Forbidden Love

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    Int. Ewing Oil; J.R.'s Office - Dusk

    J.R. lies back in his seat, facing the window as rain heavily beats against it. His reliable PI, Ratigan, sits at one of the guest chairs, staring at the back of his boss's seat.

    "The hell you can't find anything on her. Her father is the mayor of Dallas; her mother is a country idol. Are you going stale on me, Ratigan?" J.R. asks as he violently turns his seat around.

    "For some reason Miss Barnes' criminal records are hidden to my resources," Ratigan answers nervously.

    "I never said it was going to be easy.... Now, of course Daddy Barnes is going to make sure his daughter's past is well hidden. Miss Becky did something... something very big while she was away from Dallas; and when my boy finds out, he better reconsider his impending marriage," J.R. tells.

    "I traced her presence to the Springfield area of Illinois, but all of her records were completely eradicated before I could get to them...."

    "Cliff knows we're up to something, and he's going to keep working until he makes sure his daughter never walked the earth as far as we're concerned. I cannot tolerate that girl's presence in my mother's home, and I'm not going to sit around with a thumb up my butt till she gives my son children," J.R. retorts.

    "I'll keep trying. There were records of a Pamela Cooper in a rural town of Illinois. She probably used her mother's name to get by us...."

    Ratigan enters a general store to find it empty. Glancing around, he decides to spend some time browsing around.

    "Can I help you?" calls out the voice of an elderly gentleman.

    Ratigan turns around to see a man nearing his mid nineties emerge from the back room. He approaches the wizened man.

    "David DeWitt?"

    "Yes, that's me...."

    "I was told that you could help me with something," Ratigan states.

    "I really don't know what I can help you with, sir. I just run this little store with my family...."

    "I'm not trying to alarm you. I just need information on this girl," Ratigan says, flashing a picture of Becky.

    A look of notable disgruntlement and surprise crosses his face. "Are you a fed or something?"

    "I can't reveal my authority, but I need information on this girl... if you can give me a moment," Ratigan says.

    David walks over to the door and turns the 'open' sign around to show 'closed' from the outside and returns to his place.

    "That girl as you call her has been the worst thing to cross my family. I will do whatever it takes to bring justice for what she did to my grandson...."


    John Ross stands on a small hill and looks over the lushing acreage of Southfork. He hears a vehicle approach and smiles lopsidedly when he spots Becky's familiar buggy. Becky parks next to John Ross and steps out next to him.

    "Why wouldn't you tell me why you wanted me to come out here?" she asks.

    John turns to the pasture as if in a presentation.

    "What do you think of this spot? You've got some nice pastureland, sparse trees...."


    "You don't like it?"

    "It would help if you would talk like a human being and say what you mean," Becky answers wittily.

    "All right.... I want to build a house here...."

    "A house? You want to build a house out here?"

    "What's wrong? You certainly didn't think we'd stay at Southfork forever, did you?"

    "Of course not. I just thought... nevermind, I think it would be a nice spot. I guess we'd still be close to your folks but not too close," Becky sums up.


    Ratigan and David sit across from each other in an eerily dimly-lit kitchen. An elderly woman appears with a cup of coffee for each of them. David observes his cup as the woman begins to trail away.

    "Hey, Grammaw, I think you put a little bit too much cream in here," he informs.

    "I put exactly one spoonful just like you have it, Grampaw," she answers tiredly.

    "All right, all right...."

    "Is your coffee okay, sir?" the woman asks Ratigan.

    Ratigan takes a sip and grins in acknowledgement that he likes it, and the woman leaves somewhat satisfied.

    "So, you wanted to know about Pamela, then? I know I told you my grandson, but he's our great-grandson exactly," David begins.

    "Yes, yes.... Now, what did she do to him? I found a marriage certificate for them which led me to you," Ratigan answers.

    "I'll get to that.... She seemed like a sweet girl, all right, but she was always too polite. That's what made Grammaw and I uncomfortable with her. I guess we never really trusted her from the start because of that," David says distantly. "We were, of course, shocked when they came home that one morning after they went to town hall to elope."

    "Did she ever talk about her past much to you or the others?"

