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    spin off and continuation of Dallas

    John “Jack” Shaw Ewing (deceased), patriarch of the Michigan Ewing clan. Jack was born in Alaska in 1951, to Jason and Nancy Ewing. He had a younger sister named Jamie Ewing. Married 3 times: unnamed first wife, then to Josephine Bishop, and then to April Stevens. It is with Josephine he had two children (unseen or spoken about on the original Dallas). His final relationship was with Paul Audette. Before her death his sister, Jamie, gave him some money which he added to money Josephine invested to create Ewing Chemical, a Michigan petrochemical company in Michigan. Late in his life he merged Ewing Chemical with Bishop Chemical to create EwingBishop Chemical, one of the largest in the world, and died before his intended break up of the company.

    Josephine “Josie” Carter neeBishop Ewing (80), matriarch of the Michigan Ewing clan, played by Phylicia Rashād. She raised her children from babies to young adults without Jack, living in her widowed father, Walter Bishop’s mansion, Gaukler Pointe. Jack was off wild catting, always trying to strike it rich, which he finally did with the creation of Ewing Chemical. Josie is a strong and independent woman based on Angela Channing of Falcon Crest.

    Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop Evening wing (53), Jack and Josie’s daughter, played by Halle Berry. Ellie doesn’t work but lives a jet set life. The power hungry heiress, based on J.R. Ewing of Dallas.

    Walter “Walt” Bishop Ewing (51), Jack and Josie’s son, played by Shemar Moore. Walt is the Chairman (non-CEO ) of EwingBishop. The good son, based on Bobby Ewing of Dallas.

    Natalie Blume neeMeir Ewing (late 40’s), Walter Ewing’s wife, played by Alicia Silverstone. The Meir’s are major investors in Bishop Chemical. Natalie is the president of the Bishop Family Foundation. The long suffering Jewish princess, based on Sue Ellen Ewing of Dallas.

    Jason “Ross” Ewing, II (26), Walker and Natalie’s son, played by Tequan Richmond. The bisexual playboy torn between pleasing his powerful Aunt and his upstanding father. Based on Lance Cumson of Falcon Crest.

    Paul Audette (late 50’s), was Jacks paramour, played by John Stamos. Paul is the Comptroller and CFO of EwingBishop, over seeing the merger of the companies. Based on Greg Sumner of Knots Landing

    Antonio Rodríguez (60s), rival Chairman and CEO of rival DART Chemical, played by Alfred Molina. He blamed Jack for the death of his son. Based on Jeremy Wendell of Dallas.

    Maria Rodríguez (20s), Antonio’s granddaughter, played by Selena Gomez. Her father committed suicide after a business deal with Jack Ewing left him bankrupt. Based on Lucy Ewing of Dallas.

    Dia Long (50), Chairman and CEO of CanAm, American subsidiary of Chinese giant Sino-Huayi Chemical played by Lee Byung-hun. Based on John Rockefeller, Sr.


    A private jet lands on an airport tarmac. A Rolls Royce pulls up next to it. Bobby Ewing walks down out of the plane and the chauffeur says, “Mr. Ewing.”

    Bobby gets in the back of the car. The driver then gets in the front. The cars rolls down the freeway, past the downtown Detroit skyline before rolling onto a tree lined boulevard, past centuries old mansions, and occasional seaside views. The car turns onto a driveway and through the arch of a gate house, eventually pulling up in front of a mansion inspired by a village in Cotswold.

    Bobby enters the home under the staircase, noticeably impressed. A butler shows him into a French salon full of somber guests. The servant walks up to an elegant woman, well in her seventies, maybe even eighty, and whispers in her ear. She makes her way toward Bobby.

    “Bobby Ewing. I’m so glad you came.” She hugs him.

    He hugs her back. “Josephine. Of course. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

    “Yes. Jack told me all about his famous Texas cousins.”

    “How are you doing?”

    “I’m fine. He’s at peace now. Finally.”

    “He is. I’m glad you were here for him. This can’t be easy for you.”

    “Me. Oh I’m fine. We’ve been divorced for decades. But he was my best friend. I was glad to see him return to Michigan, at least for his children.” She waves them over. “This is Eleanor. And this is Walter. This is your father’s cousin Bobby.”

    Walter shakes his hand and welcomes him.

    Eleanor says, “You’re the one who was married to my father’s third wife, right?”

    “Yes. Yes I was.”

    Both children look at him as if guarding their home from a stranger.

    “We never meet her. Well then we’ve never meet his first wife either. My father was a bit of a wonderer.”

    “He did finally settle down here.”

    “Yes he did.”

    Josephine takes Bobby’s and pulls him away as if he’s a long lost lover. “Come let’s get you a drink.”

    Across the room Bobby says, “Jack seemed happy here. And successful.”

    “He did, didn’t he. When his sister, Jamie died, he was beside himself. When I first meet him in Alaska, the two were inseparable.”

    “That’s where you meet?”

