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Falcon Crest (with a Dallas and Knots Landing connection)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by stevew, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Falcon Crest

    Chapter V (1 was Angela's grandfather, 2, her father, 3 the original series, 4, Richard's years, and this is 5 about his son Michael Channing)

    original series created by Earl Hammer

    continuation created by E M Parmelee

    note: the following on CBS Friday 10 PM, fall 2020, followed by Saturday at 10 PM and Sunday at 10 PM (mini series). If picked up turned into a series. Simultaneously available for free on CBS streaming for up to one week with the original Falcon Crest available for the months prior as part of the marketing campaign. Look into Hulu and Nextflix as well. Settings are with limited sound stage interiors, mostly on location outside and interiors, including the Spring Mountain mansion with rented furniture.

    News broadcast: "Earlier today, the Seer of 'ciso', Richard Channing, announced his immediate retirement as the Chairman and CEO of Wentworth Galveston, the five hundred billion dollar conglomerate he began putting together twenty years ago. Forbes lists his net worth at close to seventy billion dollars, approximately half of which comes from a ten percent stake in Wentworth Galveston. His assets are held together in the very secretive and privately held company Falcon Crest Investments and includes other endeavors such as the Falcon Crest Winery, San Francisco Globe, Tuscany Downs and Del Oro Spa. He will remain on the board of Wentworth Galveston, along with his son Michael. He plans on joining his wife, Abbey, in the running of the Channing Family Foundation, and spending time with his grandson, four-month-old Richard Douglas Channing the second. Long time company Vice Chairman, Qi-Li Chi, will replace Mr. Channing in running Wentworth Galveston."

    Workers tend to the Falcon Crest vines as a long black limousine rolls down the street past them.

    The limousine pulls in front of the Catholic Church in Tuscany. Richard and Emma get out and walk up to the large and heavy front doors. Emma laying her head on her brother's shoulder says, "I so wish Abbey would come with us."

    "I know, I know Emma. But everyone has to make up their own minds about God."

    Inside the two kneel as Father Chris blesses the body and blood of Christ.

    Brother and sister walk out the front of the church with everyone else. Emma exclaims, "Christopher," hugging her nephew, "Dinner tonight. I'm making Tortellini."

    "Thank you Aunt Emma." Patting his stomach the priest says, "Haven't missed a Sunday dinner yet."

    "Not yet."

    "Uncle Richard. Heard the announcement. You actually did it and retired."

    "Officially yes. I want to talk to you tonight about your work with those kids in Central America and in the city. I'd like to get involved."

    Emma smiles, "He's back to Bonsai as well."

    "Come on Emma we better let everyone else out of the church. See you this evening Chris."

    Standing in plaza at the foot of the church stairs, among a gathering crowd, a large and handsome man in his thirties approaches, holding out his hand. "Dad."

    Richard shakes the man's hand and pulls him in for a hug. "Michael." Richard then hugs the tall and slender man standing next to them. "Nicolas ." Emma follows with hugs as well. "You should have seen the look on your Aunt's face when she saw the two of you here."

    Emma says, "I just know Michael's had his differences with God. But He loves him so very much." She puts her hands on their cheeks. "I wish the church could marry you two." Tears swell up in her eyes. "But thank you. Thank you for coming back."

    Richard takes Michael by the arm and pulls him along with Emma saying, "Listen, I've been widowed more times then I care to recall and I'll tell you God does what he wants. Ain't no need to discuss that. If he didn't want these two married, he'd take care of it. Now where are we going for breakfast?"

    Emma looks past Richard to her nephew on the other side of her brother and says, "Michael, at dinner can you help me with your brother. Now that he's got a little boy, I really do think it would be a good idea for them to come to church on Sundays. It's just a foundation for little Ricky, that's all. I know all about the issues of organized religion but teaching him about Christ, the real Christ, that can only be good, right? I mean even the Muslim's recognize Jesus. Right Nicolas?"

    "Yes they do," the young man responds with a big smile.

    "So, you'll help me?"

    "Yes Aunt Emma, I'm sure you can talk them into coming out to church. When has anyone in this family every said no to you?"

    "Well since my mother passed away, I guess no one," Emma laughs.

    In a row house among San Francisco's Union Hill, a tall, slender man in his thirties says, "We're going to be late, Meg."

