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Google Chrome (Mobile Version) Sucks!

Discussion in 'Rant Room' started by Presea, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Presea

    Presea Soap Chat Addict

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    North America, Michigan
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    July 2015
    I couldn't even browse in peace without those stupid "suggested" articles always popping up on the main page of Google Chrome's mobile app. Didn't matter how many times I deleted them all. Even if I never hit refresh, new ones would always spawn eventually. And there apparently is NO way to disable the feature. I know this from actual research online as well. There used to be a way to do it with flags, but effin' Google eventually disabled that, too. Why on Earth would they make a feature that you can't turn off!? Or more importantly, why do they think that everyone wants to read all of these BS news articles and sports junk!? I don't even LIKE sports, and the news just makes me depressed. I finally had enough today and ditched Google Chrome on my phone and installed Firefox instead. I would have done it a lot sooner, but the only browser that can be used to get into the student-user interface of my University's website is guess-what?... Google! And I wanted to work on stuff from my phone as well. But I don't care anymore. I will just only do homework on my laptop.
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  2. Willie Oleson

    Willie Oleson drilling for soap

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    somewherie on the prairie
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    April 2002
    Books, pen and paper, Presea!
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  3. J. R.'s Piece

    J. R.'s Piece Soap Chat TV Fanatic

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    Feb 2007
    I found that I couldn’t save photos in the mobile version of Google Chrome.
  4. Rove

    Rove Soap Chat Dream Maker

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    Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Anytime I purchase a new device or sign up for a website I carefully read the introduction pages and untick those boxes which tends to prevent those annoying pop up, messages etc. And on occasion if something comes through and if the option allows me to flag it as "inappropriate" this tends to stop messages as well. Now inappropriate could imply naughty sites but the stupid algorithms don't understand this. I can't imagine Google has a team of people checking why I've flagged something as inappropriate since I've never received any type of response. Funny how companies, websites, browsers and apps tend to react to something I've flagged as inappropriate when it could be something simple as Donald Trump posts a tweet.

    Sometimes Presea you need to draw these smart devices/apps in for a hug and then baffle them with stupidity. Here is part of my following conversation with one of those random India call centres;

    Me: Hello?

    Them: Hello Sir? Can I speak with the owner?

    Me: The owner of what?

    Them: The owner of the property.

    Me: What property?

    Them: The property.

    Me: The property?

    Them: Yes Sir. The property.

    Me: The property of what?

    Them: The owner of the property.

    Me: Explain the property of what?

    Them: (By this stage the caller was getting agitated). Who owns the house?

    Me: Oh. You meant the owner of the house. I don't own the house.

    Them: Can I speak with the owner of the house?

    Me: You need to contact the Commonwealth Bank.

    Them: What Bank?

    Me: The Commonwealth Bank.

    Them: Why do I need to contact the bank? (Again the caller was becoming agitated).

    Me: Because they own the house.

    Them: Why does the bank own the house?

    Me: It's called a mortgage.

    Them: But you live there?

    Me: Yes I live here.

    Them: Can I speak with the owner of the property.

    Me: I've just explained the owner of the property does not live here.

    This conversation continued for a few more minutes before they gave up. Sometimes I like to have fun.
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  5. Toni

    Toni Soap Chat Dream Maker

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    Fletcher Sanitarium, Barcelona, Spain
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    September 12, 2001 (poster formerly known as Pam's Twin Sister)
    That call was probably taken by a new operator working there (I´d guess that the whole population of the Philippines makes a living of that!). They say her name is...


    "...Hello, my name is Carmen Ramos, may I help youuuuuu?"
    Welcome to the exile, Cider House!​
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