    “Yes. My friend has a hunting place up there. Beautiful. We meet fly fishing. Some how I thought I could settle down in Alaska and live removed from everything. And I did for few years. I was young. Jack was young. It didn’t work.” Strolling through the house she takes him outside, taking a glass of bourbon off a tray held by a servant along the way and handing it to him, still holding his arm. “He was restless. Always in search of a fortune. I missed home.”

    “He certainly found success here.”

    “He did. Jamie had bought this idea for turning rapeseed into fuel. She gave him some money and I invested and he started a farm here in Michigan. About an hour from here. Haven Hill. You should visit. Jack would like that. He created Ewing Chemical from there. Well, with a lot of help from my father.”

    “Your father was an impressive businessman.”

    “No he wasn’t. His father was. My father just happened to inherit advantages. Including this house. But my father was a very good man. The two of them thought they could replace crude oil.”

    “With some success, they have.”

    “Yes some I suppose. Oh Bobby. This is Paul Audette. Paul runs EwingBishop. He is responsible for the merger.”

    “Yes. We’ve meet. On a hunting trip with Jack. Way up north.”

    “Oh really.”

    The two shake. “Welcome Bobby. Wish it was on better circumstances.” The very, classically handsome man’s face appears all red and puffy, in his fifties somewhere, well tailored, and a bit hunched, as if broken. “But he’s not suffering anymore. Jack told me you’re in remission from battling cancer.”

    “A few years now.”

    “And your brother JR battled cancer.”

    “Yes and my mother.”

    “Oh my God. That’s terrifying. Speaking of battles. How is your son doing.”

    “He’s doing well. Thank you.”

    Paul looks at Josephine. “His son, Christopher, was in an explosion. Hurt pretty bad and years of therapy.” Looking at Bobby. “I’m so glad to hear it. The thought of loosing a child.”

    Josephine says, “I was telling Bobby while he’s here he should visit Haven Hill.”

    “Oh yes. You should. I’d love to have you out. Jack would have loved it. He spoke very highly about.”

    “I don’t see why not. Josephine has been so kind as to bring me up here. I should have come more often. When Jack was alive.”

    Josephine hugs him from the side, still holding his arm, “Death does that. Brings a whole lot of should haves.”

    Paul notices someone and his expression turns to concern. “If you’ll excuse me.” He was kid away.

    “Someone he knows?” Bobby asks.

    “That’s Antonio Rodríguez, the CEO of EwingBishop’s rival D. A . R. T.”

    “The Spanish company?”

    “A recent merger of so called equals and they have a head quarters here in Detroit as well as in Madrid. One of those things. He’s been here for sometime. And meeting recently meeting with Dia Long, the head of CanAm, the American subsidiary of Chinese Sino-Huayi, another chemical company.”

    “You keep yourself informed.”

    “Of course. Everyone has to have a hobby of sorts.”

    Paul greets Antonio with reserved politeness and meets the young woman with him.

    Josephine says to Bobby, “That’s his granddaughter, Maria. She has crush on my grandson, Ross. That’s him approaching them. Or maybe my grandson has a crush on her. I haven’t figured it out yet. But neither have they. And that’s my son’s wife, Ross’s mother, Natalie. She’s a Meir, from Toronto. They’re large investors in EwingBishop.” After a pause she says, “You did know Jack and Paul were lovers, didn’t you? They kept it a secret for so long, I’m never sure who knows and who doesn’t.”

    “No. No I didn’t know.”

    “He was the love of Jack’s life. This hasn’t been easy on Paul. That’s why we’re here instead of Haven Hill. Paul’s been staying in his apartment in the city. He can’t bring himself to go back out to the farm. He’s devastated.” Jacquline pauses again and they continue to watch the interaction in the entry between Ross and Maria, Paul and Antonio, with Natalie attempting to mediate both interactions. She then says, “Your nephew has been meeting with Antonio Rodríguez and Dia Long as well.”

    “John Ross?”

    “That’s the one. You two live together?”

    “We do. My mother gave me the family ranch, but I gave it back when she returned home and tried to use it as leverage to get my brother speak to her, speak to anyone. He was catatonic for awhile. Anyway she left me control of it, but left it to my nephew. Half at his father’s passing. The other half at mine.”

    “Considering what he did to you, it can’t be easy living with him.”

    “We put all that behind us. But if he’s meeting with those two, tell Paul to watch his back.”

    “I will.”

    Opening credits: new theme song

    Sitting around the dining room table, everyone else gone, Josie, her daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandson, along with Paul, listen to Jack’s lawyer. “Let’s start with Haven Hill. He leaves the house to Walt, but Paul and Ellie gets to keep their rooms as long as they want. The same with the Skylands Lodge in the U.P. The land for both he leaves to the Bishop Family Foundation, to maintain and preserve. The business of Haven Hill Farm is already owned by Ewing Chemical, and with a lease that expires on December thirty-first. The Foundation will have to work out the terms going forward. As for his shares in what is now EwingBishop, about a billion dollars worth, he leaves dived in two trusts to his two children. And there’s a third trust fund with a diversity of investments, another half a billion dollars worth, he leaves to his grandson. Finally all of his personal effects, papers, car collection, anything he wants in either house, Jack left to Paul. And that’s it. Any questions?”

