control the company.”

    “Power doesn’t work that way. Stick around and find out.”

    John Ross walks up into his private jet to find His cousin waiting. “Effie. What are you doing here?”

    In a cute little sun dress with her feet up on the coffee table she says, “I just wanted to see you before you snuck in and out of town. Cousin.”

    “I wasn’t sneaking. I had business to attend to. That’s done, so I’m headed home.”

    “And you don’t stop into see your family while you’re here? Not even considering the passing of my father?”

    “I sent flowers.”

    Effie laughs, stands and says, “How many years ago was it we meet in the oil fields of North Dakota? You were with that nerdy geologist? I was with Allie. He was in charge of investing in tar sands for the company.”

    “I remember. Drinking in that honky-tonk. You were just a kid. You kept calling me Nick. Took me a while to catch on. Daisy.”

    “You do remember. Your brother was a gentleman wildcatter.”

    Effie laughs, “What’s gentleman wild catting?”

    “It’s like gentleman farming except you’re drilling for oil.”

    “Yes I suppose he was. Made a fortune though didn’t he?”

    “Added to the one he started with. Plus brought in DRSF as a significant player in the badlands.”

    “Just like you, John Ross.”

    “Except I got my hands dirty. I suppose we were just kids ourselves. But he seemed older. I guess it’s him having that big business behind him and his own money to invest. I was eating pork-n-beans out of a can.”

    “I’m not sure what that is but it doesn’t sound very good. Let’s cut to the point. You’re here to figure out how to get a hold of DRSF, or at the very least, the energy pieces, now that my father’s gone.”

    “Alright. Yes. Everything from uranium enrichment to bio fuel. The company is going to lead the world’s energy technology for the next few decades.”

    “I beg to differ.”

    “The Ewing Process, which you so closely guard, for deep well extraction under the continental self.”

    “What of it.”

    “Christopher just sold DRSF the patten.”

    “That patten’s owned by Ewing Alternative.”

    “You better check with your lawyers.”

    “Believe me I will.”

    “You start this war with my family, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    “Tell your momma I said hi. Give her my condolences.”

    “I sure will.” Effie steps up to him. “I’d rather fight with you than against you. Sell us a share of Ewing Industries and we’ll help you get what you want.”

    John Ross takes a letter out of his pocket. “I get these periodically. Every time I finish a task.” He beings to read. “You’re ready for your next lesson, though by now you might think this is a step back. Don’t under estimate your opponent and the lessons they can teach you. I want you to confront your cousin Jack Ewing.” He stops reading, though there’s obviously more.

    “Your father’s been gone for some time. And you still get these letters? Good thing he had some time to plan things out. There any truth to the rumor he orchestrated the year without a federal estate tax so when he died, well?”

    “There are a lot of rumors about my father.”

    “And you. Like the one you put a man in the White House with the goal of disrupting the Middle East in order to send oil prices up.”

    “What politician would want such a thing?”

    “One tied to you and a foreign oil power.”

    John Ross smiles. “Effie you always had the wildest imagination.”

    “Yeah. I guess so, Nick.”

    Darnell gets out of bed and pulls on his underwear, tight, black, boxer briefs. The beautiful girl in the bed plays with a very large engagement ring. She says, “When do we tell your family?”

    From the bathroom he calls out. “Let’s put that off as long as possible. They’ll make a big deal out of it.”

    “You know them I guess. But if you want it over before you run for Governor, you’d better tell them soon.”

    “You’re sure you’re up to a statewide campaign?”

    “Of course. If it’s what you want, I want to support you.”

    Darnell slides back into bed, kissing her, “I’m a lucky man, you know it.”

    “Yes I know it.”

    Tobi directs a movie scene where a gorgeous hunk of a man walks out of the water in nothing but a speedo. They cut call it a wrap. Ellie says to him, “I saw his movie he did back in the day. He looks to be very good at what he does.”

    Tobi days, “Sex? Yes he does, doesn’t he. Just as long as he guarantees a hundred million at the box office, we’ll be fine.”

    “What do you think of him providing a distraction for Uncle Paul.”

    “I say leave him alone. He doesn’t need a distraction.”

