Game of Thrones season 7: Reunion, Death, and much more

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    The Game of thrones season 7 is released from July 16 and the First three episode of the season 7 are very interesting and set the records in the GOT series. Specially the premiere episode of the season 7. The Season 7 include lots of reunions, union, and the deaths. First the reunion is of Sansa and Bran. It is pretty beautiful and emotional moment. In third episode after the 63 episodes of the Game of thrones, Jon Snow and the Dary (Mother of dragons) finally met. It is very surprising episode, check out Game of thrones Season 7 Episode 3 online. One another reunion is Arya and Nymeria after the season 4.
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    Deaths so far:

    All Frey men
    The Sand snakes (Ellaria's daughters)
    Lots of men fighting for Daenerys
    Some Lannister army men
    Tyrell's small army
    Olenna Tyrell

    House Tyrell and House Frey are no more. House Martell/Sand pretty much gone too.

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