Grape Bounty

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    Int. Southfork Ranch – The Living Room; Dusk

    J.R. strolls over to the bar and pours himself a glass of mineral water. John Ross approaches and pours himself a glass of southern comfort.

    John Ross: I hope you’re not going to embarrass Mom tonight.

    J.R.: Me? No….

    John Ross: Come on, Dad.

    J.R.: I don’t understand why she has to make a big deal of introducing us to her new boyfriend. I mean, he’ll probably be gone-

    The doorbell rings, and John Ross leaves the room to answers it. J.R. hears Erick’s voice and cringes. He forces a smile on his face and greets him.

    J.R.: So, you’re Erick Braun? I’m J.R. Ewing.

    Erick: J.R… I’ve heard a lot about you, none of which good.

    J.R. points to the bar.

    J.R.: Do you want something?

    Erick: Just some red wine if you’ve got it.

    Sue Ellen: What about me?

    J.R.: What about you?

    Sue Ellen: …I would like some red wine, too.

    J.R. pours the beverages, and the foursome sit down by the fireplace.

    Erick: You lived in such a nice house, Sue Ellen. I’m surprised you gave all this up.

    Silence permeates the room, but J.R. breaks it.

    J.R.: What do you do for a living? Accounting, isn’t it?

    Erick: Well, yes…. I went to be a CPA a few years ago.

    J.R.: What about before that?

    Sue Ellen: Are Ray, Bobby and Pamela going to be here?

    J.R.: They should be here any minute. You didn’t answer my question, Erick.

    Sue Ellen: It’s none of your business. What gives you the right-

    Erick: It’s all right…. I don’t know what happened. I was in a coma for a few years, and I had no memory of the past before that. I was in a hospital in San Francisco. I started doing menial office work, but then I was moved out to Dallas. The only life I’ve ever known is as Erick Braun. Before that… who knows?

    J.R. and John Ross stare in shock.

    John Ross: I’m surprised you never said anything to me about it, Mom.

    Erick: I didn’t want anyone to know, but I guess I had to get it in the open sooner or later.

    The family stands up to greet Bobby, Ray and Pamela; however, J.R. sits in quiet contemplation of Erick’s recent revelation.


    Int. Ewing Oil; J.R.’s office – Morning

    J.R. stares into the skyline just as his intercom sounds.

    Secretary: J.R.?

    J.R.: Yes? What is it?

    Secretary: Detective Ratigan is here to see you.

    J.R.: Good, good. Send him in.

    J.R. rises from his desk and approaches the bar. As he pours himself a glass of mineral water, Ratigan enters.

    Ratigan: I don’t want anything, remember?

    J.R.: I’m just getting myself something.

    J.R. sits at his desk, and Ratigan sits across from him.

    J.R.: So, what have you got? It didn’t take you very long.

    Ratigan hands him several documents.

    Ratigan: I went with my first hunch: I checked disappearances in the San Francisco area and found all this.

    J.R. looks at a very young appearance of Erick from the newspaper article and reads headline: Tuscany Valley vintner Chase Gioberti presumed dead in San Francisco Bay.

    J.R.: A vintner? Well, that’s certainly him, and the time frame seems right. How much is in here?

    Ratigan: Just keep going. I extracted every record of Mr. Gioberti I could find. His aunt was Angela Channing….

    J.R.’s eyes grow narrow with dread.

    J.R.: The woman my daddy fathered a child with?

    Ratigan: Her maiden name was Gioberti. Chase’s father Jason was her brother. Both Jason and Angela are dead now.

    J.R.: When did she die?

    Ratigan: A couple years ago. She left Falcon Crest winery to her grandson Lance Cumson and her son Richard… your brother-

    J.R.: Look, he’s no more a brother to me than Ray Krebbs is. Both are half breeds who have no business in my family’s life.…. I was going to try to one-up this relationship Sue Ellen is having and reveal some skeletons in the closet. I had no idea in hell it would come to this….


