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    I always thought it would have been an interesting idea if the four 80’s super shows had come together, even if it was just for one episode (despite DYNASTY being on the other network). Let’s say the episode focused on each show’s main villain; JR, Alexis, Angela and Abby. What would JR have got up to with the 3 ‘As’, what would the dialogue have been like and where would such a show have been set?

    Lance is trying to convince Angela that he wasn’t involved in the ‘hit and run’, (a scene from season 4, 1984 – ‘85):

    Lance: “Grandmother I have no idea who it was. I never saw his face. The guy took my jacket and my car, tried to make it look as if I forced you off the road.”

    Angela: “You did force me off the road.”

    Emma: “Lance would never hurt you mother.”

    Lance: “Thank you Emma! I didn’t. I couldn’t have. I wasn’t there.”

    Greg: “Then who was it? Angela didn’t dream this up. The deputies even saw it, happen to her.”

    Lance: “Come on! I have enemies. Anyone could have tried to frame me. It could have been Richard, Chase, Cole, Melissa. She’s not that happy that you set up that trust fund.”

    Angela: “Well she’s going to be happy, when she finds that it is un set up, by Greg.”

    Greg: “Yes as far as you being beneficiary…”

    Lance: “You see her plan has worked. Right! I’m out and she’s in.”

    Emma: “Now that makes sense to me.”

    Lorraine: “Terri Ranson would like to see Lance hurt too. She was angry because….”

    Angela: “If you have anything important to say don’t!”

    Lance: “Grandmother take it easy with her.”

    Angela: “The fight we had over her started this all thing.”

    Lance: “That’s not true and I didn’t try to kill you.”

    Greg: “Angela wants you out of here and good.”

    Greg and Lance are about to start a fight. Chao-Li separates them.

    Emma: “Mother stop them!”

    Angela: “No one who wants to kill me can stay in this house.”

    Greg: “Let us know where you want to send, your personal effects.”

    Lance strikes out at Greg.

    Chao-Li: “Please no trouble Lance.”

    Lance leaves with Lorraine.

    Emma: “Lance,” she hugs her nephew.

    Angela: “Thank you Chao-Li! I know that wasn’t easy.”

    Emma: “It wasn’t easy for any of us mother and I know that you’re sure that Lance did it but I also know that you haven’t had your eyes tested, in a very very very long time.”

    Angela: “Oh Emma!”

    Emma: “Oh mother!”

    Angela: “Sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have an ungrateful child.”

    Greg: “Thankless. I think Shakespeare had King Lear say thankless child.”

    Angela: “Oh what does he know?”
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    I dunno
    Angela would've just murdered JR, Alexis and Abby. And gladly dug their graves.

    The end.
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    Alexis and Abby would probably have had a cat fight, Angela would have said "do you have to do that in front of me" and JR would rather have enjoyed their antics.
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    Abby wasn't really the cat fight type.
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    A coming together would have been interesting. I'm trying to figure out how the fearsome four could have met.

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