    Sitting at her laptop, typing away, a beautiful woman says with out breaking her stride, "I'm almost done. I've got to get this editorial off. You saw what's going on in the Middle East. Go get Ricky ready and I'll be done. Almost."

    At the old Gioberti House, Nicolas runs around the car from the passenger side saying, "I just have to grab the salad and we can go."

    Michael calls out, "Hurry up. We don't want to be late."

    Looking back Nicolas laughs, "Well you're the one that wanted to fool around instead of coming straight back home. You tell your Aunt why," as he runs up the steps to house.

    At Falcon Crest Abby and Richard sit out by the pool drinking lemon-aid and watching the driveway as one car pulls up followed by another. The two greet the boys, Meg and Nicolas but quickly turn their attention to Ricky.

    Emma and Father Chris come walking out of the house to great everyone.

    Begin the iconic song introducing the show:

    Richard Channing (mid 70's) played by David Shelby

    family patriarch, based on an blue-blooded Jock Ewing (Dallas)

    Abbey Channing (mid 70's) played by Donna Mills

    family matriarch, based on Abbey Cunningham (Knots Landing)

    Michael Channing (30's) played by Luke MacFarland

    protagonist, based on a more wicked version of JR Ewing (Dallas)

    Nicolas (al-Hasani y Costilla) Channing (30's) played by Omar Avila

    Michael's every suffering, artistic and beautiful husband (David w/Michal)

    Kevin Channing (30's) played by Joel David Moore

    Michael's equally suffering sidekick / brother (Cain v. Abel)

    Meg Channing (30's) played by Elizabeth Olsen

    Kevin's strong willed and capable wife (Samson w/ Delilah)

    Qi-Li Chi / Chi Qi-Li (40's) played by Daniel Wu

    chief antagonist to Michael, based a combination of real life Samuel Zemurray and Vladimir Putin, Chao-Li's great nephew (David v. Goliath)

    Emma Channing (mid 70's) played by Margaret Ladd

    the lovable, moral center of the cast


    Father Christopher Rossini (early 60's) played by Ken Olin

    Emma's counterpart to the moral center and Micheal’s confidant

    with special guest stars

    An-Li Chi / Chi An-Li (early 40's) played by Terry Chen

    Qi-Li's younger brother

    Vicente Rubirosa Costilla (mid 30's) played by William Levy

    Nicolas's cousin and Meg's henchman

    Jayla Rosemont (early 30's) played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw

    Billy's granddaughter


    Billy Rosemont (80's) played by James Earl Jones

    brother of 13 member "Rosemont"

    The family gathers for dinner out by the pool as the sun sets the twilight sky on fire. Richard says to everyone, "I was on the phone this afternoon with Lance for a couple hours. He's sends his love. Pilar is doing well. I told him now that I'm retired, Abby and I would make the trip to Italy for the winter. I don't know if we'd be gone the whole winter."

    "You should go," Emma says.

    Abby asks, "What about you? Are you going to go?"

    "Oh no. I have way too much to do around Tuscany. But you and Richard should go. You'd love his place in Italy. He's sent me pictures. Almost as beautiful as Falcon Crest and much, much older."

    "We'll go," Richard laughs. "We'll go. But just not the whole winter. I want to spend some more time at our place up in Inglenook too, on the ocean, and I was thinking we'd sail to Hawaii. I bought that boat and we don't do anything but sit on in it, tide up in the marina."

    Emma pulls the older woman sitting next to her back down to her seat. She quietly says, "Sit Helen. We've got everything we need. If someone's missing something they're capable of going into the house to get it themselves."

    Kevin speaks up. "I wanted to make an announcement. Ummmm. Now that I'm retired from competitive swimming. I've been thinking long and hard what I want to do with my life. I've made a decision. I'm going to get involved in politics. Meg and I have talked about moving up here to Tuscany with Ricky. And it's not that far to commute to Sacramento from here. Hour and a half or so. I want to run for State Assembly."

    Everyone is excited about the idea even though Kevin seems very nervous.

    Eventually Richard interrupts, "So where 'here' are you looking to move?"

    "I was thinking, you own the old Agretti Winery. Is that house still there?"

    "Yes. Do you want it? That would make us all neighbors."