    “He and mom are basically selling our family business. He needs a distraction.”

    “Since when are you interested in the family business?”

    “I might not be interested in the day to day running of the company anymore than you are. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hold onto our father’s legacy. He saved DRSF from ruin and they’re just going to give it away. I’ve heard from people who would know the Chinese and Russians are after it.”

    “I’d just rather stay out of it.”

    “And let everything daddy worked for bed sold off to foreigners?”

    John Ross, Dia Long and Vicktor Sechin meet to discuss the break up of DRSF once acquired.
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    Effie walks into a garden shed on the Gaulker Pointe property to find a very good looking man working on a lawnmower. “Adam Meade?”


    “I’m Effie Ewing.”

    “Hello Miss Ewing. Can I help you.”

    “I’m just kinda trying to clear some stuff up. I look into all the knew Gaulker employees just to make sure were good. Kinda a deep dive. And you’re dead. Care to explain that?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “You’re dead though no body but your family seems aware of it. No death certificate, no record with social security. But your family says you died. They also said Emmitt took care of everything, Adam’s cousin. But funny thing is Emmitt’s dead. Well at least according to social security. Do you follow what I’m saying?”

    “I think I do.”

    Effie fiddles with her phone. Hands it to him. “This you?” The shed fills with the sound of a porno. “Very good actor I would say.” She takes back the phone. “And a huge rap sheet. Theft, armed robbery, breaking and entering, drug possession and selling, prostitution, involuntary manslaughter, want me to go on?”

    “No. I got it. I’ve been straight for over two years. Living with my aunt until I moved in here.”

    “Believe me I understand. Excellent idea really. No fowl. Adam dies in a car accident. Why not assume his identity? He don’t need it anymore. I don’t hold a think against you.”


    “Really. In fact I’d like to off your a side job.” She hands him a thick envelope. “I hand you one of these every month.”

    He takes it.

    “And I never expect to hear no from you for anything I ask.”


    “Take your clothes off.”


    Darnell introduces the woman from his bed to his campaign staff. “Amy Bowdich. She’s a good friend. A high school English teacher. I want you include her in on our education platform. Get her insights.”


    In New York City, Sue Ellen Ewing sits in the front row of a fashion show when Jackie sits down. You must be Sue Ellen Ewing.”

    “I don’t know if I must be, but I am.”

    “You’re still married to the Lord Maitland, but go by Ewing, your x-husband’s name.”

    “And you are?”

    “Oh yes. Jacquline Ewing. I was married to Jack Ewing, your x-husband’s cousin.”

    “Oh, I’ve heard of you. Sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Jack that well. Handsome though.”

    “Thank you. Jack and I had been separated for years. But um, it was his Texas charm that caught my eye.”

    “With the Ewing men the charm doesn’t go very deep.”

    “I noticed. He and his sister bought a small chemical company right before she died. My father was interested in it. I went along. Kinda was swept off my feet.”

    “I know the feeling.”

    “Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about your son making a play for my company, DRSF Chemical.”

    “I see. I can assure you I’m not involved.”

    “Oh I’m aware. Your son nearly bankrupted you and his Uncle Bobby going after Ewing Global.”

    “I see. You want the story of what happened. Well, I made mistake. A lot of mistakes When it came to my son. Every time I turned around I trusted my husband, JR. But I never trusted my son. I can assure you I won’t make that mistake again. John Ross is the one person in this world I do trust. And I will have his back no matter what he does.”

    “He’s got a child by some woman doing time for working with drug smugglers and money laundering, who nearly got his cousin killed. That’s someone you can trust?”

    “The Ewing men also have very bad taste in women. But my son can handle himself. I won’t make the mistakes my mother-in-law made. Like I told Bobby, if my son wants South Fork to just burn it down, I’ll bring the matches. I’ll stand by him no matter what.”

    “And he stands by you no matter what. Or so I’ve noticed. You’re a very fortunate woman.”

    “I am. He helped me sober up, when I couldn’t trust myself. I live with him, in the room JR promised would be mine, helping him raise his son. What more could I ask out of life?”

    “The JR Ewing Foundation he put together, with you running it, is pretty good size as well. He’s backed everything you’ve done. He even welcomes your husband to stay when he’s in Texas.”

