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Dynasty (reboot)

Discussion in 'Dynasty Writers Room' started by stevew, Dec 20, 2016.

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    John Stamos as Blake Carrington

    Odette Annable as Fallon Carrington

    Max Thieriot as Steven Carrington

    Colin Salmon as Cecil Colby

    Ashley Walters as Jeff Colby

    Eva Longoria as Krystal Gomez Carrington

    Victoria Justice as SammyJo Gomez

    Steven and Mathew (played by Alexander Skarsgård) work with a crew in an oil rig in the Badlands of the Dakotas.

    Fallon signs requisition forms in the lobby of the Mewès Davis Hotel in Denver. An excited chief approaches her babbling in French. She attempts to calm him down, responding to him in French, calling him Louis, and stroking his arm.


    Blake Carrington signs contracts for the development of oil fields in the nation of Bessarabia with that country's Prime Minister in front of the press. Cecil Colby looks in as they sign. The Prime Minister announces the pleasure of King Galen to have the expertise of the American field services company DenverCarrington to develop the long dormant Bessarabian oil and gas reserves for his country's national oil company. They have also contracted with Colby Industries and ColbyCo to transport the oil and gas, as well as refine and market it.

    Blake does to leave the crowd as it breaks up and Cecil offers his hand saying, "Nice to be working with you again, Blake."

    Blake declines his hand and says, "It wasn't my choice Cecil. They insisted."

    "Well regardless, it's been a long time. I hear congratulations are in order. You ran off and got yourself remarried. Have you heard from Alexis?"

    "No and I don't expect to hear from my x-wife either."

    "No I suppose not. Well please offer your new bride my sincere best wishes. She's worked with ColbyCo. I don't really remember her by Jeff tells me she's a very gentle woman."

    "Well Jeff's opinion might just be the only opinion from a Colby I'd care to hear. Good day Cecil." Blake walks toward the elevators.

    Cecil studies the man as he departs.

    Krystal and Claudia (played by Ashley Scott) go over an advertising campaign for ColbyCo gas stations at Barrow and Gomez. Jeff applauds saying he'd almost believes that they're selling green energy and thanks the two women. He then hugs Krystal, congratulating her on her sudden marriage.

    "Thank you Jeff. Those flowers are from your Uncle Cecil. I didn't know what to make of them."

    "My uncles and Blake Carrington have hated each other since they were working together thirty years ago."

    "One day you'll have to tell me the story of what happened. Blake says he'd rather not dredge up the past but he also wishes I wasn't working on an account for ColbyCo."

    "Well the short of it my uncles and Blake were setting out to strike it rich on their own away from their respective families. Somewhere along the way I'm sure they both set out to screw each other over. Blake founded DenverCarrington as a field services business and my uncles went broke. They did inherit the conglomerate Colby Industries from their father, which owns a large chunk of the very public and very large ColbyCo Corporation my grandfather put together, so they didn't entirely end up broke and in fact actually ended up dwarfing DenverCarrington. But, Blake's share of DenverCarrington doesn't exactly leave him broke either. So you ask me their feud is over nothing."

    "Kinda what I figured."

    "You going to keep working now that you're married?"

    "Of course. I like what I do. Why would I quit now. Claudia and I are making a babe for ourselves."

    "Well, it's just Blake's a bit old fashion when it comes to that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I love him like a father. Heck he is my godfather, but well Fallon's always filled that roll of executive hostess, and she's good at it."

    "What do you mean."

    "Well there's a lot of entertaining to his job. As a matter of fact he's hosting some reception this evening for the Prime Minister of Bessarabia."

    "He said his caterer handles all the details."

    "He means Fallon's company, Mewès Davis Hotels."

    "Oh. Will you be there?"

    "Wouldn't miss it for the world, Cecil Colby back in Blake Carrington's inner sanctum. Do you know if Steven will be there?"

    "Blake's hoping so."

    "Me too. It's been a while. We were all great friends growing up, Fallon, Steven and me. So much has changed. Fallon went off to Baldwin and Bryan Mawr and studied a year at the Sorbonne. Steven and I went to Hill together. Then he went to Penn and I went off to Christ Church and we all just sort of went our separate ways. Before I took this job I was working in London in a office and Steven's been up in the Dakotas in the fields."

    "Can I ask, do you know why Steven and Blake don't get along? You ask me they seem an awful lot a like. I mean, maybe that's just it."

    "That and Steven's gay. Like I said, Blake's old fashioned and it doesn't set so well with him, anything Steven does outside of his control."

    "Blake never mentions it. I've know Steven a lot longer than I've known Blake. He's partners with Claudia's husband. In fact Steven and I have talked a lot over the years about his relationship with his father. Blake just can't seem to accept Steven."

    "No he doesn't. Has Blame mentioned Adam?"

    "Reluctantly. There are times Blake just stares off into the distance. You can tell he's being eaten away from the inside out. You know what I mean?"

    "Yeah I do. I still remember Adam, playing with him at the Carrington's. When he went missing something in that house died."

    Krystal tears up.

    Jeff hugs her, "It'll be OK. You'll be good for him. He needs you Krystal. He's a difficult man but a good man really."

    That night the Carrington mansion is lit up as limousine drop off guests. Blake and Krystal greet their guests in the gathering room. Everyone is thrilled to meet the new Mrs. Carrington. The Bessarabian Prime Minister and his wife stand next to them.

