Flashback To When MSNBC Actually Had Progressives On

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    In this video from 2010, Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygur, and Glenn Greenwald discuss the Democrats losing the House. Greenwald says the Democrats were abandoned by the Democratic base because the party didn't give them anything to vote for. He predicted that if Democrats stayed on that path, they would also lose the Senate and White House. Low and behold, that's what happened. Cenk talks about how Obama and the Dems didn't fight for the public option and didn't go after the banks for their role the economic crash of 2008. He said the majority of Americans agreed with those positions, and said "Does he (Obama) not want the votes of a great majority of the country?"

    Obama himself said he would've been considered a "moderate Republican" in the 80s. He also casually said "We tortured some folks," but refused to go after the people responsible.

    It just goes to show how MSNBC treats real progressives. Ratigan and Uygur are now exclusively on The Young Turks, Ed Schultz was let go for criticizing the TPP, and Phil Donahue was let go for criticizing the Iraq War. Far from being the "liberal media," MSNBC is simply the lapdog for the Democratic establishment. Dissenting opinions are quickly silenced.

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