    "That's kind of the thought."

    "Alright. Well, welcome back to the Tuscany Valley, son." Richard's smile couldn't be bigger. "We need to get you set up with the right people so I can make out your first campaign contribution."

    "I want to write out the second check," Abby says. "I've been involved in politics a long time. I'd be happy to help in anyway, Kevin. Could be exciting."

    Emma says, "Oh this is going to be so much fun. And Chris, tell him how important it is for a politician to show up to church on Sunday. You can't sail through on your name, good looks and gold metals alone you know. Oh this is so existing. Oh and in two weeks is the annual dinner dance for Children's Hospital in the city. If you announce before then you can shake down all kinds of money bags."

    Michael walks off an elevator into the executive office suite of Wentworth Galveston. He nods, smiles, and flirts with everyone between the elevator and a closed door with a sign which reads, 'Qi-Li Chi, Chairman and CEO, Wentworth Galveston.' Michael knocks and without waiting walks in. "So settling into to my father's office?"

    "Qi-Li looks up from his desk. "Yes I am. What can I do for you Michael?"

    "Reading I see."

    "About five hundred pages of business reports every day, five news papers and what ever else I can get my hands on."

    "That's a lot of reading."

    "I suppose it is."

    Michael looks around the office at the art work and the view from the corer windows high above the city and the bay. He approaches a line up of diplomas, "Bachelors. Psychology. High Honors. Michigan. Impressive. Is that what you earned on that football scholarship?"

    "Yes. And it was baseball."

    "Ph.D. Economics. Chicago. J.D. Harvard. London School of Economics. Claremont. Drucker School of Management. You've worked hard."

    "Had too. I heard your brother's running for State Assembly."

    "Yes he is. We're pretty confident he'll get elected."

    "Well he's got the name. And his Olympic gold metals should help. Does he have a degree of any kind?"


    "But you do?"

    "Yes. Yale. Just like my father and my grandfather before him."

    "Ah, Douglas Channing. So what can I help you with?"

    "I heard you're looking to expand this company's energy holdings."

    "Well in a couple ways yes. First with Wentworth and Galveston came a whole lot of pattens in drilling. Your father also acquired a large share of Dort Chemical in Michigan with pattens in fracking. I intend to combine those things into one powerhouse in field services."

    "That's the one. I want in on the project. Creating this new company."

    "Do you?"

    "Yes I do."

    "Well, I already have a team of accomplished people working on it. I really don't see what you could add."

    "You'll need board approval to proceed. I can get it."

    "I don't think I'll need your help."

    "I can also make sure you don't get it."

    "I'm not sure you can. Even if you talk your father into supporting you, that's what, two votes out of fifteen?"

    "I'm offering you the chance to work this out between the two of us. This doesn't have to become a public embarrassment."

    "I'll risk it."

    "Suit yourself. But don't you go tellin' people I stabbed you in the back."

    "I'm not worried."

    The offices at the Globe are a hectic and loud place as people work frantic under the pressure of deadlines. Meg closes the glass door to a conference room to cut down on the noise and says, "So give me what you've got?"

    One very young man speaks up, "I've got a story about your husband running for State Assembly."

    "Good. It'll be an important campaign to cover with his national recognition, but I don't want this paper giving him any unusual coverage. That's why I didn't bring it up. I expect everyone at this desk to treat this story just as if he had no relationship to this company."

    "What do you expect me to play hardball with the owner's son? Because that's what I'd do, if he wasn't. That's what we'd all do. Including you. He's doesn't have any experience. No college education. He's a sweet guy with a new baby and a bunch of gold metals. That's the story I'd tell, why's he even think he's qualified."

    Meg smiles. "That's the story I'd tell too. A dumb jock with lots of endorsements that have made the guy a millionaire several times over by peddling shit. But what has he done that says he can make important decisions related to state government?"

    "So you want us to go with that?"

    "I'm done talking about it. You know that if he was any one else he wouldn't get but two minutes at this table, maybe five since he is an Olympic gold medalist. So I'm done. Like I said treat him like anyone else. Now. My concern." Meg looks up at three large television screens on the wall, each with another conference room in another location, "The Washington Bureau. This is big. Congress is holding talks about sanctioning action over Aleppo. So what? They going to try and force the President's hand into war with the Russian?"