    Int. Cliff’s Apartment; the living room – Late Morning

    Cliff looks over his speech, written by his California-based campaign manager Lauren Channing.

    Cliff: Lauren, this line here, I can’t go up and say that.

    Lauren: Look, I’ve been helping mayoral candidates for more than a decade. I think I know what I’m talking about.

    Cliff: But people are going to think I’m some kind of weirdo or something if I go up and comment about the looks of the city like this.

    Lauren: In the end it’s up to you, Cliff.

    Cliff: All right…. I’ll take your word on it, then. Will you still be at the hotel if I need to get a hold of you?

    Lauren: I might do something, but I can be contacted on my cell phone. You have the number, right?

    Cliff: Yeah.

    Lauren: My husband Richard is flying in tonight. Perhaps we could meet for dinner or something.


    Int. Sue Ellen’s Townhouse in Dallas; the living room – Late Morning

    Erick sits in front of the TV, drinking his first cup of coffee quietly, as Sue Ellen walks in in her robe.

    Sue Ellen: Good morning, handsome.

    Erick: Good morning yourself. I can’t believe I spent the night.

    Sue Ellen: It’s all right. I couldn’t let you go home after all that red wine you had.

    Erick: I’m surprised you had some, too. You always talk about your past alcoholism.

    Sue Ellen pours herself a cup of coffee and sits down.

    Sue Ellen: Well… I think I’ve developed more self control over the years. I know I could never go back on the sauce, but I can control how much I have.

    Erick: I think that’s good if you can do it.

    Sue Ellen: I was thinking. I want to help you find out who you are.

    Erick: Oh, I don’t know.

    Sue Ellen: I thought you wanted-

    Erick: I tried several private investigators-

    Sue Ellen: But I can get you the best.

    Erick: I know that, but…. I haven’t tried looking in years. But I’ve been thinking: What if I find out I have a family out there? How could I face them after all these years?

    Sue Ellen: Are you serious? If you were my husband then, I’d want to know you were alive.

    Erick: They’ve had time to move on. It’s been nearly 20 years. What if my wife, if I had one, is married to someone else?

    Sue Ellen: But you owe it to them… and yourself.

    Erick: Let’s just drop this, okay? I don’t want to talk about this anymore.


    Int. The Cattlemen’s Club – Dusk

    Richard, Lauren and Cliff sit together in a corner booth of the steakhouse. All of them give their orders to the waitress and engage in conversation.

    Richard: I guess I’ll see if Texas beef is really as good as they say it is.

    Cliff: Oh, believe me. You won’t be disappointed. So, you run a newspaper company and a winery?

    Richard: Yes… I got the press from my father and the winery from my mother. I guess it was all handed to me on a silver platter.

    Cliff: Hey… I got a business from my mother, but I sold it. Probably one of the worst decisions of my life, but…. I’m back to politics now. It had happened for a reason. Hey, do you think you two will be here for the weekend?

    Lauren and Richard exchange glances.

    Richard: What have you got in mind, Mr. Barnes?

    Cliff: My in-laws are having this big barbeque that they have every year.

    Lauren: We couldn’t impose.

    Cliff: Are you kidding me? They have people over they never even met before. It’ll be no problem at all, believe me.

    Lauren: What do you think, Richard? What about work?

    Richard: I cleared my appointments for this week so that I could be here with you. I’d be happy to go.

    At the same time, Erick and Sue Ellen finish dinner on the other side of the restaurant. Sue Ellen notices Erick’s troubled state.

    Sue Ellen: Penny.

    Erick: What? Oh…. I’m thinking of this dream I have every night.

    Sue Ellen: What happens?

    Erick: Well… I’m in the water, and then I emerge with this baby, which I hand to this blonde woman. I go back down, and then I always wake up. I don’t know what it means.

    Sue Ellen: Hmmm.... When did this start?

    Erick: It began when I was in the hospital in San Francisco.