    Walter says, “Yes. Who’s the trustee?”

    “Josie is the trustee of all three.”

    In a high rise office building in downtown Detroit Antonio welcomes Dia Long and John Ross Ewing.

    A television new anchor state’s, “The merger will create EwingBishop, one of the largest chemical companies in the world reorganized into three specific divisions.

    Ewing will make commodity chemicals like polyethylene, silicone, and paint additives, among other products. Most plastics are manufactured from either crude oil derivatives or natural gas. But with Ewing Chemical’s pioneering work in rapeseed oil, much of the division will rely on a renewable source.

    Bishop will make speciality chemicals likeadvanced plastics, adhesives, and enzymes for end markets including cars, consumer goods, and electronics. Specialty chemicals are usually lower volume, high margin products protected by intellectual property rights. Thus takes Bishop back to its roots when it was founded by Walter Bishop, Sr., the grandfather of Bishop family matriarch Josephine Ewing.

    And a new name, Demeter, will make agricultural seeds, traits and chemicals. Many of this division’s products are protected by patents like prescription drugs, but thus will not include rapeseed production or refining, that will remain with Ewing Chemical.

    The long term plan, within the next two years, is to sell off Bishop Chemical and Demeter to release massive shareholder value and rename what remains, Ewing Chemical. Ironically Ewing Chemical’s work in alternative fuel sits in competition against the company of founder Jack Ewing’s cousins, the Ewing brothers.

    The various members of the Ewing Bishop family own three percent of the combined company divided into various trusts managed by the family office, Gaukler Trust. Forbes estimates Josephine Ewing to be worth two point six billion dollars, mostly from her share of family held conglomerate Gaukler Investments.

    The Meir family have retained five percent of the combined company, the original investment they obtained following a failed take over attempt of Bishop twenty years ago.

    Paul Audette, the single largest individual shareholder, holds five percent of the company and an estimated network of seven billion dollars. Audette is the Chairman and CEO of EwingBishop as well as sitting on the boards oil and gas company Trident, the bank SPBC and media enterprise Globe.

    The financial management firm, White Rock, owns ten percent and is the largest investor in EwingBishop.”

    In the dusky morning light of a new day, Josephine gathers in Gaulker Point’s library with Paul, her two children and two others. The family matriarch says, “My grandfather once sat on the board of General Motors when it was the biggest company in the world. When he was an old man, I’d sit on his lap and he’d tell me stories like he was a superhero. He never made me feel anything other than loved, despite despising my father, partially for marrying my mother but mostly because my father wanted to live his own life, was interested in art and music more than money and power. My grandfather could never get it through his thick head that he couldn’t hurt my parents without hurting me. So. Yes let’s get started. I want the IPO’s for Bishop and Demeter to happen as soon as possible.”

    “I’m on it,” Paul says.

    “As long as I retain control of Ewing Chemical this partnership between Rodríguez, Long and Jack’s cousin won’t touch us.”

    “I wouldn’t under estimate them.”

    “Since when have I under estimated anyone? Rodríguez and Long are managers for bigger players. John Ross is another story.”

    “He is the bigger player.”

    “How so?” Ellie asks. “If his father just left him and his brother Ewing Industries, how’s he a big player? Sounds more like a spoiled heir to me.”

    “Fifty billion dollars, him and his brother Bo, each. And they weren’t just left it. Like your mother, their father assigned them tasks. They’ve proven themselves. They’re partnered with Carlos DelSol down in Mexico. They bankrupted their Uncle Bobby and John Ross’s mother to get at Ewing Energies and Barnes Global. Ewing Industries today is Ewing Oil, Ewing Alternative, Wentworth Tool and Die, Ryland Logistics, CyberByte, the Southfork Cattle Company, the list goes on. And John Ross wants Ewing Chemical.”

    “Well we don’t always get what we want,” Walter states.

    “There’s also the Ewing Network, a web non-profits and political think tanks. He destroyed Harris Ryland, put him in prison for life, while getting his mother into the U.S. Senate. He put together a paramilitary company, Branch Water. The mother of his son went to prison along with her lover, a drug cattle money money and several billion in cash has never been accounted for. He was dealing with the heir to the throne of a Emirate, had him shipped back to his country with his gay lover. Both were executed and the Emir stepped down, replaced by his brother and John Ross got a contract for Ewing Industries which flooded the brothers with money ever since. So yes, sometimes people get what they want, some people more often than not.”
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    I love Detroit so much!!
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    Thank you so much. I’ll try and work on something new tonight.
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    Bishop family mansion, Gaulkler Point
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    [​IMG] Josie Ewing, protagonist
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    John Ross walks up into his private jet to find Ellie waiting. “What are you doing here?”

