Elvis Costello cancels European tour after cancer operation

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    The singer says he is resting on the advice of his doctor after having a "small but very aggressive cancer malignancy" removed.

    In a statement on his website, Costello said his specialist had told him he was lucky because his "small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy" could be removed with just one surgery.

    He has not revealed what kind of cancer it is.

    Costello also made a heartfelt plea - urging men to "talk to their friends" if they have concerns over their health, adding: "It may save your life."

    Following the operation in May, he was advised to take three to four weeks off work to recover.

    Costello - whose real name is Declan Patrick MacManus - said it was "impossible to judge how this advisory would line up with the demands on a travelling musician, playing 90-minute to two-hour-plus performances on a nightly basis".

    He went on: "The spirit has been more than willing but I have to now accept that it is going to take longer than I would have wished for me to recover my full strength. Therefore, I must reluctantly cancel all the remaining engagements of this tour."

    His European summer tour, supported by his backing band The Imposters, was due to play a total of 10 dates.

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