Did Emma tickle the ivories?

Discussion in 'Falcon Crest' started by Arlene Halloran, Apr 13, 2017.

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    I can remember Emma playing an instrument like a guitar in season 1 but did she also play the piano, in Angela's living room? If she didn't then who was ever on it.
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    IIRC then Charley played the piano at one of his weird parties at Falcon Crest in season 9.
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    Dan Fixx also sat behind it in season 7, when he entertained all the characters who were cooped up during ‘Stormy Weather’.

    Presumed only child Carly Fixx has just arrived in the Tuscany Valley but Dan (who she thinks is her brother) is trying to make sure her stay is limited. He sets her to work in the Agretti vineyards, after Melissa’s approval, (a scene from season 7, 1987-’88):

    Carly: “Well at least I can work on my tropical tan.”

    Dan: “A little hard work will be good for ya.”

    Carly: “Oh yeah! So would two weeks in a world class resort.”

    Melissa says smartly to Dan: “From Pittsburg, ah?”

    Carly notices a tractor, at the borderline with the FC vineyards.

    She exclaims, “Hey dig the tractor. What about a ride?”

    Melissa: “Its’ Angela’s. That road borders with Falcon Crest.”

    Carly: “I love that old lady. I bet she raised hell at my age.”

    Dan grabs Carly and points to one of the vineyard workers: “Hey that’s the foreman, the guy in the hat. Why don’t you go over and tell him you’re joining the work gang?”

    Carly goes over the fence: “Time to hang with the gang.”

    Melissa looks away from her vineyards and back to Dan: “Are you sure having her work for me is such a good idea?”

    Dan: “One full day of hard work and she’ll be begging me to go home.”
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