    Nicolas stands out on the patio off his home and paints a landscape portrait. Emma walks up with a basket of cut flowers and says, "It's beautiful. Is that the one you're donating to the silent auction for the dinner dance?"

    "I could. If you want it. I already sent five to them earlier this week."

    "No, five is most generous. But if you want to. I cut some flowers and thought I'd bring them over."

    "Oh how sweet."

    Emma sits at the kitchen counter as Nicolas fills up a vase with water and then begins to arrange the flowers. "So how are you and Michael doing?" she asks.

    "We're OK. He's a bit up set about his father retiring and, well, you know."

    "This family has a long history of having difficulty transitions from one generation to the next. My mother was suppose to leave Falcon Crest to Lance at one point, and then at another split it between Lance and Richard's boys. Instead Richard ended up with it. Richard bought out Lance's share my mother gave him before she died and he moved to Italy to do his own thing. I don't think he ever got over Melissa's death. Really, very sad."

    "Yes, what ever happened? I thought he and Richard were close."

    "It took them a while, but yea. My mother actually divided her estate three ways, very fairly, I thought, a third to Richard, a third to my sister Julia and a third to me. Richard overpaid us all. He set up some money to take care of my sister. She's a nun. And some money for Chris who's a priest. But most of Julia's money went to Lance and with Richard buying him out of Falcon Crest, he was able to buy a winery in Italy. And I didn't need much, so Richard turned most of my money over to my daughter. He really took care of us all. But anyway, it wasn't pretty around her for a long time. All the fighting that went on between my mother and her brother, and my cousin Chase. But I think mother did the right thing in the end."

    "Sounds like it."

    "But now that Richard's retire?"

    "It's just Michael's not happy and . . ."

    "And, you're afraid he'll cheat on you again?"

    "Yea. I mean. My father and I will never settle our issues. I don't want that to happen with Michael."

    "I know. Richard and Michael act like they don't have any issues, but they're buried pretty deep. It's what we do. My sister hated my mother so much she tired to kill. I never even knew she felt that way. I loved my mother but, honestly, she was a controlling bitch. She had to have everything her way. And mostly I kept quite. When my cousin Chase inherited this house from his father, and the vineyards around it, my mother did everything she could to get rid of him."

    "Then knowing all that, why didn't Richard just turn the company over to Michael and be done with it?"

    "I think Wentworth Galveston being a public company wasn't up to my brother alone. But maybe Falcon Crest Invesments. Let me talk to Richard. There shouldn't be a reason Michael can't run that company. That's just Richard's, set up to take care of the family. It'll be OK Nicolas. I know you love him. And, I know he loves you. Just hold on. I'll talk to Richard."

    Abbey sits in the living room of Falcon Crest reading a book when Richard walks into the room. "I was thinking. Why don't we leave next week and head down state. We can look for a house in La Jolla."

    Abby looks up with a smirk on her face. "I have plenty of opportunities to see my grandchildren. I don't need to buy a house in their neighborhood. Why don't we invite them on this Hawaiian cruise of yours?"

    "I just thought we could look at real estate in Southern California, maybe not La Jolla. Maybe a ranch down that way."

    "What are you board already? Looking for another project and turning to ranching? Sit down Richard . . . Listen to me. You're in the same boat at Kevin and Nicolas . They spent every waking moment training or partying. Now what's left? Same for you. You spent twenty years building a business and now what? I thought you were going to talk to Chris about working with kids living in poverty or something like that."

    "We talked. I mean, I can write out checks. I'm not sure what else I can do."

    Holding up her book she smiles. "You can take up reading. Hey what happened to bonsai. You said you were going to get back into it. Chao-Li and you use to spend hours and hours on those plants when I first meet you."

    "It's not the same when you're doing it by yourself."

    "I suppose not. You know the foundation owns some ocean front property in Bodega Bay. I was approached by some people up there about developing it. Maybe that's something you can look into. Apparently unemployment is pretty high up there."

    "Really? I could look at it."

    "There you go. You know I think if the boys were getting ready for Tokyo that would have given you something to look forward to. Say, didn't you play Soccer in College?"

    "You know I did."