    “As JR would say, you’ve done your homework.”

    “Now I’m here. I like to look people in the eye when I size them up. You were an unknown to me regarding your son. I must say, I am impressed. I wish I were as close to my children as you are to your son.”

    “I trust my son.”

    “Oh I trust my children. Just not always to do what I want.”

    “Well, I don’t think that’s what children are for, to do what we want.”

    “Even when he locked you up in that place?”

    “I was drinking again. And it was a good place.”

    “I know that. Still.”

    “And to be honest I was a danger to myself and everyone around me.”

    “And now?”

    “Now I’ve got a reason to stay sober. I’ve got everything JR ever promised me, and so does our son. And a wonderful grandson. And a loving husband.”

    “If only an occasional husband.”

    “What better kind?”

    “Well thank you. I think I have all I came here for. Nice to meet you Sue Ellen.”

    “Nice to meet you Jackie.”
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    Some background:

    Jackie was heavily influenced by her grandfathers who grew up in Detroit during the Jim Crow laws under a horribly abusive police force. They use to gather up used motor oil and mix it with fresh to sell for home heating oil, under cutting other suppliers. They then came up with a cleaning solution to clean home heating filters and a chemical company was born. Through unscrupulous methods, buying up or driving out of business their competition, they created a chemical giant. Jackie would say her grandfathers sold their souls to go into business.

    But everyone lived her grandfather, a patron of the arts, he owned a desegregated night club and supported artists in residence. He was friends with writers and play rights and invested in plays in his yen theater. No one disliked her father, except for the horrible bigots who just wouldn’t die off.

    Her father took the company public and created Gawkler Pointe Investments, a massively diversified investment company and family office. And he created the Abernathy Family Foundation, a multi billion dollar charitable foundation.

    Jackie riled in 3 people, Paul, Allen and David. Paul she meet working his way up the company, a graduate of UofM from an immigrant Greek Orthodox family who’s mother was an orphaned Syrian Muslim, a sweet lady she fell in love with. Being half Jewish and half catholic, she found religion fascinating. Talking to him and his mother were the second greatest influences in her life, second to only her own family. Paul would go on to run the company.

    Allen Smith manages the family and foundation investments. A wizard of Wall Street, the Divinator of Detroit, a skilled and talented nerd who went to Wayne State on a scholarship, grew up in an orphanage and then was placed in a series of foster homes. Jackie meet him in a coffeeshop one day when she was taking some classes for the heck of it, never one to complete a full program. The rest was history.

    David Jones’ grandfather worked as an accountant for Jackie’s grandfather, an English immigrant, the most WASP like person he could find. He became the face of the company. Jackie’s grandfather put the land in Sutton’s Bay in his name so he could build in the highly restricted neighborhood. Neighbors welcomed him and his English accent and assumed the blacks coming and going were staff, far behind the stone walls and massive yard, hidden from prying eyes. David today runs Gaulker Point, the only staff member to live on the property, holding to all of his English ways, he is more Jackie’s best friend than servant. A wealthy man in his own right, a convert to Buddhism he traveled the world begging only to return to Gaulker Pointe after the death of his grandfather to take up residence, live a modest and reflective life and help Jackie race her children.

    Jackie went back and forth to Europe, where she could gain a good education in Swiss schools and avid a dangerous and segregated world. Boys fell in love with her, from childhood friends like David, to a lonely urchin like Allen, a future Arab Emirate and a Latin American Despot, American politicians and French nobility. She charmed the world.

    By the time she meet Jack Ewing, he’d been sent fleeing from his own family in Texas, having to get away. On an expedition Jamie meet a scientist and bought into his start up company, eventually buying him. Out in order to keep up the financing. She gave half of it to Jack. Jack went to Michigan to help. He was trying rasped weeds into ethanol. DRSF wanted the patent. It could be used in place of gasoline without any conversion. Jack fell for Jackie and agreed to sell in all stick deal and shortly there after married Jackie, the cowboy and the lady. Not able to have children they began to adopt. Over the years their marriage drifted apart and Jack fell into a relationship with Paul. The spouses became best friends and lead separate lives.

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