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Exit showrunner Sallie Patrick

Discussion in 'CW Dynasty' started by Frederique, May 25, 2019.

  1. thomaswak

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    The network should let him with the maximum creative control. Like Netflix does. The show didn't attract much TV viewers till episode 1, so there is not much to lose.
  2. Rove

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    Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Has this been confirmed? I ask because most articles I'm reading indicate series like Riverdale, Flash and Dynasty will remain on Netflix. Here is one of those articles;


    Companies like Disney, Warner Bros, CBS etc continue to withdraw their series from Netflix in the vain hope people will subscribe to their streaming services. This may backfire immensely. I'm not going to subscribe to multiple streaming services just to pick out those few series I like to watch. If Netflix makes the decisions they will no longer screen Dynasty then I'll just go without. Less and less eyeballs are viewing Dynasty on The CW. I'd go so far in saying more people are viewing Dynasty on Netflix; which is keeping the series going. If that deal was to suddenly end and Dynasty ended up on say a CBS or Warner Bros. streaming service I bet Dynasty won't last past a third or fourth season. Those behemoth media companies in America appear to be interested in setting up streaming services for the American market but consider countries like Australia small fry.

    If those previous mentioned companies are determined to withdraw their productions off Netflix to air exclusively on their streaming services, then so be it. But don't be surprised if they begin to see greed backfire.

    My hard-earned dollars can only stretch so far and I'm not giving up coffee for any of them :)

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