    “I just wanted to see you before you snuck in and out of town. Cousin.”

    “I wasn’t sneaking. I had business to attend to. That’s done, so I’m headed home.”

    “And you don’t stop into see your family while you’re here?” How many years ago was it we meet in the oil fields of North Dakota? You were with that nerdy geologist.”

    “I remember. Drinking in that honky-tonk. You kept calling me Nick. Took me a while to catch on. Daisy.”

    “You do remember. I was there to see an old friend.”

    “Robert Templeton. He was a gentleman wildcatter.”

    Ellie laughs, “What’s gentleman wild catting?”

    “It’s like gentleman farming except you’re drilling for oil.”

    “Yes I suppose he was. Made a fortune though didn’t he?”

    “Added to the one he started with.”

    “Just like you, John Ross.”

    “Except I got my hands dirty.”

    “Except you got your hands dirty. Let’s cut to the point. You’re here to figure out how to get a hold of Ewing Chemical when the company splits.”

    “Alright. Yes.”

    “My mother’s walking away from Bishop and Demeter.”

    “Demeter I get. But, Bishop is her family’s legacy. Why walk away from it in exchange for Ewing Chemical?”

    “My Mother’s not actually as found oh her grandfather as she might seem. Ewing Chemical is her legacy to her children. And to be frank, it’s the power house of the three. Everything from uranium enrichment to bio fuel. The company is going to lead the world’s energy technology for the next few decades.”

    “I beg to differ.”

    “The Ewing Process, which you so closely guard, for deep well extraction under the continental self.”

    “What of it.”

    “Christopher just sold my mother the patten.”

    “That patten’s owned by Ewing Alternative.”

    “You better check with your lawyers.”

    “Believe me I will.”

    “You start this war with my mother, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    “Tell your momma I said hi.”

    “I sure will.” Ellie stands. “I’d rather fight with you than against you. Sell us a share of Ewing Industries and we’ll help you buy all of Ewing Chemical.”

    John Ross takes a letter out of his pocket. “I get these periodically. Every time I finish a task.” He beings to read. “You’re ready for your next lesson, though by now you might think this is a step back. Don’t under estimate your opponent and the lessons they can teach you. I want you to confront Josie Ewing, your cousin Jack’s x-wife.” He stops reading, though there’s obviously more.

    “Your father’s been gone for some time. And you still get these letters. Good thing he had some time to plan things out. There any truth to the rumor he orchestrated the year without a federal estate tax so when he died, well?”

    “There are a lot of rumors about my father.”

    “And you. Like the one you put a man in the White House with the goal of disrupting the Middle East in order to send oil prices up.”

    “What politician would want such a thing?”

    “One tied to you and foreign oil power.”

    John Ross smiles. “Ellie you always had the wildest imagination.”

    A group of young people in their early to mid twenties hang out by and in the pool of Gaulker Pointe, in a clearing, away from the house. Ross pulls Marie toward the pool house with him.

    The girl, in a wet, white bikini says, “My grandfather would never approve of me being here.”

    “All the more fun, isn’t it?” the boy in a bulging, black Speedo says, his hands all over her.

    A board meeting of EwingBishop breaks up. The members make there way out of the room chatting with each other. Walter says to Paul, “Well that’s some. You can begin to sell off Bishop and Demeter. If you’re going over to Bishop, who do you have in mind for the CEO of Ewing?”

    “I believe your mother wants it to be you.”

    “No. I’m not interested. I’ve put off my life long enough for these board room games of hers. I’m going to run for Governor. Someone’s got to save this self-destructive state. Otherwise why do we bother investing here?”

    “You’ve got a good point. I’ve got Demeter’s in a search for a head quarters elsewhere. But politics is a messy game. You sure you want to throw down in the mud?”

    Ellie walks into the heavily paneled library where her mother reads a book. “I said it right to John Ross’s face and he was truly surprised. He believed Ewing Alternative owned the Ewing Process.”

    “He’s got some lose ends then,” her mother states without looking up.

    Walter rolls around in bed with two young girls.

    In rural, subSaharan Africa, Natalie oversees the building of a school.

    In New York City, Sue Ellen Ewing sits in the front row of a fashion show when Josie sits down. You must be Sue Ellen Lockwood.”

    “I go by Sue Ellen Ewing.”

    “Oh please forgive me. I thought you were still married to the Lord Maitland.”

    “I am, but I kept Ewing. And you are?”

    “Oh yes. Josephine Ewing. I was married to Jack Ewing, a long time ago. And i guess I kept the name too.”

    “I didn’t know jack remarried.”

    “He didn’t. I was married to Jack before he married April.”

    “Well then, I didn’t know he’d been married before.”

    “Twice before. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about your son making a play for my company, Ewing Chemical.”

    “I see. I can assure you I’m not involved.”