    "Well, what about a professional Soccer Team for the Bay Area? I heard the franchise would cost a hundred million. You certainly can afford it. Just another idea." Abby kisses him and Richard cuddle up next to her as she goes back to reading.

    Kevin walks into a strip mall campaign office with signs of him running for the State Assembly everywhere and lots of young people working as staff and volunteers. His campaign manager comes over and says, "We're just settling in. I need to go over your schedule with you. What do you think about your family showing up for the Labor Day Parade? The whole country's gogga over your baby. Maybe push him down the street in a stroller."

    "I'll have to ask Meg. I'm sure she'll walk with me. What are you asking for my dad and Abbey too? My brother and Nicolas ?"

    "Not necessarily, but your Aunt Emma and cousin Chris. Everybody in Tuscany knows them."

    "My grandmother would roll over in her grave thinking we were panhandling for votes."

    "Don't think of it like that. You're meeting the people of Tuscany."

    "My grandmother was a bit of a snob."

    "So I remember. Look it. I know Tuscany just as well as Angela Channing did. Probably better. These people want someone they can trust. Someone with family values. They don't care about fancy degrees or big business. They care about you caring about them. Why do you think these people came out?" he says motioning around the campaign office. "They saw your struggles and how you came back for your family. How much your baby means to you. That's why they're here. Now you gotta get out there and meet the rest of workaday Tuscany."

    In a bright and airy San Francisco restaurant Michael talks over lunch with two much older men. "Now you know my father put you on the board of Wentworth Galveston for a reason. John, you're a former Secretary of State, professor at Stanford, you know politics here in California, in Washington and across the globe better then anyone. Paul you know energy. You ran the world's largest public energy company, hell you practically had your own army. We all know what it takes to run a company, networking. Qi-Li is going to try and sell you on his team and that's great. But that team needs a leader that understands networking. Who pulled off the merger with the insurance companies? I created Aten Ra. The fastest growing insurance company in the world. I put together the team and they created the on-line presence. Aten Ra works with the other insurance company's within Wentworth Galveston and in time it'll eclipse them all. Just as I said the same thing was happening in banking. Fin Tech. Remember I said that."

    "We remember."

    "Then when it comes time to look at energy technology, I agree with Qi-Li about putting together the right team. But the right team needs the right leader. I'm that man. I'm not asking you to support me because my father will. I'm asking you to support me because I've proven I can get done what needs to be done."

    "This is true, even if your methods aren't always orthodox."

    "So can I count on your support?"

    "If you get your father to support you, no question."

    "Not the answer I wanted, but I'll take it."

    Emma comes in the front door of Falcon Crest to find Richard still cuddled with Abbey. She sits on the sofa across from them. "I need to talk to you about Michael. I realize that I don't know anything about business and Wentworth Galveston is a public company. But, you just walked away and left Michael with nothing. And, I'm worried. He's worked on a lot of projects for you and now he's going to have to work for someone else. I was thinking. You can put him in charge of Falcon Crest Investments?"

    "Oh Emma. Michael is a very capable businessman. I don't doubt him in the least. But with the people I put in charge of my companies, he's out of his league. I don't even compete. There's entrepreneurial skills and then there's management. Michael's like me, He's an entrepreneur. He's not a manager. Mother, she was a manager."

    "Then set him up to take over Falcon Crest Investments where he creates something of his own."

    "Micheal doesn't need me to set him up. He could start his own business right now. He knows the people to raise the capital. His problem is he wants Wentworth Galveston. I've tried to explain this to him. But he won't listen."

    "I don't care about any of this. I just care about Michael. If he wants Wentworth Galveston give it to him. Kevin doesn't want it. What's it matter? Even if he runs it into the ground. He's your son. He needs to know you care more about him then you do about money and business."

    "I do. But, he's not right for the job."

    Abbey speaks up, "Richard will talk to him. He'll find a project that Michael can sink his teeth into."

    "Thank you. I don't want anymore of the drama that we left behind when mother died. There's plenty of money to go around. We can all share."

    Abbey asks, "What bought this up anyway?"

    "I was talking to Nicolas . He's worried that Michael's not happy. And, we both know what happens when your sons aren't happy. They've been through enough in their lives. They lost Maggie and then Lauren. Just take care of it Richard. No more fighting."

    "I promise Emma, I'll talk to him. No more fighting."

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