    Sue Ellen: This woman and baby, could they have any significance to your life before Erick Braun?

    Erick: Oh, I don’t know. All I know is what I just told you now. Well, I’m going to go to the bathroom before we go.

    Erick stands up and walks to the bathroom, nearly running into Lauren.

    Erick: Excuse me.

    Lauren studies his face carefully and nods before she returns to her table.

    Richard: What’s the matter? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

    Lauren: I just saw a guy who looked a lot like your cousin that died.

    Richard: Chase? But, you’ve never met him.

    Lauren: I know, but I’ve seen pictures of him.

    Richard: Well… I highly doubt that was him.


    Int. Sue Ellen’s Condo in Dallas – Evening

    Erick brings Sue Ellen to the door, and both of them pause.

    Sue Ellen: Erick, would you like to come in?

    Erick: Well… I was hoping you’d ask.

    Both walk inside and saunter into the living room. Sue Ellen walks over to the bar and offers her beau a drink.

    Erick: Are you sure you should be doing this, having a drink every night?

    Sue Ellen: I’ll be all right. I told you, I can handle myself now.

    Erick: With all that you went through, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take the chance.

    Sue Ellen: How am I ever going to trust myself if I can’t handle one drink?

    Erick: It only takes one to get back….

    Sue Ellen thinks for a moment and pours two glasses of red wine.

    Sue Ellen: I’m doing well, I think.

    Later that night Sue Ellen checks to ensure that Erick is asleep. She climbs out of bed and tiptoes into the living room. She pulls out the bottle of red wine and pours herself a glass.


    Int. Southfork Ranch; the living room – Early Morning

    Bobby enters the living room and finds J.R., who is standing near Jock’s portrait.

    Bobby: Oh. I thought I heard somebody down here.

    J.R.: Why don’t you pour yourself a drink and join me?

    Bobby does just that and joins his brother’s side.

    Bobby: What are you thinking about?

    J.R.: I’m just thinking about… well, what’s left ahead of me. Anita’s left me for a new position in Boston. For the first time, I’m all alone without a woman.

    Bobby: You shouldn’t have gambled your marriages to Sue Ellen. As far as I can tell, she was the love of your life.

    J.R.: I tried to be so much like Daddy, but I lacked the love he had. He was far from perfect, but he was a good man deep down, whereas I….

    Bobby: You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear those words out of your mouth. But, you’re a bit late, aren’t you?


    Ext. Southfork Ranch – Midmorning

    Pam strolls around the pasture, watching as the hired decorators prepare for the annual barbeque. She is joined by Christopher’s side.

    Pam: Honey, you surprised me. When did you wake up?

    Christopher: Oh, just a half hour ago. So, it’s this time of year already?

    Pam: It seems so…. Can we finally talk about you know what without your avoiding it?

    Christopher: You’ve been back for nearly three years, and you’re back with Daddy. Why do we have to thrash this out?

    Pam: If we never do, then how will we know what the other feels? You’ve hardly spoken to me. Look… just let me explain this, okay?

    Christopher: Say what you have to say, then.

    Pam: …I was acting very selfishly when I left. I should have known you and your daddy would’ve accepted me for who I was.

    Christopher: Okay.

    Pam: And everything came with that: I had terminal cancer, which I luckily survived, and then Mark came back. If he didn’t convince me that you guys were better off, I would never have married him.

    Christopher: But, you have to know, we’re never going to have a normal childhood. You were gone all those years.

    Pam: I realize that. I still want a bond with you. I know I can’t give you all those lost years, but I’ll be here for the future.
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    I'm really glad that Bobby and Pam are back together in your story. :)
    But I'm a bit confused about the Dallas/Falcon Crest crossover that you're doing. However considering that the actor who played Chase was considered for JR it's sort of hilarious how you've paired Chase/Erick with Sue Ellen...:bah:

    Oh and JR is so jealous of them. I like how he and Bobby talked about how Sue Ellen was the love of his life.
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