    “Oh I’m aware. Your son nearly bankrupted you and his Uncle Bobby going after Ewing Global.”

    “I see. Well, I made mistake. A lot of mistakes. Every time I turned around I trusted My husband JR. But I never trusted my son. I can assure you I won’t make that mistake again. John Ross is the one person in this world I do trust. And I will have his back no matter what he does.”

    “He’s got a child by some woman doing time for working with drug smugglers and money laundering, who nearly got his cousin killed. That’s OK with you?”

    “Of course not. I certainly don’t want my son to hurt himself or my grandson, Jay, but like I said, he can handle himself and I’ve got thus back. I won’t make the mistakes my mother-in-law made. Like I told Bobby, if my son wants South Fork to just burn it down, I’ll bring the matches. I’ll stand by him no matter what.”

    “And he stands by you no matter what. Or so I’ve noticed. You’re a very fortunate woman.”

    “I am. I live with my son, in the room JR promised would be mine, helping him raise his son. What more could I ask out of life.”

    “The Ewing Family Foundation he put together, with you running it, is pretty good size as well. He’s back everything you’ve done. He even welcomes your husband to stay when he’s in Texas.”

    “As JR would say, you’ve done your homework.”

    “Now I gave. I like to look people in the eye when I size them up. You were an unknown to me regarding your son. I must say, I am impressed. I wish I were as close to my children as you are to your son.”

    “I trust my son.”

    “Oh I trust my children. Just not always to do what I want.”

    “Well, I haven’t always done what my son wants. Trust goes beyond that.”

    “Even when he licked you up in that place?”

    “I was drinking again. And it was a good place.”

    “I know.”

    “And to be honest I was a danger to myself and everyone around me.”

    “And now?”

    “Now I’ve got a reason to stay sober. I’ve got everything JR ever promised me and so does our son.”

    “That’s good to know.”
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    Ellie and John Ross enter a loud, booming club where twenty somethings jump up and down. She points out her nephew and his friend. He asks, “So what’s a financial

    advisor do in a place like this?”

    Ellie chuckles. “He’s the DJ.”

    “Are you serious?”

    Standing at the bar, the bar tender asks, “What’ll it be?”

    “Martini, extra dry.”

    “Not that kinda place.”

    “Bourbon. Net,” John Ross says.

    Ellie says, “Do you have gin?”

    “I do.”

    “That’ll work.”

    “Just gin? How about a Psychedelic Steve. Kind of a watermelon taste.”

    “Oh God no.”

    A few minutes later Ellie’s introducing John Ross to the DJ. “Manny Melendez, Antonio Rodríguez’s nephew and one of the best financial minds in the world.”

    “Always good to know a man who’s smart with money. But tell me, are you even through college?”

    “I have a Ph.D. in economics from the LSE.”

    Ellie says, “He is twenty-one.”

    John Ross nods. “Good age. Still a lot to learn though.”

    “I doubt there’s anything you can teach me.”

    “I’m certain there is.” John Ross hands him a flash drive.” You look that over and get back with me. My contact information is on it as well.” John Ross pats his shoulder and the two leave him to his work.

    On the way out they pass Ross walking out of a bathroom with a girl, straightening his hair. Ellie approaches the two. “Go back to your friends,” Ellie says to the girl.

    The girl looks at Ross and he says, “Go.”

    “I don’t care if they record you walking around here buck naked. Just make sure you’re ok with it.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “You’re an awful lot like your father. Too unguarded.”

    “What do I have to be guarded about?”

    “If you have to ask you better hope your ignorant bliss lasts forever. Waking up from that stupor isn’t pleasant.”

    “See the difference between you and me Aunt Ellie is I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me.”

    “No the difference is I control what people think. You’re controlled, just too stupid to realize it.”

    “What ever.”

    “By the way, this is your cousin John Ross.”

    “Nice to meet you,” John Ross says.

    Walter and Natalie work the campaign for governor.

    Josie works in her garden when Paul approaches. She says, “Good news I hope.”

    “Everything’s finalized. The three companies are separated. The money raised is in their accounts. It’s all set up so you’ll sell your shares in all three a tiny piece at a time, so as not to impact the market over the next twenty years, and diversify the money. You’ll be in a very secure position. The family office. The foundation. Trusts set up for succession. It’s everything you asked.”

    “Good. Thank you Paul.”

    “I’ve even pledged my money to the foundation as well. It’s all arranged.”

    “My father always said the future is up to how well we plan.”

    “I’d say he was right.”

    “So would I. He was a good man, my father.”

    “So I’ve heard.”

    “Not a successful man, but a good man. Like my son.”

    “I’ve never thought of Walter as a good man, but I suppose he is.”

    “Well the first thing you see is that’s he’s never grown up, he’s naive and his philandering. How do you think a man gets to be a good guy? Now my grandfather, he wasn’t a good guy. That bastard would sell his family for the next great deal. How that man survived was beyond me. Sheer will I guess.”

