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    Its been discussed before, that certain characters should have lived certain places during certain times of the show. For example, it was pointed out how Alexis was a "traveler with no home", that she lived in hotels and apartments, going from one to the other. And that was supposed to be the excuse for why she didn't return to her triplex apartment after losing the Carrington mansion: she didn't want to return to an apartment, she wanted to go to a new one.

    Another example were the living conditions of Blake and Krystle in season 7, and of Jeff and Kirby in seasons 3 and 4. So I decided to go through the series and change up where certain characters lived, just for fun:

    Season 1:

    -Nothing I'd change here. Everybody was where they were supposed to be, more or less.

    Season 2:

    -Same here.

    Season 3:

    -Instead of killing Cecil off, the character remains for most of the remainder of the season (but he still dies before the season is out), and he and Alexis live as a Grand Couple in his mansion. So Alexis gets to be Lady of the Manor for most of this year.

    -However, I think I might still introduce the triplex apartment: it would be given to Adam to bunk in, except I can't think of a suitable reason why he'd be given it, since Alexis would want her son to live with her, and Cecil would probably relish having Blake Carrington's son loyally living with him ("You have my nephew, I have your son!").

    Except I can't help but think Cecil would recognize Adam as a fellow snake in the grass, so maybe he gives the apartment to him as a way of getting Adam out of the house without upsetting Alexis.

    -Also, once Jeff becomes engaged to Kirby (and only engaged, they never go through with their marriage), they move into Cecil's mansion, which creates quite a bit of tension, particularly as Alexis looks upon Kirby as "the little tramp who stole my daughter's husband!"

    -When Krystle leaves Blake after the lily pond incident, she first goes to live with one of her friends. Not long afterwards, however, Fallon arrives and convinces Krystle to be a live-in employee at La Mirage as a ploy of getting her father and stepmother back together (more to spite Alexis rather than sincerely wanting Blake and Krystle back together, that is).

    -In the season finale, instead of Steven's cabin, its Cecil's mansion that Alexis summons Krystle to. And while the two women are discussing things in the lounge or some other area, they get locked in and the whole mansion goes up in blazes.

    Season 4:

    -Cecil's mansion is destroyed beyond repair, and Alexis moves into the triplex apartment.

    -Jeff and Kirby are harder to think of, since, in the original show, Blake had them living in his mansion because of Joseph's suicide. I wouldn't have Joseph kill himself, so therefore there wouldn't be any call for them to come back to live at the Carrington mansion. I'm tempted to have them move in with Alexis again, but Adam would also be at the triplex, so Jeff and Kirby can find a new apartment.

    -Krystle continues to live and work at La Mirage, but eventually moves back into the mansion.

    -When Jeff and Kirby call off their engagement, Kirby is welcomed back to the mansion due to the leaked news that she is pregnant with Adam's baby. During the ordeal with her miscarriage, Kirby realizes that Adam truly cares for her, and agrees to marry him.

    -Jeff continues to live in his apartment, but he frequently visits Fallon, and upon his re-engagement to her, comes to live at the mansion as well.

    Season 5:

    -I don't remember too much about the living arrangements here, so I'm not going to comment.

    Season 6:

    -This time around, Caress only stays a few days in Alexis' apartment. She ends up taking residency in her sister's studio from season 2 (it is here where Alexis, after storming over to confront "Cassie" over something, that she intercepts the phone call from the publication company, and after tearing through the entire studio, finally discovers the manuscript).

    -Dominique and Jackie are living in L.A. now, and Fallon has returned home to live with Daddy. :D

    Season 7:

    -After losing everything, Blake and Krystle take Krystina to live at Delta Rho with Sammy Jo. This is a sore point to Blake, now having to live off the charity of family members, though he manages to act classy enough about it.

    -Upon gaining the mansion as her new abode, Alexis redecorates the entire place, and not just the master bedroom.

    -Fallon and Steven move out of the mansion, angry at Alexis, but Adam and Amanda remain behind. Ben is also at the mansion, using blackmail to keep Alexis from throwing him out.

    -Steven finds himself a nice modest apartment, but Fallon decides to take up residency at The Carlton, where she ends up hosting a Halloween Party.

    -This time around, Blake doesn't get his home back until towards the very end of the season, by which time Ben has been run out of town by Leslie. Upon getting his mansion back, Blake invites Fallon, Steven and Leslie to rejoin him, and even allows Adam and Amanda to remain (thus maintaining the tension between the siblings, which cousin Leslie takes notice of).

    Season 8:

    -Alexis moves into The Carlton. She is questioned by Adam why she doesn't return to the triplex, but she explains going back there would feel too much like a defeat. Getting a brand new place to live in would feel more like a "new beginning."

    -Jeff returns to Denver for good, having had enough of L.A. He moves into a new apartment, though.

    -After causing trouble amongst her cousins and getting caught for it, Leslie is booted out of the Carrington mansion.

    -Steven ends up leaving Denver, wanting a fresh start someplace else after all the drama.

    Season 9:

    -For sure Virginina won't become a regular character, though I'm not sure if I'd get rid of her character entirely. I'd probably have her visit for the wedding but then return home to Dayton.

    -When Blake banishes Adam from the mansion, Amanda leaves with him, stating they're both leaving "for good", all while glaring up at Blake as she supports her brother out the door. They both move in with Alexis at The Carlton.

    That's all I have for now.

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