Family Affairs 1997-2005 (Gone, but not forgotten)

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    It would make more sense to bring back Family Affairs (from Channel 5) onto ITV instead, and bringing back Duncan Hart (Rocky Marshall), Maria Simons (Annie Miles) and Claire Toomey (Tina Hall) and occasional visits to the old The Lock pub. Maybe casting other acting roles on the show to Ian Ashpital/Liz Crowther/Cordelia Bugeja/Sandra Huggett/Ian Cullen/Michael Cole ONLY IF possible to bring any of them back. Sue Johnston, Diane Parish and Ann Mitchell are examples of actresses who have played more than 1 acting role in 1 soap.

    It was great that Terry Sullivan's wife (Sue) was in Family Affairs though, and David Easter was only tolerable in Brookside as Pat Hancock - I didn't like him in Family Affairs and how it became the Pete Callan show. The only thing that would have saved Family Affairs would have been to bring back Duncan Hart, Maria Simons and Claire Toomey to make up for the loss of the original Hart family. Ultimately though Johnathan Young was to blame for putting Family Affairs in the knackers yard altogether, not Brian Park. Coincidentally Johnathan Young also put The Bill in the knackers yard altogether as well.


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