    “Remind you of Ellie?”

    “Too much.”

    “Speaking of which, your grandfather’s sheer will did land him a seat on the Commission. A seat you now occupy. What was said, about your plan with John Ross?”

    “It’s under consideration.”

    “He remind you of your grandfather as well.”

    “I figured at first, yes. His father certainly was that type. But not now. He’s a far stronger and more capable man.”

    “Really? So the meeting with his mother paid off?”

    “It did. I’m going to meet with a few more family members, but I’m pretty confident of what I’ll find.”

    “He’s the right man to replace you on the Commission.”

    “I believe so. We’ll see.”

    “And Antonio Rodríguez?”

    “DART is a time bomb. I just want the explosion to go off when I chose. That’s one man I’ll never forgive. His tag-ons are one thing but he made Jack’s last year hell, taking advantage of him being sick to make a play for Ewing Chemical. I’ll never forgive him for that, but I’ll make him beg anyway.”

    A helicopter lands on a yacht in the middle of the ocean. Ellie climbs out and meets with Dia Long. Walking down to the aft deck as the sound of the whirling blades dissipates, Ellie says, taking a seat at the round table, covered by the deck above, “You’ve got a mess on your hands, I hear.”

    “Nothing for you to concern yourself.”

    “The Chinese Government owns a controlling interest in Sino-Huayi Chemical, for which your company, CanAm, is a subsidiary, and CanAm has taken it upon itself to heavily invest in Ewing Chemical, Bishop and Demeter. So yes, what happens in China is my concern. Protesters in Shanghai. That could signal the begging of the end.”

    “That won’t happen.”

    “But someone like you, you’d love to see China break apart. It would give your family control of Sino-Huayi, thanks to that snake oil salesman of a father of yours.”

    “I hope you’re not suggesting I’m involved in the riots in Shanghai in anyway.”

    “I’m clearly stating they benefit you. But that’s not why I’m hear, you and your friends keep buying into my family’s businesses.”

    “They’re public companies.”

    “We haven’t had the opportunity to talk about your plans.”

    “Miss Ewing, I wasn’t aware you played any role in your families investments, let alone in the day to day running of these three companies.”

    “My concern is for control of Ewing Chemical.”

    “The pattens regarding rapeseed fuel, fluoride batteries, and dysprosium manufacturing.”

    Ellie smiles, “That’s what you’re after, you and your friends.”

    “Most certainly. They threaten to destabilize oil and rare earth markets. You don’t think the world is just sitting around waiting for such a thing, do you?”

    “No of course not.”

    “You’re over your head. Your father collected a set of pattens which put a target on all your heads. Your mother has invested heavily in Mexican fluorspar mining. You think no one’s paying attention.”

    “Of course they are.”

    “America has to fight to stay on top. I’m not sure your people have any fight left in them.”

    Ellie says, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    Dia laughs, “America’s not smart enough anymore for such a thing.”

    “And China is?”

    “Many countries seem to be gaining on you, yes.”

    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” Ellie hands him a flash drive and says, “Thank you for your time Mr. Long. I’m sure we’ll encounter each other again.” She returns to her helicopter.

    Dia rushes inside to a computer and opens up the files on the flash drive. He sees pictures of various generations of Chinese together in insignificant positions. He sits down, pale, shaken.

    A television news reporter states, “EU officials made public a months long investigation into misleading financial statements made by DART Chemical and the role company CEO Antonio Rodríguez played in what could lead to the ruin of the global chemical giant . . . . .”

    Maria and Ross get married by a justice of the peace.

    A television news reporter states, “Mateo Rodríguez, oldest son of DART Chemical CEO Antonio Rodríguez was found hung in his apartment in Madrid. Mateo had come under criminal investigation for his role in the financial scandal at DART. As company Treasurer, his name was affixed on many of the documents in question. The fall out has already cost the family over twenty billion dollars as the share price remains in free fall . . .”

    Josie welcomes Maria into the family at Gaukler Pointe with the entire family in attendance, including John Ross and Paul. Natalie expresses her disappointment that they didn’t have a big wedding. Josie says she just glad to see someone rein in her grandson and offers to give them a party at Gaukler Pointe.

    Marie stand out on the back porch by herself, looking at the freshwater sea out past the wide lawn in the light of the full moon. Ellie steps out and says, “Ross says the two of you are spending the night here, at Gaukler Pointe.”

    “Yes. We thought we’d spend a few days with his grandmother before we went on a honeymoon.”

    “Oh and where is this honeymoon to take place?”


    “Nice. Have you told your grandfather yet?”

    “No. Not yet. He’s not going to be happy.”

    “Well rebellion makes it that much more exciting, doesn’t it? Frankly I’m surprised you’re ok with it. After what happened to your father.”

    “What does my father’s death have to do with anything?”

