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Do you think we we see a reboot/revival with original characters?

Discussion in 'Knots Landing' started by MarkSinacori, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. MarkSinacori

    MarkSinacori Soap Chat Fan

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    Los Angeles
    It's either gonna go two ways or none.

    1. The kids are now all grown up, some living in sold-off homes that weren't shown on the cul-de-sac and the adjacent street, Karen and Mac, Gary and Val and Abby may still be living in their original homes.

    2. A new show. Different families living there. All the originals are gone and moved away. Same neighborhood, same set, same homes, just new families, years later. New stories, just same location. (I doubt they'd do a re-imagining in a different setting of a cul de sac or use the same names as people who moved in after the originals moved out.)
  2. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Soap Chat TV Fanatic

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    14 September 2001
    Or a combination. The Ewings and the Mackenzies still live there but the focus would be on a younger generation - perhaps led by Brian and Kate - and new unrelated characters.

    Most of the offspring would live elsewhere but be available if the storylines called for it.

    Sadly, though, I think the most likely alternative is "none".
  3. Rove

    Rove Soap Chat Enthusiast

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    Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Short answer? No. If the daddy of all Primetime Soaps Dallas cannot make it past 40 episodes and Dynasty 2.0 cannot dig itself out of low ratings then any hope of resurrecting another bygone series will not get the green light. It amuses me no end these Hollywood darlings cannot fathom why these continuations/reboots are not working. Silly people. Until you involve passionate people with a deep respect and understanding what made these classic shows work then stop with the madness.

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