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    I am a HUGE Joe Dante Fan i'll watch anything that man does. and this i think is the movie that made me feel that way about him. and it's also the film that made me a HUGE fan of Dick Miller in my opinion the BEST character actor that EVER lived! though i do like many others like John Carradine for example. Dante also gave us my favorite Tom Hanks film which is of course (1989) "The Burbs' that apparently was his biggest flop and as he said on that fantastic Documentary about Dick Miller called That guy Dick Miller from (2014)

    out of all his movies he's done the most he hears people talk about the most ironically was his biggest failure and that's 'The Burbs' he gave us Gremlins 2 which introduced me to the fantastic Christopher Lee. i loved his character and still do and i wondered who that guy was and my brother did tell me but it wasn't for at least a few more years before i really became a fan of his. anyways there aren't too many of his films that i think that are bad. but Looney Tunes back in action was medicore but 'The Second Civil War' from (1997) a TV movie that i think aired on i think HBO is just plain awful. and it's a black comedy too. though "The Howling' is also a medicore film as well. but many seem to love that one.

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