    “My father and Paul once bested your father or a deal to buy a small chemical business. But it humiliated your father non the less. Your grandfather had to come in and bail him out. He was setting your father up to replace him at DART. But we all know Mateo was over his head. It’s probably why he did what he did with the company books. Trying to prove to his father he could handle things, when he couldn’t going against my father.”

    “I don’t really care about the business between your family and mine.”

    “Don’t you? Your family is about to loose every dime. And you suddenly latch on to my family. Pretty good move if you ask me. So how much to go away?”


    “Give me an amount it’ll cost to get you to annual this marriage and I’ll write you a check. Trust me. You’ll be better off. Ross isn’t a very serious person. My mother controls every dime he gets and in a divorce you won’t get anything. She got his money locked up in trusts you can’t get your hands on. So better to take a check from me now then down the road get tossed out with nothing to show for it.”

    “You really are something else. Ross warned me about you.”

    “Good. Then you know I’m serious.”

    “You think you can buy anything you want. I’ll just disappear if the checks big enough.”

    "Like my dad use to say ‘Anything worth having is worth going for - all the way.’ What I want right now is for my family not to have to deal with a parasite like you.”

    “Well I’m not going anywhere. So you better get use to it.”

    “Oh yes you are. You’re just to dumb to realize it.”

    John Ross meets with Dia and Antonio in a New York office overlooking the World Trade Center. They’re discussing the fall out of DART. Ewing Industries and Sino-Huayi are buying DART’s shares in Ewing Chemical as the company implodes. Antonio blames the Ewing’s for getting at his nephew Manny to expose DART to an EU investigation.

    Dia says, “We’ve relies heavily on Manny for investing in Ewing Chemical and now you’re telling us he can’t be trusted.”

    John Ross says, “Prison won’t protect you from me if this blows up in our faces.”

    Dia says, “I think we might have to consider the possibility that Ellie Ewing is more involved than we realized. I know we thought this merger and break up EwingBishop was all Jack and Paul’s doing, and with Jack dead, but maybe Ellie’s someone we didn’t anticipate.”

    “Why would you say that?” Antonio asks.

    “She came to visit me. I got the impression to size me up. And threaten me. She left me USB drive with pictures of my family.”

    “So she’s making it clear for you to stay away from her family.”

    “That’s what I took from it.”
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    A televised political round table of journalist discuss the politics of the day and how the presidents movies have given rise to oil prices, as noted a goal of the Russian President. Though oilmen, like John Ross Ewing, publicly opposed the election of the president, the benefit to them will be massive. One says, “The Ewing’s were the family which backed the founding of the family Robert Welch Society, conservative think tank, which appears more concerned with social conservatism then financial, but really high oil prices have been their goal since John Ross Ewing’s fathers days.”

    “That’s just pandering to the left. That some right wing conspiracy group is out to promote big oil. What about the Septilateral Commission? The SC has operated as a leftist shadow government since the late forties, early fifties . . . .”

    He’s cut off as they all start to argue at once with the moderator trying to get them back to sharing the platform.

    “What about alternatives. Solar is coming on line for industrial practices. Arizona is quickly become the steel capital of the country. And battery technology they’re saying will power jets, potentially non stop for military uses . . .”

    Marie visors Antonio in a prison gathering room, where he tells her, “The Ewing’s did this.” They got at her cousin Manny. “I should have known better. You can’t trust them. I’m telling you, don’t trust them.”

    In a bedroom at Gaukler Pointe Maria changes as Ross walks in. “Tomorrow morning we’ve got a line up of houses to look at.”

    “That’s nice. Close by?”

    “Mostly in the city. You said you wanted something old, with character.”

    “What’s going to happen to this house when your grandmother passed away?”

    “She’s leaving it to a nonprofit so people can tour the house. Everything you see will be left exactly as it is. The artwork replicated and the originals left to the DIA.”

    “Really? So she’s not leaving it to her family?”

    “My father isn’t interested in it. Aunt Ellie, I don’t know. Everyone will still be able to use it for gatherings, cousins and such.”

    “But you won’t live here?”

    “No. Why would you. It’s too much. Beautiful but too much. Don’t you think?”

    “I suppose.”

    “How are things going with your family?”

    “All our money is tied up and quickly vanishing. My grandfather’s in prison. My father killed himself. How do you think?”

    “I know it’s not good but you don’t have to worry.”

    “Don’t I? You leave me or I leave you, what do I have? Nothing. My grandfather said your Aunt Ellie was behind this. She got at my cousin Manny to get insider information on the company.”

    “What? Ellie has nothing to do with business. My father fought any involvement, but my aunt? She’s never even been involved with the company.”

    “No one knows where Manny is but my grandfather got word from him that Ellie approached him to dig up dirt on my family. She didn’t want his investment in your family’s company.”

    “That’s crap. I’m telling you Maria, my Aunt Ellie has zero interest in business.”

    John Ross and Dia meet in Paul’s office at Ewing Chemical. Paul explains that the nominating committee will look at putting one member each on the board to represent CanAm, the American subsidiary of Sino-Huayi and Ewing Industries.

