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    All the 80s prime time soaps all had main characters who were Baby Boomers, their nihilistic, cynical, Thatcher-Regan teenaged children were often afterthoughts.

    Peyton Place had a healthy mix of conservative Greatest Generation characters fighting with or failing to understand their liberated Baby Boomer teenaged sons and daughters.

    The teen soaps of the 90s focused on latter day X'ers but by then that generation's core group were in their twenties or thirties,
    THE OC and ONE TREE HILL featured teenaged millenials buddying up to or fighting against their X'er parents.

    My point is did Generation X need their own prime time teen the 1980s? Mainly due to the fact that prime time 80s soaps had no idea on how to write them, except for KNOTS perhaps.
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    I've never seen it but wasn't Secrets of Midland Heights an attempt by Lorimar to do a teen soap for the 80's?

    I think historically, the argument is that teen focused shows only really took off with the arrival of FOX whose shows like 90210 subsequently paved the way for the birth of The WB.
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