    Fallon makes sure everything is perfect with the food in the kitchen when a black suited security guard says to her, "Miss Carrington there's a SammyJo Gomez at the gate asking about seeing her aunt, Mrs. Carrington."

    "What? Oh my god that woman's relatives are already coming out of the woodwork."

    Claudia and Mathew approach Blake and Krystal. Krystal welcomes Claudia with a warm hug but is hesitant to hug Mathew, though she does. He's equally as hesitant to congratulate her.

    Blake warmly welcomes Claudia. He hugs her and comments in how beautiful she looks. He coldly offers his hand to Mathew who declines it. He then introduces them to the Prime Minister and his wife. "Claudia is a brilliant advertising executive and a talented artists. She's my wife's partner. And this is her husband. He's my son's partner in CB Oil. They've been drilling with some success up in the Dakotas." Then looking at Mathew he says, "I expected you'd still be up there. Does this mean Steven's here?"

    Claudia says, "I went up and begged him to be here to put our past behind us and move on, and to bring Steven." Claudia puts her hand on Krystal's arm, "Steven was thrilled you two got married. He thinks the world of you."

    Up stairs in his room Steven gets dressed puttin in a tuxedo while a man (played by Joo Sang Wook), already dressed in a tux, watches over the younger man's frustration.

    The man says, "I really wouldn't have pictured your room like this."

    "Like what?"

    "Like this."

    "My father hired a decorator when I was twenty one, just like he did when I was sixteen. I didn't really have a say it what it looked like."

    "Wow. Talk about controlling." The two men hug and then kiss.

    Jeff pours himself a drink supposedly alone in the library when Fallon asks, "So how's the new job as Vice President of Marketing for ColbyCo?"

    "It's a job. Haven't seen you around."

    "I've been around . . . Thank you. I need this."

    "I don't know why. Everything's gone off just perfect, per usual."

    "I can do a party, that's not the problem. I've got some skank of a girl shows up says she's Krystal's niece dressed like she's working on a street corner. I've got Steven up stairs with Ted."

    "He brought Ted?"

    "Said he wasn't showing up without him. I'm trying to figure out how to keep Ted away from my father when they come down. Then there's your uncle. One of us in this family has to be nice to Cecil Colby."

    "Oh of course, with his kind of money he gets to paw on you as much as he likes."

    "You're so damn crude when you get drinking."

    "What about that Michael? What's he got, cause it sure isn't money?"

    "What? Who are you talking about?"

    "Your father's chauffeur."

    "Oh please. Whatever."

    "You think you can sneak around so well, don't you, Fallon?"

    "Sober up; I don't need another problem to deal with tonight."

    "Afraid I'll make a scene. Don't be. I'll stay in here. You can go out there and kiss up to my uncle. Don't worry about me."

    Not worried about you. And, I'm not worried about Cecil Colby. Him I can handle, but Mathew Blaisdel, I've got him pawing at me every time I try and steer him clear of my father."

    "Probably because you slept with him sometime or another."

    Fallon holds her glass out to be refilled. "Oh shut up." Jeff refills it. He then refills his and Fallon says, "You don't need another."

    "I'll be just fine. I won't make a scene. Blake'll make the scene once he sees Ted Lee in his house."

    "Don't remind me." She sits her glass down and leaves the room. Across the hall she sees Blake headed up stairs. "Daddy, where are you going?"

    "Up stairs. What does it look like?"

    "Its just we've got a situation?" She wake up stairs with her father.

    "What situation?"

    "Some girl claiming to be Krystal's niece showed up at the gate. I had Michael pick her up and take her up and take her around to the kitchen."

    "Alright then, tell Krystal. Why you telling me?"

    "She was in foot at the gate and she looks like a hooker."

    "Well keep her in the kitchen. Have security an eye in her until Krystal can verify if she's really her niece."

    "No daddy," Fallon tries to stop her father from opening a door.

    He opens it and way to find Steven and Ted in a passionate kiss. He rushed over to him and pulls them apart shouting in anger, "Get your hands off my son you pervert!"

    "Ted stumbles backward and falls over, hitting his head on a table.


    Rocky Mountain Investments is a private holding and investment company, based on Cascade Investments and owned by Blake Carrington. It's assets include a large investment in DenverCarrington, Inc., an oil field services public corporation based on Haliburton, of which Blake is Chairman and CEO; 100% of Mewès Davis Hotels and Resorts, LLC, a global luxury hotel brand based on the Ritz Carlton Hotels of which Fallon is President and Chief Operations Officer; the Carrington mansion (use Filoli in Northern California), named Coinin Country House with over 600 acres. The name of the estate is acronym formed by combining the first two letters from the Carrington (really Rothschild) family motto: "Concordia, Integritas, Industria" (Unity, Integrity, Industry) and uses the symbol of a rabbit.

    The Blake and Krystal Carrington Foundation, based on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    CB Energy, LLC is an oil and gas exploration company based on start ups like Hunt and Getty and owned 50/50 by Steven and Matthew.

    Colby Industries is a family owned (energy focused) conglomerate based on Koch Industries. The Colby siblings and their children all own various shares in the company, which in turn is the single largest stockholder in ColbyCo, a supermajor oil company based on Chevron, for which Cecil Colby is the Chairman and CEO.

    Barrows and Gomez is a public relations firm owned 50/50 by Krystal and Claudia.
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    Sorry I posted the wrong one. The right post for this is Dynasty - Reboot. It's the same as above but more scenes.

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