    Dia argues that’s simply not enough, considering our shares. “The two of us each own more shares in Ewing Oil then the Ewing Bishop family combined.”

    “What’s your point?” Ellie asks entering the room.

    “My point is you’ve lost control of Ewing Chemical. We intend to divide it between CanAm and Ewing Industries.”

    “You intend to divide up my father’s business. No I don’t think so.”

    “Your family has about two percent of the company now. That’s no enough to amount to much to stop us.”

    “Except your missing one important point. My family’s shares are class B shares. They hold more votes. The trust funds my mother controls holds fifty-one percent of the vote. You want be doing anything, unless you want to sell.”

    “What! That’s bull shit. We’ll fight it.”

    “You can all you want. Won’t do you a bit of good.”

    “And if we dump our investment, it’ll send your shares plummeting.”

    “I don’t really care about the value. Just the power. You dump your shares you’ll have to explain to your bosses a ten or even eleven figure loss? Maybe we could help you out by sending the shares crashing for you you can explain why you’re powerless to do a thing about it. What happened to the last person working for Sino-Huayi that caused that kind of situation?” She looks at Paul, “Put Dia and the board and any representative my cousin chooses.”

    “Sounds like a good idea.”

    “But the split up if this company and endangerment of its patents isn’t going to happen.”

    Walter concedes the governor race in a hotel speech in front of a gathering in a large hotel ball room. His family gathering around him, all but Ellie. He holds Natalie’s hand and Ross holds Maria’s and his grandmother’s hands. As they break up they receive condolences from the crowd.

    Ross hugs a man and says, “My father couldn’t have had a better campaign manager.”

    “Thanks but we didn’t win.”

    “That not necessarily your fault. The party’s taking a beating in this state. Maybe switch parties and try Congress next time.”

    “Are you making an offer?”

    Ross and the campaign manager have sex in a hotel bed.

    Television news reporter says. “The bankruptcy and break up of DART to pay its creditors has wiped out seventy billion dollars in equity. Assets like a pipeline and petrochemical plant in Louisiana have been picked up by Ewing Industries, while Bristow is putting together a deal to combine many of the North American assets in Trenton Chemical, which they expect to eventually take public.”

    Josie walks through a Moroccan beach house onto a terrace overlooking the ocean. Antonio, looking gaunt and hunched, turns to see here. “You can’t say I didn’t warn you,” Josie says.

    “Does it matter any more?”

    “Of course it matters, to me. It’s one thing for you to try and take from us a few pattens. The Commission wasn’t happy but we could work with it. But the way you went about it. You used Jack’s illness to your advantage. Do you know what it was like for us, myself, my children, Paul, to watch Jack die, and then compound it with his not being able to fight you off? Jack was my best friend. I promised him I’d handle everything.”

    “I’m broke. My family hates me. My son killed himself. What more do you want? I have nothing left.”

    “Ellie adored her father. When he spoke of you it took everything I had to rein her in. Not so much my son. He blamed Jack for the cancer. He blames the two of us for everything wrong in his life. Supposedly I’m also to blame for being a horrible mother. Maybe I was. But one thing I am good at, it’s business. I don’t go around making excuses or blaming other people, or loosing my temper. You had to do what you did. And so did I.”

    “And that’s it. Like no hard feelings.”

    “I never held any hard feelings for you or anyone. It’s a waste of time. It certainly doesn’t make me money. And most importantly, it doesn’t increase my power one bit. And that’s all this has ever been, a power play. Isn’t that right?”

    “I under estimated you. You don’t just head up the foundation, you manage a well placed army. Like Paul’s on the board of Bristow and Ewing Chemical and the Quadrilateral Commission.”

    “Don’t dig to deep Antonio. You won’t be able to unsee what you find.”

    Television news reporter stares, “Antonio Rodríguez, who was at the head of DART Chemical when the company imploded over a book cooking scandal had died. The sixty-five year old had been serving a fifteen year prison sentence in Spain when he was let out to return to a home of his in Morocco, where he subsequently died. His his estate is still is still battling multiple law suites.”

    The Ewing’s gather before dinner in the living room of Gaukler Pointe. Paul hands Josie a drink. Natalie and Walter walk into the room. Josie says, “Now that this political business is over, how about you return to Ewing Chemical?”

    “I’m not sure it is over, mother. So I lost my first election. I learned a lot. No I don’t think I’m finished with politics.”

    Ellie says, “I don’t know how you do it. Shaking all those hands. You ask me it’s kinda disgusting.”

    Natalie laughs, “No one asked you.”

    Dia Long steps into the room. Ellie takes his arm and introduces him to her family.

    Josie asks, “Where’s Ross?”

    Walking into the lobby of a tropical resort, a noticeably pregnant Maria holds the arm of a handsome young man. The hotel staff welcome them as “Senor and Senora Del Sol.”

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