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    Today on tv - the last two parts of the German documentary:

    AL: If something was perfect, it was the cast. Because the producers were smart enough to realize, considering the time it takes to produce such a series week after week that an actor has to play himself. In the 8th or 9th year, there was a huge legal dispute between the Shapiros and Aaron Spelling. A real war. After the end of the series, they went to court against each other. Of course they did not even talk to each other anymore. Each side had 15 lawyers. They tried to secure the rights. Marketing rights. The rights to the clothes, perfumes.

    JOHN: They asked me for love affairs with other women. I said he has what he wants, he has the wife he wants. If he wants to gain a pleasure, he does so with the completion of his various businesses.
    Blake Carrington is a collector. The biggest diamond in his collection is Krystle, is Linda Evans.
    One of the unfortunate developments was that the Shapiros withdrew from actively participating in our show. Esther became more and more interested in marketing the show. And there was friction between Spelling and the Shapiros. That did not help the show very much.
    That was a big mistake, that was one of the low points of the show (Moldavia).
    I miss Linda and most of the people involved, but that's about it. Reunion: some of the magic had disappeared. It was nice to have you (Al) back, with PSM an important element of the show just disappeared.

    PSM: Everyone asked me about Dynasty? Only now I have enough distance that I can say that`s the way it was.
    At that time Esther said to me. Remember this business does not get angry, but settles.

    LINDA: I think Esther is a dynamo. She has so much power. She does an incredible job. I sat in the attic with George Hamilton, that was a nightmare.
    What we did, we did for the ratings. And every year the season ended dramatically. But then we had to kitten the pieces. The first 3, or 4 new episodes were terribly embarrassing, because we had to find the connection. It would have to be true what we had to say and do and it was often overdone. We have always tried to play a little restrained. To soften the dialogues a little so that we did not feel too silly and we hoped the audience would forgive us. And the viewers were lenient. They were very friendly for a few years.
    Al. Did you have the impression that the Colbys damaged Dynasty? Definitely - the marketing in any case.
    When I left ... (tears come). It was a ordeal. It was so sad and so touching. We shot the scene when Krystle left. I know that I cried all day long. I felt like a wreck. It was terribly sad. I did not expect that. I went to live my own life. The farewell to John was heartbreaking. I played in the first 9 stints. Then they said they would put me in a coma. If I wanted to join again, they could wake me up from the coma.

    JOAN: The first 5 years I was so entranced. The scripts were good. A bit exaggerated. I really enjoyed it all. It was an experience to see how we all evolved and how the show became a top show. I still remember the assistant directors answering the phone "This is Dynasty the number one show". There were regular dynasty parties on Santa Monica Boulevard and throughout America. Even when the scripts started getting worse, we were still the # 1. I went to Elaine Rich and I told her: look at this script. Who should talk this nonsense? - How so? Then change your text, you always did. I said it's not about my text, what about the others? What about the text they need to speak? It's terrible. It's not working. She said we are the No. 1. I said I know that we are # 1, but will we still be # 1 in 12 weeks when this is aired? And we were right. Not only did I say that, but also JJ, John and Linda. We were all very worried. But you know that. We're actors - what do we know?
    This is called greed and we do it very cleverly and give the Colbys Dynasty's slot. ABC was urged to move the ad from Dynasty to the Colbys. The Colbys were our death.
    Clearly ABC wanted to kill us. The new boss said I hate this show. This is not a show for the end of the 80s. And we had done great. Basically, I would have loved it if the show had ended with a bang. A really thick endpoint. But that's showbiz. Terrible idea this reunion. This has finally given the show the rest.

    Joey Williams, Garderobier: there was everything to eat. The best food you could possibly imagine. From the best suppliers. You could taste, so to speak, how well the show arrived at the audience.

    Nolan: I was constantly receiving letters saying, "Don´t you think you're dressing Alexis over the top?" She is just overdressed. But I answered: exactly as it should be. I know a big company that had a board meeting on Thursday morning and then postponed it to Friday, because everyone just talked about Dynasty.
    Everyone was thrilled for the first 6 years. Then that changed. The actors were tired. The actresses were tired. They grumbled. In the last 3 years it grew to a real torment. The television wears everything out.

    Bo: But then they decided on the one-dimensional. They no longer cared about the acting, not the story, they cared for nothing. Main focus went to: all involved looked good, all involved had style, everybody had an affair with a dog or what I know.
    We are whores, we are gypsies. We're all going to the analyst. You have to be stupid in this business, otherwise it will kill you.

    Bill Leaversage, driver: Maxwell-I did not like the boy. He had little respect for the people of the car service. I think Richard (Shapiro) is very calm. At least in the studios. She did not patronize him, but I had the impression she sets the tone.

    JJ: It's always like that when you stop with a show. They say we see each other or I call you, but you never do it. I'm already interested in how others are doing. I do not know how long this will last.
    I talked to Elaine. She was worried about my kisses. She said I want more tongue. I said no. I went to Maxwell and said, you and I are working together - we are both in the same boat. He realized that I meant it honestly. From the moment we became best friends.
    Sometimes I have to think about the bondage. I think that had developed with us. I find it very remarkable. It seems to me as if I did not live 1 but 2 lives in this 10 years.
    I have videos of all my shows so I can see how awful I was. If we were accountants, we would not do the interview.

    HEATHER: After 14 or 15 episodes they wanted to introduce a woman. Someone for you. My character has changed a lot. It was very frustrating when you were in a soap opera and they suddenly tell you you have to be different. You have to play this girl slutty. Really degenerate and mean and before that you were rather the innocent girl. And in the next episode, you're the bad, money-hungry girl, but 6 weeks before, when you play the other scenes, you do not even know about it. Frustrating. And at the end of Dynasty, they made me another human again. First I kidnap Linda and then I was such an angel. It was bizarre the story with my priest. I think Sammy Jo was looking for a little secure and love in her life. She thought she had found in you and in what you represented. And your family was finally a family even if so much shit was built behind the facade. You did not see that as an outsider. I thought I will be a star for sure. I was sure to have to wear sunglasses later, so the unsuspecting faces the star. But I am not recognized today. I do not need sunglasses.
    At the beginning, I hardly knew anyone and I wanted it that way. I was just too shy. I did not even go to Aaron to greet him.
    Bloomingdale's NY: the streets were black with people. They had to force our way to the cars. For the first time, I realized how successful the series was. We were at the top, very big.
    I was often at your home rehearsing. Once you played Linda and once you played John. I did not feel like it. Rather like an outsider. Al: no bond? - no. Actually, I would have loved it if Dynasty had been a comedy show.
    Everyone had it, that just filled the whole team. Linda was gone. It was just John and Joan. You had the feeling everything went broke.

    Al: Everyone was staring when I appeared on the set
    JJ: You had a kind of warmth you did not have 10 years ago.
    Linda: That was a hard thing this reunion, there was never so much trouble with a script

    Maxwell: Heather has been eating in her scenes all the time. When casting, it was about to throw glowing glances and spit out a few bubbles. I played it the way I thought an American star behaved.
    Occasionally one was lucky to work on both series and was able to collect 2 checks.
    I thought we were set up to relieve you. I do not think that ABC thought to be able to hold both shows.
    We have all been sacrificed. About the background you could write an interesting book. Just alone what happened between Spelling and ABC.
    Not a nice thought never to have made a great movie that survives you.

    Al to Joan: The Colbys thought they would replace us.
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