    "Naw... we never really saw either of them after they married. They had their own lives to live. I'm sorry we never intervened when our suspicions were high.... Only a month later we learned our great-grandson was in the psychiatric hospital up in the Pekin area. The girl wouldn't even let us see him. She said he attacked her, and that's what caused her to do it...."

    "Well... I really appreciate all you told me. This... this changes things considerably," Ratigan tells in a pleased tone.

    "You don't want to know anything else?"

    "I guess the name and addy of that hospital could be helpful...."

    "So then you know about the baby?" David asks.

    Ratigan gives him a stunned glance and sits back down, eyeing him for information.

    Meanwhile in Dallas....

    J.R. enters the restaurant in the Reunion Tower and is led to a table where a middle-aged gentleman and a young woman sit. J.R. shakes the gentleman's hand and sits down.

    "J.R., it's been a long time now!" the man, Justin Monroe, exclaims in a rhaspy tone.

    "It sure has. I was glad when you called me-"

    J.R. catches notice of the young collegiate girl's remarkable beauty as she grins shyly at him.

    "Now, who is this pretty young girl with you? Did you remarry again?"

    Justin laughs. "No... once was enough for me. Actually, this is my daughter Lisa, who's staying with me for the summer...."

    "You're in college, I presume. What are you studying?"

    "I'm still kind of clueless myself. I'm taking English now and seeing where it'll lead. I like to write, so...."

    "You like to write? With those looks I'm sure any Hollywood agency would take you in a heartbeat-"

    Justin becomes uncomfortable with J.R.'s sickening flattery and feels the need to interrupt.

    "Now, now, J.R., I thought this was about business...."

    "Of course. Just making idle conversation. I'll get straight to the point now-I would like to make a bid for your company-"

    "You told me this was about my Alaskan pipelines," Justin answers in a disgusted tone.

    "Well, I guess that was a little slip of the tongue...."


    J.R. exits the elevator to the office floor, and his secretary smiles in a friendly manner at him.

    "J.R., how did your meeting with Mr. Monroe go?" she asks.

    "Not well at alll..." J.R. grunts as he bursts into his office.

    Sitting down, J.R. collects his thoughts and browses through some documents lying on his desk. His phone suddenly rings which he answers.


    "It's me. I was just wondering when you'd be home. John Ross's rehearsal...." Sue Ellen says informatively.

    J.R. curls his lower lips and glances at his gold wristwatch. "Oh gosh darn, I can't believe...."

    "J.R., I can't believe you did this," Sue Ellen complains.

    "Don't start on me-I had a bad day. Things didn't go as planned-"

    "That doesn't obligate you to forget your son. Did you at least pick up your suit?"

    "Yeah. I got that out of the way this morning...."

    "Just make sure you get home, Darling," Sue Ellen mutters before hanging up.

    J.R. puts down his paperwork and presses the connection on the intercom. "I'm going home now; you can, too...."

    "Thanks, J.R...."

    As J.R. makes his way to the door, it opens before him to reveal Ratigan.

    "Fine time for you to show up. I've got a late engagement... literally," J.R. tells.

    "I think you're going to want to hear this. Little Miss Angel Eyes isn't quite qualified for her halo as all had thought...."

    "What is this riddle supposed to mean?" J.R. asks impatiently.


    Dusk soon comes around for all the aristocratic denizens of Dallas who have gathered at a posh country club for the rehearsal dinner. J.R. steps outside onto the terrace and overlooks the many lights illuminating the vast golf course. He stares distantly as Justin Monroe, whose presence is unbeknownst to him, approaches.


    "What do you want?" J.R. asks bluntly.

    "I guess... I came to see if I am worthy of your forgiveness. I do regret the way I acted when you wanted to buy my company," the oil baron admits.

    "Well... I'm sure you've been approached by many oil men. Your wells in Waco are pumping to full capacity," J.R. says.

    "You are right about that...." Justin glances at the dance floor and sees John Ross dancing with Lisa. "Well, I'll be a son of a gun...."

    "What?" J.R. sees the same, and a thought comes to mind. "I wonder what his fiance has to say about that...."

    "Oh, I'm sure it's just a gesture dance. I'm sorry if I seem out of line, but I'm almost sorry they didn't meet before. Had they been the ones marrying, our empires would become one, a force to be reckoned with...."

