Faye Dunaway to portray Katharine Hepburn

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    Faye will star as Katharine Hepburn in a revised version of 'Tea at Five', based on Hepburn's memoirs, and the role will be Faye's first return to Broadway in 37 years.

    Faye Dunaway will return to Broadway after 37 years to star as a Hollywood legend.

    The Oscar winner will play Katharine Hepburn in a new version of Matthew Lombardo's 2002 play Tea at Five, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    John Tillinger is set to direct the play, which is based on Hepburn's own memoir Me: Stories of My Life, as she reflects on her career and her relationship with Spencer Tracy.

    The play opens in her Connecticut home in 1938, the year she had been labelled "box office poison" after a string of box office flops. In the second act, it jumps ahead to 1983, after Hepburn had been injured in a car crash.

    Tea at Five first debuted with Kate Mulgrew in the role, to great critical acclaim, although Dunaway will star in a reworked version of the show. Dunaway made her Broadway debut in 1962 in the original production of Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons.

    Elia Kazan then cast her in three productions in 1964: Arthur Miller's After the Fall, S.N. Behrman's But for Whom Charlie, and Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's The Changeling.

    She last appeared on Broadway in 1982, in William Alfred's The Curse of an Aching Heart.

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    I haven't seen the play but I've read Hepburn's book. Dunaway doesn't seem as natural to the role as Mulgrew but I'm sure her portrayal would be interesting.
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