Happy never after (jr se one shot)

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    Another fight with him, preceded by three days of not knowing where he'd.. He being her own husband.. Been. That wasn't quite accurate. Of course, Sue Ellen knew where he was.. Not the physical location, not the name of his latest female companion (at this point in her life with him, names were but a footnote in their fairy tale from hell marriage)..but she knew.. lord help her but she knew.

    Life really was something else. She mused bitterly as she twisted open the cap to her best friend in a bottle. Once upon a time Sue Ellen couldn't have imagined the lifestyle she would come to lead with the handsome bastard known as JR Ewing. The clothes made with the finest silks, the lingerie not only made in France, alongside the perfume also coming from that exotic locale, but having flown over to be dressed by and catered to by the top of the Parisian fashion. Industry themselves. It should have been every little girl's dream come true.

    But life, life with JR, specifically, had changed her from a starry eyed little girl to this..whatever she had become. The body thankfully had remained the same, even after giving birth. Once upon a time Sue Ellen had been approached by movie executives begging for her to model her legs to be used as the feature for motion picture advertisements.

    But that no longer impressed anyone, least of all her own husband. No matter the clothes She Ellen wore, no matter the length of her hair or fingernails, no matter how much she plastered her face with the most costly of cosmetics.. She would always be not quite enough for JR. Never, ever enough. And with every ring of the telephone, every time he would leave the room to take said phone calls.. Every "business trip" he took, Sue Ellen was all too made aware of just how little she meant to her husband.

    The first sip stung her throat, almost burning her eyes even... But that would soon pass. She had a much stronger tolerance for the strongest of alcohol than tolerance for what she lived with, she supposed.

    Oh, she was going go let JR have it but good this time. As she undressed, as the silk robe fell to the porcelain tiles of her bathroom, and having checked the temperature of the water of her awaiting bath, Sue Ellen knew this time would be the last time he got away with this.

    She was going to put her foot down, really take a hard stance.

    No more women, JR, she would tell him. No more long weekends, no more phone calls, no more lipstick on his collars.

    No more of the fights. This time she wouldnt give in, cow tow to his threats, his insults, his empty promises and his flat out lies.

    For too long this marriage revolved around his every whim, his wants, his selfish pleasures.

    no more.

    And this next sip of the booze wasn't nearly as terrible as the first one had been.

    It never was.

    It was, as often the case, about half way through the bottle when her inner resolve started to make way for the doubts, the uncertainty, the knowledge that he wouldn't care about how she felt.

    The next part of the bottle tasted like anger. How dare he dismiss her so. How dare he leave her bedroom for any and every other one in the state of Texas! How dare he get so mad at her when he was breaking their every vow at every turn. How dare he turn her into... Into his, this weekend and pathetic housewife. How dare he.

    And, as always. The closer she got to the bottom of the bottle she got, the softer she became.

    Silent swearing turned to tearful pleading.

    She was pathetic for not being strong enough to follow through on her promises to walk away, to make him pay for hurting her so.

    And as always, her hatred for him was replaced by the loathing she felt towards herself.

    And the now empty bottle fell to the side of the tub..Sue Ellen now not even in the state to do such simple task as drain the tub. She stumbled, still naked and wet, to her bedroom. Or more precisely, she fell half over the bed, her lower body dangling limp over the side.

    She did not even hear JR come in, nor, thankfully enough did she hear his snickering, his snide remarks about her being a pathetic drunk and all the other insults.

    And he shook his head, laughing at her as he walked away.

    JR was right.. She really was quite pathetic.. But not in the manner he thought of her as being that way.

    In fairy tales, one never heard about to the princess after the wedding. Happy ever after was hardly ever the case in real life. No one ever warned Cinderella to never ask Prince Charming to come home on time, to be faithful, not did she ever have to beg Prince Charming to make love to her, either

    No, the only thing truly pathetic about Sue Ellen was that despite his cruelty, his emotional gaslighting and mental abuse... The saddest part was that she deep down really and truly believed he could change, that he would love her the way she wanted and needed to be loved.

    There really isn't much sadder than a beautiful woman who could more easily cling to the notion of true love with the worst person in the world for her than for her to love and respect herself enough to just walk away.

    The end
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    This was good. Almost every other fanfiction I've seen with JR and Sue Ellen just has them magically living happily ever after without even really solving any of their problems. So it was nice to see a perspective that is closer to what their marriage was actually like. However, I do recommend that you check your grammar and spelling.
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    That's a really beautiful story Peppa, and welcome to the forum. JR and Sue Ellen are my favourite couple ever. This is so heartbreaking yet so well written.

    I hope you will write more.
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    Welcome to the forum @Peppa . Thank you for sharing your one-shot with us. It really captured the dark, dysfunctional side of JR/SE's complex relationship and her self-loathering and alcoholism.
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