    "Yes," J.R. mumbles in thought. "Who knows, maybe you're onto something that could still be a reality."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Just wait and see what's in store for tomorrow. You'll be in for quite a show, I tell you," J.R. answers knowingly.


    J.R. steps out from his spacious walk-in closet in bronze silk pajamas. He leans against the peach door as he watches his wife brush her shoulder-length blonde hair at her vanity dresser.

    “I swear,” he begins, “you look more beautiful in the nighttime.”

    Sue Ellen glances at him with her infamous lopsided grin.

    “How can you say that? I don’t even have any makeup on!”

    J.R. approaches and gently kisses her on her right cheek.

    “You don’t need anything like that. You look like an angel just the way you are,” he tenderly serenades.

    Sue Ellen puts down her brush and gains eyesight with J.R. before carefully locking lips with him. She carefully pulls away before standing up.

    “Well, we’re marrying off our son tomorrow. I know he’s twenty-six, but it’s still not going to be easy,” Sue Ellen admits.

    “It would’ve happened years ago if that Barnes girl hadn’t broken his heart-“

    “If John Ross could accept it, we must, too,” Sue Ellen notifies.

    “I just know everything’s going to work out for the best, Darling….”

    Morning soon follows, and J.R. and Sue Ellen come downstairs together. The sound of the door knocking soon follows, and J.R. answers, shocked to see who’s standing there: James and Vanessa.

    “My God, this is… a complete surprise. You said you couldn’t make it, James,” J.R. exclaims as he lets the two in.

    Sue Ellen stands in the background as she watches her two main threats enter the house. Sue Ellen and Vanessa briefly glance at each other before Vanessa’s attention is turned back to J.R.

    “Vanessa, you look absolutely wonderful. How are you?” J.R. asks.

    “Older age has been treating me so well. I can tell that you have a good life, too. Your son is getting married!”

    “Yep, I have nothing to complain about. Where are my grandson and daughter-in-law at?”

    “Jimmy and Debra Lynn are visiting her parents up in New England,” Vanessa answers.

    Sue Ellen casually saunters into the lounge, and J.R. escorts Vanessa and James outside. He returns momentarily afterward with an appalled expression.

    “Sue Ellen, what in the world is the matter with you? I’m sure they wondered why-“

    “Don’t pull that one on me. What is she doing here? You never said-“

    “Keep your tone down, Darling. They’re only outside. I didn’t know either. It was a complete surprise to me, too,” J.R. answers.

    “How long do they intend to stay?” Sue Ellen asks angrily.

    “I don’t know what you have against my son and his mother-“

    “I can see right through Vanessa. She’s trying to worm her way back to you,” Sue Ellen hisses.

    “….How on earth did you get that idea?”

    “I’m not even going to go into it,” Sue Ellen spits before she rushes out of the room and back upstairs.


    Sue Ellen stands idly outside, watching the caterers prepare the reception meal as James approaches.

    James: Sue Ellen....

    Sue Ellen turns around and forces a smile.

    Sue Ellen: James, when did you get in?

    James: Don't do that.... I didn't just get off the boat. I know you saw me walk in, and you walked away. What's all this about?

    Sue Ellen: If you want to know the truth, I thought it was awfully gutsy of you to come here with your mother.

    James: Oh, come on-

    Sue Ellen: There's no need for her to be here on my own son's wedding day.

    James: Well, she's staying, and you can't do anything about it because Daddy loves having her around-

    Sue Ellen: Since when did you start referring to him as your daddy? Was it just to annoy me? What happened to all that hostility between the two of you? I know you're trying to brew trouble with Vanessa, but this woman knows how to look after her and her son's best interests.

    James: You just see me as a threat because you know I gave J.R. his first grandson and possibly his only.

    Sue Ellen: You may have, but you will never give J.R. Ewing grandboys, only Beaumont. That matters.

    James flutters his eyes in a cocky manner and walks away.
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    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing. :)

    I love that JR/SE are married in your story and that John Ross is engaged to Pamela Rebecca Cooper and JR's trying to ruin their marriage. :)
    I guess the title refers to John Ross and Becky?

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